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Toyota Tacoma 2005+



  • jefe47jefe47 Posts: 3
    anyone know if 0% is coming for the ext cab 05 tacoma?
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    I think the average joe should be able to install most of that stuff except for the alarm system and maybe the roof rack. Some of the nicer alarm systems can be extremely hard to install. I just got a pretty nice 2-way paging alarm/remote start system put on my 05 Taco and it took a professional installer about 6 hours to install. The 05 Taco has an engine immobilizer that requires some special wiring to get around.

    I was able to install the tube steps, exhaust tip, bull bar, and off-road lights by myself. The exhaust tip is a little frustrating. I had to spray some WD40 on the tail pipe to get everything to go on. There is an aluminum block spacer that fits in there pretty tight. I had to use a rubber hammer to get it to go. But it looks nice once it's on. It's not really overkill like some of the aftermarket tips out there.
  • aztechianaztechian Posts: 31
    Not that I really know anything, but I wouldn't expect it since Toyota's supply seems to be well below demand. Maybe around late fall if there are still '05s hanging around that aren't getting sold. I haven't even seen them advertising the Tacoma's much lately - seems like they are trying to convince people to buy Tundra's instead.
  • jamesbjamesb Posts: 6
    It took me months to have the opportunity to test drive a DC with TRD sport and I like it better then the off road. The majority of off road I do is rough trails and dirt roads. Many people prefer the LSD to locking and prefer the 17 inch tires. I'm not sure the difference if any in the actual suspension but the sport feels smoother on roads which is the majority of my driving. The skid plates/protectors can be added. I also like the color keyed items. Toyota offers many wheel packages. Decide where you do most of your driving. If you do serious off roading thats different. There isn't that much of it in Georgia. If I do serious off roading I use an original small square Bronco.
  • geogeckogeogecko Posts: 225
    That was the main reason I went with the Sport, LSD. I didn't want the locking diff. I'm considering a 3" lift in a year or two, and would like to put some 285 BFG A/T's on the truck. From what I've heard, it requires no modifications, except to the mud flaps, to keep from rubbing.

    Got my first ding last weekend, I was putting a suitcase in the bed, and lifted it with my hand, and didn't realize how heavy it was, and secondly, how long the suitcase was. Once my arm was fully extended, it was too late, I had already started moving it over into the bed, and got a nice ding right above the rear tire well. They just make cars with way too thin metal these days. Oh, well, I'm glad the worrying for that first ding is over.
  • Thanks for following up on that boone88rr. Looks like a nice clean solution, albeit a touch on the expensive side. Please report back after your install to let us know how it works. I'd also like to hear where you route the input cable. I haven't been behind the radio yet, but I'm hoping it will be possible to route the cable into the glovebox, and I can just pull it out to connect to the XM or mp3 player when I need it, and the rest of the time just leave it coiled up & out of the way.
  • tnt67tnt67 Posts: 30
    Just to let you in on a little lesson that I learned, My 05 Tacoma Access Cab TRD Prerunner is lifted with the Rev-Tek 3 " lift and I too was told that 285's would go on easily. After taking off the front mud flaps , and the tires still hitting the inner fenders sitting still, turned to both sides, I decided that I wasn't going to rip a fender off of my new truck. I now have 265/70/17's on it on 9" wheels and they are pretty good except for an occasional rub on a hard turn moving.Beware of this , as my local Toyota dealer are lifting these and putting 285's on them regularly and removimg the front mud flaps.I now have an over $800 set of tires in my garage that I will have to sell used.Hope this saves someone some trouble.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    You may want to see if there are spacers to put between the wheels and the hubs. This may help prevent the rubbing if it is occuring on the inside of the fender wells. Just an idea.

  • you are rubbing because you have 9" wheels revteck says to put 8" wheels with a 4 1/2 back spacing thats maybe why you are rubbing i have a 3" lift with 285/75/16s on a 8" wheels and no rubbing so try a 8" rim you can look at or go to thats my truck maybe that will help
  • tnt67tnt67 Posts: 30
    The 9" rims are not going to make much of a difference on hitting the fenders. If anyone wants to put 285-17's on theirs, thats fine by me...just trying to save someone some trouble.
  • larry10larry10 Posts: 88
    Are all 2005 prerunners missing a leaf spring?
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    "anyone know if 0% is coming for the ext cab 05 tacoma?"

    Why would any manufacturer offer 0% on a vehicle that sells well?

    Incentives like large rebates and 0% financing are for cars that dealers can't sell. Unless there is some sort of major economic downturn, I seriously doubt you'll see incentives like that on an Access Cab.

    You might be able to negotiate a really good cash price on the odd leftover '05, but that will vary from region to region. In some areas there aren't many trucks on dealer lots, other areas may have plenty.

    As someone who's bought the odd leftover in the past, I can point out that you'll have to be flexible about colors and option packages, and ready to move fast if the super deal comes together. I was never able to pull this off on a Toyota truck, but saved many thousands on a 2WD '96 King Cab when the opportunity presented itself. I sold that truck four years later with 39k on the clock, for a bit more than $2k less than I paid for it. :D

    Do your homework now, and be ready when the '06's hit the showrooms. Check out the local stock and see what's sitting around, and learn exactly what everything costs using all available resources.

    Good luck!
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    "haven't been behind the radio yet, but I'm hoping it will be possible to route the cable into the glovebox, and I can just pull it out to connect to the XM or mp3 player when I need it, and the rest of the time just leave it coiled up & out of the way."

    Like you're going to ride around without XM. :shades: XM and Sirius have such good products, I doubt you'll ever go back to terrestrial radio, with the odd exception of some locally produced talk or sports shows. It's THAT good.

    I've got the same setup, used the same web page to get the radio out, and it's flawless.

    My wiring is neatly tucked under the front of the plastic hump. The radio mount is next to a cup holder, and the Roady 2's wiring is held together with the split loom that came with the radio. I have a 6 speed, this may not work as well for the automatic.
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    "Are all 2005 prerunners missing a leaf spring?"

    Toyota has sold 63,000 2005 Tacomas in North America, as of May 30, 2005. We've got one guy on here claiming that a leaf is missing.

    What do you think? :confuse:
  • scott9982scott9982 Posts: 10
    hey i went through the same dilemma.. ordered mine with the off-road package. i just liked the look better. i dont personally like the stock wheels/tires on the sport. i also went with the chrome step rails, which i think look better with the chrome grill/rear-bumper of the offroad package. skid plates are also a nice bonus. not sure if i'd notice differential difference. the off-road felt a little firmer in the suspension (could be my imagination), which i prefer.. onyl compromise i had to make was that i could not get the JBL audio package with the Off Road package for some strange reason. SET said they havent been allocated that configuration by Toyota, and that the JBL can only come with the Sport package. :confuse:
  • scott9982scott9982 Posts: 10
    hey Deluxe-

    can you tell me about your flowmaster install: which muffler did you go with? hows the sound on the highway? what piping configuration did you go with? ( diamater, and how many exits) thanks
  • deluxechevdeluxechev Posts: 17
    I went with the 40 Series. Some say it’s too loud. I think it’s just right. To the sensitive ear, or those wanting to keep a low profile, I’d say go with the 50 series or a Magnaflow (I hear nothing but good thing about them).

    I had my local muffler shop cut about an inch or two in front of the stock muffler. The old stuff slide right out, was wrapped up, thrown in the back of the truck for me to take home. I got new 2.5” (stock size) tubing, new hangers, and a fat stainless steel tip exiting out the factory location. Out the door the bill rang up to either 150 or 160 (I don’t remember). I’ll take pic’s this afternoon and post tomorrow morning.

    Very happy with setup :)
  • stephen1stephen1 Posts: 27
    I have the rattling sound from the engine. Especially noticeable at idle. Don't know if this is the "ticking" that others have complained about but it could be the same noise. Sounds like something is loose and I guess you could also describe it as a "tick". It appears to be a little random. Not like valve train or injector noise. My eight year old daughter asked me yesterday what that noise was. Pretty sad.
    About 2500 miles on it so far (V6 Prerunner DC). Oddly enough, I remember a week or so when it didn't make the noise. Maybe the brand/grade of gas? I'll try something different next fill up.
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    Here's a link on how to easily add an air filter to the cab of your 05 Taco. Apparently there is no cabin air filter on the 05 Taco, but there is a space for a filter. Easy mod!

    Cabin Air Filter
  • outbackwboutbackwb Posts: 12
    Did anyone see this link for the build process for the new Tacoma? Pretty cool. :D
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    " have the rattling sound from the engine."

    So do I, when the engine is at idle. My 4.0L '99 Wrangler, my 2.5L '01 Subaru, and my 2.4L '85 Toyota pickup, that went 300k miles before I drove it to the junkyard, all had "signature" sounds to them. If I want to hear it really loud in the Jeep, I can remove the oil cap. Some of the worst vehicles I've owned sounded the best.

    If you're hearing the same noise I'm thinking of, I wouldn't worry. Toyota has a terriffic reputation for reliability. The 4.0 V6 is not a new engine, it's been used in '03 and up 4Runners.

    The noise I'm referring to is very similar to a sewing machine click. If it bothers you, bring it in and have it checked out under warranty.
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    Very cool.

    I'm surprised the filter element isn't at least offered as an option. Subaru didn't include the filter either, making it a $35 dealer installed option. This also creates another wonderful opportunity for dealers to sell you an extra part at oil change time.

    Thanks for the link, I'm adding mine this weekend. I'll bet there's $6-8 underhood paper filters that will also fit right it.
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    I figured I have a K&N air filter for the engine, so I might as well get a matching K&N for the cabin air filter. I'm an "over-kill" kind of guy. ;)

    So I went to AutoZone to see if I could find a K&N air filter that would fit. The filter needs to be about 8" square. I took a tape measure and found one that fits. K&N part # 33-2045. I cut all of the rubber gasket off of the entire perimeter of the filter, slid it in there, and it fits like a glove. I did a few "before and after" tests and it seems to not restrict the air flow very much. SWEEEET! :)

    Add another mod to the list. :shades:
  • jackhammerjackhammer Posts: 92
    The guy isn't claiming a spring is missing, the guy is claiming that maybe a spring should be added for extra support !

    Thanks for your input Wood Dork
  • boone88rrboone88rr Posts: 194
    I think 40 bucks for a cabin air filter is a little much, but to each his own.

    I do think the filter is a good idea, i'm sick of dusting off the pollen every other day. I didn't even know the compartment was there until today. I'm all for making my own out of an a/c filter from Lowe's. Anybody's interested I found these pre-made filters by Bosch and Denso for the '05 4-Runner. - e=TO&model=4RU-V6-007&category=All&part=ACC+Cabin+Filter

    $14 for the plain ol' filter and $24 for the super pollen protector. I'm gonna make my own, seems easy and harmless enough but they are out there just not labeled for the Tacoma. even boasts about having cabin air filters in their cars and trucks and they can't bother to tell us in the manual or offer one for $25 at the dealer. Thanks for the heads up and the link to that mod. ;)
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    The only bad thing about using the K&N for a cabin filter is that you can smell the oil in the filter when the air blows through it. It doesn’t stink, it’s just kind of plastic smelling. I’ll use some K&N filter cleaner spray to see if I can wash some of the oil and smell out of the filter. The filter should work good enough un-oiled.

    Yeah, there's no way I would pay $40 for a cabin air filter. I have a buddy that works at AutoZone and owed me a favor, so he paid for it and gave me the filter for Free! :)
  • hammaahammaa Posts: 79
    "jackhammer" - I got the TRD Sport. At first, I got it because I "had to" in order to get the double cab & long bed. And I really didn't like the scoop at all. Now, I kind of think the truck looks funny without it, and am so glad that I got it!!
  • hammaahammaa Posts: 79
    To whom it may concern: I just put new wheels and tires on my TRD Sport DC LB Pre-Runner. So, I've got a complete set of 4-nearly new TRD Sport wheels and tires. Very very good condition, with the little rubber nipples still on them. They're sitting in my garage, and my wife says that they gots to go!! Please let me know if you're interested. (It seems they've been selling for around $600 or so on ebay + shipping...)

    PS. I'm in San Diego, and could deliver locally and bypass shipping charges. Thanks!! :D
  • hey john, thanks... I to used teh 5w-30 oil, with the pure-one filter. The sound is still there. I went to dealer, had service guy listen to.. he said normal toyota sounds. I then went later a month later to see some new ones. Had the salesman start 3 trucks. One 4 cylinder and 2 v-6's. All did the noise. It is a toyota noise the salesman says. He has an older tacoma and does it to... Go fig... I jsut cant believe toyota will let this noise go thru. I have a 91 escort gt and it is sooooo much quieter then my new tacoma... Toyota needs to fix this problem. I hear nothing is bad about engine, just VERY Noisy....sounds like a car formthe early 80's.

    I also went to a service shop, the told me to try this stuff at the next oil change to see if is quiets the engine, it is called "Rislone engine treatment" Will be trying in Sept, that is my next oil change.

    Please toyota read this and give us owners a real reason why this in 2005 is a normal thing.

  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    Personally, I wouldn't do the engine treatment stuff. It will just thicken up the oil for a little while and maybe quiet the noise a little, but some of that additive stuff can create sludge. When I had my old GMC I tried every additive in the book, including the really expensive stuff. It was a waste of $. Just my $.02
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