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Land Rover LR3



  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Interesting post of the testing on the LR3.

    However, I can't help but notice things that make one wonder if this is mor marketing hype than true quality control R&D:

    "Italy—High-speed testing was carried out at the Nardo bowl, where LR3 test vehicles raced around the track continuously for 20 hours a day at, or near, maximum speed. In all, testing there totaled twelve weeks and 31,000 miles of maximum-speed driving.

    Let's see, let's assume by "test vehicles" they meant two (2). At a "continuous" 20 hours a day for 12 weeks, that's a total of 3,360 hours of "at or near maximum speed" driving for both vehicles. They went a total of 31,000 miles. Meaning the maximum speed of an LR3 must be somewhere in the neighborhood of 9.2 miles per hour. Pretty impressive.

    I just wonder if Land Rover's marketing department put more time into puffing up their tests than their engineers did in performing them. One thing's for sure, they need someone who is at least as good at math as my 4th grade daughter to proof read their next press release.
  • Check out this link. It talks about the rigorous testing the LR3 was put through to insure quality from day 1.

    Any thoughts? Do you think this will make the LR3 more reliable than the Disco II?
  • BURN! hahaha a point which I pondered myself while reading the article.
  • peeetepeeete Posts: 136
    Two things to keep in mind about that NNJ dealer..their web inventory is not me on that. I got burned last year.

    I just bought a Disco, and their "discount" was no better than the one I received from my local dealer..and my local dealer had vehicles with better options.

    The LR3"s are being sold like I doubt they will be discounted for a while.
  • waiting for my fully loaded SE to come in which should be in a week or two; getting second thoughts about HSE model. Does anyone have any idea which is a better ride 18" SE or 19" HSE
    Would 19" tires make for a better ride or would one feel more bumps.? .Also would one handle better in the snow????? I live in the city w/ tons of pot holes??????????????
  • Habitat1, you didn't listen to Don Rumsfield or else you would understand how they could drive two vehicles 20 hours a day for 12 weeks at max speed and only do 9.2 miles per hour. This is the workforce of OLD Europe. Probably four of the 12 weeks were in August which they take off! We may have our problems but a willingness to work is not one of them.
  • A parent of a friend works for LRNA. He offered to get me $500 off MSRP if I was interested. I think it is too early in the game to tell if I should wait. However, my GX470 needs new tires and the long Thanksgiving trip looms ahead. Can folks from other parts of the US provide feedback on LR3 sales? Here in Tennessee, they are being sold before they come in. If $500 off MSRP is the best I can get, I just might have to take it.

    Again today my wife was commenting we need a car that is more flexible with the seating arrangements. There really arent alot of options out there right now for vehicles with 3 rows of seats, handle well and look nice. Minivan is out, Suburban too big and GX not flexible enough.

    Hate to pay MSRP but not too many choices right now. . . .
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    It's MSRP around the San Francisco Bay Area. It's too new and there isn't an oversupply. There are enough people that can easily drop 50K on a big 91 octane fuel drinking unproven monster and still smile. :)

    As Land Rover dealers don't generally budge much on price anyway, I wouldn't expect any incentives or discounts until well into the New Year.

    I don't even think Ford employee/partner discount (A-Plan, X-Plan, etc.) pricing has even been announced.
  • vgxvgx FloridaPosts: 40
    The webpage for my company does not even list the LR3, yet... If it goes anything like the XC90 went, it will be somewhere between 6-12 months before Ford adds the LR3 to its' partner/employee program. =(
  • i don't know about easily dropping the fifty ( four ) k, but i picked up my silver hse yesterday.
    sweet moves pretty well for its size, and the heft is apparent but not in a bad way--i have only driven around town so far, and i can confirm that it is pretty thirsty for petrol.
    anyway, so far so good. i badly wanted to point it toward tahoe immediately, but drove home instead.
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103
    It's common for a new vehicle to go through millions of miles of testing. A typical BMW model refresh will see a fleet of several cars tested for over a year (so they can try out all the seasons for example).

    Advertisements sometimes can be an indicator of whether there are discounts available. When there are more buyers than the factory could fulfill, there is usually little advertisement since it doesn't make sense to spend the $ to drum up demand when you can't meet it. The visibility LR gets from the trade press is sufficient until the demand drops.

    So let's see how aggressive LR is with their ad campaign. The more ad's we see, the more we are likely to get discounts.
  • I went to the Boston auto show at the Expo yesterday. It was my first oppertunity to check out a couple of the new models. I really wanted to like the LR3 after all I have read about them. But I have to say, for a vehicle in this price range, there is WAY too much cheap plastic in and on it. The build quality seemed right up there, but the material selection is severely lacking. I even went over to the Range Rover they had on display, which I had driven and played with right after the redo in '03, and could not believe my eyes when I saw the glaring silver hard plastic panel running down the dash and onto the console! Call me fussy, but cheap hard plastic just does not belong in a 70K vehicle. I guess my next SUV is gonna be a Lexus- hope they get the LX470 replacement ready for next year when I want to trade.
  • davidc1davidc1 Posts: 168
    I went to Land Rover dealer this evening to get a quote. They don't seem to be willing to deal at the moment. It was pretty much the same for '05 Lexus GX470 but what bothered me was that I didn't feel that the general atmosphere at a LR shop was on par with Lexus. I don't wanna sound pretentious but that's just how I felt. I got the feeling that Lexus dealers were noticeably more refined? Perhaps I am imagining things in my old age. Anyone else care to share thoughts/feelings?
  • peeetepeeete Posts: 136
    Well, I have deliberately never set foot in a Lexus dealership, and dont plan to. Yes, the vehicles are top quality with great service. But the whole superior attitude of Lexus bothers me. I see all the Lexus mommymobiles around Westchester county, and the drivers are some of the worst. I think people believe having a Lexus as your Suv gives you a license to tailgate and cut people off. It has happened to me a zillion times.

    Having just come off from owning an Infiniti, I found my Land Rover dealer to be eons above Infiniti in the way I was treated, as well as the whole atmosphere. They did give me Starbucks when I signed the papers after all !In a way, you can think of a LR dealer as quiet British understatement, versus the nouveau riche, new money Lexus.

    All I know is, when I drive my Disco through Bronxville NY where I live, all the Lexus owners, mercedes, bmw etc part the seas for me. Yes it is being a snob, I admit it, but even in one of the richest communities in the US, a Land Rover gets noticed. And since I bought the Disco at the end of the model run, I paid THOUSANDS less than they did, and still get maximum snob appeal! Pretty cool :) Its good for my real estate brokerage business too!

    No Lexus can make a claim against the Rover, unless its the Lexus passing you on the freeway at night with your Rover FORD (found on road dead!)
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103
    In Northern New Jersey, I also feel Lexus dealers seem more friendly and less pushy. The sales people at Land Rover feels more like Lincoln/Ford dealership.

    Don't know about the service department of LL. But the Lexus service beats BMW and Porsche in every way. I guess it helps that the only time you get to see them is during routine maintenance. They will come to your home to pick up your car and leave you a Lexus loaner. Pretty much hassle free.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I checked out the LR3 in the showroom and test drove a 2004 GX470 two nights ago. Couple of observations:

    Third Row: The third row in the LR3 is great. I'm 5'7" and had room to spare. A 6' should be comfortable. However, there is NO room BEHIND the third row and rear window in the vehicle. Having just seen an accident where a pickup truck ran into the rear of a Grand Cherokee at about 30 mph, my guess is that anyone in the back of the LR3 would have been severely injured. The intrusion was only about 8-12 inches, but with NO room to spare, that's a dangerous situation, IMO. I wonder if we now need rear end test crash tests for third row SUV's?

    Size: The LR3 looked huge sitting in the showroom. But, in fact, it's track is "only" 63.2-63.5" compared to the MDX 66.3-66.5". The height of the LR3 is 74.5" compared to the MDX 71.3". So it has me wondering, will the LR3 at 3" taller and 3" narrower than an MDX handle like our current top heavy Isuzu Trooper? Also, the narrower width of the LR3 means that, notwithstanding a spacious third row, three across the second row is 2+ inches tighter than the MDX/Pilot, which is a meaningful amount.

    Quality: I can live with the plastic dash and high quality leather seats. I did not find the quality of the interior of the LR3 that objectionable, given its purpose. However, the showroom model was black. Granted, it was fingerprinted to death, but I still noticed a few chips and orange peel paint appearance. Compared to the black GX470 I saw a few minutes later in the Lexus showroom, there was NO comparison whatsoever. The Lexus finish looked deep, rich and smooth. The LR3 paint finish looked like it was going to deteriorate rapidly.

    GX470 Test Drive: This is a very nice, very small 8-passenger SUV. The GX drove very nicely, but even in "sport" mode, I felt as though my connection to the road was though several layers of insulation. That's fine for my butt, not for my hands on the steering wheel. This is a car that needs a sleep sensor on it, because it certainly has nothing about it that is exciting to drive. It was the opposite end of the spectrum of a Cayenne I drove several weeks ago and even an XC90 I drove a couple of weeks ago.

    I'm going to try driving the LR3 next week.
  • xchi5,

    When we began looking at an SE, in Paramus, my wife was able to strongarm that same $500 out of them (probably a LRNA std offer). After much math we decided to go with the HSE and found that the $500 shrank to $240-something; and that there's a smaller margin on the HSE.

    As for discounting they are not sitting around. A salesman at LR Manhattan said they're selling like hotcakes, and the trickle of HSE's they get arrive pre-sold.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Quote: "three across the second row is 2+ inches tighter than the MDX/Pilot, which is a meaningful amount."

    You can't determine interior space/comfort directly from exterior dimensions of any vehicle. Remember, you're not setting directly againt the exterior body panel. ;) To honestly compare, you must do a physical comparison -- even advertised interior dimensions are misleading.
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103

    Good job negotiating! I've got the same story from my sale person at Parsippany on HSE. He said only 10% of the volume is HSE to maintain 'exclusivity'.

    However, we all know how it goes. If they can sell more HSE with higher price, they will build more.

    So far, Ferrari is the only car company that's true to their model year production limit. Even Porsche has mass produced their 911 Turbo model for the profits.
  • Good work on the negotiating!! I too have been trying to buy an LR3 over the past 24 hours. The car I want will not be in until December. I would like to have it before Thanksgiving for the trip over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house. I went to local LR dealer last night and they told me that they could get me in a car if I was flexible on color. When spending $50K+, color is not an option. And yes, HSEs are hard to come by. They are being pre-sold before they hit the ground everywhere!!

    Called LR dealer in GA last night (going to be in GA for business this week) and they have exactly what I want. Unfortunately, there is a gentleman's agreement to not sell a vehicle to someone from another region. When I told my wife they didn't want to sell me the car she said, "that is the first honest car salesman I have ever heard of". I was a little taken back to. A customer with the exact vehicle? That is pretty good.

    Anyway, I called today and told him I was ready to buy today. He still told me he would not sell me a car until he talked to the folks at LRNA. I also took my wife by the local LR dealer and she loved it. My wife is NOT a car buying person. She hates the whole dealer experience. We went in, saw the car, she even gave a thumbs up on the color combination - Java with Alpaca.

    We will find out on Monday what will happen. I have been told that they are not trading for cars at this time. I am hoping to get things wrapped up ASAP. Instead of the $500 off, I need a few options like rubber mats, cross bars, door protectors, wood interior, etc. This is what I will ask for. Plus I need to install the DVD system as well. That is the one advantage the GX470 has over the LR3. The DVD comes from the factory.

    I will keep you posted.
  • davidc1davidc1 Posts: 168
    Appreciate your feedback. As far as Pilot is concerned though, I drove my brother's for a month and it's nothing to write home about. Roomy indeed but not very fun to drive and it wasn't very refined. I decided to go with the GX with Sport Pack. I ordered today. I felt that I would prefer the quietness and comfort for long distance drives. The perceived reliability also helped. Will consider LR3 again in about three years.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,861
    while i was browsing this page reading about ad campaigns, there was an lr3 commercial on tv! showed cliffs of dover. connecticut.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103

    Do they have the spec and pic's for the GX Sports at the Lexus dealership?

    Did you pay MSRP? When will it arrive?
  • rob12rob12 Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 Grand Cherokee Limited that I bought new & now has 101k miles. I looked at the '05 GC recently and was underwhelmed. Oh, I like some of the engineering things they have done including the new Hemi. I like some of the new interior electronics including the GPS navigation system. But I wasn't all that impressed with the exterior & interior design of the GC. It looks a lot boxier than my 2000. The interior on the Limited version I saw looks cheap (what happened to the nice leather thats in my old Jeep?). There's less interior storage space than before. - - I'm going to need a new vehicle, but I'm just not thrilled by what I see of the new Grand Cherokee. That's the main reason I'm considering the LR3.
  • rob12rob12 Posts: 3
    I need a new SUV to replace my 2000 Grand Cherokee Limited. - I bought it new and now it has 101k miles on it. - - I'm looking for a vehicle which can tow a travel trailer and has decent off road capabilities. (I like to go fishing/camping, etc throughout the West.) - - I'm considering the LR3 but since I often travel to areas (such as Montana) which have no Land Rover dealers, I wonder if this might be a Big Mistake. Your input on this question would be appreciated. - - - (I'm underwhelmed with the new Grand Cherokee, but at least its fairly easy to find Jeep or Dodge dealer shops throughout the country. Of course both Jeep & Land Rover have dismal reliability ratings.) - - Thank you in advance for your thoughts on this question.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    My reference was to the INTERIOR shoulder and hip room of the second row being 2" narrower in the LR3 than the MDX/Pilot.

    I agree that some manufacturer's numbers are a little suspect, which is why I take a tape measure with me while shopping. It is deceptive as to how large the LR3 looks in a showroom and the fact that the interior width dimensions are almost exactly halfway between the narrower XC90 and wider MDX. My tape measure confirms this.

    The good news with the LR3 is that at least the third row is suitable for adults - such that you could have two in the second row and 1-2 in the third row if 3 across the second row was tight.
  • rob12rob12 Posts: 3
    People begging dealers to take their money (even though from an area outside of the dealer's local service area) and being thrilled about only $500 off of MSRP ? - - Looks like I might have to wait another year before turning in the old rig. - - - Plus, that means a year of owner reports to see what flaws show up.
  • pjd1pjd1 Posts: 13
    I have an '04 Disco II with a heated windshield.
    I am assuming the the technology on the LR3 is essentially the same.
    I have had no problem with the performance of my Valentine One. In addition, my E-Z Pass also seems to work without any difficulties.
    BTW, the fellow who suggested that you give up the Winter Package must live south of the Mason-Dixon line. If you live in the Northeast or any similar climate, the heated, seats, mirrors, windshield, and headlamp washers are worth every cent spent on them. Frankly, I wouldn't own a vehicle up here in NH, without at least heated seats and headlamp washers. (I must be getting soft in my old age.)
  • davidc1davidc1 Posts: 168
    ypshan, no I didn't see the pictures. I got 2.5% off MSRP. Didn't want to wait 6+ months for further discount. It did appear that I can decide not to take delivery when the truck arrives and I don't like it. Toyota/Lexus don't seem to take orders. They ship certain mix of vehicles and let the customers choose from it.
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103
    Thanks for the info pjd1! I too agree that the winter package is a must if you live in the North.

    davidc1, That's a great deal on an 05 Lexus! Would you mind sharing the name of your dealer with me. PM me if you don't want to post. Thanks.
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