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Land Rover LR3



  • wojowojo Posts: 2
    thinking of buying an LR3,how was your 400 mile trip?any problems?change in what you feel about the LR3?
  • After a week with the Discovery 3 (in the UK they are still known as Discovery's) we are hugely impressed by this vehicle's abilities. We have owned every Land Rover Discovery to date and recently owned a new style Range Rover, and the Discovery 3 is light years ahead of every one of those. This car has superb road manners, pulls like a train, corners like a train and is about as heavy as a train. Everyone who we have taken for a drive has come away enthusing about the space, comfort, command position and style of the vehicle. Land Rover & Ford could not afford to get this one wrong, and they certainly have succedeed here. Stop worrying about reliability you lot, the DNA of this vehicle is pure 21st century, all the unreliability issues were in previous generation landrover vehicles with 1960'S engineering, with 1970's electronics put together with people born in the 1980's trying to powers 1990's accessories (that could all still get places that no other road going vehicle had any right to get to. Take my word for it - order one now and get ahead of the queues that will certainly be forming once people catch on to just how good this vehicle really is...Makes an X5 look like a shopping market trolley !
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103
    If you have Speed Channel, it's on this week.

    If you miss the TV, transcript can also be found below:

    0-60 tested to be 8.0 sec. as factory stated.

    Handling didn't get high remarks. "With a maximum weight of almost 5,800 pounds, and a tall center of gravity, the LR3 is no sports car. Front end push is heavy, and there's plenty of body roll."

    Comfort level is not quite at the level of the 'top dog' Range Rover but close.

    I disagree with their 3rd row seats comment. I am 6' 1" and my head barely touches the roof when I sit in the 3rd row. That's better than many luxury SUVs in the segment. I would not want to sit in them for a long time though.
  • While I think you could sell your '03 RR all day for at least 49K, I think the dealer has got you on this one. He knows that if you do sell the RR yourself, you will owe sales tax on the LR3 for the whole amount. That will be roughly $2500-3500 depending on where you live , which will negate any savings. The only way around this would be to wait a year or so. The trade in value would fall by 8K or so AND the real world cost of an LR3 could also be down. At that time he wouldn't have you over the sales tax barrel.
  • After a 400 mile round-trip drive, we are more convinced that we made the right decision to get the LR3. The highway ride & drive was amazing. We felt safe & secure was we drove at night in the rain and on the return trip home in ideal conditions we cruised along, gliding past all of the SUV-wannabees and other traffic with ease.

    The commanding view and ultra-quiet cabin made the drive easy and relaxing. Even at 90+mph, the LR3 was smooth, quiet, and rock-steady. We make a 400 mile round-trip regularly to visit family. The LR3 makes this frequent trip much easier. Instead of driving 2 cars to accomodate the entire family, we saved gas by piloting the LR3 with everyone safely aboard. Loading and unloading our luggage, stroller, shopping bags, etc. was easy and convenient.

    Of course the LR3 is a truck, so I do not expect it to drive like my BMW, but on the country roads, over hill & dale, across bridges, over railroad tracks, and on gravel roads the LR3 always went exactly where I pointed it, with minimum fuss. The LR3 provided the right stability and feedback on several s-curves & switchbacks. The BMW inspired transmission with 3 modes, including a manual mode, was delightful as it always chose the right gear. When using manual mode, the controls are intuitive and perfectly responsive.

    I also love the brakes... easy to modulate to a smooth stop, unlike these ridiculous brake-by-wire systems on the E-class and new 5-series. Everything in the LR3 is where it should be and the ergonomics, console & controls are very intuitive. We love the familiarity of radio dials, HVAC knobs, and other simple buttons.

    My wife, toddler and I have been planning a trip from Chicago to Houston to Louisiana back to Chicago. I finally agreed with my wife to take a 2,000 mile roadtrip (instead of flying), after driving the LR3 this weekend. The money we will save by not flying, will make up for the not-so-great gas mileage and the savings we might have incurred if we waited until the LR3 could be had below MSRP. Generally, I hate long roadtrips, but the LR3 is going to allow our little family to see more of America up close.

    Go check out the LR3, you will not be disappointed.
  • Ok LR3 is treating me really well so far. Its been really ugly weather in my part of the country and I have felt so safe in the LR3. The only thing I have having the dealer fix is to have the wheel strightened. Its not a big deal but it bothers me...When I drive down the highway I have the wheel about 2 degrees to the left. If I try to hold it center the car will slowly drift to the right. I have never had a car that didn't do this to a certain extent. Anyone have this on their LR3 or have any suggjestions?
  • gxorlrgxorlr Posts: 16
    Not that I wish but hope yours is the only one with a fixable glitch. (may be alignment?) Anyway, I went to a dealer on 20th and they had around 10 SE on the lot. I got "we could do something on the SE" line. Frankly, I was not impressed with the LR3. Couldn't test drive as I walked in impromptu. I was one of the 5-6 people looking at LR3 but I saw no excitement or heard any praise. I did see people looking at the sticker and didn't seem excited. They had not a single HSE. Got me a "book" (brochure). I was told the driver seat on SE was memory but the "book" states otherwise. I would like to get LR3 but for the price and reputation I'm staying on the sideline this year. I have to decide between a 2004 or 2005 GX470! I find the 2004 GX470 slightly underpowered. 2005 GX470 is a 270 hsp but then again it will be $5k more vs. 2004. Well I will give myself the November wait and get into one in early December. For all you LR3 fans wish you all the best.
  • I have been to my dealer several times checking out the LR3. I am 6' and found the 3rd row quite comfortable and very spacious. Its definitely an adult friendly row of seats.

    With all the conversation concerning the heated windshield in past posts I thought I should examine it again as that is the kind of thing that would really bother me while driving.

    What I found is that if your eyes focus on the windshield itself you can definitely see the lines in it. You would never do this while driving as you would loose the focus on the road ahead of you. When your focused on the road its impossible for me to see the lines. In my opinion its not an issue.

    My dealer has plenty of SE's available for sale at A plan pricing and is currently looking for a HSE for me. He indicated it could be 4 or 5 months before they can find one for me and thats fine with me.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Does your dealer also participate in X plan (partner) pricing for LR3? Or are they only doing A plan (employee)?
  • as per grommet's post, the aux jack is easily accessed with a i need to find a setup that will allow me to mount the ipod in some way rather than having it knocking about the cabin.
    you still have to plug it into the lighter to keep it charged.
    occasionally there is some puzzling feedback or electronic noise that sneaks in when i have the ipod plugged in. anyone else notice this? it is not always a problem.
    this is a step up, overall, from the cassette adapter, but i look forward to a day when there is a little cradle as oem that will accept the ipod and keep it charged.
    the sound system, by the way, in my lr3 is outstanding.
    and....did a mostly highway roadtrip this weekend and loved every minute of driving. averaged 17.5 mpg overall with 90% of time on freeway doing 80'ish.
    also discovered an interesting safety feature...had to stop quickly when encountering backed up traffic on the freeway and emergency blinkers started automatically upon applying brakes hard.
    and was surprised not to see even one other lr3 this weekend on sf bay area roads.
  • Have any new owners of the SE noticed in the broucher and official web site that the driver's seat is an "8"-way power seat and the passenger is "6"-way power seat. My new SE has only six settings. It is missing the tilt control which rocks the seat cushion back and forth. It would be designated by the two horizontal arrows on the left of the bottom button. Mine is blank and does not offer this feature. My salesguide agrees this is in writing and should be on the SE. It is on the HSE as well as memory seats.His manager has put a call into LRNA to find out why. My theory is that I along with others have a "European" passenger seat as my driver's seat. So far all of the SEs he has looked at are like this. Does anyone have an SE with the 8-way power seats for the driver.? Also, he stated my individual keys would remember my seat settings when set. I have told him that is not the case. I think it only applies to the memory seat in the HSE. He is looking into it. Does any one know what the Easy Entry setting is under computer settings?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • Do you have an SE? If you do can you tell me if you have 8-way power seats for the driver? The bottom button will have three sets of arrows. The first set are two going up and down, the middle arrows going left and right and the last will be like the first going up and down. Also please check the passenger see if it is 6-way or eight way. I am presuming the steering wheel is on the right side of the truck.
  • My dealer participates in A and X plan pricing.
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103
    It's great that both A and X plans are out and in effect starting Nov. 4.

    Last year the plans weren't in effect until Jan. 1st.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    US LR3 SE has 6-way power seats on driver seat. It's an error in some of the specifications. HSE has 8-way on driver, with 3 person memory. Passenger is always 6-way. (The missing 2-way is the separate front of seat "up and down.") I personally think the driver seat should always be 8-way for more driver comfort possibilities, but it's no big deal for most.

    Always note the disclaimer: Specifications subject to change. ;)

    Remember, this is the same company that also posted the SE "Hi ICE" stereo has rear remote audio controls, the PTI/Bluetooth and Radio is operated "touchscreen", used '05 Range Rover GUI pictures, etc. Errors happen.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Wow, I answered before the post. ;)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    And then a host comes along and deletes the duplicate :-)

    If you refresh your browser after posting, your message will get reposted. It's a feature of our software. The fix is to click on Recent Messages instead or go elsewhere on the forums and return.

    Steve, Host
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Mmmmm.............of course, a feature, that's what it is!

  • One of my biggest complaints of my 01 Disco was that the seats were not comfortable. Having the "rocking" part of the seat somewhat fixed the problem. The new seats are very comfortable but all the literature and the salesguides stated they had 8-way power for the driver. They did not know it was not a 8 way until I told them. So they say. This is one of the largest LR dealers in the US. I can understand if it is in writing and they change it. To have the dealer tell you it is 8-way power and then it is not is sloppy and not fair. For me I need to have the extra "rock" in the seat. I guess I will have to live with it. Maybe I can have the dealer do something extra since I now have the new truck.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Well, it shouldn't have been a surprise to you. I posted the errata over a month ago. ;) Sorry, but sales people are not perfect. And, obviously, the marketing and documentation folks aren't either. Enjoy the new truck. It's great, even with in 6-way driver seat SE form
  • I've read through the posts on this forum, the Edmunds' editors' reviews, Motor Trend, etc., but cannot find much information on how the torque is transmitted to the wheels. Are there three differentials? Do they allocate torque front to rear, side-to-side? How does the LR3 compare with the new Jeep Grand Cherokee's QuadraDrive II?
  • wojowojo Posts: 2
    thanks for the experience.i`ll be trying an HSE tommmorow.will let you know how it goes..........
  • When I read of various "Plans", I am amazed. Not that many years ago, a vendor would use his customer's products whenever possible. In fact, most of the vendors employees would talk up and use the product. Afterall, their livelihood depended upon it. Now, apparently the "customer" has to bribe the vendor with an extra, non-publicly available discount to buy his product!! Wow. Not only does the guy selling the electronics, resin, steeel or whatever else going into the product not feel any loyalty to buy the product, he expects a special discount to buy it.

    This says a lot about the American culture and the blue state vs. red state dichotemy.
  • For the owners of the LR3, can you tell me what MPG you are getting. I have read that some are only getting 10.5 MPG. I have a Navigator that gets 15 MPG and I don't want to go backwards on the MPG. The LR3 looks great on paper. I am looking forward to driving an LR3 next Monday when I am in Seattle. I live in a city without a dealer and the nearest dealer is a 3 hour drive in the next state, so dependability is important.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    There are three differentials, one in the front that is an open differential, One internal to the transfer box which is a locking differential, and one in the rear which is either locking or open depending on the equipt level. All permanent 4WD have three differentials. Part time 4WD will have only two differentials, front and rear. A locking center differential will transmit torque evenly to the front and rear wheels, and a locking rear diff will do the same from side to side. All of this is easily configured using the Terrain Response system and can be monitored with the Navigation unit using the 4X4 info screen which displays wheel direction, gear selection, wheel articulation, terrain response setting, and several other functions on one screen. With the addition of ETC to control wheelspin, traction should never be an issue with the LR3.
     I'm not sure how the new Jeep system works, but I'm sure it is very good. I like to believe the Land Rover system is superior though. I would advise you to try both vehicles.
  • Does anyone know if the LR3 can be towed with all four on the road like the jeep. I would like to tow it behind a motor home.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    It is just a fact that manufacturer's and supplier's employees, and their freinds and families are consumers just like everyone else. They look at everything that is out there and buy what to them is the best value and meets their needs. In our lot you will find vehicles from our company, other PAG and Ford affiliates as well as competing brands. Different manufacturers have different enticements to encourage their employees to purchase their products; some with purchase programs like Ford and GM, some with sweet leasing deals. In reality it isn't any different from the employee discounts that retailers in other areas offer their employees and is not a new phenomonon, I was getting these discounts over 30 years ago. It is quite a stretch to equate this with the current events you mention.
  • What accessories are you guys putting on your LR3's?

    I am getting (all from my dealer):
    -Sill Plates front / rear
    -Off Road Driving Lamps
    -Side Door Ding Protectors

    Let us know,
  • Where is your dealer located and do they have any inventory? long story short - poor sales person.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Use the EPA MPG ratings for what they are intended: comparison between vehicles. That's why it exists.

    The LR3 is heaviest in class. Don't expect miracles.

    We've seen real MPG of 14-15 mixed use. Your mileage may vary. (Ahem.) 10.5 MPG is unlikely once the engine/transmission learns it's groove... unless you drive like it's a sports car all the time. ;)
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