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Luxury Performance Sedans



  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    To answer your question, the Infiniti M35 won the CR comparo.
  • No secrecy.

    My bottom line was $53,286 MSRP. The car was discounted from what I can recall from the lease document some 10%+.

    My up fronts were "essentially" forgiven (no sec dep, just a plate transfer fee from the allroad to the A6 plus the first month's payment, I rolled the tax into the thing here in Ohio they can stick it to you.)

    My monthly payment, the amount the the check I write is $669.40/36 months 15K miles per year.

    My final allroad lease payment was also waived.

    The apples to apples comparison (and I factored in a fudge factor for the improved gas milage of the Audi versus the Infiniti and another estimate for the maint, which is free on the Audi and fee on the Infiniti) that I came up with was that the cost between the two cars was in the Audi's favor about $110 per month.

    This isn't the prices paid board, but since this was a down to the wire comparison of two cars -- either one of which I would have probably enjoyed (the Audi was my first choice, but not for what was at the time $180 more per month on a lease) -- that were LPS cars, I state this for y'all's dining and dancing pleasure.

    Recently (here and on other blogs) I have seen that similar deals have been or are still being given. Perhaps the noise I made did help -- and I am pleased with the car (as I knew I would be) and the deal.

    I wonder, from time to time, what it would be like with the Infinti M35X -- I still think it is a hell of a car. Overall, though, I look forward to getting behind the wheel and pushing the start button every morning.

    I must be old, cause what I enjoy a lot is Sirius Sat radio and the voice command of all the important stuff -- there are 80+ buttons and knobs and switches for the driver to play with, and voice command makes me spend more time driving and less time paying attention to what button to push next.

  • Yes, and you get a lot of Cavalier in every Corvette and every other car in GM's lineup.

    The Cavalier is no longer a GM product there buddy. Oh and wow you know your Toyotas but did you know that the Altezza had the the same body as an IS300 but the engine is 250 not 300 and oh the left hand steering if you didn't know...
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'm aware that the venerable Cavalier has been replaced with the (almost identical) Cobalt - they're interchangeable IMO.

    I guess IS250 would sound unsophisticated for a Lexus... I believe they make Altezzas in left or right hand drive, depending on whether they stay in Japan, or are exported to Samoa.....
  • chidorochidoro Posts: 125
    Even more impressive was that th M35x was not only their top rated sedan, it outscored all of their full-sized premium luxury sedans. There is very little room for that bar to grow under their road test score.
  • hihomikehihomike Posts: 111
    I just read the Consumer Reports "report" on the M35. It was interesting in the aricle that they said "...the surprise of the test is the M35, which is now our top-rated sedan. It even outscores all of our tested full-size premium luxury sedans." I wonder why they were so surprised? Infiniti has been increasing sales each year by 15%+ mainly due to their engines, styling, quality build, handling and luxury. They are not the same company that produced Q45's and I35's for the older crowd who prefer the soft, cushy ride.

    When I was at the Infiniti dealership last, you don't see the "older" crowd there any more - you see the 18-28 crowd cloistered around the G35 coupe; the Yuppie crowd cloistered around the M35/45; the family oriented crowd cloistered around the QX56 and FX35; and a nice mix crowd cloistered around the G35 sedan.

    Infiniti has taken on BMW with avengence - sport, handling, performance. Doesn't sound much like Lexus to me, but more like Audi/BMW/Mercedes "fighten" words.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    I guess they figured that when LS was beating Q and ES was beating I by 50,000% or so, its time to stop targeting Lexus and go after the brands that Lexus does not target.
  • hihomikehihomike Posts: 111
    I agree with your assessment, lexusguy. I just saw the reports for July, and Infiniti is up 15.7% in sales overall when compared to one year ago. That increase has to be coming from "conquest" type sales (taking sales away from other makes/models). The G35 Coupe has a 25% market share in the sport/coupe category, which is impressive. Also, the M35/45 has been selling at a phenominal pace according to reports I have seen. And Consumer Reports coming out with "best overall sedan, sport and luxury", it can't hurt them at all.

    I still love my 530i (2006), but the competition from Infiniti aimed at Audi, Acura, BMW and Mercedes Benz, can only cause BMW to carefully analyze why Consumer Reports didn't even compare the 530 i (or the Mercedes E350) because of worse than expected reliability. In order to maintain their market share, the competition must improve their build quality.

    I've been lucky so far with my Bimmer, but I'm expecting problems down the road, to be sure, if my car is anything like the average BMW. But I'm willing to accept that fate due to the ride, handling and improved engine performance with the 255 hp version.
  • Can anyone site the edition # and date of the Consumer Report issue that carries that story on the M35 comparo? Is it online? Can the magazine be picked up at a newstand or just by subscription? thanks.
  • lovemyclklovemyclk Posts: 351
    "I've been lucky so far with my Bimmer, but I'm expecting problems down the road, to be sure, if my car is anything like the average BMW. But I'm willing to accept that fate due to the ride, handling and improved engine performance with the 255 hp version."

    My 2003 530SP has been absolutely flawless in every way (1/03 purchase date). Not so much as a warning light has illuminated! I'm sure your new 530 will provide years of enjoyable motoring. Just drive it the way it was intended to be driven... guessing the new 255HP engine is sweet.

    I will be hard pressed to let go of this one... even for the new e60. Handling, steering and performance of that sweet 6 would be hard to walk away from. My German buddies tell me that I have their favorite iteration of the 5er (aside from the M5, that is!).
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    Online you need a subscription,

    Pretty much any public library would have it.

    Newstands also.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    The M35 comparo is in the current issue of Consumer Reports (Sept.) on newstands now. Available everywhere. They have a circulation of 4 million.
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 228
    Even though they're different companies, I think the new GS looks a lot like the Nissan Maxima...a LOT like the Nissan Maxima.
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 228
    Heck...all anyone was talking about was the looks...the RL DOES have boring styling...that's an opinion but it's apparently a common opinion unless you own one. I have owned cars (japanese cars) in years past that weren't the nicest looking outside but were comfortable and nice looking inside. You're the one that spends the time "inside" of the car. Too many people on this forum take things too personally...if somebody doesn't like the way the car I drive looks, I don't care. I bought it for ME. If everybody liked the same car, there wouldn't be so many to choose from. I think the other big thing Acura shoud address is the fact that Acura is the only one of all the Japanese High Line cars and most of the German cars that doesn't offer a V8 engine. Why don't we go there if you're really trying to defend the RL. Why is this the case? The TL has much better styling than the RL...They should have this styling for the RL, the Acura flagship car. Audi offers an 8, Infiniti offers an 8, Lexus offers an 8, Mercedes/8. I think Acura has more cool gadgets than all the other cars and it is great looking inside. I never even considered it as a choice when looking because of the boring styling. It's a shame because they have a great quality reputation.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,301
    Last I looked, my fabulous 545i has an 8.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    Test drove a G coupe, and it was a blast, I thought the M was just too big. But you are correct, Infiniti has really improved their cars, even for us 43 youngsters. :P
  • hihomikehihomike Posts: 111
    I really do enjoy the new 255hp engine - magnesium/aluminum alloy inline 6. Lighter weight and more horsepower - a dream come true.

    I hope you are right about this new 530i. So far it "has" been flawless, but it's only 4 months old and only 2500 miles on it.

    As it ages and breaks in, I must admit it drives and handles even better. It has the horsepower that was needed for some time in the 6 cylinder version. As for the new M-5, it will be sweet but a bit too rich for my blood, if you know what I mean. 80,000 is my estimated pricing with the options I'd add, and for $80,000, you can buy 1/2 a 3 bedroom home.
  • No one's crystal ball is clear. However, I attended a presentation recently about the US (and global) economy. When "regular" reaches $3.40 will be the beginning, just a smidge mind you, of "pause at the pumps."

    Coupled with higher interest rates -- gulp.

    After several years of having V8's and one 2.7T turbo (very thirsty), I opted for the Audi V6 FSI specifically because I am certain $3.00/gallon regular will be a (~) 2005 event. Perhaps this is insane to be buying $50K+ cars and looking at gas prices as "an issue."

    Perhaps it is -- but the larger concern, beyond the obvious is the imact on "everything" not just my upper-middle-class lifestyle and ability to buy gas.

    Here is the "shocker" -- some authors are writing that $5.00 per gallon, while not near term likely, is not a distant far off event.

    OK, the flip side is at $70/bbl of oil, getting abundant (?) oil from Canada that was previously non econmically feasible to go after becomes an economic and technological "no brainer."

    I am neither a fan nor a foe of Lexus -- but the upcoming hybrid LPS car "ought" to be just what we need (as well as several other technologies.)

    I would expect the LPS cars to "pioneer" performance and new fuel saving technologies.

    Even my 3.2FSI seems to sip gas considering the size car it is in (my A6).

    We live in "interesting times."
  • rich545rich545 Posts: 386
    Well, my 545 has got about 15,000 miles on it and it's been flawless so there is reason to hope. Honestly, most of the issues with the E60 have been recalls for software upgrades which, while they are a pain, are not unusual for a newly redesigned car. E60's have not been plagued by the type of problems that say, the E Class has had (and it's been around long enough to be better frankly). I think that since we're getting into year three of the design it's probably going to be much better. Sure, there will be a car here and there that just weren't put together poperly, but in general I think it will be a reliable car (as far as German cars go that is).
  • hihomikehihomike Posts: 111
    I agree!!! The only issue I've had was an error message on my odometer screen (as opposed to the I-drive screen) showing SOS not working. That's the BMW assist signal. They did everything trying to isolate the problem, but finally gave up on it and installed a whole new piece of software ($2000+ part) but every so often it still shows up. All I do is shut the engine off, restart it, and it's working again. So it is obviously some sort of a glitch that I will learn to live with. Otherwise, the 530i 06 has been flawless in performance, fuel economy, handling, etc. At least my 530i has not had any mechanical problems.

    The main problem with BMW service centers is that they are so overwhelmed with work for warranty issues that unless you have an emergency, you need to wait a while for a loaner car and an appointment.

    I would assume in smaller towns with less population density, this is not an issue, but in large populations centers like the southeast coast of Florida, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, LA, SF, etc., it is a problem.

    I am the executive assistant to the owner of an Infiniti dealer down here, and we do not have the same problems as BMW. We have loaners, we can take care of customers, and don't have major issues with the Infiniti line.

    Thanks for the input, and enjoy yoru 545
  • rich545rich545 Posts: 386
    That's not really true at my dealership which is one of the largest in the suburbs of Chicago (about 20 minutes from downtown). They always get me in quickly and have a loaner waiting if I need one.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    "We believe this legislation will accelerate more widespread adoption of our LDW system and other intelligent vehicle technologies that help make our highway travel much safer."

    Wow! :surprise: :surprise: Talk about big business controlling the government!! :surprise:
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,301
    BMW 545i:
    350 miles.
    Flawless performance.
    Flawless iDrive.
    A rocket on wheels.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,604
    .. and it uses a lot of gas?

    Go figure!! :surprise:

    Seriously... it would be worth it, to me...


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  • janssenjanssen Posts: 74
    I am the executive assistant to the owner of an Infiniti dealer down here, and we do not have the same problems as BMW. We have loaners, we can take care of customers, and don't have major issues with the Infiniti line.

    I am curious, having been a BMW owner, and now being an Infiniti owner:

    Why the difference? Is it dealership-dependent, or is it a difference in corporate culture?
  • warthogwarthog Posts: 216
    hihomike wrote: "The main problem with BMW service centers is that they are so overwhelmed with work for warranty issues that unless you have an emergency, you need to wait a while for a loaner car and an appointment."

    I'm a BMW owner in Charlotte, NC (county pop. 750,000) which has one BMW dealer. I dropped in several days ago (no appointment) to have a tail light replaced. The car was in and out before I could finish ogling the 911's and Boxters next door. It is necessary to make an appointment if you want a loaner for routine maintenance/service, but that's hardly a problem. Usually, it's quicker to wait on the car than to make an extra round-trip in the loaner to retrieve it.
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 228
    My A6 just broke 3200 miles...Leased it mid May...and am averaging 24.50 MPG so far...Pretty soon, when gas gets to $3 (which I understand it is in many places in California right now), maybe a lot of the comparisons will switch to MPG as a category. Thanks President Bush for screwing up our country and giving us higher gas prices!!!
    BTW, I heard the gas mileage on the Lexus hybrid RX400h isn't that great...I think its only like 8-10 MPG more than the regular gas version. Which may be good for an SUV but not worth the premium you're paying. I think the Toyota Prius is a cool car (with real high mileage...especially in the city).
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