Nissan Armada Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tonyg41tonyg41 Member Posts: 17
    Yeah I heard that too with the armada there were issues with the brakes but from what I read the issues have been fixed and they are "good" again but you never know. I looked into the sequoia a bit but there aren't really any in my area and the pricing at least here seems quite a bit more then I could work with on the armada.
  • kingfans1kingfans1 Member Posts: 137
    yeap. Toyota Sequoia is my #1 choice. I look around the SR5, I can buy it for $3000 off MSRP.. and $2500 cash back.. but toyota doesn't offer special financin this month.. so I will wait untill toyota offer APR like 1.9% or somethin.

    Toyota are very reliable. I have 2006 camry LE V6 with 136,000 miles.. I never had a major problem. So that convinced me to buy a toyota sequoia over nissan armada.. I heard nissan armada have problems with brakes, and some other problems...

    So I think toyota sequoia will be my solution..
  • prncssannprncssann Member Posts: 2
    Is anyone having trouble finding a fully loaded 2009 Armada LE? I have been looking for one for a couple of weeks now, and no one can seem to locate any within a 700 mile radius (I live in Texas). All the ones that have been located are demos with far too many miles on them.
  • KMinor1025KMinor1025 Member Posts: 2
    It's was pre owned
  • chickaroo5chickaroo5 Member Posts: 1
    I think you can do a little better, I just purchased '09 SE msrp $46,745, driver pkg, dvd, towing, etc. and paid $37, 435 out the door! I actually used my credit card 2.9 financing on 23,000. I got 15k for 07 maxima. I live in florida so deduct 7.5 sales tax and 599 dealer fee.
  • eddie50eddie50 Member Posts: 1
    I got a deal for Pre-Owned 2009 SE used 12k miles, white color, for 27900. What do you think about the price? Please help
  • jeffh74jeffh74 Member Posts: 1
    I live in Oklahoma and had the same problem. I wanted a silver or white fully loaded LE with captains chairs. Had 4 Armadas brought in by dealerships here and they all had 5000+ miles on them. I went to Nissan website and started looking for inventory by city. I found the closest dealerships with inventory are in Colorado and St. louis. I flew to STL monday morning and got exactly what I wanted there and drove it home. I paid just under $43K for a FULLY LOADED LE. DVD, Nav, capt chairs, chrome wheels, everything. I know how frusturating it is but if you are willing to go out of state you can drive home or have it shipped for under $1000. Hope this helps.
  • texassuvdrivertexassuvdriver Member Posts: 2
    Have been looking for a 2009 LE 2WD. I bet there are not more than 10 or 12 in my entire metro area. The dealer closest to me called Friday to say that he got a 2010 black (exactly the color that I want) LE Platinum. This is the top of the line truck with every option available (I do not need, or want, all of them, but not a deal breaker if I get a good price). The only possible feature that can be added as an upgrade is captain's chairs in the 2nd row (which we also want), and this truck has them. The dealer tells me that MSRP is $50,990. Actually, from what I saw when I viewed the vehicle, the dealer added some "options" that increased the price to $51K-plus. At any rate, he tells me that invoice is $46,406, and he would sell it to me for that, and make the holdback, which he says is $800. There is then, of course, the $4,500 rebate.

    The "normal" hold back is about 2% of MSRP, with puts it at a little over $900. There must be other "incentives"..., financing rebate to dealer, showroom rebate, etc. Surely there is a better deal to be had on this truck...,
  • tonyg41tonyg41 Member Posts: 17
    I know im responding to your post that was back in may but It seems the deals for the armada are really bad i was looking for one back in march and the dealers treated me like crap and I was trying to upgrade from a pathfinder it just seems that the financial situation and the money lost on the lower then expected residuals gave nissan such a beating they are arent offering anything because they just cant afford it they offered me something like 570 a month for 80 months which was ridiculous because im more of a fan of leases and would have planned to sell the car in 3 years and based the residuals if i was to try to sell the car I would have still ended up having to pay thousands off on the financing if I was lucky enough to get someone to buy it at the high end of the market value so unless you got the cash to burn and plan to hold onto the truck for a long time the cars not worth it.
  • btwilli1btwilli1 Member Posts: 11
    My wife and I liked the Armada but we are turned off by the gas mileage. It'll be an extra 800 a year over a Honda Pilot. Anyways, the dealer was going to sell us a
    2009 Armada 2wd SE with Premium, Drivers Preferred, and DVD Entertainment Package, with a moonroof. The MRSP on the car was 47k they were going to take 31,000. There was only 300 miles on the car, he didn't say it was a demo model.

    I wanted it so bad, but the wife wasn't "in-love." 800 a year isn't something to scoff at either.
  • raul76051raul76051 Member Posts: 19
    What dealership?

  • tt30tt30 Member Posts: 31
    >> 2009 Armada 2wd SE with Premium, Drivers Preferred, and DVD Entertainment Package, with a moonroof. The MRSP on the car was 47k they were going to take 31,000.<<

    There is no way MSRP is 47K for this car, especially 2009. It starts from $37K, add two packages (5K), so 42K is the max MSRP.
  • raul76051raul76051 Member Posts: 19
    I was offered a brand new 2010 Nissan Armada Titanium with DVD and Moonroof for $37999 plus TT&L, if i wait a month do you think i can get it cheaper?..

    Why are the used 2009 Armada LE selling for more? I saw one with 20k miles selling for $43999, why would anyone buy 09 vs 10 which is brand new..
  • tt30tt30 Member Posts: 31
    You should buy it asap, becuase the MSRP is $38,362 without the DVD and a moonroof.

    But the longer you wait, the cheaper it gets.
  • raul76051raul76051 Member Posts: 19
    Has anyone purchased an 2010 Nissan Armada Titanium with DVD and Moonroof and the last month or so, if so how much did you pay?
  • arther01arther01 Member Posts: 1
    I am currently working with a dealer on a USED Armada. It's LE 2006 LOADED with all features I think. 4WD and it has 60k miles on it.

    They are offering $24,000.00

    Any thoughts on this?


    Also where can I find the DVD for the GPS unit?

  • delthekingdeltheking Member Posts: 1,152
    Avoid the Armada at all cots. It has been plagued with lots of problems. CR ratings for it are horrible. The Armada has never ending brake issues,steering vibration and tire issues along with electrical problems and numerous squeaks and rattles which make it sound like a 90's GM compact car.
    Stay far far away. :sick:
    If you need a big vehicle-get the Toyota Sequoia/HondaPilot or a minivan-Sienna/Odyssey.
  • haropharop Member Posts: 59
    I bought mine used, also 2006 LE 4x4, around 3 years ago. Not a single issue. Still original breaks/pads. Have ~ 60K on it now. Hope to keep it for long time. Good luck whatever you get.
  • jello71jello71 Member Posts: 4
    Hey everyone - I've been an avid reader of this forum for the last few months and thought you might benefit from my recent purchase experience. We traded a 2006 Armada LE - every option except chrome rims - by the way, that truck was great - I have to agree with the previous poster that mine was nearly perfect in every way so we bought another. They gave us a great deal on our truck and I got a 2010 platinum, MSRP was $53,420 (Floor mats were in from the manufacturer) plus some dealer add ons like remote start, and other more useless costs to bring the total to $54,900. Including rebate ($5000) we ended up at $40,210 plus TTL - so good luck everyone.
  • raul76051raul76051 Member Posts: 19
    What dealership did you go to?

    How much did they give you for your trade in?

    How much did you owe on your trade in?

  • kennynmdkennynmd Member Posts: 424
    A 2010 Armada SE or a 2010 Pathfinder LE w/ Nav. They are similar in price. I am not towing anything but just want a truck to replace my Altima. I had a Sequoia prior to the Altima and want to get a SUV now. Any thoughts??
  • UncleJayUncleJay Member Posts: 4
    I own both a 2008 Armada SE (loaded) and a 2010 Sequioa Platinum. The Toyota does not have keyless/fobless entry/engine start/lift gate - I have to use the key or fob for everything. With the Armada it stays in my pocket at all times. Also there is a lot of cheap plastic and bad dash design in the Toyota. Beyond that, the Toyota is much larger, faster, way more features, does a 180 turn in 1 lane (yes) and same or better MPG. I had no problems with the Armada (it came with the updated brakes) and frankly both cars are super. The Toyota is more expensive.
  • th3rdsonth3rdson Member Posts: 3
    I'm on the front end of looking @ buying an 2010 Armada. I'm considering both new and used Titaniums and Plantiums. Without negotiating price I can get the Titanium for $40,480 and the Platinum for ~$44,758. There is a 2009 Plantinum out there with 6,000 miles @ $42,500. Based on the other posts (i.e. Jello71), it seems there will be a healthy negotiation. I'm curious what region of the country or dealer that Jello purchased his car?
  • carbluescarblues Member Posts: 1
    On Nov 24th, 2009 ,after several weeks devoted to internet and physical shopping,we ( my spouse and I) thought we had found just what would fill our needs.. at a dealership 3 1/2 hours from home.A sales person had become our best friend. He knew that we were making the trip anticipating zero percent interest until the spring. Our arrival was greeted by our salesperson, sales manager and several others. The showroom was very cleaning and inviting.. The SUV was ready for a test drive in the rain.. He assured us that the sales mgr was READY to move this vehicle...after dickering with our trade-in, a price of 30,000 for a 2008SE with a list of 42,440.00. Then the" fun" began...we were quote a figure of more than 5000.00 for security the same pkg became 2188.00,theft 369.00 and appearance 599.00. zero % became 6 1/4%..simple we finally escaped
    owing 41,835.78 .We were told it had 2 intell entries.. when we email the salesman, we were told we had 2 keys..1 intell and a valet key. the next email was no reply. An email to our helpful office mgr about mileage produced no reply. We have had to replace the windshield wipers @1500 miles. The low tire light stays on.. we found papers that had been left in the suv showing it was manufactured 10/2007 and sent to Co. How it arrived in the great NE ,we will never know. The question is what would you do? We need advise. Should be trade for a 2009 or 2010 at the local Nissen dealer? Perhaps, it would be best to drive it until the 2011 is released? Your input will be greatly appreciated.
  • daimdaim Member Posts: 5
    Hi everyone,
    I just leased a 2010 Armada Titanium(2wd) For 39 months with 18k/year for 625/month and 1500 down. I tried to negotiate as much as I could, but I still wonder if I got a good deal.
    Please tell me what you think!?. To think that I was robbed by the dealership and I have live with it for the next 39 month is the worst feeling in the world. As you can tell this is my first time leasing!!!
    I can't wait to read your comments!
    Thank you
  • daimdaim Member Posts: 5
    Hi everyone,
    I just leased a 2010 Armada Titanium(2wd) For 39 months with 18k/year for 625/month and 1500 down. I tried to negotiate as much as I could, but I still wonder if I got a good deal.
    Please tell me what you think!?. To think that I was robbed by the dealership and I have live with it for the next 39 month is the worst feeling in the world. As you can tell this is my first time leasing!!!
    I can't wait to read your comments!
    Thank you..please help
  • tt30tt30 Member Posts: 31
    edited May 2010
    Here is the math::
    - 2010 Armada Titanium KBB's New Car Value: $40,136.
    - You pay:39 x $625 + $1,500 = $25,875.
    - Remaing cost of Armada after you are done with the lease: $40,136 - $25,875 = $14,621
    - KBB's 2010 Armada Titanium Resale value after 39 mo: 40% ($16,054).
    Thus the difference between leasing for 39 months and buying it and then selling it after 39 months: $16,054-$14,261 = $1,793. So technically you will be paying $46 extra just for leasing it.

    Now, you let us know if this is a good deal for you. $1,793 is the cost of not dealing with selling the car after 39 months.
  • sbuhlersbuhler Member Posts: 122
    Just would like your thoughts on the following deal:

    MSRP: $38,830
    Invoice: $35,385

    Dealer offered deal is $35,385-about $1,000 (holdback)-4,000 (rebate).

    It doesn't seem like there is any hidden money out there on the Armada's.

  • johnnie2timesjohnnie2times Member Posts: 4
    I just leased a Platinum Armada, I was really looking for the Titanium, but thought the lease price was a great deal in comparisons with other dealers.

    Car Man-----What do you think?

    I'm based in S. Fl.
    --loaded Platinum 4X2, MSRP $51,250
    --lease for 39 mo./12k miles a year
    --gross cap cost $46,095
    --cap cost reduction $1258.70
    --adjusted cap cost $44,836
    --the residual/buyout after the 39 mo. is $24,087.50
    --I wrote a check for $1,747.18
    --the payment is tax which comes out to $614.31

    At some dealers they wanted about that just for the Titanium.

    Thanks for your input.
  • daimdaim Member Posts: 5
    How much of an increase should I be expecting in my monthly payment if I want to go from 12k/yr to 18k/yr when leasing Nissan armada!?..
    Thank you
  • mattergator50mattergator50 Member Posts: 6
    Have to make a decision soon. Hate to buy a 2010 Armada if a re-styled Armada is due out soon. Can't find any info on web, but with the new QX56 out, can the Armada be far behind.

    Getting offered $9800 off MSRP (includes the $4500 customer cash in lieu of 0%) this a good deal...Titanium model with a $44k msrp.

    What do you think?
  • happyrickyhappyricky Member Posts: 1
    I have been looking around for 2 months in Kansas and the most recent offer I get is like this:

    2010 Armarda SE (no upgrade at all)
    MSRP $38825
    Sale price $34500
    Rebate -$4500
    Offered $30000.

    What do you think about the price?
    I thought the $4500 rebate would have been gone at the end of August and then it was extended to September. So now I am wondering if this will continue until the end of year. Or is it possible to get a better deal say in Late November/December? Any input will be appreciated.
  • sbuhlersbuhler Member Posts: 122
    I honestly don't think you are going to get much better than that right now. The price you are looking at is invoice-rebate-most of the holdback. The dealer is most probably making their money off of a volume incentive and/or additional dealer certificates that the manufacturer puts on some vehicles. I owned a 2007 Armada, then a 2009 Murano (shouldn't have) and now a 2010 Armada. As long as the 30,000 is only plus TTL no outrageous document fees, etc. you are getting a very good offer. I doubt you will see the rebate much more than 4500-5000 before the supply dries up.
  • chacko22chacko22 Member Posts: 8
    Does anyone have relatively recent pricing (in the last 2 months) they received on a 2010 Armada - Platinum (2WD)? I'm in the Dallas area and have been given some offers in the $38-39k range (excluding TT&L). MSRP on these are in the $51-52k range.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • gs451gs451 Member Posts: 19
    Hi everyone,
    My Armada has about 7 months left on the lease and I have already reached the 45,000 mileage allotment. I have not changed the brakes as yet either as it has been used for mostly freeway driving with one passenger.

    I have a fantastic monthly payment and have tried getting into a newer model with the same payments but have been unsuccessful in doing so. In all honesty, I don't need such a big car anymore and I am leaning towards the Mercedes R350 or the Toyota Highlander.

    I checked the residual for the car online and it is a whopping $17,800. I have tried looking for used Armadas and have seen several that are comparable to what I have that are being listed between the range of $25K-30K. My car is a 2008 Armada SE 2WD (I'm assuming its FFV?) with 45,600 miles in white/tan.

    My local Benz dealer said I should take it to CarMax and ask them to buy it from Nissan Motor Finanicial and pay me the difference. I went on Edmunds TMV and found that the car is worth about $24.7K on a dealer's retail.

    What can I expect from CarMax, approximately? Also, would it be suitable to give it to CarMax or should I try something else. I would like another Armada for the same terms I got it for ($3K down, $328permonth including tax for 36 months/15kmiles a year)...but that does not seem likely even on a 2010 heavily discounted vehicle.

    I am relatively new to leasing so any tips would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
  • jgillisjgillis Member Posts: 4
    I was just offered this deal on a 2010 armada

    53000 msrp
    42500 cost
    4000 out of pocket
    44% res
    they didnt give me the money factor
    552/mth including tax

    It is a demo with 4k miles. I think they should go lower because of the mileage.

    What do you think?
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  • rallye350rallye350 Member Posts: 13
    I've been looking at and see a few dealers in my area advertising new Armada's up to $12,000 off of sticker. When I look at Edmunds TMV, they are about $6500 less. I did notice that the MSRP advertised on AutoTrader also appears to be much higher. I think I read that Nissan has reduced pricing on certain models. Is this what is causing the discrepancy?
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