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Land Rover LR3



  • bribribribri Posts: 2
    Hello Landy man, can you just recap the current status of the stall issue on both your car and your in laws's. Did you get a replacement car, or do you have the same ones and is it still stalling? When I confronted our Parsipanny salesperson about the stalling issue this past Monday, he said the LR reps were just there this Sat, it was a computer glitch, they had a software patch, it only effected a very small number of cars and he was not aware of any instances of stalling on cars sold out of Parsipanny. Hard to believe. I think he was a little taken back that I knew about it. Would your rep's name happen to be George? I would appreciate knowing. Thank you for any info, we really love the car but the stalling accounts, especially the reports of those on the highway are keeping us from puchasing at the moment and we really need to purchase a car ASAP.

    Also - does anyone have the direct links to the other LR3 message boards. Thanks.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    johnmajor post3ed: "By the way, all the screens on navigation equipped vehicles have inputs for rear view camera and a secondary video input. Accessing the special settings menu brings the inputs up for programming."

    Well, "kind of." There are no "normal" video inputs to my knowledge. The basic design, which is generic for all the vehicles (LR3, Range Rover Sport & Range Rover), would allow other devices -- like a Rear View Camera or "VentureCam" -- on the MOST bus. But it doesn't mean you just "plug it in and it works." The core debug/diag functions of the system does not imply latent functionality in the LR3 version of the user interface.
  • winston1winston1 Posts: 10
    Johnmajor thanks!!! Very interesting and promising that voice activation does really work with the Nav. I can't wait to explore this further!!!! Tony
  • johnmajorjohnmajor Posts: 94
    You can push basic video from camera or DVD etc through the inputs.
    They are the same as Range Rover inputs & theres quite a few aftermarket back up camera systems for the RR that should be available once they figure the system out & the car gets more abundant etc.
    There is also an input for a companion camera which I believe is a camera you would probably use to watch the dog or kids etc.
    I cant post pics to this forum but I have pics available of the screens.
    I do know a person in England that has his Disco3 with backup camera & DVD all working through the Nav screen.
    Cant be rocket science methinks!
    Its probably not been done much because LR is stingy or hopeless with documentation!
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    I am pretty interested in this. What exactly is the nature of this MOST bus... if I had a video signal, what sort of connector/signal format does it need to be in order to arrive on that NAV screen.

    And what Menu on the NAV screen allows for all this to happen???? I haven't run into it and I thought I pretty much played with every menu choice.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Also - does anyone have the direct links to the other LR3 message boards.

    Yes, lots of folks have the links but to post them here would violate the Terms of Use. Click on "Rules of the Road" at the top of this page to review them.

    tidester, host
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    johnmajor, most aftermarket backup cameras bypass the car electronics and wire directly to the Navigation screen with a switch. It then electronically changes input from the car Navigation system to the camera when the car is in reverse. (Very similar to people hacking the screen for DVD playback and adding a switch.) That isn't rocket science at all. It's done all the time.

    Just don't get your hopes up you can magically have the GUI interface support them, so it acts fully integrated. Diagnostics does not mean support. If you do know of someone that has managed to really add functionality without bypassing the system, send us a pointer! I've only had minimal conversions with my contacts regarding the system internals, as it isn't their specialty and they know very little... especially regarding doing unsupported things with it. I'm only passing around what I've heard, which may be wrong - it's a Land Rover Misinformation thing. ;)

    If someone wants to try to take the '06 Range Rover camera electronics and wedge it on the LR3, more power to them.

  • No question that you can do what you want with your life. The question is that it is not just your life at stake. The person you may hit while fiddling with the NAV would certainly have a different point of view.

    Sure, But again, I do not need Land Rover's lawyers to be the judge of all that. Selling me a dangerous car is one thing: if for instance driving the car NECESSITATED using a screen while driving, that would not be a good thing. But a car that ALLOWS risks is a good thing.

    Think of all the other issues that could be addressed by your way of thinking. Why is this car allowed to drive over 100 kph/62 mph, which is Canada's limit? The lawyers should limit it to 61 mph (just to be sure). Why am I allowed to slam on the brakes (very dangerous!)? Why am I allowed to sound the horn? Why am I allowed to adjust the seat while driving? Why can I operate the stereo: if the GPS is dangerous, the stereo is much more so. Heck, why does it even HAVE a stereo? In fact: why am I even allowed to drive any car? I could kill people!

    This reductio ad absurdum shows me clearly that they should use the GPS alone.

  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    tzo, MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) is a multimedia fiber-optic network standard that is slowly catching on in mobile systems.

    If you are a developer in this world, you might be interested in the CEA-2012 MOST network application:

    It's the first step in allowing aftermarket devices to really interoperate. Problem is (for us)... it's far from mature. Don't expect LR to be "cutting edge" -- they can't even get MP3 ID tags or CD Text to display. ;)

    The menu he's talking about is the (hidden) diagnostics/debug interface for the Navigation screen system. It isn't a normal "menu."

    Be aware I haven't personally confirmed video is fed through the MOST bus ('06 Range Rover related); that's just what I've been told.
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    Grommet, thx, I also did some googling on MOST. A protocol standard, which is fine, but for the purposes of our discussion LR3 would have to have some analog video in to MOST bridge somewhere in the vehicle. Doubt such a beastie exists today, as it wouldn't be cheap to just to include for future use.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Yes, if it was MOST based... you'd probably need to steal the whole camera system from the '06 Range Rover.

    I haven't pulled apart the system to actually see if there is a non-MOST analog input somewhere directly on the Navigation electronics. It's always possible my contacts were misled by "MOST" marketing and the '06 Range camera is just plain wire run to the screen.
  • alindsayalindsay Posts: 6
    Sorry for the late reply..been working long hrs.

    To get the rear taillight off I just unscrewed 2 screws and then pulled hard. There are 2 plastic retainers that stick out and need to pop. Didn't really see that they would break if you pulled hard.
  • alindsayalindsay Posts: 6
    I think there was a service bulletin on the condensation in the headlights. Call your dealer and service should be able to look it up.
  • alindsayalindsay Posts: 6
    I purchased the towing package and electroncs from the dealer at a 15% discount. $311 and $67 with the discount. I installed them myself and it wasn't too hard. See my post earlier.
  • "There are 2 plastic retainers that stick out and need to pop."

    Thanks for the follow-up. Now I won't be surprised by the plastic retainers if I end up doing this job.
  • joshua1joshua1 Posts: 7
    I am now 2800 miles into my LR3, driving Chicago's pot-holed roads, highways, and, yes, enough hills that would have been ideal for the stall. So far, nothing. The car has been perfect, and a pleasure to drive. I was nervous about buying such and advanced vehicle from a company not known for reliability, and sometimes I worry after reading this message board. But I have experienced nothing I would consider a problem. It does lurch a bit from a starting position, but I am heavy footed and the engine/transmission is pulling 3 tons! If I pull back from my desire to be first out of the block against any car in town, I have no problem. Also, I was experiencing the crunching noise when the front wheel was turned all the way left, but that turned out to be an easy fix at the dealer.

    All in all, from someone who also owns a 2002 BMW 540i, this truck (and, remember, it is a truck) has impressive road manners, a comfortable ride, good fit and finish, and no more initial problems or oddities to get used to than the BMW, which Consumer Reports called the best car they ever tested.

    I am a happy customer.
  • webbuzzwebbuzz Posts: 36
    I feel the same way, 3400 miles and no issues to speak of.

    The lurching is only noticeable for me when in normal driving mode. I am most comfortable driving around town in sport mode.

    Here is the kicker for me. My vehicle Zambezi Silver/Black HSE has some serious paint flaws. So, the dealer agreed to order me a new one and "buy back" my vehicle. I just hope that the replacement, which arrives in the next couple of weeks, works/drives as well.

    Has anyone had the opportunity to have new software loaded in their truck? If so, can you comment on any drivetrain improvements?
  • webbuzzwebbuzz Posts: 36
    My dealer service/parts departments claim there is no way to integrate the Range Rovers camera into the LR3. Which, is the response I expected to get. In retrospect I am starting to wonder if I would have been better off getting an SE. Then adding a Mini-itx PC, touch panel LCD, sound, etc...

    Oh well...
  • landy manlandy man Posts: 39
    Bribri - no stalling on either vehicle since the software was reinstalled on both of ours' them both stall out now...
    Salesman was not the same as your's, but he told us from Day One (at delivery) to drive our LR-3 a bit "hard." By the way, the demo that stalled on the LR dealer's course (and could not be immediately restarted - we were stuck going downhill, of course) - was driven by him. At that time, he asked the main tech to perform a check on all software. It appears that the harder we drive our LR3s, they are more responsive apparently due to the adaptive program in the FI and transmission programs. Thus, I find they do not hesitate when pulling out as they did before the programs were
    reinstalled. And neither has stalled. I am not sure how many cars stalling issue affects but we are all (my parents, wife and I) very happy with our decision to buy the LR3. Go for it!!
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    I also noticed more than a few paint flaws. Not serious, but little bumps here and there. Where it's good, and that's 99.9% of the vehicle, the quality seems really nice, but when giving the car a careful wax, I noticed I'd say up to 5 imperfections here and there.
    Also, here and there on the glass, roof and rear windows, I noticed some small blemishes in the tinting.
    It didn't take long for me to see this stuff. I wonder if LR's QA saw it but let the car go anyway.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    I agree on the paint. It's not perfect, and it should be at this price point. Send feedback, as usual.
  • winston1winston1 Posts: 10
    Anyone else have a "low coolant" warning message despite having clearly adequate coolant in the reservoir? I imagine this is a simple sensor issue. I wonder if the fix is an easy one. Also, my park distance control has been dysfunctional from day one. The first time I put the tranny in reverse after starting a beep goes off and I have to hit the blinking Park Distance Control disable switch to get the beeping to stop. No, there isn't something blocking a sensor. Sound familiar to anyone else? Thanks!!
    P.S. Despite these minor glitches I absolutely LOVE this vehicle!!!!
  • johnmajorjohnmajor Posts: 94
    Yes it is a hidden "Setup" "Diagnostics" menu serious of screens.
    When you add an interface piece of equipment you tell the system its attached.
    I have been told the backup camera gets its sensor input from the gearbox selector same as the autodim door mirrors.
    Theres a few UK companies have backup cameras available for the Disco3 (LR3) and I'll try to post details once I get the info.
    Its very doable by the way! I'm sure we all have taken what the service department people say with a grain of salt!
    Half the dealers don't even know about all the diesel fuel pumps being installed in the gas tanks!
  • webbuzzwebbuzz Posts: 36
    I can deal with the slight imperfections. But, the front and rear passenger doors and quarter panel are terrible. It looks like a nozel pumped out too much paint in several spots. Giving it a darker shade and very uneven.

    The dealer has been great.

    Grommet is correct. The paint should be perfect at this price point.
  • landy manlandy man Posts: 39
    Sounds to me like paintwork performed at port to possibly repair damage.
  • webbuzzwebbuzz Posts: 36
    I thought the same thing. But, several different body shop guys looked at. Each one said the paint is factory. That if the doors would have been redone there would have been eveidence of that on the inside of the doors.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Auto-dim mirrors? You mean auto-dip, right? (HSE only.) Yes, please send a pointer if you honestly find a company that builds an integrated (no screen bypass, please) reverse camera. (In other words, just the the modern Range Rover has.)
  • 3rdgin3rdgin Posts: 22
    This is on the Heavy duty package. My question, since I am pretty illiterate on mechnical stuff, is it worth it if you do not off-road. What does it do and how does it effect driving in bad conditions? I live in NC so we do not get terrible weather.
  • jamesj525jamesj525 Posts: 13
    The Heavy Duty Package adds a locking rear differential. A normal dif transfers power freely to both wheels. When one starts to slip, more power is naturally diverted to that one. So in an extreme situation, you get stuck because all the power goes to the tire with the least traction. A locking dif locks the gears so that power is equally distributed between the two wheels. That way, even if one tire is spinning, the one with grip can drive you out. It will pull you out of almost anything. You usually find lockers only on extreme off road rigs. I think the active part refers to electronic sensors that engage the locker when they sense wheel slip. You already have "limited slip" with out the HD package (I think from a central dif) and full time four wheel drive, so I really doubt you'd ever need it if you don't do serious off road stuff. I've taken my little jeep wrangler without a locker through stuff that made my head spin and did just fine. I can't really imagine having the guts to put the LR3 in a situation where it would be necessary - but I have the HD package anyway... and I'm headed off road tomorrow!
  • I just started my LR3 which had been sitting at Toronto airport for the day, in a covered but cold garage.

    All the warning lights came on red or flashing. The handbrake applied by itself (I do not use it when it is cold). The gearing went to LOW all by itself. The display said "HDC Fault - System Not Available". Chaos!

    It took me two restarts (key out) to get it all working again. So.. intermittent electrical faults haunt my LR3.

    I am not worried if they are solved, and LR have been very good in solving the issues. But by now I am starting to think "replacement car" may soon be in order. What say you all?
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