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Chevrolet Equinox Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I got a price for a LTZ but you can see the price difference. The quote was from
    Thompson-Wasik Inc. from Ubly, MI. GM's deal is 6.9% that expires March 1st. I checked with Team One Credit Union and their rate is 3.9% for 60 months. I know you live quite a ways from here, but maybe this will help you.

    2010 FWD LTZ Equinox sunroof no navigation and 4 cyl engine. MSRP $31305 your price $ 29605 plus tax, title, plate and fees. Both prices were quoted with the GMS pricing. Let me know what you are thinking. We would like the opportunity to earn your busness.
  • I ordered an LTZ with 6 cyl., 18 inch wheels and sunroof. MSRP was $31595 and I got it for $29,900. It is being built this week and delivery should be first week of March. I shopped all over and got best deal at Atlantic Chevy in Bay Shore,Long Island. Salesman was Ben Kowal. He was great.
  • aakiaaki Posts: 10
    I bought an LTZ last sat, 4 cyl, 18" wheels, power sunroof, nav, rear entertainment for $31870 (gms) + ttl (upstate sc). Most of the dealers around here, offer between $300 - $500 off msrp. It seems like recession is not a problem for them. Some of them were willing to work with you last year around sep, not any more. In my experience, if the car is on the lot, they might be willing to give you a good deal, not if one wants to order.
    What I can't get over is, it does not have a home link to garage door opener.
  • realtor4realtor4 Posts: 10
    edited February 2010
    Thanks for the information. Why did you go with the 18" wheels instead of the 17"? Does that effect the gas mileage?
  • i would like to purchase the 1LT or 2LT. i was having some difficulty deciding between the vehicle and the GMC terrain but i believe i have made my decision. it seems to be pretty hot right now and i have a lease due in a couple of weeks. can anyone share their northeast experience as to how much i can expect to pay for this car? i will be putting down $2500 and my husband belongs to MCU credit union. thanks in advance.
  • I ordered an LTZ with 6 cyl., FWD ,18 inch wheels and sunroof. The MSRP was $31535 and I got it for $29995 plus tax and tags. I ordered it from Atlantic Chevy in Bay Shore, NY on Jan.8th. My Salesman called me yesterday and told me the car was built and will be at the dealership March 8th-exactly 8 weeks. You can negotiate more if you order the car. There is limited inventory and the dealers want more if it is in stock. Good luck.
  • hello pete. thanks for the quick reply. as opposed to everyone else in this community, i recently decided to purchase this vehicle so i am a novice. i have already started researching per your ealier suggestions. i will contact atlantic chevy later this morning. i was wondering if you had the name of your salesperson. it is my hope that if he comes highly recommended, he may be willing to do right by me as he did with you. thanks in advance.
  • I tried to send you the young salesman's name and number but it was deleted by Edmunds. It is Atlantic Chevrolet in Bay Shore New York. Don't call on Tuesday because that is the young mans day off. My Cardinal Red LTZ is due at their dealership on 3/8/2010. Good luck and let me know how you make out.
  • Check post #285
  • sforzsforz Posts: 3
    How'd I do guys?

    Black, AWD, 4cyl, leather, liftgate, sunroof, navigation, 17inch wheels,

    $31,270 + tax and tags

    fair price? Any incentives going on I should know about?

    Thanks in advance!
  • firefly8firefly8 Posts: 9
    Is this a LTZ?
  • bdb1bdb1 Posts: 2
    I have a 2010 noq LS awd with the 4 cyc motor I took it back to the dealership where i bought it because I thought I had a noisy lifter the service people told me it was the injectors that where making the noise and that was normal I find this hard to believe - it is so loud I can here it inside the vehicle I was also told the reason it sounded so loud is because the motor is so quiet (am I missing something here) love the car but the loud injectors are becoming an issue has anyone else experienced loud injectors
  • pete6666pete6666 Posts: 29
    I have heard from a friend at a Chevy dealer that there have been a lot of complaints about the noise in the 4 cyl. That is why Chevrolet put a noise suppresion system in the rear cabin of all the 4 cylinders. There have been no complaints with the 6 cyl.
  • LS 4cyl. 2010 Nox and I have noisy lifters too, it sounds like they are starving for oil.....
  • bdb1bdb1 Posts: 2
    have you had it back to the dealership _ if so what do they say as to a fix for the problem
  • realtor4realtor4 Posts: 10
    That sounds like a fair price. I got a quote for the same thing and I was quoted 31,290. Thisquote is with the gm discount. Is your with the gm discount? There is no other discounts out there at this time that I am aware of. I thought in March they might come out with something, but they haven't.
  • My last oil change I asked them about it and they said this sound is normal for this engine. We even started one they had on the lot and it sounded like mine, so for now I guess I will take them at their word.
  • Sounds high. What's the retail, trim? Do you have GM points? USAA membership gets you special pricing, Our FWD, 4 cyl, LTZ with 18" wheels and DVD entertainment listed for a little over 30K. We had loyalty of 1K, an extra 1K added to our GM points for 3.6K on those, and citi points of 1.5K. We negotiated the price to invoice and walked out with a sweet deal plus 3.49% financing. We are happy with everything except the fuel economy, but I think that is a different forum. Oh well, what the heck, it's 23 MPG overall, well short of the 26 MPG advertized. I think that is the norm as the vehicle is heavy and an SUV.
  • Ordered: 1/4/2010. Delivered: 3/5/2010
    Dealer: Van Chevrolet/Cadillac, Kansas City, MO
    Very pleased with vehicle and dealer. (150 miles). When ordering, they made it clear that the trade in may be degraded. I made it clear that I was willing to walk away if it was. There was no degrade.
    Trim Level note: prior to ordering they attempted to find what I wanted on other lots. They showed me window stickers for two vehicles, an LTZ, and an LT2 with the options I was looking for: Leather, power lift, cargo cover. The LTZ had all those options and more, but was $1500 less than the LT2.
  • GM shortened the height of the pistons in the Ecotech 4 cylinder engines. Less mass, more power and better gas milage. Unfortunately, this allows the piston to rotate and "slap" the sides of the cylinder wall. This does not harm anything, it just makes noise. During a recent launch with the Ecotech, GM was tuning the soundproofing and began hearing the slap. They had to further tune the vehicle to reduce that frequency. Not sure if this is what you are hearing, but the slap sounds like lifters. Have not heard this in our MochaNox yet, but have only had it for a few days. So far, I can't believe how quiet the thing is.
  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 107
    If you're going to plunk down $30k for a GM SUV, you should be driving away in a Traverse - not a 'Nox. Just my opinion.

    I think people take a liking to a particular vehicle model and then they get carried away adding all the packages onto it, and by the time they're done they end up paying more for less.

    Reminds me of the Pontiac Grand Ams that used to come with the V6 option. I'm sure many of those buyers liked the base Grand Am, but ultimately ended up with the V6 Grand Am when they could've just bought the Grand Prix for about the same price (maybe even less).
  • carshcarsh Posts: 4
    edited March 2010
    I'm looking at the equinox LT1 with the Vehicle Interface Package and the Rearview Camera. Right now, I've got a price of $23,779 with the GM discount (including $745 delivery, not including TTL). I'm planning on custom ordering since there aren't many Noxs on the lot here in Texas that aren't loaded with options. My questions are:

    1 - Has anyone had luck negotiating down more than what I'd get with the GM discount? The sales guys all keep telling me that they can barely keep them on the lot and so they're not negotiating. I just don't trust salespeople and I can't believe that with this economy.
    2 - If I do a custom/factory order, how do the discounts work? Right now, there's an extra $500 with the GM discount but it expires 3/31 and there's no way the car will be ready by then. So do I get whatever deal is out (if any) whenever I take delivery of the car? It seems risky to place an order but not know what the final price would be.
    3 - I'm trying to keep the cost down by choosing as few options as I can. Does anyone who has one of these have advice on something that they can't live without?

    Thanks for your help.
  • pete6666pete6666 Posts: 29
    What engine are you getting and is it FWD or AWD. I ordered an LTZ 6 cyl., 18 inch wheels and sunroof. The MSRP was $31585 and I negotiated down to $29900. plus TTL. The car was ordered Jan.8th and was due in yesterday but has not arrived yet. There are no rebates or incentives except points on a GM card. What is the the $500 GM discount you are talking about? The dealer will negotiate more on a factory order because they don't want to give discounts on cars in stock because they can't get them.
  • pete6666pete6666 Posts: 29
    The price you got is fantastic. It is almost $100 UNDER dealer invoice. Sign it up before the dealer changes his mind. Dealer cost on that car with 4cyl. and FWD is $23821 and MSRP is $25095.
  • kserickseric Posts: 1
    That is a great price. Less than I paid for the same vehicle. I paid 24,299 for a Lt1 4Cylinder Blue with Vehicle Interface Package and Rear Camera Package. This was in Olathe, Kansas.
  • mof22mof22 Posts: 5
    I had ordered an Equinox in early September, but it still hadn't come in by December (didn't even have an order #). I had already been without a car for 2 weeks, so ended up searching on the Chevy website for an Equinox with all the features I wanted. None of the dealers in Houston would negotiate when I was looking to order in August/September or in later December to see what they had on their lots. The only dealer that negotiated and who I ended up buying from was Bob Tedford Chevrolet in Farmersville, Texas. My salesman was fabulous and extremely helpful.

    I did find out that when ordering, the only deals I would have been eligible for was what was available when the Equinox came in.

    I ended up with a FWD LTZ 6 cyl., with sunroof and 18" wheels for $29,958 (including TTL). I believe the MSRP was around $30,600. At the time I purchased it, I qualified for the conquest rebate of $1,000 and the GM satisfaction rebate of $500.

    Good luck.
  • carshcarsh Posts: 4
    That was for the 4 cylinder, forgot to mention, with GM employee discount. My grandfather worked for GM and that makes me eligible for GM employee pricing, which is where the $500 bonus GM discount comes from. That's a crazy delay to get a Nox made - I'll have to order soon because I have to have a new car by early July.

    Thanks for the help - I feel pretty good following through on that deal!
  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 107
    So this is what it's come to: a 5% discount off a GM vehicle is a "fantastic" deal.

    That makes me sad.

    The GM discount is worth around $1300 and that's about what the guy's getting for a discount on the car, so again I say: what's the big deal here??? Anybody can get this deal (with or without a GM discount if they just join a credit union instead).

    And don't get too excited about "below cost" or "under invoice". GM's new "invoice" prices are markedly higher than they ever were in the past, which leads me to believe that they are not "true". In the past, a GM vehicle in this price range would have an invoice price around $1000 lower than what they're purporting it to be now ($1300?). GM dealers are not going to sell high-demand, low supply vehicles below cost during the prime sales season. As a left-over - maybe - but it's starting to look like there won't be any real "leftover" season on these vehicles because they're not making them in any kind of volume.

    Here's an example of a "fantastic" car deal: '02 Impala I bought brand new in 2002. Sticker price: $22,050. Purchase price: $17,600 ($4450 off sticker = 20% discount). Then I deducted $5500 in GM points and Citi points for a bottomline price of $12,100 (a whopping 45% discount off sticker !!!)

    Here's another decent deal: '97 Taurus bought brand new in '98: Sticker price: $22,225. Purchase price: $16,700 ($5525 off sticker = 25% discount). Then I deducted $1400 in Citi points for a bottomline price of $15,300 (31% discount off sticker).

    NEW GM is laughing all the way to the bank on these 2010 Equinoxes. They won't be laughing later on if it turns out these vehicles are no better than what came out of OLD GM. We'll see in 3 years or 50,000 miles...

    I sure hope if you people are buying a GM vehicle that you AT LEAST have GM points to use, because if you think 5% off sticker is a "fantastic" deal, I've got a house full of stuff I don't need that I'd like to sell you...
  • fshifshi Posts: 57
    I do not understand why you keep comparing apples to oranges. There are reasons for the market to set this price for 10 Nox, and that price for impala. If supply and demands does not support this 5% discount, then people will get better deal. People feel fantastic about this 5%, since very few people get this 5% off MSRP on the 10 nox. BTW, GM is making nox as fast as they can, not like what you said they intensionally control the supply. I do not get it why they would not make if they have the capacity and knowing that nox are well received in the market place?
  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 107
    edited March 2010
    5% off MSRP for a vehicle from a company just out of bankruptcy with a long history of major manufacturing defects and customer indifference is a lousy deal. Anybody who feels "fantastic" about that must be leading a very deprived life. And who says 'very few people get this 5% discount"? If you can't get the GM supplier discount, you can join a credit union and get it that way. There's nothing special about getting a 5% discount.

    As far as intentionally controlling supply, I don't know if that's what GM is doing, but I wouldn't put it past them. GM's history is to flood the market with cars, sell them at reduced profit margins, then (if you're lucky) recall every one of them for major safety or other manufacturing defects. Maybe the "new" thinking is the opposite - trickle the vehicles out slower, sell at a higher profit margin, and recall fewer cars when the manufacturing defects are discovered.

    I'd love to see the sales statistics on these 2010 Equinoxes - the percentage of people buying these cars with some kind of GM connection (GM points, GM discount, GM employees) vs. the percentage coming to GM from another brand. I just cannot picture a Japanese car customer, for example, with no good reason to do so, suddenly defecting to GM to buy an unproven vehicle for a lousy 5% discount.
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