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Chevrolet Equinox Prices Paid and Buying Experience

lee_wlee_w Member Posts: 239
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  • hoppyalonghoppyalong Member Posts: 1
    After reading many comments here at Edmonds on many cars, I finally went out and bought a fully loaded Equinox. Dealers say they won't deal on this car here in So Cal, so I used my Costco card and got the car at $300.00 over manufacturing invoice. I used the print out from Edmonds to check the invoice vs msrp and except for minor differences, the prices where the same. I got everthing except satelite radio. Color is Sandstone metalic per my wife. I ordered it to be delivered in 8 weeks or sooner. The day before I got an offer to get up to $2000 to pay off my car lease and that worked just great as my Jeep lease is up in December. I'm glad I did't buy the Jeep as you almost have to give it away to sell. I verified the offer with GM to make sure it covered the Equinox. I have almost $800.00 on my GM card. They will go up to $1000 on the card. They have no cash incentives right now but give 2.9% for 36 months or less. So I paid $27,600 before taxes and licence but before GM card and Jeep pay off. Invoice price was $27,300 plus $300 for Costco. Msrp was $29,390. I believe this is the best I could do. GM said they would honor the Jeep pay off $$$ but not the 2.9% as the 8 weeks goes beyond the end period for the benefit. Incentive should be better toward the end of the year, too, I hope. How does this compare with all of you? For me it's a done deal. Waiting is going to be hard to do.
  • jrestjrest Member Posts: 26
    Like Hoppyalong, the hard part is waiting...but I guess it's a good thing because I'm enjoying not having car payments at the moment. ;)

    Anyway, I did my initial communication over the internet, knowing that I had the invoice price (from cars.com) with my configuration. I got a response from the GM Buypower internet guy at one of the dealers and went and spoke with him about getting an equinox my way, and ordered my equinox on June 14th and was told it would be 8-10 weeks. I got the salsa red LT with the 1SD package, XM Radio, CD/MP3 Player, Premium 7 speaker sound with 180watt amplifier and subwoofer (professional musician so I had to get that, since I spend more time in my car than I do at home), and the sunroof.
    Cars.com had the invoice price with my configuration at $24,712. MSRP was 26,800. I got mine $25,237. I got mine (before tax,licence,etc.)
    Incentives not known until the car arrives. I am pouring on charges on my gmcard so I can cash that in, Last check, I had about $700 on it. I wasn't planning on buying a car but my 98 cavalier just turned the big 100,000 and was giving me problems + I need peace of mind that my car turns on at 2am, after a gig. Plus we had a huge hail storm in St.Louis in May, and my cavalier was declared totalled since it would cost $6,000 to repair a car that's worth $3500 so I got the settlement for my cavalier. I will report back with the final total, if anybody really cares.
  • bobbibobbi Member Posts: 3
    Now that i have had my equinox for a month, i am over all very pleased. There are a few hold backs, such as the roof falling down, and the front pssngr leather seat whistles as you sit in it, everything is great. It rides great. Sticker on it was 28900, i paid about 27500, without trade in and rebate. Its an LT All wheel drive fully loaded. Some of the options aren't worth it, such as the XM radio, It only works where there are no trees. Every once in a while the six in dash cd changer doesn't work, and there is an error. The gear selector is a little lose, but the dealer said there was nothing they could do about that. They also didn't fix the roof. The Dealer i bought it from was Artioli Chevy in Stafford springs CT. A great dealership, very willing to help you, or me (a girl). However, very cocky. All in all i am happy, its fun to drive and awe full on gas (about 12 miles per gallon on city roads).
  • goingcoastalgoingcoastal Member Posts: 1
    Just bought my Equinox last night - Southern California and was able to negotiate. My LT with leather was approx $24,550 MSRP and I got it for $22,800. The dealer cost was listed as $22,746. While it's not fully loaded, it does have the luxury package and a few other bells & whistles. So far, I'm pretty pleased and the overall buying experience at Connell Chevrolet in Costa Mesa, CA was excellent.
  • balichbalich Member Posts: 62
    Can you believe .. the '05 Equinox's already
    have a 2k rebate ... its not even '05 yet and
    its a new model .. I *bet* towards end of
    '05 .. the rebates will be close if not up to

    I hear they are selling well but not well enough
    to exclude rebates .. my feeling once the initial
    hype of a new model dies down .. they will start
    piling up on dealer lots.

    ps. If you are considering this model .. I urge
    you to wait. Deals will get better.
    Also you will be able to get a better discount
    off sticker (this is before rebate deduction) because dealer lots will fill up and dealers
    will want to move these out of their lots.

    Hope this helps .. WAIT it out is key ...
  • JNorthstarJNorthstar Member Posts: 25
    Color is White. LT AWD with all options, the 1SE package, XM satellite radio and the trailering package.

    Sticker was $29,300, received $1700.00 dealer discount, and $2500.00 from GM. for a total off sticker of $4200.00. Final price was $25,100.

    The break down of the $2500.00 from GM is $1500.00 in GM card earnings, and $1000.00 rebate.
  • buyatinvoicebuyatinvoice Member Posts: 2
    I contacted the GM Buy Power Manager at AMHERST CHEVROLET in AMHERST, NEW YORK and got a terrific buying experience from the gentleman there who'd been handling Internet Customers for about 5 years. He was highly informative, and disarmed my apprehensions based on past experiences elsewhere at the Mega Dealers who seem to make more people upset because they can afford to blow off so many people. I made the right choice seeing this guy and knew I could have taken his quote elsewhere to shop it some more, but I also know salespeople make maybe $75 to $100 commission selling a vehicle at or near invoice, that's all. I highly advise everyone to do the same as I did, and not take advantage of the Internet people who send out quotes. I knew kind of what I wanted in a vehicle but wanted a specific color, and didn't want some options. I want to make sure people GO SEE THE GM BUY POWER MANAGER at the dealership you got the quote from because these people will give you the best deal up front, as if you knew the dealer yourself! I ended up having him find me the Equinox I wanted and felt I could pay up to $200 over invoice which is great (and under 1% over invoice), but I ended up getting it right at invoice any ways. I did a SmartBuy and got some additional money from GMAC. Great payment on an AWD, GMAC approved me on the spot, and I also put zero cash down which I also reccomend if you consider a SmartBuy. I did a 20,000 mile a year SmartBuy, and found out you can do up to 30,000 miles a year, which is great for me, so I can put the miles on, and not worry about getting crushed when it's time to get a new vehicle in 3 years.
  • balichbalich Member Posts: 62
    FWIW: The rebate on a '05 Equinox (any style)
    is $2k.

    I hope you did not get ripped off.

    Your final price should of been $24,100.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Member Posts: 702
    Rebate on the 05 Equinox in South Central zone is only $1500. Has there been a change?
  • thundergodthundergod Member Posts: 1
    We just purchased a 2005 LT-SD Package Equinox. We purchased from Community Chevrolet in Burbank, initial contact was made via email. They were very helpful. I got the SD package in Galaxy Silver with 17" rims, total before tax and fees was $21,300.00, they financed us for 4.5%

    Very happy with the dealer experience, love the car. The cloth interior is a little blah, but love everything else.
  • ramblingroseramblingrose Member Posts: 1
    I just got my fully loaded LT AWD (1SE + trailer hitch and XM radio). MSRP was $29545. GM Incentive was down to only $1000 in the NorthEast. My final cost was $24315.
  • jim22jim22 Member Posts: 1
    I requested prices and they seem to be pretty good now. The highest I got was at John Elway (obviously Denver) - 1% over invoice on any. The lowest (I'm still working) is 22300 on an AWD LT 1SD - MSRP 25,700 (about $2500 under invoice) - two came in at about $1500 under invoice {$1000 of this is rebate) and one came in $500 under invoice. One won't even give me a price via e-mail so I quit trying (Century Auto in Broomfield just gave me MSRP and Invoice prices - like I didn't already have them). Should have one by Thursday.
  • purpleeaglepurpleeagle Member Posts: 5
    I plan on buying an Equinox any time now. The incentive rebate is staying at $1000. Any opinions if it will ever go higher or am I waiting for nothing.
  • sbandasbanda Member Posts: 1
    Just wanted everyone to know this when considering buying an Equinox. First let me say that I love my Equinox - purchased last November. However, I am extremely disappointed with the CD player and the dealership. After less than a month of owning my car, the cd player broke. I don't mean it locks up or gives an error occasionally. I mean that I can't play CD's at all! If I try to put one in, it gets stuck and won't play. I have the 6 cd changer and at one time I had 6 cd's stuck at once. I have to wait a few days and then I can eject them, but they will never play. I am very upset about paying for something that is useless and apparently can't be fixed. The sales and service people apparently know nothing about this problem. I was given a copy of a GM bulletin on my last visit to the service department - Document #1580349 about "2005 Chevrolet Equinox Inoperative 6 Disc CD Player and MP3 CD Player Investigation". To summarize what it says: Dealers with in 2 hours of Toronto, Detroit or Kokomo can contact an engineer who will come to the dealership to examine and perhaps repair the cd player. Otherwise, no repairs can be made. "Engineering is working on a fix". I have already been told that to fix the CD player in an Equinox, it will have to be removed and sent out - leaving you without a radio, on-star, cd player etc for at least a week, possibly longer. And, who knows when a fix is going to be available.
  • reuel3reuel3 Member Posts: 114
    sbanda --

    Sorry to hear about your bad luck. Your comments are probably more appropriate for the regular Equinox forum, which you can find using the drop down menus at the left of the page, or you may find an appropriate discussion in the "Problems" forum.
  • SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
    Please re-post your comments to share with others and discuss this issue in the Chevrolet Equinox Problems and Solutions discussion.

  • waitinfor06ionwaitinfor06ion Member Posts: 32
    My father took advantage of the current incentive program June 8, 2005. He bought for me a 2005 Laser Blue Equinox LT with a few Indiana-dealer-ordered options. He felt the prices were too good to pass. We went to the dealer last month instead of waiting until January 2006. He's a great believer in having the extended warranty program and mop-and-glow. My 10 year-old hatchback-coupe trade-in was priced as "good will". When his check was delivered and I signed the papers, I drove and he rode away with me at $25,6XX which was some-what-less than the posted MSRP plus options.

    BTW, has any member seen the e-news article stating that GM's market share went up to its market high 18-19 years ago?:surprise: A couple of the Asians also increased a few points. FoMoCo slid down a few percentage points. No mention of Dodge or DC. ;)

    J K F
  • pdwpdw Member Posts: 5
    I took advantage of the GM Employee Discount Sale and purchased my Equinox about 4 weeks ago. I was suspicious when I first heard about the sale but when I discovered what I could buy the vehicle for, I was impressed! The mother of a good friend of mine bought a fully loaded Equinox in March 2005 and paid $5,000.00 more than I did. I paid $24,800.00 for mine and it has every extra that is offered. I have enjoyed driving it and have had no problems yet! (I have put 1100 miles on it so far.)
  • waitinfor06ionwaitinfor06ion Member Posts: 32
    Good for you! Keep on having a ton of fun :shades:

    I don't know about your DMV; but Indiana's BMVC registers and tags the 2005 Chevrolet Equinox LT, front wheel drive, Truck Division-SUV as a Wagon with its drive as 4W :confuse: Strange. At least my current tag from the old Metro will serve on my Equinox.

    Thursday evening , My father and I are going to a service seminar for Blue Boy. Do you remember the old Masters paintings of Pinky and Blue Boy?. My father calls him Ole Blue :D

    All most a month past purchase and I'm still waiting for the customer survey form. Maybe it'll be at the seminar :shrug:

    J K F
  • shannon7shannon7 Member Posts: 7
    I'm looking at buying a used Equinox LT with 10,000 miles. It has the basics, leather seats, etc. No Onstar. The sticker price is $22,900 and they offered it to me for $21,500 plus taxes, title, etc. It still seems high to me compared to what other prices I see. Please give me some feedback.

  • cavy123cavy123 Member Posts: 3
    That does seem a bit high. I just bought my FWD LT yesterday for 24,012 and it has every available feature, including the Onstar, head and side airbags, trailering package, sunroof, heated front seats, etc, and it only had 292 miles on it. My vehicle was purchased in the Atlanta Metro area.

    Happy Shopping!
  • shannon7shannon7 Member Posts: 7
    This is in the Cincinnati area. I am not going to do it if I can't get them to go down more. I hate this! I just don't know what is considered reasonable.
  • cavy123cavy123 Member Posts: 3
    I looked on the Chevy website for dealers in the Cincinnati area, and then searched for their individual websites for information on their pre-owned vehicles. It looks like pricing in your area is a bit higher than prices down in the Southeast. This is what I found at two different dealerships:

    1. Terry Lee Chevrolet: http://www.terryleechevrolet.com

    2005 Chevy Equinox LT AWD
    Black Exterior
    List Price: $22,988.00
    Mileage: 17,931
    VIN: 2CNDL73F256040723
    **Website includes pictures and options list**

    2. Jake Sweeney Chevrolet: http://www.jakesweeneychevrolet.com

    2005 Chevy Equinox LT AWD
    Red Exterior
    List Price: $20,588.00
    Mileage: 16,079
    VIN: 2CNDL73FX56001460
    *Website has details but no photos of the vehicle*
    *Website does list Kelly Blue Book Value as $23,800*

    Hope this helps! : :)
  • shannon7shannon7 Member Posts: 7
    Thanks so much for doing that. That is interesting b/c those are two places I haven't been talking to. I ended up walking out on the deal b/c they just couldn't come down. I guess I just can't afford an LT at this time and I was so unhappy with the cloth seats. I can't believe they made them that uncomfortable. Thanks for all of your help!!! Enjoy your's.
  • redsun_tyredsun_ty Member Posts: 6

    What are the lease terms for a 05 or 06 Nox (LS, LT)? How much down payment and per month? US price and Canada price!
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  • gmhellmangmhellman Member Posts: 121
    My wife and I are interested in leasing an Equinox. The ads are for 259 a month but only after 5000 down. We just want to lease for 259 a month with no down payments. 12,000 miles a month 48 month lease. Our intention is to have one vehicle we lease and turn over every 3 years. This will help prevent us from having two vehicles with maintanance. We currently have two used vehicles and I don't mind routine maintanace, but am tired of playing muscial cars with the dealership every couple of months over small piddly little things. We have never leased before and don't have money to put down. Any information or suggestions would be helpful.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 197,975

    Try re-posting your question here: Chevy Equinox: Lease Questions

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  • madeintheusamadeintheusa Member Posts: 7
    Bought my new 2006 Equinox today. Pick it up from the dealer tomorrow. I got the base LS in silver with the roof rack cross bars and floor mats for 18120 on the road. With all the incentives and my GM Card points it was a pretty sweet deal. This is my second car in a row from Canada. I had an 02 Camaro until I played Nascar with it (may she rest in peace). How ironic considering my user name! Any way, I hope this one holds up as well as all of my other Chevys and Pontiacs have.
  • madeintheusamadeintheusa Member Posts: 7
    What a sweet ride! Chevy has come a long way with this vehicle. This has to be the most refined vehicle in its class. The ride is unbelievably smooth. It must be the long wheel base. The electonic steering adds a whole new dimension to power steering, a great refinement. I can't believe all the standard features and a peppy V6 too! I am still learning all the buttons. Don't buy one without looking at the galaxy silver one first. The silver and black go great together. Took it over the marina tonight, a real head turner. If you are in the market for all of the rebates are not currently being published. There is a 1000 cash back, 750 bonus cash back, and a 1000 loyalty or conquest cash. You need to persuade for the loyalty rebate. I only paid like 16,700 plus tax and tags. I feel like I stole it.
  • rocketscirocketsci Member Posts: 2
    Did you get a base LS without option? So the price before all the rebates is 16700+2750=19450? If you did get the base version, that's $500 below invoice! Congrats to you!
  • meusemanmeuseman Member Posts: 18
    Bought a 06 FWD LT today with the Head Curtain and Roof Rails.

    Paid 21,700 plus TTL. 0% for 72 months.

    Couldn't be happier. And the 0% on the last day of the month means happy dealing!!
  • shallwechatshallwechat Member Posts: 20
    i bought the ls model with the extra alloy wheels for $17,300 plus TTL.
  • rocketscirocketsci Member Posts: 2
    19400 + TTL in CA
  • nyvanyva Member Posts: 9
    I just got a used 2005'Nox LT AWD with 34k miles on it for 13,200 from a dealer in VA. No leather or sunroof but all the rest. Dealer was asking for 15k. I don't know what the specific color is but some say it is blue and some say it is purple. Bought if for the wife so she would stop beating up my other vehicles and she absolutely loves it.
  • grosloupgrosloup Member Posts: 239
    Congratulations! I'm sure your Nox will bring you lots of joy. Mine is a 2005 LT as well but FWD and the color is the same "blue". The real name of that color is "Laser Blue" and yes sometimes it's blue and it appears to change to purple, depending on the light or sun direction. It's realy weird.
  • nyvanyva Member Posts: 9
    I actually drove it to work this morning. Wifey was mad at me for taking it but while it is new (to us)I wanted a chance to play with it, too!
  • d_sandersd_sanders Member Posts: 8
    I am a little confused. You get a 3 year / 36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty with a new equinox. The CD player should be replaced if they can't fix it and the only reason they won't, is if you created the problem by the customer. If it is a manufacturer defect, they will replace it.
  • squeezegsqueezeg Member Posts: 1
    We picked up a 2007 Equinox- ISb package. After we signed all the papers etc, we did the walk around and noticed some issues. There was light scuffing marks on the hood. The arm rest on the driver side was dirty. Worse of all a scratch on the tailgate. Didn't seem to have a choice but to take delivery with promises to deal with the issues.

    The hood scuffs and the driver door came out ok. The scratch on the tailgate won't buff it. Its beneath the clear coat (you can feel the divot with your fingernail). They touched it up and buffed it, but you can see the scratch still and feel it as well. Its about an inch long, with one side deeper than the other

    They've offered to paint the tailgate for us. Not sure I want to do that- given that the paint shop job will not be as durable as the factory paint.

    What would you do? If you don't think we should have it painted, should we expect some kind of "compensation".
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 197,975
    I wouldn't paint the tailgate for a 1" scratch..

    Maybe they would throw in an oil change? Not sure you'll get any compensation if you've taken delivery.. They have already offered to paint the tailgate.. which is probably all they can do..

    You'll have a door ding within a month and forget all about it, I'm guessing... ;)

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  • fourmoremarinefourmoremarine Member Posts: 4
  • heroshimaheroshima Member Posts: 9
    I purchased a 07 Equinox from Al Hendrickson Toyota Coconut Creek with 12600 on the dash, 3 days after I got home and started looking over the finance contracts etc I see that during one of there many opps I forgot to do this that’s reprint the contracts and re-sign them they slipped in 3 separate fees for stuff we did not want IE a "footprints" package a "intire" package and 1900 worth of add ons that aren't even usable because it was covered under one of the other many add ons they put in. Its a shame on me but also a shame on the finance guy for being such a sneak SOB. We called and asked what they were and they couldn’t even give us a strait answer. So Last week I had to take the car in for service the engine light came on, I have a B2B platinum warrantee supposed to cover everything top to bottom, well the service guy said that because it was a used vehicle when we purchased it that they cant honor the warrantee we just paid 4grand for. and that the issue was cause by basically bad driving. Mind you I have only had the car for less than 500 miles.. Id say stay clear of Al Hendrickson Toyota, seems that they will do about anything to make there buck and customer service isn’t a strong point. Needless to Id never buy another car from them this being my 2nd from them and I surely wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. :cry: :mad:
  • bxdbxd Member Posts: 186
    Anyone here cross-shop the Equinox versus the VUE? What did you find? Seems to me that the 8" greater length of the 'Nox isn't translated into 8" more space inside?? I think overall we like the 'Nox better but are debating if its worth a couple extra grand.

    Thoughts?? Thanks!!
  • jfritschjfritsch Member Posts: 958
    Saturn is priced with a no dicker sticker with a limited
    # of dealers in an area to prevent competition. The equinox is sold by the 3500 chevy dealers in the country. (Honda has 1000 Saturn 700).

    Equinox regularly sells for $3500-4500 off MSRP (rebates, hidden dealer cash, etc.) I don't think the Vue gets reviewed with flying colors, although I like its styling. GM may have a better deal with the 100000 warranty.


    Anyone here cross-shop the Equinox versus the VUE? What did you find? Seems to me that the 8" greater length of the 'Nox isn't translated into 8" more space inside?? I think overall we like the 'Nox better but are debating if its worth a couple extra grand.

    Thoughts?? Thanks!!
  • meflowermeflower Member Posts: 5
    $21217 + tax fees= $23375
    Is this a reasonable price? anybody help? I am down in CA.
  • jfritschjfritsch Member Posts: 958
    Check on my message previous to yours. Also go to kelly blue book (kbb.com) and nada.com, edmunds.com (appraise a used vehicle) and look up a used 06 equinox like yours with 15000 miles. Average the two lowest wholesale prices together and add 15-20%. That should be a good price target range for your new 07 vehicle (with dealership fees but not licence and tax) and jive pretty well with $3500 -4500 off MSRP.


    $21217 + tax fees= $23375
    Is this a reasonable price? anybody help? I am down in CA.
  • wildemomwildemom Member Posts: 1
    I bought a 2007 Equinox and went to pick it up today @ the dealership and was told that they could not release it per a fax by chevy. They could not tell me what the issue was only that all Equinox's manufactured @ the same time as the one I was picking up were on hold and could not be released. Does anyone have more information?
  • wpayne1wpayne1 Member Posts: 1
    When you say persuade for the loyalty rebate, how did you talk em into it? I bought a new truck the other day and the dealer told me i qualified but then when i took out cash to pay rather than financing he seemed to have forgotten that he promised me the loyalty rebate. Any suggestions?
  • sdmiggssdmiggs Member Posts: 8
  • xflynnxxflynnx Member Posts: 3
    i picked up a 07 ls yesterday, 33 miles, top tier credit finaced at 5 yr 5.99, 17500, otd 18815. happy shopping.
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