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Chevrolet Equinox Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Se, Pa.Posts: 371
    Hi on my list but will wait.

    Seldom will I buy a new model its first year out. While the 10 isn't totally new it has several changes. Since we just bought a new Cobalt I'll give them a year, or more to work out any possible bugs.
  • s60leasers60leaser Posts: 53
    Hi Car_Man!
    Im usually asking about volvos but am buying an Equinox for my 20 yr old son. He needs AWD and I am concerned about safety. Dealer found an 07 LT,20K miles for 17K,GM Certified.Perfect BUT but no side curtain airbags. That has me rattled so I'm resigned to spending more to buy the safety. Im looking at the 09's and10's which have the curtain airbags standard. He priced a new 09 LS AWD @ $26K MSRP for$23,000 which reflects $1K and 2K incentives. I didn't ask about the '10's but I see here on EDMUNDS the '10 LSAWD MSRP is $24190 and the LT1AWD MSRP is $26650. If the rebates apply, that makes the '10 less than the '09. Can that be true?
    Any advice is appreciated.
  • festivusfestivus Posts: 9
    I want to pull the trigger on a 2010 LTZ FWD 4-cyl badly but I don't know what kind of price to expect. I've never paid over invoice for a new car. Went to a dealer yesterday to find only one on the lot. V6. Salesguy said that they had 10 a week ago and are expecting about 20 more this week.
  • s60leasers60leaser Posts: 53
    So it turns out the '10 LS is about the same price as the '09 LS. Here's the offer:
    09 LS $26 MSRP less 2K Cash Back,1KConquest $=23+tax&Reg.
    10 LS $25 MSRP less 600 (Dealer) less1K Conquest$=23,400

    1) Hows the price?
    2) Go with '09 or '10?
    3) I think the '09 is 6 Cyl and the '10 is 4Cyl. Could that account for the prices being the same?

    Thanks for any feedback.
  • festivusfestivus Posts: 9
    I just got an internet offer from a dealer on a 4 cyl LTZ w/ sunroof. $1080 off msrp. $580 over invoice. Before trade and before $1k conquest cash. Good deal?
  • s60leasers60leaser Posts: 53
    The 09 and 10 are both V6 LS AWD .So why is the price the same? Am I missing something??
  • festivusfestivus Posts: 9
    Looks to me that GM is not offering the supplier discount on the 2010 equinoxes. I just found out last night that my wife gets this discount. If they're not going to offer it on the vehicle that I want to buy I'm going to have to consider the rav4 instead. Anyone else know the status of the supplier discount on these?
  • carstrykecarstryke Posts: 168
    i believe the 09's are considerably bigger with more cargo area than a 10, however the 10 wins with styling and looks hands down(bigger=more expensive?). BUT both fail with a huge turning radius.
  • festivusfestivus Posts: 9
    I pulled the trigger yesterday instead on a rav4. Wife loved it and it's going to be her car. We didn't even get chance to drive the 2010 equinox.

    But talking about turning radius, the rav4 is incredible.

    We like V6s and the equinox's just didn't do it for us. We would have had to have gone 4 cyl with it. With the rav4 there is very little hit on mileage for a V6 or for 4WD.

    I was hoping to be able to buy GM to help out Detroit a bit but the equinox is assembled in Canada anyway. Gray area these days between domestic and foreign.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    A national newspaper is looking to speak to consumers who financed through GMAC and got approved or tried to finance through GMAC and didn’t get approved. Please send your daytime phone number and the vehicle you own to by Thursday, July 30, 2009.

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  • dave48103dave48103 Posts: 5
    We are ready to buy a new 2010 Equinox, but none of the dealerships in my area have what we want

    2LT trim
    4cyl, AWD
    Blue Exterior/black-titanium interior
    power sunroof
    leather seats

    It's frustrating that i live in the Detroit area, home of GM, and I can't get this vehicle without ordering it and waiting 4 weeks. If you're a dealer out there and have this vehicle, I'm ready to buy today, and I'll drive a couple hundred miles to pick it up
  • vcontivconti Posts: 4
    Hello looking to purchase a 2010 Chevy Equinox LTZ V6 in New Jersey have a few internet quotes MSRP approx 36,900 quotes are at $33,000 before taxes and fees. Anyone have any input as to how much lower they can go?
  • In May of 09 I bought an 08 base model equinox no extras brand new for 16,999 and for my trade in I got exactly what kbb good condition value states. I keep thinking I could have done better. Was that deal ok? CLEBO1 PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND!!! With the 09 at the dealer and the 2010 comming in, Do you think I should have done better? how much better...
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Se, Pa.Posts: 371
    You got what your trade was worth, per trade-in value. Also got the tax break on the trade in value/ You signed and took delivery. Now you question the deal after delivery? I don't get it.

    Sure maybe you could have done better. At what expense to get a few more dollars off?

    Buyers remorse? The 10 might be but the 11 should be a winner.
  • cmhj2000,

    you are correct, everytime I make a large purchase I always get buyers remorse. I guess since money doesn't come easy I always think I should have done better. I will try and enjoy my (wifes') new truck. when i first bought the truck I thought I got a killer deal THEN i read all the posts here. At least I didn't pay sticker price!! LOL. But man the 2010 looks so sexy and now there is no way I can afford it...ohh well. thanks for your honesty. :blush:
  • roxanne3roxanne3 Posts: 23
    Did a lot of research before going with an Equinox. Also checked out the RAV4, Saturn Vue, and quite a few others. Kept coming back to the Vue & Equinox mainly because of OnStar which I have always wanted. Liked the Vue a lot but decided not to go with it because the trim level I wanted didn't offer a 4cyl. With the 6cyl, I only would have gotten 16 mpg in the city and I'm now getting 23, so I definitely didn't want to take a hit like that. I ordered the 4cyl 1LT with the rearview camera, bluetooth, remote start, 8way power seat & cargo management package. MSRP $27430. Got $3700 off that for an OTD of $25458. Of course am wondering if this is an okay deal. Also will only be financing about $12k. The dealership's rate for that is 6.9% which I think is pretty high since my credit score is 815. Guess I could get my own financing but going through them is so much more convenient. Any thoughts ? I live in the Pittsburgh area. Also, wondering about this - I'll sign papers of course when I go to pick it up. Already was quoted $25458 as the OTD. Has anyone had extras added in at the last minute on a new purchase ? I've already told them I don't want the extended warranty which would have added $995. Thanks. :D
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    Just purchased a 2010 Equinox from Rod Hatfield Chevy in Lexington, KY. 4 cyl. 1LT trim with the moonroof, Vehicle Interface Package, backup camera, and power drivers seat. Blue exterior and all black interior. MSRP $26065, price prior to any trade and TTL was $23387. Invoice (to the best of my knowledge according to Edmunds because there was a $75 credit on the sticker due to the USB port not being installed - appears to be a major problem with 1LT trims w/ the Vehicle Interface Pkg.) was $24537. I got supplier pricing (they did honor it - in my shopping I found a few dealers that wouldn't bue many that would), and this dealer honored Conquest Cash even though my vehicle was older than 1999, plus they came down another $800 almost with no haggling - none. Also did "Cash for Clunkers", which netted me an additional $2k almost over what my trade was worth.

    Contacted the internet depts. of 10 dealers or so in Lexington and surrounding smaller towns, and Louisville, telling exactly what I wanted. Only a couple responded. One in Louisville that worked with us a lot was unable to find one with what we wanted within a 300 mile radius that the dealer was willing to trade for (or that hadn't been sold in the last day). Ironically, we saw one several days prior at the Chevy dealer 3 miles away. At the time we thought it was too expensive (originally wanted just the 1LT with Vehicle Interface but no other options - see above for what this has) and the all black interior was too dark along with the blue exterior. But with no vehicles with hundreds of miles, we took another look and test drove it (test drove a 4 cyl LS trim July 2).

    Drove 12-15 vehicles in a month's time, still liked the Equinox best. Only the Nissan Rogue came close, and it was close. Decided to buy it after driving it. Got 5% financing through a local credit union, to go along with the discounts mentioned above. A pretty good deal we thought for a vehicle in such demand. When we got there it was on a test drive, then two people test drove it before it was "officially" ours. Took delivery with 150 miles or so and it had been on their lot less than a week! High demand indeed.
  • sbuhlersbuhler Posts: 103
    I would definitely get other financing with a credit score that high. Many credit unions can get you under 4% for 60 months. I use Pentagon Federal Credit Union ( and their rate is 3.99% for 60 months. Even Capital One can get you a rate of 4.89% for 60 months. Both will send you blank checks and you simply right out the check to the dealer and you are all done. I think the price you are paying is great (there is not a big spread between invoice and MSRP on the new Equinox). Did you get the conquest rebate of $1,000? Were you doing a trade. Make sure they are giving you an appropriate amount on your trade.
  • roxanne3roxanne3 Posts: 23
    Sorry - I forgot to explain about the $3700. $2000 of that was for my 2000 Chevy Tracker which according to Kelley Blue Book was worth $1,995. In great shape, had it detailed & never in an accident. The rest was for the difference between invoice price & MSRP which was about $1700. I had a slick salesman who initially made me believe that he was giving me $3700 for my trade-in, and I did get a range of $3200 - $3700 from nada but knew that the dealerships would go with the lowest appraisal. Once I got home, I realized that his deal was no different than the other dealerships I went to - he just presented it differently and it worked. I really didn't mind that too much though since all were basically giving me the same deal. Gotta give that to him - he was smart. Edmunds has some great articles about buying a new car, and I think I read most of them before going out to dealerships as well as all the other research I did - except for "Confessions of a Car Salesman". Their advice is great, but I found that - at least from the dealers I went to - they couldn't have cared less about whether the car was detailed and what kind of documentation I had regarding the care I took of my vehicle. They took the vin number, ran it and test drove my car and then gave me the amount they were willing to give me for my trade-in.
    Also I asked about the supplier price and there was VERY little difference between that & the invoice price - maybe a hundred dollars. Didn't get the Conquest discount because the Tracker is a Chevy. I was unhappy about that ! No reward for loyalty so I won't feel there's any reason to stick with them next time if I decide on a different make. We'll see how my experience goes with this though. Hopefully it will be good, and I am excited about the Equinox. I will be posting a review after I've had it for a while to let everyone know how I feel about it then. However, if the dealership tries to add in additional expenses when it comes time to sign the contract, I may just walk out. I am going to check out other financing. Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate it.
  • I'm soo jelous, the new equinox looks awesome. Maybe in a few years....
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Se, Pa.Posts: 371
    Odds are the wait will be worth it.

    Since the late 70s I've not bought a new vehicle the first year out. Since the early 90s I've waited 2 years.

    My reason for waiting is in most cases since the late 90s any bugs that need to be worked out are usually done on the 3rd year of production.
  • sixfacesixface Posts: 2
    I am in Metro Detroit Area. Looking to buy 2010 1LT with interface package and Powerseat. MSRP is 25025. Dealer is offering invoice price of 23630.
    I am not eligible for any other discount. Should I expect better price?
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    If you don't qualify for any other discount, no, you won't get a better price. If you qualify for "Cash for Clunkers" that helps. Also, if you aren't in a hurry, you can wait until they have Loyalty or Conquest Cash offers (if those would apply to you). Chances are that there will also be some sort of cash back offer around Labor Day.

    Be aware most 1LT models with the Veh. Int. Pkg. don't have the USB port installed. They just forgot to put it in. There should be a $75 credit on invoice for that.

    Question for you: Did you test drive it? If so, did you notice it downshift too soon from 4th to 3rd (around 30 mph), and from 3rd to 2nd (around maybe 20 mph)? It has sort of a self-braking feeling when it does this. I get this with my 4 cylinder and am trying to get to the bottom of it. Seems like I'm not the only one whose noticed this. Also, when just coasting between 15-20 mph it gets rather jittery. Love everything about the vehicle except for this.
  • sixfacesixface Posts: 2
    Thanks for the response. I did not notice the problem you are mentioning. I will definitely ask for a test drive again and check that one out.

    USB - Port - Will they install it after the delivery? I really like the facility.

    I will probably wait for labor day. I need to get a new vehicle before September 8th.
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    No problem. Check out the "2010 Equinox Problems" thread I started. In there I talk a lot about the tranny and issues I'm having. Some others have also chimed in. Read it so you know what to look for more when test driving.

    For the USB port I believe you'll just have to live without it. You could ask the dealer if they can put it in, but I don't believe they'll be able to do it.

    If not for these tranny issues it is a great vehicle for the segment and price. And it doesn't seem like everyone is experiencing them, so maybe just one batch of the vehicles is affected. It is at the dealer right now getting checked out, while they are also putting in a new microphone (it was bad from the start). I also went to the GM Re:Innovation site and typed a message to their CEO via the "Tell Fritz" thing they have there informing him of the problem.
  • roxanne3roxanne3 Posts: 23
    I test drove a 2010 Equinox 4 cyl before ordering. Loved the ride and the car. Did not experience what you are talking about. When mine is delivered in a few weeks, I will test drive it with particular attention to your issue, and examine it inside and outside for scratches, damages, etc., before sitting down to go over the contract.

    Also am expecting (although I would happy to be wrong) that they will try to add in extra costs. Hope that doesn't happen. I'd hate to have to walk away after getting this far. However, if I do, then I'll probably go with the RAV4. I know several people who have one and everyone loves it. Haven't heard anything bad about them yet, although I do believe that every model has its problems in one way or another. I think the only thing I would be disappointed about would be not having OnStar.
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    Roxanne, thanks for your post. Glad you didn't notice any of what I've described.

    What trim did you test drive? Was it AWD for FWD?

    If the dealer tries to mess with you and you have to walk away, besides trying another Chevy dealer, you could wait for the GMC Terrain in Sept. You could also look at the Nissan Rogue (the other vehicle we were seriously considering), or wait until around X-mas when the Kia Sportage (redesign for 2010 model) is set to be out - it looks like it'll be nice, though I haven't seen interior pictures.

    Everyone please keep posting your experiences in driving the new Equinox regarding the downshifting problems and jitteriness, especially the 4 cylinder. The input is appreciated.
  • My wife has had a 2010 LT1 for three weeks now. Very happy with the car and have experienced no problems as described above. Her USB port was missing. We didn't catch it until later. The dealer said the part was not yet available from Chevy. I was refunded $75.00. I really wanted the option but my wife could care less. I need to call Chevy and see if it is prewired and the part can simply be added as I don't fully trust the "stealerships".

    The Bluetooth works great. Mixed mileage has been 25. I was hoping for better. Our next road trip we will be able to better gauge our highway mileage.

    We got $3K off sticker (1K military/supplier price, 1K conquest cash, $750 USAA cash, $250 dealer cash). They sold all of their Equinox's in the first week. All the New Orleans Chevy dealers are moving these cars quickly. Chevy is starting to put out decent vehicles.
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    watercop, thanks for the feedback. Do you have AWD or FWD?

    Sounds like you got a pretty good deal. Yes, they are making decent vehicles, except for the tranny on this one! :)

    Side note: talked to mechanic at the dealership and they said all the 6 speed autos are like that now because of their "clutch-to-clutch" design, including trucks and Malibus that have the 6 speeds. But on forums and in reviews I can't find anyone complaining about it except on the Equinoxes, and not everyone with Noxs is experiencing it.

    I did get a response from the "Ask Fritz" thing on GM's Re: Innovation web site. Asked me for a phone number so they could call me to talk about it. I hope this is a step toward it getting resolved.
  • roxanne3roxanne3 Posts: 23
    Hi Wally - I test drove an AWD. Need it for my driveway. I would get stuck in the snow with a FWD. Sorry you are having such a problem. Glad to read that you got a response from "Ask Fritz". Let us know what happens. Can you post that website address ?
    I'm thinking of telling Fritz about the Conquest incentive. My husband & I have had GM products for years - I think we should be rewarded for that considering everything. I'm glad others can get something though for buying a GM product. My salesman told me that this was the first month that GM changed it from a loyalty incentive to a conquest incentive. Maybe they should just give it to everyone. LOL

    I've heard a little about the Terrain and might be interested in that. However, I've seen the Rogue and am not too interested in that. I did consider the Sportage. Actually that was the first dealership I went to once I decided to get a new SUV due to the pricing. However, I was really offended by the treatment I got and won't go back no matter how good the price is. Besides that, I recently read a post on another forum that talked about Sportages having a considerable amount of problems with rusting after a few years that other makes don't seem to have. So those 2 things blew the Sportage out of the water for me. And to add to that, a very good friend of mine has a Sportage. When I asked her if she was happy with it, she hesitated and then said "well let's just say, you get what you pay for". I think that is definitely true in some cases, but not necessarily every case.
    But thank you very much for the advice. I appreciate it, and I think it's great to have a forum like this where people can talk to each other about their experiences.
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