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  • galvanggalvang Member Posts: 156
    That's not bad. I would take it. The residual looked really good. The money factor I calculated to be .0029 and that is a little high. .0025 seems reasonable. But since your residual is pretty high, overall your deal looks good.
  • jorajora Member Posts: 1
    My husband and I are looking to purchase an Armada LE, fully loaded (either a 4 x 2, or 4 x 4) with tech and entertainment package....
    Can you pleaes give us the name of the dealership you went through? And maybe the fleet managers name?

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    Sorry - no info about individual salespeople allowed. But posting dealership name, city & state are encouraged!

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  • zjso5zjso5 Member Posts: 1
    Just came off a real bad experience from Performance Nissan in Duarte, CA. After telling me several times that I couldn't use the rebate with my lease (whick is true if you finance through Nissan), they used the rebate without my knowledge, hiked some fees and price of the vehicle, and financed me through Wells Fargo so that they could pocket the rebate. All my belongings had been moved to the new Armada. All I had to do was sign on the dotted line. I left feriously, they called back a couple hours later telling me it was their mistake. In their words, "Someone had inputed the wrong numbers." Bunch of BS. Three days later,I ended up going to Cerritos Lexus. I had an excellent experience. Got an 05 Armada SE with towing package, microfilter, spashguards, floor mats, and cargo net for $31,000, minus $2000 rebate... $29,000.
  • bayareabayarea Member Posts: 4
    Here's the final lease (I had someone negotiate it on my behalf):

    gross cap cost = 44343
    adj cap cost = 44191
    residual value = 23583
    rent charge = 377
    lease payments = 39
    monthly rent including tax = 582

    This has gotta be a sweet deal because the lease is only $40 more per month than my Acura TL lease payment.
  • camlamarcacamlamarca Member Posts: 40
    You definitely got an excellent money factor equal to about 1% APR, probably supported by Nissan's rebate/finance program. I see you chose a loaded one. What was the MSRP? I hope there really is not a 47% depreciation rate on these over 3 years.

    I pay $646/mo on an SE $35.5 MSRP, deal @ $32.4 +TTL, 100% financed @ 2%, owned in 5 years.
  • vickies1vickies1 Member Posts: 6
    MSRP BASE - $36,800
    Options include-splash guards (rear) $80, Floor/Cargo Mats $210, In-cabin microfilter $50, Destination charges $670
    TOTAL MSRP $37,810 (INVOICE $34K)
    LESS $2000 Rebate and negotiation = PRICE PAID $31K :shades:
  • madramadra Member Posts: 4
    Hey gGrif;

    Can you say where in Texas and the dealership?


  • madramadra Member Posts: 4

    Can you provided dealer name and number?


  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,134
    Sorry - no contact info allowed. Dealership, city & state only.

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  • joncamoesasjoncamoesas Member Posts: 3
    Live in Miami FL and don't mind driving within the state for a good deal w/no BS.

    I am looking for best pricing on a 2005 Armada LE w/navigation, dvd. Also, a good dealer experience.

    Appreciate any and all comments/guidance.

    Jon :)
  • h44646h44646 Member Posts: 1
    I am currently considering purchasing a '04 Armada listed at $27,900 - approx. 8,600 miles. I am not really familiar with negotiating the price of a used vehicle. Does anyone have any input regarding the general amount that dealers are willing to consider off of their list price?
  • calsarcalsar Member Posts: 1
    Bought a new 05 Armada LE on Monday 9/5. Was surprised @ the deal i received.
    msrp was $48,000 & the sales manager gave a price of $39,995. $8000 off without any crap, I asked for his best price & he hands me $39,995. Wrote the check.
    I was looking to get $7000 off; the markup from invoice is $4500 + the $2500 rebate made for the $7000 I was looking for. Was surprised to have gotten the extra $1000.
    I live in south central Pa, had checked dealer inventory online of dealers within 50 miles. This dealer had the most Armada's instock. The dealer is in neighboring state, Maryland, had drove down to check some of the exterior colors I hadn't seen yet & came home with a red one.
    Dealer's name is Len Stoler Nissan in Owings Mills, MD
  • joemtnclimberjoemtnclimber Member Posts: 1
    Had a good experience at Pat Peck Nissan in Gulfport, Miss. We take delivery of our white '06 LE tonight 11/10/05. MSRP was 46,215 fully loaded including tech pkg with XM, and DVD. Invoice was 41,798. Our price including the 1500 rebate was 41,800.
  • joseph42sjoseph42s Member Posts: 13
    Is this a good price? ITs has everything nav, dvd etc. its msrp is 49,500. Dealer offered me invoice at 44,500 and 4%finance over 60 months or 1500 cash back. or 3% financing over 36months. Will they go below invoice?
  • acuratl2acuratl2 Member Posts: 12
    The price isn't the greatest. For the exact same vehicle, I was able to negotiate $41,990 with the $1,500 incentive. Be sure to get independent financing though. Since financing promotion cannot be combined with cash back offer, you might end up paying 8% or higher if you finance through Nissan.
  • drkerrphd23drkerrphd23 Member Posts: 1
    How is it?
    Dr. K
  • kcrook2kcrook2 Member Posts: 6
    ;) thats a real question.. not

    I have an 05 4runner and about 6-7k neg equity. My bank will finance a new Armada for MSRP (but who wants to pay that?)I found a local dealership online that is offering me an internet special of 38,777 + $500 off when I keep my test drive appointment for an 06 LE fully loaded.

    Do you think that is the best price I can get and is it a good idea to go ahead and roll that neg. into the deal and come out with a price of $45k... basically what I am asking is like with my Toyota, will I be screwing myself in the end rolling the equity or is $45 about what an Armada is "worth" ?
    Please help my internet deal expires Friday night. :confuse:
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 227,780
    If they add $7K of negative equity from your current car to your new loan... then, you'll still have a loan that is $7K more than what your car is worth... When you take into account the immediate depreciation that occurs when you drive off the lot, you'll probably be flipped by $10K-$11K, as soon as you buy the car...

    If the Armada were "worth" $45K, then that is what they would sell for.. If they sell for $39K, then that is what they are worth (or less, if you have to sell it privately).

    This is no way to get rid of negative equity... The only way to do that, is keep driving your current car... and keep making the payments...

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  • pathfinder05pathfinder05 Member Posts: 2
    Hello, I would like to trade in my 05 pathfinder for an 05 armada, but don't know what is a good price for last years model. Where can I find this out? I'd like an SE 4x4, no leather or nav (would love Navigation system but don't think I could afford it). Any help would be appreciated Thank you.
  • matta3matta3 Member Posts: 8

    I am looking at a NEW '06 Armada LE with Reav DVD and Tech Package, Micro-FIlet, Floor Mats. The MSRP is $46,075.00. I also have a 2003 Lincoln Aviator with 38,500 miles, and Autobytel says the good trader in value for it is $20,675. My payoff is $17,748.00 so I have some equity.

    All told, I offered the dealership $619.00 per month for 36 months, and they countered with $629.00.

    I based this off of paying invoice which is $41,600 minus $2,252.00 in equity (if they give me $20,000 for mine), rolling in title and license, and with the taxes being waived.

    They told me you either get the rebate of $2,000 or the sales tax waived, and in Texas our sales tax on cars is 6.25%.
    I used a rate factor of .0163.

    Is $619.00 a good deal, a great deal, or not so good?
    I have to decide by tomorrow.

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
  • brian70394brian70394 Member Posts: 2
    Ie there a 2000 dollar rebate on the LE Armada are not? I have been shopping around for this truck and nobody has said one thing about this rebate.I stumbled across it on a web site and I just want to be sure there is one before I go saying anything. I have a price on the Le w/ sunroof pkg minus the sirius radio for 36900.Is this good or not?
    Any response is greatly appreciated
  • brian70394brian70394 Member Posts: 2
  • green5051green5051 Member Posts: 2
    Just bought a 2006 Armada LE and think I got a good deal.

    Color = Blizzard
    Options = Sunroof Package, Rear Splash Guards, In-Cabin Microfilter, Floor Mats, Cargo Area Protector

    MSRP = $42,145
    Negotiated Price = $34,000 + TT&L

    Did I do alright, or could I have squeezed a little more out of them?
  • mike2555mike2555 Member Posts: 18
    Can anyone tell me what the current residual value and money factor are for the nissan armada SE offroad. Looking to lease for 36 months and 12,000 miles.
  • rocketjohnrocketjohn Member Posts: 2
    $34,000 for a 4x4 LE is a damn good price considering Invoice minus $2500 rebate is in the mid $35ks...

    not bad!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 227,780
    Hi, mike2555

    We have a specific discussion for lease questions:

    Nissan Armada: Lease Questions

    Post there, and Car_man can give you the answers to your questions.

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  • jmc100jmc100 Member Posts: 1
    green5051; sounds very good. did you use their financing? if so what APR? did you have a trade, down payment, etc.? which dealership?

  • green5051green5051 Member Posts: 2
    We purchased from Earnhardt Nissan in Mesa, AZ.

    I ended up using their financing only because they matched the best rate I could get through the internet. They gave me 6.19% for 72 months (we plan on keeping this for the long haul).

    Traded a 2004 VW Jetta that they gave us blue book for, which was equal to the payoff. We did not put any money down.

    It took some negotiating on our part but I was happy in the end.
  • shopinfulshopinful Member Posts: 47
    We have a 2004 Armada and fortunately have had very little problems with it except brakes. Because of the other problems people have posted, would like to get an extended warranty before ours runs out. Can anyone suggest a good one? And what can I expect to pay for one for how long?
  • bksquadronbksquadron Member Posts: 8
    Hey green5051,

    Is that a 2006 4x4 Armada LE?
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Member Posts: 992
    After egging my dad on about how great the armada is and how it bests the expedition on many levels, I got him interested to go see. We arrived on the lot of maronee nissan of kendall and 1st checked out the certified pre-owned vehicles (after many salesmen ambushed us). We found a black 04 armada SE rwd with 50k miles priced at 30k. Before much talking with the consultant he gave us a price of 26k (which is still much considering mileage, missing nissan logos in the wheels and the indents in the rear seats). We test drove it with minimal fuel in the tank (warning light was on) and still those 300 horses came to life!!! The torque was enough to push us into our seats with little throttle!!
    He loved the parking sensors, the SE's leather, the rear entertainment and the freezing ac. We didn't check out the 2006s on the lot. The only problem he had on the armada was the 1 piece folding rear seat and the price. We notified the salesman of the missing caps indents in the seat and he said he'll have all 4 replaced BEFORE we purchased and he did an honorable deed of telling us that the front tire had no thread left and he would replace all 4 (and spare). We'll be going there in a week to work out the price and vehicle appraisal.

    Now my delima: an 2004 with 50k miles and an tires worn out like that!? :confuse: Was it from the previous owner or is the truck doing that :( . Otherwise we're looking forward to owning a certified pre-owned armada and cruising all summer (even with the high gas prices) :shades:

    ps it was the front passenger side tire.
  • bksquadronbksquadron Member Posts: 8
    Hi! I purchased this 2006 Nissan Armada in April:

    NO DVD player.
    Technology Package (NO satellite radio).

    MSRP: $47,415.
    Invoice: $42,947.
    Final Drive Out Price (TT&L included, $2,500 rebate included): $41,750.
    Tax = 6.25%, Title & License = $280: ($41,750 – $280) / (1 + 6.25%) = $39,031.

    Please give me your feedback as to whether you think this was an excellent deal or not. I would appreciate it thanks!
  • soldaustinsoldaustin Member Posts: 91
    If they had 50,000 miles on them, I don't see how they could be original. I bought my 2004 new and replaced one tire at around 12 or 13k miles. I got a nail in it and it was worn out anyway. We even swapped the other front tire with the spare so I would have 2 new tires on the front. The tires were rotated every oil change at 3,000 miles and still wore out. I ended up buying the other 2 at I think around 20,000 miles. I can't remember exactly as I have done so much. I had Sears do an alignement and they said it was off on all 4 wheels. Well it still would wear tires. Then finally I got Nissan to do the aligment and had to pay for it which irked me to no end since the problem was always there. It seems to have stopped the wear now but my 2nd set of tires already have pretty good wear on the backs (that were on the front) I am not sure how many more miles I will get out of them. My Armada has only 38,500 miles on it and I got it in Novemeber of 2003. (end of November) It seems there was such a bad problem with alignment that they even came out with a bulletin on it. When I asked about the bulletin and asked them why they didn't say anything when they rotated my tires for me, the only answer I received was oh, your warranty is out and you can't get the bulletin. I asked why when they knew I had a problem when I took it in each time and asked why my tires were wearing?? They said, sorry, you can pay for an aligment so I said, forget you and took it to Sears. I think it was something like 12,700 miles I had and they told me it ran out at 12,000 miles. I asked about the bulletin. They said, that is only good during the normal warranty period. Talk about ripoff! I will never buy another Nissan and especially an Armada. If it is a 2004, run for the hills!!! They are buggy, buggy. Check back on my old posts and you can see what problems I had out of mine. I finally seem to have most resolved except the exhaust leak sound when stopping at a stop sign or light etc. It will start up and get loud. There was a bulletin on it but of course, they told me they never heard it so couldn't check it. My last trip in they found my body bolts on one side were missing, 3 of them!! I had taken it in for the bumps and asked why the thing would shake so bad over dips in the road, etc. They told me time after time it was normal. I should have sued them for neglect as I had documented proof that I had taken it in for the same problem time and time again. It probably never had the body bolts. He said my body was twisting when I hit bumps and said it was unsafe to drive. Anyway, it is my fault that I didn't pursue the lemon law. It was in the shop for so much, I lost count. So anyway, sorry for the long post, but run from the 2004. I am not sure about a 2006 but they are probably much better. I know the 2005 had some problems. Oh, my drivers door dropped down again and the bolt is about to fall out for the 2nd time so I will just fix it myself. Try to put some lock tight on it. These things are really poor quality but even with all the problems, I love the vehicle. That might sound stupid but it runs strong and now I am down to the one problem that I will just live with. The trade-in is so bad on them you don't dare trade it in or take a beating so I will drive it a couple more years if it holds up.
  • millarmillar Member Posts: 17
    Can anyone give me some feedback on the 2005 Armada generally, and the price of one specifically? A dealer I trust has a 2005 LE 4x4, loaded (DVD, sunroof, etc.) with 18000 miles on it with $35,800 listed on the window. I think I can negotiate downward or negotiate my trade upward. I'm looking for a vehicle that can comfortably hold 3 carseats and has 4 wheel drive (we have a 2001 Pathfinder LE with allmode and it is probably going to be too small). I've had nothing but good luck with Nissans (2001 pathfinder LE and 2005 frontier LE), but am concerned about the Armada's quality. So:

    1. would you recommend it?
    2. is this a good price?
    3. does it run on regular (not premium) gas?
    4. any other thoughts on vehicles?

    p.s. the new pathfinder also seems a little tight on leg room
  • gvr4wdgvr4wd Member Posts: 23
    I've been shopping for a *NEW* 06 Armada. Found LE 4x4 with DVD for $36K. I'd buy a brand new.... Shop around.
  • millarmillar Member Posts: 17
    Just started shopping, but thanks for the information. A dealer is willing to sell you a new Armada for $10k below MSRP? I hope I find a deal as good as that one.
  • gvr4wdgvr4wd Member Posts: 23
    Well, not quite $10K, I was little off. MSRP $45515, QUOTE $37160 including freight with the $2500 factory rebate. Remember, there is a $2500 rebate from Nissan.
  • aggiedogaggiedog Member Posts: 238
    To answer your questions...
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Regular (the QX56 requires premium for some reason)
    4. I'd also recommend the 06. You get the split 3rd row seats, the power folding mirrors with signal lights and they've probably worked out a few more of the interior noises, rattles, etc.

    That price seems very high and it may not have the brake fix either. Depending on your area, you should be able to get an 06 with the options you want for around 36k.

    Also 3 car seats and leg room will be no issue in any Armada you choose. The third row is nothing to speak of but the first two are almost limo like.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
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    Chintan Talati
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  • milkenmilken Member Posts: 10
    would you happen to know the current money factor and residual for a 36m 15k miler per year lease on an Armada? thx...
  • koz54koz54 Member Posts: 1

    I am looking at a new 2005 Armada SE off road package that is loaded with everything but the navigation system. The dealer is non pressure but sticking to a firm 35K price. I offered 33.5K and am wondering if I am trying to get an unrealistic price. It is the truck that has been in the showroom.

  • parker4551parker4551 Member Posts: 58
    What is the MSRP of the Armada SE off road that you are looking at? It seems resonable now to get $8000-$9000 off, which would include the $3000 rebate. Times are rough for dealerships selling large SUV's. There are a lot of different ones out there, and not as many buyers as there used to be. Sales are down 20%.
  • marinesgtmarinesgt Member Posts: 1
    Just bought an SE vs LE. I did some research and the SE received a higher rating than the LE. I think you get more bang! :P for your buck with an SE.

    Leather Pkg
    Tow Pkg
    DVD system
    Rear mud flaps
    Floor Mats/Cargo Mat
    BOSE Pkg
    Rear cargo net

    When it is all said and done 37000 out the door. AAA has this vehicle at 36480.00 (invoice) without tax and license. I am happy with the deal.

    What do you think?
  • bksquadronbksquadron Member Posts: 8
    Hi, I purchased a 2006 Armada with the following:

    Technology Package

    Do you think the $41,219 drive-out price was good? Please let me know! Thanks!
  • parker4551parker4551 Member Posts: 58
    Does the $41,219 include the rebate. If not, then it is a good deal. If you are including the $3000 rebate, you could have done better.
    Bought the same vehicle, 2006 Armada LE, without the tech package, for $39000 - the $3000 dollar rebate = $36000
  • bksquadronbksquadron Member Posts: 8
    Hi thanks for replying. $41,219 is the final drive-out price after rebate and TT&L included (this is the check my credit union will write them).

    Is $36,000 the final drive-out price or is that $36,000 + TT&L?

    I await your response.
  • parker4551parker4551 Member Posts: 58
    No, I didn't add in the tax and title. Tax and title came to another $1620. So that would put me at $37,620 out the door.
    I had a trade that was worth $13000, so that brought my tax down. Tax was at 6%.
    The vehicle stickered at $44,000, dealer came down $5000, minus another $3000, making it the $36000 plus TT&L.
    What I did was take the lowest price quoted by other individuals on the internet for what they paid, and then subtracted another $500 due to the increase from $2500 to $3000 on the rebate. I also found out that their is a dealer holdback right now of about $800.
    Hope this is a little helpful, I round the figures by less than a $100 either way to keep it simple.

    If you look back at other messages, like message 116 you can find similar deals. Had to be an a#@hole, but I have been taken in the past, and now I am trying to get some revenge.
  • ramhenramhen Member Posts: 5
    I got an LE 4x2 with all features you mentioned but the DVD, drive out $35.3K. The first dealer I visited wanted to give me a SE loaded but you miss some options on the SE like power folding mirror w/turning signal, fog lamps, memory seat, power liftgate, etc.

    The DVD is nice but was out of my budget. Got two portable (over headrest) 7" TVs each with DVD player for $201.25!!!! and I hid the power cords. So my 3 year old can watch Barney in the second row and my 10 year old can play his ps2 in the third row.

    After visiting two dealerships, I decided to email about 10 dealers in my area looking to pay 35k drive out, some dealers said I was crazy, two came through and I chose the one that had the color I wanted available. Tested the truck and wrote the check.

    Yesterday I got a call from the first dealer I visited, "sorry man I already got the car". He was nice enough to tell me "congratulations". I don't understand what dealers expect with sales down 20%!!! and today's gas prices.

    Hope this help potential buyers.
  • parker4551parker4551 Member Posts: 58
    $35.3 K sounds like a good price, and fairly comparable to the same price I got for the 4x4 LE, 37.6K out the door. I think you did a little better however.
    Dealerships still think they are selling a product that is in demand. I love the vehicle but the Nation's tastes are changing, and sales of large SUV's are leveling out from record highs. The big automakers are stuck with a lot of large vehicles now. My salesperson kept emphasizing that it was a luxury vehicle. I told him this was a everyday driver to me, and if we want to talk luxury you better roll out a Rolls. This thing is not in limited production, they are wanting to sell as many as they can make.
    To anyone buying a large SUV, do your research, shoot for the moon when you are dealing, then leave. I think you will be surprised the deal you can get. 7-8K off with the rebates, should not be a problem.
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