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Land Rover LR3



  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    Michael, very strange. You'd expect this haywire condition to be static once it shows up, not something you could make go away by taking the key in and out a couple of times. Is there some input to the computer that would cause it to behave like this, say some kind of detection of driving condition such as the HDC is failing and the car is put into Low? If so, then the computer must be getting a flaky and faulty read of the HDC subsystem, and that shouldn't be hard to trace down by LR's designers.

    To answer your question, seems like to me that unless LR sends some real expertise in to tear your vehicle apart, that your problem won't be solved. Which suggests you ask the dealer to replace the vehicle entirely.
  • Yes, I am beginning ot think "replacement vehicle" as well.. I hate to be difficult but I can't really trust this car anymore.. LR had it for two weeks, and now this!
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    what's the story in Canada... do they have a decent Lemon Law like we have in California?

    Besides, LR should be happy to get your car back so as to strip it down and find the root cause.
  • No, we have no lemon laws. Unions and Big Business here dictate the laws. Neither of those want lemon laws. :-(

    But LR have been very reasonable so they will no doubt continuer to do so. The LR3 is a wonderful car and I want to keep one, and they in turn, as you say, will no doubt want to indetify the errors exactly.
  • iragoodiragood Posts: 12
    My credit union offers its members the option of purchasing a new car through a service called Autoland. The advantage, supposedly, is that you get the vehicle at the lowest possible price without haggling with the dealer. They also have offered to take my old car in trade whereas the Land Rover dealer might not. When you purchase the new vehicle, it is delivered to you at the credit union (rather than my having to drive 30 miles to pick it up at the closest Land Rover dealership). Has anyone had an experience with purchasing their LR3 through this service (or an equivalent)? If so, was it a positive experience that you would recommend?
  • pmorenopmoreno Posts: 4
    I accidentally left my lights on which drained the battery in my HSE. After recharging it overnight I discovered that my keys are no longer in sync with the vehicle (I can no longer lock or unlock it electronically). Running the car for 6 seconds doesn't seem to re-sync the keys as the manual suggests. Has this happened to anyone else?

    Rather than leave my LR3 at the dealer for an undetermined period of time and be forced to drive a loaner Disco (Since the vehicle is so new, they told me they're not sure of how long it will take to fix the problem.), does any one know of a quick re-synching fix?

    Other than this random, self-induced problem I have had no issues with my truck. I love it!

    Thank you.
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103
    Doesn't LR3 have low battery protection system that will turn off the lights when the battery is low like the BMWs?
  • "Running the car for 6 seconds doesn't seem to re-sync the keys..."

    "Putting the key in the
    starter switch and running the engine for six
    minutes will restore full operation."

    Six minutes, not seconds.
  • pmorenopmoreno Posts: 4
    Woops! I meant six minutes... And yes, I've had my LR3 engine running for more than 6 minutes at a time and still the keys don't re-sync.

    Any other ideas?

  • maticematice Posts: 4
    My dealer told me that LR3's with white exteriors were only available with tan interior - no black. Can anyone confirm this? The web site (both here and for the UK) allowing building a vehicle white on black.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    All US exterior colors can be specificed with either Ebony Black or Alpaca Beige interors. In fact, I know someone with one. Chawton White & Ebony Black.

    But do note it's always possible a specific order cycle had an order limitation.
  • webbuzzwebbuzz Posts: 36
    The vehicle that I ordered in December is a White w/Black interior. The only thing the dealer said was "due to this color combination a non-refundable deposit is required."
  • bribribribri Posts: 2
    We looked into two other programs that offer similar 'lowest price, no haggle' options but neither of them had an agreement with Land Rover. We did however, price out the Toyota Land Cruiser with one of them and it turned out that it was not really that low! We have found that at least at the Toyota dealers we visited, the selling approach was much much different than Land Rover. So what is did give us was a more honest conversation about invoice pricing (even though these prices are readily available on the web) I would say, as long as you don't have any committment to buy you should compare the credt union offer with Land Rover direct.
    One last thought, if they are delievering it to you at the credit union, will you have the same ability to inspect the car (paint, interior), make sure all options are working before you hand over the check? Good luck!
  • joshua1joshua1 Posts: 7
    I have had occasion to drive or ride in several luxury cars lately -- ranging from Lincoln Towncars to Mercedes S500. What is so striking to me is that the LR3 compares so well in ride to these very high end offerings. For a truck that is quite remarkable.

    By the way: I am at 3000 miles, and still no problems to speak of.
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    I agree with you. I just sold an S500 that I drove for a few years. And I compare the LR3 driving feel very favourably to the Mercedes. The 19" Wranglers probably help. This coming weekend I'll find out how the ride is off-road, when I visit Death Valley!
  • reichowjrreichowjr Posts: 86
    My rain sensing wipers begin the wiping cycle before there is enough rain. This results in a load chatter sound as the blades skip against the glass.

    Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of the system?
  • hung3hung3 Posts: 28
    After we got the car back from the dealer on 03/04/2005, we had experience the same issue last Saturday. HDC, Transmission fault + ABS, Break warning lights came on while we were stuck in traffic on the highway, at the same time the suspension just shut down lights went off on the center console (the suspension descented to the lowest level, access mode). The engine was still running and the car seems to move, we then drove to the nearest exit and shut off the engine for approx. 5 mins. Once we restart the engine the problem seems to go away, however after we finished out errands, on our way home the same issue pop up at an intersection. Since the traffic light was red, we shut off the engine and restart it to eliminate the problem. And again the problem went away. The car is in the shop this morning, I should expect to hear more updates tomorrow from the service dept at LR.

    I wonder if anyone else has the same problem?? the car did not stall but the suspension completely shut down. I am now considering going forward with Lemon Law, if the problem can't be fixed by the dealer this time. Does anyone know how to go about doing this?

    Appreciate your kind assistance and reply.
  • fbaerfbaer Posts: 7
    Every state has a different law (if you are in the US) and my owners manual package had a book regarding Problem Resolution. If you do not have it, let me know and i will look up your state and see what it says.
  • I am reading a lot of neg stuff re. the LR3 and I felt the need to offer a more positive perspective. I sadly traded in my 2003 Range Rover 3 weeks ago because I really needed a third row. And I am surprised and happy to say that I am thrilled with my new ride. So well thought out, more peppy and smoother transmission than the RR. Love the nav system and the in dash CD changer. SO MUCH interior room. Can easily fit 3 booster seats across in the 2nd row ( not possible w/out bloody knuckles in the RR) and the 3rd row easily accomodates adults (only midsize SUV to claim that). My experience has been a pleasure. The dealer has been great even threw in the running boards with my purchase.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Maybe that's not so good for your pocketbook:

    "Of the new introductions, Land Rover LR3, Chrysler 300 and Hyundai Tucson sold at the smallest discounts -- 0.1%, 2.8% and 3.6% below sticker price, respectively."

    New Models Currently Selling at Widely Divergent Discounts (PR Newswire)

    Steve, Host
  • sector12sector12 Posts: 5
    I had the HDC, Suspension and special programs failure on starting my LR3. Upon restarting the LR3 the failures did not reappear. I have not had this problem while actually driving. I took my LR3 to the dealer last week. They could not find a problem, and indicated that there was no problem but that the system was indicating failures when there were none. At Land Rovers direction the dealer reinstalled the software. While the dealer told me that I should not encounter any more problems, the dealer also told me that Land Rover was coming out with a new software in two to three weeks.
  • hung3hung3 Posts: 28
    interesting. the last trip to the dealer they found no fault recorded in the car and they could not reproduce the same problem, duh! This time I am not sure what they will do to find out the actual issue. Since this is the sencond time the problem arises, I assume they will look into it more seriously. Thank you for the tips, I will ask the dealer today.
    I can't help but feeling a bit upset as our LR3 just pass the 1000 mile mark and had the same problem 3 times already.
  • hung3hung3 Posts: 28
    thanks, I have the same booklet from the dealer at the time of purchase. Trying to read through it now and see what resolution is available.

    Thank you.
  • pmorenopmoreno Posts: 4
    I took my LR3 to the dealer to have my key remote issue checked out.

    They told me rather than run the engine for 6 minutes to restore the operation of the remote, to simply turn the key to the "On" position (without turning the motor over) for 6 minutes.

    They re-synched both of my remotes using this method.
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    the service tech found a Land Rover clamp tool still on the hose somewhere, out of plain sight. Apparently the port delivery people who do some final assy had half tightened the clamp, got distracted and let the car go with the tool still on. Now they tightened the clamp, got rid of the tool, and pressure tested OK.
  • hung3hung3 Posts: 28
    got a call from the dealer just now and was told to hang tight while they research the problem with LR tech hotline as well as other LR dealers. Well I guess I wont see my "baby" for a few days more.
  • "They re-synched both of my remotes using this method."

    Interesting--sounds like someone wrote the Owner's Handbook wrong. Thanks for the follow-up.
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    hung3, that sounds like a real bummer. Keep us informed how things turn out. I fully believe there will be a magic bullet fix and that once resolved, all the LR3's afflicted with this condition will be cured to normal function.

    At 1000 miles, my HSE has been flawless, except for the coolant leak issue. I just haven't had a hint of any of these HDC faults, stalls, etc... the car drives so well, I am amazed at the smoothness. I take it for light duty offroading this weekend in Death Valley, and I'll report how well it did in that hostile environment.
  • pfabozzipfabozzi Posts: 5
    Got word that after a long long wait, by
    LR3 HSE7 Is hitting port next week.

    I told the dealer to install mud flaps (LR Orig)
    on the front and rear. (Amongst a bunch of other stuff)

    Does anyone have experience with these? Do they
    limit my offroad capability? I am also getting the
    side steps.

    Any advise is appreciated in advance.
  • cassie6cassie6 Posts: 2
    I don't actually have possession of it yet, but I've been told that I have a white one with black interior, on the way. Scheduled to arrive in GA in the next week.
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