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Land Rover LR3



  • mrstacymrstacy Posts: 34
    I found that when I plugged my MP3 player to the auxillary input I would get a annoying humming sound sometimes. I tried a ground loop isolator from Radio Shack, but it persisted.

    The workaround is that I have to press AM, CD, and then AUX. I consistently get no hum. Let us know if this workaround works for you.

    You might want to control the volume as AM and CD are much louder than AUX.

    PS: I have a Creative Nomad 60 GB Xtra and I love it. It fits perfectly in the notch the right side of the center console. Until they get ipod functionality like Mercedes Benz, this is the next best thing.

    6700 miles and no problems. Would definitely recommend. Love the room, adequate power, and functionality.

    Silver/Black SE7
  • kkonekkone Posts: 61
    I know you do not have an Ipod but I wanted to give you my experience. I use my IPOD with the Belkin powered cigarette ligher adapter that also has an adjustable amplifier and grounded system through the negative power lead. No hmm. But if I plug IPOD directly into Aux port with a double 3.5mm jack, I get a slight hum. Lo9K0LOyjh/
  • flownerflowner Posts: 42
    I seem to be getting more wear on the inside edge of my front tire especially the front right. I took it back to dealer a few weeks ago when I notice the car pulling right. They did an alignment and rotated the tires no charge.
    I looked today and notice the extra wear on right inside edge. Just wondering has any one else noticed the wear. It's easy to see the difference since Good Year was nice enough to put some squiggly lines in the tread
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Although it's not entirely clear from your post, I think you're saying thatyou have excessive wear on the inside edge of both your front tires, and that the inside edge of the right tire is more heavily worn than the left?

    As a rule of thumb, equally excessive wear on the inside or outside edges of both front tires is usually attributed to an incorrect toe setting. Wear on the inside or outside edge of just one tire is usually caused by either a camber or castor problem. If it's a castor problem it will usually be accompanied by a steering pull to one side or the other.

    From your description, it sounds as though it could be an incorrect toe setting, accompanied by a castor issue as well. Don't forget that once the steering alignment is properly corrected and the tire wear returns to normal, the existing wear pattern on the tire won't correct itself and return to normal (tires aren't self healing ;) ).
  • flownerflowner Posts: 42
    Yes, thats what's happening, excessive tire wear on the inside edge. But they swapped the front tires with the back and now the new tires on the front are exhibiting the same wear pattern. I read that some Volvo SUV's had a chronic problem with alignments. ( If you do a google search you can find it.) I'm hoping this is not the case.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    It's far more likely to be a problem with the skill of the tech, or the accuracy/calibration of the measuring equipment, than it is with the design of the vehicle.
  • jjgghhjjgghh Posts: 13
    I have a silver/black SE. (Love it.) I'm looking for a good leather care product for the interior -- any suggestions. I want it to look clear and be durable, but I don't want a real high, slick sheen. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Lots of suggestions in the Cleaning Leather/Cloth Interiors discussion.

    Steve, Host
  • nbarconbarco Posts: 14
    I have the Logic 7 and am noticing considerable rattling coming from the fron speakers. I cannot figure out if it is the actual tweeters or the plastic moulding around them. If I put manual pressure around the speakers the rattling goes away. I took it in once already and they did not fix it. Any suggestions?
  • nbarconbarco Posts: 14
    Has anyone installed the oem bluetooth system yet? Is is a user installble item or a dealer installed item? Challenging?
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    nbarco, use search regarding PTI or Bluetooth.
  • I while ago I posted a message regarding my LR3 not starting. The initial diagnosis was a faulty fuel pump and a loose ground. It was replaced, after driving for a week, it happened again. This time, they contacted LR and were told to replace the harness, which is a huge group of wires that goes around the entire vehicle. They said certain VIN numbers are having this problem - sorry, I don't know the range.

    Let me know if anyone else has had this done and if it solved the problem.

    Side note, the trip continuance service is great and they gave me another LR3 during the entire time.

  • rromanrroman Posts: 4
    I have an LR3 HSE that also has the speaker rattling problem which seems to be coming from the right front speakers. I only have 900 miles so I haven't been to the dealer yet for service.
    I expect the dealer to be able to solve the problem as its not acceptable by any means.
  • kandgkandg Posts: 53
    Hello all,
    We are new to the forum and also new LR3 owners having just purchased an 05 LR3 HSE7 in Buckingham Blue (new colour as i was told the Adriatic was dropped from the colour palette option for not being dramatic enough..fine by me as this one is near black but with a slight hint of blue). We were cross shopping the XC90 and the X5's but decided on the LR3 (as a child i always wanted a defender), as the Volvo's and Bimmer seemed so common. The options also were a factor as we didn't really have to add anything to the LR3.

    My question (sorry if it has been answered already) is the locking rear differential a necessity and is the truck's offroad capabilities reduced by lacking this heavy duty package. Also, is it available only as an aftermarket dealer installation or can i go to essentially any mechanic and have it installed (as it is obviously a differential)

    We're not planning on the Paris/Dakar or the Rubicon anytime soon but we do plan on utilizing this in the Bavarian Alps Region (softer offroad trails, tall grass, pastures, streams etc) Basically, the LR3 was not bought to do trips to the local mall

    Thanks in advance to anyone who answers
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    It's fairly obvious the optional rear differential will assist in certain extreme scenarios... it's not exactly a necessity, but you won't know you need it until you need it. Terrain Response is impressive with or without it. No, it's a factory option only. Sorry.

    On a side note, if hardcore off-road isn't a priority... the Volvo XC90 V8 is pretty good... it also has 7 seats, has good cargo volume (unlike X5) and is lighter and quicker than LR3.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Welcome to Edmunds and congrats on the new LR3. Please report on your buying experiences over in the Land Rover LR3: Prices Paid & Buying Experiences discussion. Thanks!

    Steve, Host
  • kandgkandg Posts: 53
    Terrain Response is impressive with or without it. No, it's a factory option only. Sorry.

    This was the reason i asked as with all these newer electronic nannies, i wonder how much it necessitates the two differential rather than just the center with Terrain Response and/or both. My curiousity stems from the old argument of whether all wheel drive is the same or equal to cars with rear wheel drive (Bmw) aided by a wheel slip control like DSC. In the snow, my car has been quite unflappable with the combination of snow tires and DSC, minus the allwheel drive mechanicals of thier "ix" series of cars, "quattro" for audi, or "allrad" from Subaru. No fear though, this won't be used as the typical grocery getter of which 95% of it's ilk seem to be used for.

    This was a tough decision as all the trucks tested, i found them very capable. The Volvo ended up at the bottom of the list due to NVH and an engine that didn't seem to be in the right gear. (not a fan of auto transmissions) It appeared that the car actually had less torque than the LR3 and highly boosted steering. The BMW (of which i'm used to the driving dynamics of the brand..and all inherent bimmer problems :( )was quite tenacious off road in non extreme conditions and a better driver on the tarmac. LR3 won by the virtues of it's optioned out price, drivability, capabilities and capacities.
  • koeslerkoesler Posts: 57
    Welcome, "kandg" to the Rover Family. Good choice. I don't think you'll miss the "locking" rear diff more than 2% of the time as the LR3 is extremely off-road capable as is. I've driven my Mercedes G500 (the best stock off-roader in the world - my opinion) the locking-rear-diff LR3, and unlocked-rear-diff LR3 on the Hummer test track and found no difference. All three performed equally although the G500 was best in that it did not even spin a tire due to it's three locking diffs. This was on a steep, long, rutted, rocky hillside. The G just walked up the slope as if it was flat - so did the unlocked LR3 with no difference noticed with the "rear-locked" vehicle.

    I've also done the same track with the Discovery II and it had serious problems (3 out of five could not make it to the top, and those which did had to have a lot of speed with lots of thrown rocks), as did numerous Jeeps and other "off-roaders". So, don't worry - you are in a very capable vehicle...
  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    Since you already have the LR3, the locking diff (locker) issue is moot. It would likely cost a bundle to install one. As for utility, a locker is valuable in real rock-crawling or other conditions where you frequently must rely one rear wheel for traction. For the odd occurence, the electronic controls and limited slip are probably adequate, but a locker does remove any issues about reliance on a microchip to send the power where its needed.

    Lockers are really useful on steep rocky inclines because even though front wheels may have grip, the weight is shifted mostly to the rear and the frontwheels may just spin. I don't know if the LR3 system senses and compensates for incline angle. An engaged locker can make control quite difficult on good pavement because the differential function, important when turning, is defeated. You have to know when and how to use a locker or it can get you into trouble.
  • kandgkandg Posts: 53
    Thank you koesler and dwpc for your insight. I doubt there will be any serious rock crawling or Lion's back attempts in the near future so my concerns are assuaged...interesting sidebar, i have colleagues who work in a DoD training ground here in Europe and get carte blanche on certain types of vehicles (tax dollars at work in excess) One morning 30 new Disco II's were delivered by flatbed trailers, 10 Mercedes ML's, and an assortment of 2 door Mitsu Pajeros. These work some pretty rough terrain known as "the box" alongside the hummers. The only ones that never required help were the Mitsus and this in an area where Hummer's and 5 tons are frequently rolled or have to be pulled by a tank. Most likely a credit to it's light weight though.. thanks again for taking the time to answer. cheers K and G
  • tachawktachawk Posts: 1

    Have been seriously considering the purchase of an HSE LR3 however, after reading the problems that new LR3 owners are having, I am having second thoughts, what is the collective opinion of the quality of a 50K vehicle. Please advise, thanks Chas
  • doctorpdoctorp Posts: 15
    On the way out of my office a couple of weeks ago, I was walking through my parking lot with my receptionist. I showed her my new LR3 HSE. She says, "What is that? A Scion?"
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    The LR3 is a Scion xB for people that need off-road ability or just have too much money. :) I guess some people can't tell the different between non-aerodynamic "box" designs. The xB does show MP3 tag info on the stereo, though. Advantage xB.. :P
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Sorry, you can't use an online forum and any of our uncontrolled comments to get a true picture of "quality." You'll need to wait for more professional statistics.
  • vpotlurivpotluri Posts: 47
    I am considering buying an LR3 as I plan to drive often on sand to go surf fishing. I spoke to an acquaintance and he had glowing things to say about.....the dealer. He used to drive a Discovery and he said it was a piece of sh*t. He didn't care for much of that vehicle. He said he will never again buy another Land Rover. I have read on the web that the Discovery indeed was not a reliable vehicle. I am one of those who has zero patience with poorly built anything. While I am pleased to hear the dealerships are excellent in customer service, I don't want to deal with frequent visits to the dealer. If I didn't need my vehicle to drive on sand, I would probably buy the Lexus RX. While I realize that this SUV is brand new, what is the consensus on reliability so far. I am willing to live with bland interior and poor gas mileage if it is reliable and a terrific off-roader. Thanks.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Tires (type and pressure) and operator skill have far more to do with successful sand driving than vehicle make.

    It's hard to recommend any vehicle to someone with a zero tolerance for defects, as all manufacturer are capable of supplying a lemon.

    Driving on salty sand will take a severe toll on any vehicle. You might want to consider something more basic that's pre-owned, and that's already taken it's initial depreciation hit.
  • royroverroyrover Posts: 1
    hello. same 2 issues have been occurring to my LR3, only 3000 km. Very frequently the idle rpms are quite unstable and even when they tend to stabilize the engine vibration is perceptible in comparison with smooth quite rpm behavior when new and for a while up to these rare events at 3kkm (1900 miles). Just like you, the problem of the idle speed is frequent but the acceleration to 3000 max rpm occurred to me twice, but was not able to bring it to LR dealer before it dissapeared and not happen again of course when they had it for 2 days trying to find out what is wrong with it. On both occasions the problem went away after a few minutes of driving and the events took place when the engine was driving slow for about 15 to 20 minutes after a cold start but the temperature needle was already in normal position.
    Anyway, besides this issues which, just like you, are not sure if are related, I do have another one... gas mileage! Considering my driving habits and same road conditions, plus 5 years in a RR HSE4.6 followed by another 5 years in a Disco II 4.0, both did the same exact mileage to my knowledge, and expected my v8 LR3 to be either the same of a bit... (just a bit !) better mileage... sad disappointment until know, not only is about -10 to -15% worst but with the reduced 2 gallons or 9 liters in the tank the city driving autonomy just got poorer. I am expecting to have the local dealer to loan me a demo V8 to test my self if my 9 mpg city driving and max. 14 in highway are a normal LR3 performance of there might be an issue with my LR perhaps related to the problems explained at the beginning? Hopefully this also could be fixed at least partialy with a software upgrade... should I keep my hopes or just start praying?
    Anybody out there with similar problems.
  • I did the LR offroad course in Quebec last month without locakable rear diff. This has worse trails than you will encounter.

    The car can do the same without lockable rear diff - it just means the other systrems have to kick in, which are less efficient (brakes on spinning wheels = energy loss). Not a problem if you do not spend all day with only one wheel gripping. Believe me: Do not worry!
  • kandgkandg Posts: 53
    Thanks Michael, everything i've read about, says it's a capable vehicle for what i need it to do. Looking under the vehicle, i noticed quite a bit of the mechanicals exposed but i'm assuming the engineers who built it, sealed off the right components. Does anyone on the forum recommend some kind of skid plate or undercarriage protection?
  • flashwookflashwook Posts: 2
    I just go a HSE with just about every option. The factory roof rack needs help with lights does anybody have any ideas. The fairing is ugly but do I cut it, what about wind noise? Help if you can.
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