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Land Rover LR3



  • Sorry, I think everyone is missing it. The problem here IMHO is not that this could be a lemon that they are trying to dump. Sure it is taking too long to deliver it but the dealer probably is swamped with getting the new cars set up and there is some software that must be downloaded.

    The problem is simple: rather than a new unit, he is taking delivery on a demo. Those first 400 miles are the most expensive ones and need to be reimbursed to DavidLR3.

    I am always amused when I see proprietors of retail busineses (car dealers, steak houses, whatever) grab first "dibs" on something at the expense of their customer. In high end restaurants the owner often parks his car out front in the best spot or the car dealer takes a sharp rag top off the lot when he leaves to play golf and prevents a sale. This is nuts.

    The owner of the dealership should have driven a Disco II until the LR3s were plentiful. Not put 400 miles on one and then try to palm it off as a new unit. Now he should pay up.
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103
    Also, most engines have a break-in period during which one shouldn't rev over a rpm often much lower than the redline. Also one shouldn't put load on the engine until it's warm.

    Now imagine what people do to a demo...

    A typical 3-year-old used car would lose 30 cents per mile over the normal milage if it's traded in.

    A dollar a mile for a brand new car that's not properly broken-in seems reasonable to ask.
  • ....and really loving it.
    agree with above comments, solidly built and much "tighter" fit and finish than with my 95 range rover se.
    really like the suspension feel on-road, have not done much more than dirt road otherwise thus far. cannot wait to get into the snow.
    this vehicle seems really well thought-out...ergonomically excellent. the straight-line clean design of the exterior is appealing to me.

    smooth power, very comfy ride.
    braking is great for such a heavy mofo.
    awesome third-row seats. and everything folds flat back there...nice.
    safety gadgetry--side airbags, etc.
    lots of glass for traditional rover great visibilty.
    utilitarian/elegant balance in the interior.
    unbelievable off-road capability for such a nicely appointed vehicle.
    lets face it--snob appeal ( although i'm sure there will be lots of them around soon, i am enjoying the attention for the moment )
    excellent sound system with an auxiliary jack for my ipod.
    very adjustable/customizable from seat settings to nav system ( though this stuff is pretty standard for comparable vehicles )

    okay, we know it is expensive.
    sketchy service history, also well-discussed in this forum.
    petrol-guzzler ( i have taken to calling it the lr3miles per gallon ) so far around town, i am getting 10.4 mpg ( it is hilly where we live, but geeze, that is like my old rover ).
    nav system has some silly stuff, but this is my first new-generation nav system so it seems cool ( much better than the rudimentary system in my 2001 tt )
    truly, those are the only negatives so far ( i know, it is still the honeymoon period )

    oh--the key is really annoying...quite chunky and will fit on no key ring known to man...anyone sort this out yet?

    more later,

  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    Your mileage should improve as the engine breaks in. Some people get the EPA rated mpg from the first tank, but most cars take a few thousand miles before they start to approach the EPA numbers.

    I suspect the key is fat because you have an engine immobilizer - it may be an issue to carry around a bunch of other keys and stuff on a key chain with the immobilizer key. If you have a fob that came with the key, I bet it's leather or plastic, not metal, for that reason.

    Enjoy the uniqueness while it lasts!

    Steve, Host
  • Well its good to here about another LR3 happy driver out there. So...about the key...I think I have a good solution. See my dealer gave me a nice Land Rover Key Fob but I couldn't use it because like you said it wont fit with a standard key ring. So I just imply got a really small one. Its really the only way you can fix this. I think the fact that the key can be submerged to 75 feet of water run over by your LR3 and still work more then makes up for it.
  • After closely watching the LR3 since the end of July, we finally took delivery of an LR3 SE on Tuesday. We are nothing short of absolutely satisfied with the LR3 and the amazing dealership buying process. To be fair, I am probably the most hyped-up LR3 buyer ever... I have read every single article available on the LR3, I checked the website daily for months, and we drove by the dealer several times per week for any sign of the LR3. We were sold before we even laid eyes on it. We also bought a dealer promotion kit & a toy model on eBay.

    The LR3 is the first time I have ever purchased a 'dream car' and we are thrilled. The dealership experience in Lake County (Chicago suburbs) was fantastic. We paid MSRP, received a great offer for our trade-in and a great interest rate on dealer-arranged financing. We were able to get the exact options & color that we wanted... not having to pay extra for a tow package or lighting package that we did not need was due to the dealership's large allocation of LR3s.

    Now about the LR3! Every positive thing said about the LR3 is true. It totally deserves the Motor Trend SUV of the year award. The ride and sound-deadening is lush, comfortable, quiet, refined, and luxurious. The large greenhouse and sightlines make this large vehicle easy to manuever. All of the controls are intuitive, the seats are perfect, and the overall interior is simple, non-fussy, and feels sturdy. Most of our driving will be around town and on long highway journeys, so we will not have a chance to go off-road until later in the winter.

    The split-tailgate is a design marvel, it simply works perfectly. It is so easy to load & unload. My wife actually said, "I love the open button on the split-tailgate." The LR3 offers the absolutely best 3rd row seat in a midsize SUV. Only much longer vehicles (Expedition, Escalade ESV, Suburban, etc.) offer a better 3rd row seat. The oft mentioned 3rd row seats in this forum (GX470, ML500, MDX, etc.) are vastly inferior to the LR3. Even the LX470 has a ridiculous 3rd row seat. As for the 1st row, the LR3 offers the best commanding seating position, with a feeling of space around you- not coddled like a Lexus or X5.

    We also considered the GX470, but after my wife drove the LR3, she was sold. We did not even bother to test drive the GX470. The GX470 has a wide track and lower half, but becomes significantly narrower in the upper half of the vehicle, leaving much less interior room than the 'footprint' would suggest. I personally wanted a G500, but with out a 3rd row seat, my wife nixed it. After driving the LR3 these past few days we realize that the LR3 blows away the G500 as far as interior room, comfort, ride, convenience, and more.

    For those who are complaining about the price, the LR3 is worth every penny. Consider that this vehicle offers a stronger engine, more room, 3rd row seat, terrain response, etc. in comparison with the $75,000 Range Rover. I don't need wood & seat piping for $25K extra. We feel like we saved $25K by not selecting a Range Rover or a G500. The MDX, Touraug, X5, ML500, XC90, Explorer & JGC are not even in the same league. Mostly car based (except ML500) these vehicles are not true SUVs- they do not offer the utility, space, commanding road-view, a decent 3rd row seat, and the prestige of a true British marque. The LR3 beats these vehicles in almost every category for a reasonable price.

    As for reliability, I have had a great service experience with the dealership with my current & past BMWs. They offer the same drop-off & pick-up service as Lexus, so who needs a posh waiting room and coffee, when you do not have to visit the dealership? Of course we are taking a risk on a Land Rover by purchasing early in the model year, but our old SUV was tired and we have a 'I want it now' mentality. We chose a dealer that is 15 miles further than the closest one to our home because of their reputation and our past service experience. We are prepared for a few minor glitches. If worse comes to worse, we would rather drive an incredible vehicle 335 days of the year, instead of driving a boring, less utilitarian vehicle 365 days of the year. With Ford's money, I am confident that the LR3 will help Land Rover join Jaguar in an amazing rise on the JD Power scale.

    We are taking a 400 mile road trip this weekend to properly break-in our new LR3, so that we can really 'drive' it they way it was meant to be driven. My wife and I are still fighting over who gets to drive. We love it!!
  • Yes the LR3 key is annoying. I went to the hardware store and put the tiniest ring available on the key fob, by using pliers. Now I can attach another ring to this little one. Remember is the fob fails, you can slip of the cover of the driver handle and open the door manually.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I agree with your comment, but disagree with your price of $1 per mile. I wouldn't take $10 per mile discount on a vehicle not properly broken in, even the LR3.

    I had to be firm with the dealers on my last two new cars - a 2002 Honda S2000 and a 2004 Acura TL 6-speed - that I would not accept a car with more than 2-3 delivery miles on the odometer, period. After properly breaking in the S2000, it was capable of Boxster S level performance, AND 30+ mpg on the highway. Neither of which would have been possible if some overly excited test driver wanted to see what 9,000 rpm felt like in the first 1,000 miles.

    The LR3 may not be a Formula One inspired sports car, but I still wouldn't want to take one that had been test driven by every Tom, Dick and Harriet that walked into the Land Rover dealership. Some people are fine with buying a demonstarator. I am not. But in NO EVENT should the dealer try to sell a demo as a new car.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    If I might impose, could you take a tape measure and measure the width of the second row of your LR3 between the inside edges of the armwrests (i.e. clear width at hip/lap height)? I came up with 54" for the GX470 and 57" for the LX470. I will be hitting the Acura and Volvo dealerships tonight, but can't get back to the Land Rover dealership until this weekend. So your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    P.S. The 2nd row seat width is an important measurement to us in that both of our kids still need to be in car seats for highway trips. Trying to stuff a third person or our travel cooler in the middle ranges from impossible to acceptable. I'd like to figure out where the LR3 falls.
  • I thought I might help out since I was faced with a similar situation before there were even cars available to measure (different measurement for different reasons).

    Anyways, I measure 56 inches across. Mine is a 7 seater, but that measurement is probably the same for both.
  • yeah, i let one of my partners, who owns a G500, take it for a spin, and he thought the lr3 was nicer.
  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    Can anyone tell me how noticeable the heated from windshield "wires" are with the cold climate package? I haven't seen one yet, but the dealer has told me that you cannot see the wires and this feature has been on Range Rovers and Discovery for years.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    There is a technical alert just put out to the retailers on the key ring issue. Basically you need a 10 mm split ring, then you can attach a normal key chain to that. Your retailer should be able to get one for you.
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103
    You absolutely can see the wires and if the light is at a certain angle, you could feel like they are in your face.

    Go to a dealership and check it out for yourself.
  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    Thanks for the reply. I've got a deposit down for an LR3 with the cold climate option. Is there anyone that has this option (on any LR) that now wish they didn't get it due to the lines in the windshield?
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    It really is subtle. I only saw the vertical lines after implicitly looking for them. It's something you need to evaluate yourself; we are all bothered by different things. Heated windshields aren't even optional in some markets; it's obviously not a big concern.

    If you take delivery and really, really hate it for some reason... you could always swap the heated glass out (OEM ~$320 + install) and still have the heated seats and windshield washer jets. As a bonus, you can be proud you paid more than anyone else to get heated seats. ;)
  • We hope to be in your situation some time next year with 2 car seats to fit. I measured 55" across from the armrest intrusions on each side. If you measure from door to door, it is more like 57"+. The LX470 rear seat is useless and when stowed it severely blocks your blind spots and rearward vision. Eventually we expect to have out parents ride in the 3rd row with the 2 kids in carseats in the 2nd row and probably a 3rd person could easily fit in the 2nd row. Good luck.
  • i had it for the past 10 years and got it again on my new doesn't bother me in the least, but i agree, check it out for yourself.
    it does a most excellent job melting frost/ice, though.
  • Maybe the issue isn't and can't be solved by a cents per mile figure. Rather, tell the dealer principal that you are happy he had the use of your car for 400 miles to show off to his neighbors but now would he please get you the new one you agreed to buy? If he balks, you just call LRUSA on your cell phone in his presence. (Incidentally,I don't get the impression that the original poster is a strong personality nor realizes how sleazy this whole deal they are pulling is.)
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Thanks for the measurements. As I expected, at 55-56" the LR3 is 1-2" wider than a GX470, a meaningful amount. But it is still at least 1.5-2" narrower than the MDX/Pilot. We may need to cart the kids, car seats and my golf clubs into the Land Rover showroom this weekend. The third row of the LR3 is best in class, period.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    I can verify the LR3 holds a front facing Britax Marathon seat on the 2nd row side seat along with a rear facing Britax Advantage seat in the middle without any conflict. And an adult can sit comfortably in the empty 2nd row side seat... so the 3rd row can be accessed without removing the child seats. Depending on child seat design, your mileage will vary.
  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    I have the heated windshield on my 04 Range rover, and Yes you can see them , but NO they are not an issue either with light reflecting or obstructing view in any way. They are quite subtle.
  • Sorry to disappoint some of you re:"I do not want my wife stranded on a highway with a baby."

    Our 03 Discovery did exactly that, MANY TIMES! There was always a problem with the vehicle, most of the time involving some electrical problem. The last problem: stopped at a Starbucks (we live in one of those snobby neighborhoods in So. Cal.), came back, started the engine, and the M and S lights in the panel started blinking. My wife checked the manual (I love her!!!) and noticed that if this condition appear you should take the vehicle to a dealer. Instead, she tried to drive home (closer to where she was) and the thing completely loss power in the middle of a busy freeway. She and the baby were in the car. Turned everything off and then back on. Same result. Eventually she made it to safety and we took the car to the dealer. Their answer? The battery is low. Go figure. They replaced the battery and we had the same (and many other problems) at least once a week. We were on a first name baisis with the tow-truck drivers at Land Rover Recovery.
    We finally sold the problem and got an Infiniti crossover (we owned Infiniti's in the past and are very happy with them). No, we can't go off road, but we have a QX4 (older Infiniti) as a third car and makes it to the same places we used to take our Discovery. By the way, this was NOT our first Land Rover; we just didn't learn the first time. So,... to all Land Rover (and specially the LR3 owners): I sincerely wish you GOOD LUCK! As for us,... we will wait a few years before we even look at the LR3, and this time we WILL read all consumer reviews if we decide to go LR again (we knew about issues with the Discovery, but because it looked "trendy" I decided to ignore them: shame on me!
    By the way. The dealer: Land Rover Encino (stay away from them). As far as LRNA, don't waste your time; they are no help at all and are always on the side of the dealer.
    Last, to answer the question: "How many modern vehicles really just 'stop working' while driving?" Well, only one that I know of: Land Rover Discovery 03s
  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    Thanks all for the replies. I did stop by the dealer and saw that the lines will not be a problem. Now just waiting for the LR3 to come in. Seems like you need to get a loaded SE if you want Nav for now, at least in NorCal.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Did you use the lemon law in California? It's a slam dunk full vehicle replacement or money back (minus mileage) if you had these significant problems the first year... or was this after the first year?

    Anyway, we should probably move any more Disco venting to the Discovery forum. :)
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103

    Thanks for the post. Your comment on LRNA being no help bothers me. Could you give us one or two examples?

    Lexus NA offered to pay for half of the costs to replace my A/C system 1 year after the warranty expired on the LS400 that I used to own. The dealership picked up another one fourth so I only paid 25% for a new A/C system. They told me that they feel bad about A/C only lasted for 5 years. In their estimate, it should have lasted a lot longer.

    I guess I shouldn't expect similar treatment from LRNA or the LR dealership...
  • sontobsontob Posts: 13

    I am curious about the ipod auxillary jack in the HSE that you mentioned. I have grown quite fond of the convenience and ability to have access to over 1000 songs within arms reach in my car and not shuffle cd's in and out of the disc changer.

    I currently use the cassette deck in my Passat to connect to my ipod, which then plays the ipod's songs through the car's speakers. But, the LR3 does not come with a cassette deck, as I don't think any automobiles are manufactured with cassette decks anymore, so I am wondering if the auxillary jack connects to the speaker system in the LR3 so as to play your songs on your ipod through the sound system or does it just keep your ipod charged?
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    "Aux Input" is on the back of the center console on both SE and HSE stereos. 3.5mm mini-stereo jack. Plug anything that outputs audio into it: XM Radio Roady, Nomad Zen Touch, iPod, vintage Walkman, Gameboy, etc.

    FYI: The LR3 6-disc changer does play MP3 encoded audio files on data CD... so you can encode multiple CDs or track compilations onto 700MB discs you can put in the changer. Not as much as a hard drive, but not bad.
  • Wow! The guy wrote an 8 paragraph love letter to an LR3 for which he paid full list. Not unrelated, today's Barrons reports that we Americans spend on average $1.04 for every $1 we earn and it is beginning to catch up with us.
  • ajn999ajn999 Posts: 16
    I am trading my 03 Range Rover in for a new LR3.
    I was able to get $500 off sticker on the LR3 but the dealer won't budge past $49,000 for the Range Rover trade though. I am a little concerned about the gas mileage. I averaged 15.6 mpg on the Range Rover which I was always happy with but have read some very low mpg figures on the new LR3. Does anyone have any experience yet?
    I am adding the rear DVD player ($2000) and XM
    satelite ($350) to the base model with the rear seat package. The Range Rover has been the best car/truck I have ever owned and I never had any reliability problems others have encountered. I drove the LR3 and decided it was not worth paying
    $20,000 extra for some fancy wood trim. Besides, the 3rd seat is a winner with the kids and it drives just as nice.
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