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Chevrolet Equinox Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    I'll post what happens. The more research I do the more I am convinced there is in fact a problem with either a batch of the trannys, or something with the design as it relates to the FWD. Although I think a couple other posts have said they have been having no problems with the FWD. My parents were looking at the Equinox, and tomorrow are going to test drive a FWD and AWD (considering the dealership's web site is accurate and they aren't all sold out).

    The Re: Invention site is: verimage

    Ironically on the web site they now have a video about their 6 speed trannys. In the video they make no mention of it "self-braking" to save on brakes or anything. If this was intentional you'd think they would mention it. They also make a big deal out of it being in the right gear at the right time, which it obviously isn't if the RPMs increase 600-700 when downshifting between some gears.

    For the cash offers, often it is loyalty, sometimes it is conquest. It is just sort of a matter of timing.

    Will keep things updated (probably on the "2010 Equinox Problems" thread).
  • I've owned 3 first year vehicles, a 2001 Toyota Highlander, a 2004 Malibu Max and now this 2010 Equinox. I have not experienced any first year teething problems that you mentioned with these first year car models. My thought is that car manufactures are generally very careful about putting any cars on the road without extensive testing seeking to avoid negative public perception and future legal problems.

    Naturally, models will always be upgraded/changed slightly from year to year but to avoid a first year model just because it is a first year model to me seems rather judgmental. The way to judge a car is to compare it against the competition and how it stacks up against what is available in the here and now not at what might be available at some future date.
  • carstrykecarstryke Posts: 168
    canadian dollars btw!!

    I was happy to get out of my impala and me and my wife loved the 09 nox on a test drive. We decided on the 09 model because of the rebates available and the bugs are generally worked out by then.

    Sticker : $37,000
    Rebate : $7500
    Loyalty : $1000
    Upside down trade in: $8200 $8800 oweing
    All said and done: $31,000 + Loan 5% interest = $35,000 total cost.
    Oh the numbers arent exact but rounding is nice :)

    Love everything about it so far only dislike is the gas cap's on the wrong side :)
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    Welcome to Equinox group.

    Does yours have all wheel drive , sounds like from the Canadian dollar sticker price.
    We have an 08 LT AWD with the full load of options and we love it.

    Sounds like your dealer gave you a good price on the 09 . I have owned three Chevrolet's in twenty years and they all had the gas cap on the left side, go figure.
    It's a great family mid suv vehicle and is a little thirsty for the gas. Owned our for ten months 12000 km and very little problems to report. Just a tweeter speaker on the driver's side need to be replaced and one bad battery . So far so good. :D
  • carstrykecarstryke Posts: 168
    yes it is all wheel drive :) my 2 favorite things is the leather wrapped steering wheel and the factory i guess i am just easy to please.... never had a nice vehicle b4 :)
  • Spent a week trying to get 2 different dealerships to make any effort at all in selling the 2010 Equinox to me, these 2 dealerships SUCK: Connell Chevy in Costa Mesa, CA and Wesloh Chevy in Carlsbad, CA.
    No follow-up, arrogance and just plain lazy!
    Lies lies lies...caught these guys trying to play mind games and quote mis-information.

    Sent in a request to MK Smith Chevy in Chino, CA and the next day we drove home in our LS. Great service and great price, got top dollar for my trade in too.
    Paid $21542 (before conquest and trade in) for an LS with added floor mats. $-1000 conquest and got MUCH more for my trade than I was offered at Connell.
    We originally wanted an LT1 4 Cyclinder but none were to be found in color or engine we wanted. We checked out the LS and were very impressed with how nice it came equipped and the price, drove it around and walked out with it an hour later.
    Very impressive vehicle, would never have considered a Chevy before but we fell in love with this right away.
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    Ya the AWD will be welcome during winter, great traction. If you have heated seats you will also enjoy it in the cold..... My wife wants to drive it over the 05 malibu especially during winter conditions.. the stability and traction instills confidence in the driver.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Wow, that's a huge loan on a car that will depreciate very rapidly. Hope you invested in some gap insurance..... ;)
  • carstrykecarstryke Posts: 168
    Well compared to a Rav4 (assuming you mean toyota resale value) with similar options the equinox was $5000 cheaper. But yes it will depreciate faster than a Toyota or Honda but that is fine, ill take that loss just to stay in a Chevrolet :) Also vehicles are alot more expensive here in canada. Well here in alberta anyways. Base Trim's for most CUV's run at around $29,000 and go as high as $40,000 + for the higher end Trim's. I am super jealous of how cheap you americans can get these vehicles at :(
  • People shouldn't be concerned about first-year model cars. Nowadays, even totally new models (not just redesigns) are generally forged from parts of other cars that have been highly acclaimed. For example, the engine in the 2010 Camaro is the same as the larger V6 of the Cadillac CTS, the V8 Camaro is a corvette block, the award-winning LS3 engine, and is built on the ZETA II chasis. The Equinox shares the same engine as the Malibu, the seat frames are from the Cadillac CTS. The list goes on and on.

    Just because this is the first year a car is being produced for sale doesn't mean it's the first year the car has been on the road. Many cars being sold now for the first year have been secretly on the road as "drones" for many years (not for sale of course, but used by the manufacturer).
  • As far as I know, there is a supplier discount. My boyfriend is looking to purchase a 2010 Equinox (I think he's at the dealer as I type this, seeing what they have) through GM's Friends and Family which gets him supplier pricing (according to the paperwork he has).

    I'm sorry to hear you went with the RAV4. If you had waited to drive the Equinox I'm sure you'd not have given the RAV4 a second thought.

    Here are some comparisons for you:
    2.4L Ecotec 4-cyl engine
    6 speed automatic
    174 lb-ft torque
    MPG: 22/32 (FWD) 20/29 (AWD)
    AWD (ALL FOUR wheels power this vehicle, not just two like 4WD vehicles)
    Fuel capacity: 18.8 gal (4-cyl), 20.9 gal (V6)
    Fuel range: 600 miles

    2.5L 4-cyl engine
    4 speed automatic
    172 lb-ft torque
    MPG: 22/28 (FWD) 21/27 (4WD)
    4WD (this means that you have 2 diagonal wheels that power the car, NOT all 4 as you might believe)
    Fuel capacity: 15.9 gal
    Fuel range: 432 miles

    Some additional features that you might not know about the Equinox are that it has 4-wheel independent supension with front MacPherson struts and multi-link rear design to ride and handle like a sports sedan, a rear backup camera intigrated into the rearview mirror, the back seats move 8" forward (incase you have a child or childseat that you would like more easily accessible), the back seats have 3 reclining positions and split 60/40. There is a 2GB (10GB with the navi) harddrive where you can record music directly to your vehicle (hear a song on the radio you like? record it! hear a song on a friend's cd you like? record it!), dual flip-up DVD screens (can plug in a portable DVD player to watch 2 different movies or even a gaming console) segment-exclusive power programmable liftgate, ECO button to maximize fuel economy on 4cyl, best-in-class quietness, best-in-class seat comfort (matches Lexus RX330), tire pressure is shown for EACH tire, oversize glovebox can hold two medium-sized purses, hill-hold (holds you car on a hill for 2 seconds after you let go of the brake and before you step on the gas so you don't roll backwards), auto-grade braking to save your brakes and make the vehicle safer, Electronic Range Select for hills or towing, variable valve timing, headlamps turn on from 195 ft away for safe approach, time off for safe departure, tires are rated up to 65k miles.. etc, etc.
  • pmkingpmking Posts: 7
    We're debating between the Nissan Rogue and the Equinox. I'm disappointed that there are no financing incentives on the Equinox. Has anyone heard if they are going to release any financing incentives? 6.9% is steep, we could probably get 5% from our credit union, but still this is a consideration.

    How did your boyfriend get supplier pricing? I know we were eligible due to our credit union membership for supplier pricing on GMC vehicles, would the same apply to the Equinox?

    Has anyone had a positive experience buying an Equinox or Rogue in the metropoliatan Washington DC area?
  • Hey Wallyuwl,

    You said you got your Equinox for $23387 before trade and TTL. Is that also before the Conquest or did you include the Conquest cash in that price? I'm surprised to hear the dealer went so far below supplier price, but that's great for others if that is prior to conquest! Please let me know. Thanks! :)
  • He is eligible for supplier pricing because we work as product specialists for certain Chevy vehicles (the Equinox is one of them) -- we don't work for GM, we work for an outside marketing agency. I've been working as a product specialist for them for the past 2 years, but the Equinox is the first program he's done for them and after driving it the first time 2 weekends ago, he fell in love with it. Now the trick will be finding the one he wants (they're very scarse around SoCal because they're selling out very fast) and getting the best pricing -- I'm wondering how Wally got almost $800 off from supplier, that would be a phenominal deal if my boyfriend could get the same thing (it'll be a business car -- getting it wrapped to promote a website he owns). :)
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    That is after Conquest. Technically my trade didn't qualify since it was older than 1999, but the dealer honored it on their end.

    It was just a little over $26k sticker, then supplier knocked almost exactly $1000 off, then another $1000 for conquest, and the rest was just a good price from the dealer.
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    Get the Nissan!!!!!! We were debating between the Equinox and Rogue also, and went with the Equinox. BIG mistake! It is a great vehicle... except the transmission. And lots of people appear to be having problems (mine are well documented in the "2010 Equinox Problems" thread). More troubling is the unwillingness of GM on a national level (I've talked to someone in the Exec. Office in Detroit) or dealer to do anything about it. Also, tonight it slipped into gear hard from third to fourth, something it hasn't done before. I hope the whole dang tranny falls out so they'll finally do something about it. :mad: :mad:
  • pmkingpmking Posts: 7
    I have read the Rogue has tranny problems too!?! I wish the Rogue had a 6-cyl option like the Equinox. I would like the Rogue to have a bit more pick up. Sad to say, but the Equinox would be the first American car that I have ever bought. I've had Nissan, Honda and Mazda in the past.
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Se, Pa.Posts: 372
    Yes, the Rogue has had lots of tranny issues but mostly with the AWD model. However, that was during the first 2 years. Now things "appeared" to have been resolved for the most part.

    I've always said to avoid the first year and sometimes second year release of a new model if possible.
  • Hey if your in Socal, beware of Connell Chevy in Costa Mesa, CA.
    I had a bad experiance with this snakes, they will exploit the hard-to-find issue with the Equinox right now and play games,stall, etc.
    They suck. I went to two different dealers in Socal and got met with the same attitude..."oh you want an Equinox huh..good luck, your going to pay top dollar EVEN if you can find one"

    I got my LS 4 cyl. from MK Smith in Chino (only dealer who had closest specs to what I wanted) and we made the deal in one morning. Great to work with and got a great price.
    I'm tempted to go to these slime bag dealers who treated me like crap and show them the mistake they made.
    And these tranny problems....none to be seen in ours. 300 miles on her, 2 weeks old and still overly impressed by the vehicle.
    LOVE it
  • sbiggssbiggs Posts: 1
    We purchased a 2010 Equinox LTZ in Black Granite back on August 8th and couldn't be happier (so far) We only found 4 in the DFW area that were exactly what we were looking for and nobody really wanted to deal anything less than sticker. We finally found a dealership two hours away that came down $1200 off sticker and gave us the $1000 conquest cash. So about $33300 total. MSRP was $35570. Not a great deal, but about the best at this time and we got the exact vehicle we wanted. We bought the vehicle on a saturday and took it on a road trip (4 hours one way) on Sunday and it performed great. Kids loved the Dual DVD screens and the Touch Screen Nav/Infotainment is awesome! Mileage averaged about 25.5 mpg while averaging about 72 mph. Not too bad considering we got the 3.0 v6 and the 19" Wheel Package.
  • Would you please tell where you received your deal in the DFW area (within 200 miles) as we are looking for a good deal on the Equinox and in your area. Thanks
  • brueggiebrueggie Posts: 46

    Go to Classic Chevy in Grapevine. I bought my Pontiac G5 from Classic Pontiac in Carrollton and my parents purchased an '09 Avalanche back in February from Classic Chevy. They are straight forward and great to deal with. I just ordered our '10 Equinox on Saturday and it should take about 6-8 weeks to arrive. I get the GM discount so I can't quote any prices but you should be able to get one around $1500-2000 below MSRP depending on the model/features.
  • I found a small incentive yesterday that my husband and I will be taking advantage of when our '10 NOX comes in by the end of September. You can sign a waiver stating you do not want to have the 60 day return policy option on your vehicle, and you will get a $500.00 cash incentive instead. We know that we wouldn't be returning the vehicle, so we will be taking the extra $500.00. If nothing else it'll pay for 1/4 of our taxes and other fees! This can be used in conjuction with other offers, supplier discounts, GM discounts, etc. Read all about it at
  • The price I paid for a 2010 Equinox LT2 (mocha steel metallic), 4 cyl,, fwd, heated leather seats (jet black/brownstone), rear entertainment, cargo management package and sunroof was $29,575.

    I traded my 2000 Dodge Durango in for "cash for clunkers" and got $4,500 for it and another $1,000 in conquest money.

    So with taxes, title/registration less the cfc and Conquest - out the door was $25,7249.44.
  • aakiaaki Posts: 10
    Local dealer quoted me 30300 (1500 rebates) for a LTZ 4cyl, rear entertainment, nav/infotainment, 18" machined aluminum wheel, msrp is 33290. I am wondering if I can get a better deal. He wants 30000 (no rebate included) for a the similar vehicle without nav, for him to order one. He said conquest cash is ending this month and he was not sure how long $500 rebate lasts. I am not sure, if GM will extends the conquest cash. Any suggestions/advice.
  • GM has has Conquest Cash on the new Equinox since it came out in July. We took advantage of it in buying ours. Further, dealers are not informed of incentives any sooner than the general public is. They get the incentives on their computer/fax the day they change. I think the dealer is just trying to get you to "buy now". That said, GM may end the Conquest Cash beginning in Oct. or at any time thereafter.
  • aakiaaki Posts: 10
    Thanks for the reply.
    Maybe that's the chance I have to take. If I cant get a good price on LTZ with Nav, I have to either order one or wait until I find a loaded LTZ minus nav. Either way, there is chance I wont get conquest cash.
    I am wondering if anyone was able to get any 2010 Nox trim at or near the invoice price. I do know 2010 Nox is hard to come by. I am wary of this dealer as he tacks on processing fee $199 to the price. I talked to some other dealer (they don't have the vehicle) and found out they don't charge processing fee.
    I test drove both 2010 Nox and Terrain. I feel like Terrain's driver seat is bit roomier than Nox.
  • I thought the Terrain and Nox were supposed to be nearly identical except the exterior and colors/emblems on the interior? Sort of like the Vibe and Matrix or GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado? I'd be surprised if they are different, it might be perception.

    Anyway, I got mine I think less than invoice. I don't remember details, I think I posted what I paid earlier in this thread. We bought it in late July. It was just over $26k sticker. I qualified for Supplier pricing, then the dealer honored Conquest even though my vehicle was older than 1999, and then took another $800 or so off. So I think we paid a little under $23,400. Then did Cash for Clunkers on top of that. They had a high Documentation Fee (about $350 from what I remember), which might be the equivilent of the "processing fee" you're talking about. They also did VIN etching without us really knowing about it at a cost of $211. I think I figured it out at the time and even with those extras and holdbacks and everything they probably only made a few hundred on the deal if I remember right, so I think it was a good deal for us.

    You may want to wait if you don't trust the dealer and are having a hard time finding what you want anyway. If you read the Nox thread titles you'll see a lot of tranny problems discussed, mostly by me. I found a fix today (in the 2010 tranny fixed thread you can read about it). But starting maybe in a couple days, and probably for sure within a couple weeks, they will be using the new tranny program in production vehicles. So you might want to order one so when it is built you know for sure you are getting a post-program change vehicle. The difference between the old and new tranny software programs are huge, at least for me.

    So you might want to order one but go to a different dealer, even if you need to travel a little bit to get to the next closest one. This way you get exactly what you want and are pretty much guaranteed a post software change vehicle.
  • aakiaaki Posts: 10
    I have been watching your issue thread. Glad they addressed your issue. Without you not being persistent, I am sure they would not have address it.
    I will try to find one close to the invoice price.
  • Anyone out there order their Nox? If so, did you have to pay the destination charge through the dealer? Any other tips for this route? Thanks
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