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Land Rover LR3



  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    With the small amount of oil in the average car engine (usually no more than six quarts), it's usually more cost effective to just change the oil rather than have an analysis done, especially if it's dino. Analysis is usually at least $15, versus $9 for oil and $3 for a filter.

    However, on a large truck, boat, or plant where many gallons of oil are involved and bypass filtering is used, then analysis is routine and absolutely cost effective.

    On a regular automobile that falls into the 'normal' range in terms of operation and servicing, I'd suggest that the benefits of 3k oil changes versus 7.5k changes won't be apparent until 100k plus, when the engine with more frequent changes will show better oil pressure, better compression, and less overall wear, deposits and possibly sludge than the engine with fewer oil changes............hence my comment on "keeping it long enough" in the earlier post.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I think I'm on the far end of most owners since I do tend to drive them forever; if not in miles, then in years. Ten years is typical for me; 17 is my record. More frequent oil changes just seem like a waste of time and money to me. I think you're more likely to have a transmission failure over the life of the vehicle than the engine. I'm not too good about frequent tranny fluid changes either, lol.

    Steve, Host
  • lr3maybelr3maybe Posts: 134
    please tell us which brand of wood kit you installed, where you got it, how much it cost, how hard it was to install, did you install all the pieces or just some of them, does it have raised edges, was it flat pieces that you bent to fit or formed shapes, etc. Thanks

    Also, anyone, how many quarts is the oil change?

  • lr3_magiclr3_magic Posts: 18
    Well miracles do happen! Called my dealer this morning to tell him I was leaving town and he said they had a truck outside with some LR3's on it. He didn't know what was coming in and he would have to go out and see if my LR3 ordered back in Dec '04 was on it. He called back later and said it was on the truck and I could pick it up tonight. Just in time for my trip. Hope the wait was worth it.

    05 LR3 HSE7
    Alveston Red/Black
    Adaptive Lights
    Tow Package
    Heavy Duty
    3rd row Rear Seat Package w/rear Climate Control
    Cold Climate Package
  • koeslerkoesler Posts: 57
    I did not like the price, or the "color" of the LR wood kit so I wound up with a "flat" kit from BD Trims ( It's the medium walnut and the pieces are very thin and flexible when warm so the fit is excellent. And the price was $ 210. I put the wood on myself in about 3 hours. Just make sure it is positioned properly before you apply it - cause once it's there it's there. Since the pieces are very thin with slightly rounded edges, there is almost a smooth transition between the plastic and the "wood".

    The LR wood has very thin strips of adhesive to hold it in place - the BDTrims stuff is covered completely on the backside with 3M adhesive, so it'll hold until the car goes to the crusher. It looks great and everyone that has seen it had positive comments. I can take pics if you want and e-mail them to you (don't know how to post them here).

    I did not install all 39 pieces as I did not want overkill - just enough wood to add some "class". has a 61 piece kit that includes several pieces I would like to have, so I may have to buy that kit as well. They include pieces such as door panels for the front and rear, rear console pieces, glove box accents, etc.

    An oil & filter change requires 8 quarts of oil (5W-30 API-GF3 recommended). I think I'll go with Castrol 5W-30 in winter, and 10W-40 in summer (dino instead of synthetic).

    Good luck to all of you, and happy "Rovering"..
  • roverfishroverfish Posts: 4
    I got a free oil change from the dealer after roughly 5000 miles. I think they did it because it was 6 months old (I bike commute to work so my mileage is low) and the warrantee requires an oil change every 7500 miles or 6 months of operation.

    BTW, 8 months on the road (Nov. 04), 6000 miles, no problems at all, love the truck.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    It's just as important to change your oil if your mileage is low, as it is if it's high. Low mileage vehicles are usually used for short trips and the oil rarely get up to working temperature, which takes a lot longer than getting the coolant up to temperature. The oil then still retains contaminants and condensate that would otherwise have been boiled off, hence the warrantee requirement for time/mileage based changes on an either/or basis.

    Personally I'd do it every four months, but then I change my oil every 3k., so you can probably put me down as anal. :)
  • lr3maybelr3maybe Posts: 134
    Thank you for answering my questions about the dash kit koesler.
    I too don't like the dark factory kit nor the high price. And I would't want to install every piece that comes in those kits, just some bigger ones. I'd live to see a picture or two and you could email them to me directly, but I'd bet there are others on the list that would like to see them too (maybe the host can tell us how to post a picture).
    I have some samples from BDTrims, but the samples they sent are about 3/32" thick which is not very thin. They have rounded edges. And they are synthetic, not real wood. But I didn't get a sample of medium walnut, just medium burl, light burl, and walnut burl.
    I haven't checked out but also has a kit with they say the thinest wood veneer, and they say it's real. I don't have any samples yet.

    Also, thanks for the info on the oil capacity. I have an ML320 and it takes 8.5 quarts which helps keep it cool but is expensive when you use synthetic.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Pic posting instructions are in the Forums Help link in the left sidebar. Right now you can't upload the photo's to Edmunds so you'll need a place to host the pictures, like your homepage or one of the photo hosting sites out there.

    Steve, Host
  • punterpunter Posts: 3
    LR offers a TDV6 diesel engine with a 6-speed manual gearbox on the LR3 overseas. Anyone have a feeling for the possibility of seeing this here in the states?

    I realize that I'm probably in the minority here, but I hate driving a vehicle with an automatic transmission... and I'd be more than happy to give up the extra horsepower for a diesel.

    I'm in the market for a new SUV and the LR3 offers me everything I'm looking for except a manual tranny and a diesel motor... the V8 petrol motor, I could live with (despite the deplorable mileage) but the auto might be a deal-breaker.

    That being said... any ideas as to the possibility of importing a TDV6/Manual 'Disco3' from overseas (should that combination not see our market otherwise), and what would be involved in such an endeavor?

    Anyone else out there wishing for a stick?
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    basically can't be done.
  • lr3_magiclr3_magic Posts: 18
    Picked the LR3 up Wednesday night and took off on my trip Thursday morning. About 75 - 100 miles down the road, I get the suspension fault message and the amber icon on the far left side of the dash. It beeped for a few seconds and then said that normal suspension had been selected and everything appeared OK until a few more miles down the road and it happened again. In all it happened about 10 -15 times on the highway. Now when you lower it to access mode, it gives a suspension fault and when you accelerate away from a stop it also gives the suspension fault message. I traveled a little over a 1,000 miles on my first trip and will call the dealer on Monday to get it in to have them look at and fix. Also had the radio/navigation system lock up once where the Nav screen showed only the LR logo and the radio would play alternating loud and then soft, both on FM/AM and on CD. Turned the vehicle off overnight and everything is working fine now. So nice to wait 7 months for my vehicle and then drive it less than 100 miles and have a suspension fault. Lucking it has yet to go in the lock down mode or it would have been a terrible trip. Kept waiting for that to happen but it didn't so maybe I got lucky! :sick:
  • koeslerkoesler Posts: 57
    I really feel your pain, lr3_magic - but almost all new cars have glitches. I've had 33 new vehicles so far, and only one has had zero problems (a 2000 Toy 4Runner).

    My LR3 and I went on an extended trip this weekend and I'm happy to report 19.4 mpg !! That's with the A/C on at 70 mph. I fill up until I can see the fuel in the filler neck and calculate with a calculator so I know it's pretty correct. The car's computer had shown 19.6, so I believe it now...I even saw 20.2 mpg on occasion...

    and so far NO problems at all with the vehicle (except for that creaking steering wheel).

    Oil: I changed the oil & filter on my 1990 Toyota V6 religously every 3000 miles and at 200,000 the engine was completely gunked up with sludge (found out when the oil pressure went to zero and the valves started rattling). So, in my new Toyota I use full synthetic oil - will see what happens when I pull the pan at 100,000 miles to have a look. I do not plan to use synthetic in the LR3 and I'm extending my intervals to 3750 miles.

    Again, good luck to all of you..
  • doctorpdoctorp Posts: 15
    I had that light go on also. The dealer said it was ok to drive it like that until they replaced a part (a sensor?). However it had changed to a red warning light and said not to drive over 30 mph. The message was intermittent, and would go away if I restarted. They replaced the part and everything was fine. For a while.
    A couple of weeks ago the red light came on again. I was just getting on the highway to go to work, so I decided to just keep going because the LR dealer was right by my office. The truck's message was "Suspension slowly raising" and it was driving like it was too high. It felt top heavy. All of a sudden my rear tire blew and shredded and the truck dropped really low. I pulled over and had to get towed. Had I gotten the message at start up I would have taking my wife's beetle and left my LR3 home, but I was halfway there.
    The dealer told me they think the tire was leaking and got real low and then blew, but I don't know. They were going to charge me about $250 for the tire, but then decided to put it under LR's good will and did it at no charge. That was nice. I really can't say that I believe they are correct, but it's impossible to tell because the tire was all chewed up.
    So anyways, if the truck gives you a warning, listen to the truck.
  • kandgkandg Posts: 53
    I'm starting to wonder if some of these "suspension fault" error messages aren't due to driver error and having the suspension switches on the wrong setting? Any thoughts? I purposely put the left toggle switch to "high" to see if i could duplicate any error message and got an error stating the car will move "up and down" (travelling at approx. 10 mph) Pulling over and lowering to "normal" fixed the problem. Only odd quirk that's happened so far was during driving yesterday and having the cd player on, it switched mid-song playback to FM mode but i wonder if my palm might have bumped the "mode" switch on the steering wheel..

    Also, mileage seems to be as bad as advertised..if you go by the average on the fuel computer (which is taking the sum of the lowest re: acceleration and cruising, you'll get odd low figures such as 13.8 mpg etc) I drove from Wurzburg to Amberg (to my autobahn exit approx. 105 miles) and a little less than a quarter tank. This calculates to about 19.04444 mpg which given speeds ranging with the cruise control for about 80 mph and LR3's weight being 5000lbs plus, I believe is quite incredible.

    In answer to the guy wishing for a manual and TDi..the only premium brand truck that might offer you that in the near future seems to be BWM with the x5 3.0 with manual standard (it's currently a gasoline inline 6 but a great torquey motor with same spec towing capacity as the 4.8is X5) and the newer Mercedes ML's CDi's which i was perusing the brochure last night. The ML won a comparison test between the X53.0 and Touraeg in "auto bild" this month but i think you might be hard pressed to find a manual tranny in those sadly.

    '84 defender's can be had for about 5000 euro though! :)

    Sat in the RR sport yesterday..special one without badges done also in buckingham blue (thought it was my LR3 from the front actually then noticed the sport seats and perforated plastic grill) Since it was unbadged (no RR sport designation) i thought it might have been a new freelander (it looks small, folks) I have to say, I'd find it hard to chose this over the LR3 which is a much better value. The RR sport is small comparatively such as an X5 and with the next gen BMW x5 and Audi Q7 coming soon, i don't know if i'd plunge for this particular one. The same auto bild rated this as the best "driver's premium truck" but really, if you want that, i'd suggest sticking with the Cayenne or a car. The good news for LR3 owners appears to be, if you want to retrofit the supercharger it looks very possible.
  • lr3_magiclr3_magic Posts: 18
    My suspension fault message comes on when the vehicle is parked and I push the access level down to lower the vehicle for entry. It lowers and then the fault message comes on and then raises again to normal level all while the vehicle is stationary. When it is in normal suspension level on the highway, I get a suspension fault message when accelerating away from a stop. The acceleration causes the front to move up and the suspension fault message comes on. Suspension settings are where they should be for normal on-road driving so this is not a case of driver error. With the reports of compressor problems I'm wondering if the high outside heat factor in Texas and Arkansas where I was traveling was a component of the failure. Daily temps have been from 95 - over 100 degrees F during my trip. :sick:
  • punterpunter Posts: 3
    One of the incentive of being in the military that we got pricing based on the inital price quote from the manufacturer, $39,000 for SE and $44,000 for the HSE. We don't pay sales tax nor we pay luxury tax (Folks, we don't get paid much based on our line of job compare to civilian counterpart). We are stationed overseas and Land Rover also pay shipping back to the states for free. This also applies to all PAG (Premiere Auto Group), Volvo and Jaguar. If you want to get the price deal that you certainly hard to believe, it's easy, JOIN the military and take a chance to serve your country and deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Hey Gothope,

    Just curious about this deal you got...

    How'd you manage it?
    ...I'm also in the military, but I haven't been privied to any special deals that we get on vehicles. Am I missing something?

    Is it related to the fact that you're stationed overseas, or is this something I can work on here in the states?

    I'm planning to get a new vehicle in the comming months, so any help you can offer woul dbe greatly appreciated.

  • kandgkandg Posts: 53
    I'm answering for Gothope but the overseas deals are sanctioned by the factory with dealers usu. located off post and also open to government employees. If you go to the lr sites (volvo, bmw, porsche) there should be a link for government or military sales. The only criteria being you find your financing, commit to a build for 1000$ down and that's about it. There's a checklist of what is available for your future car (such as premium or sport packages) Right now, he's correct, for the next 3 years, LR will be offering free shipping to the U.S. if you buy it overseas. They don't tell you this but although the warranty is covered, we do not get the free standard maintenance with. Only BMW seems to offer this now
  • punterpunter Posts: 3

    Thanks so much for the info. I'm going to look into it right now.
  • lr3_magiclr3_magic Posts: 18
    Took my LR3 in today for the suspension fault when lowering. They called this afternoon and said it was caused by the vehicle being in transport mode. Since I took delivery last Wednesday, 7/20, I asked if they had not preped my vehicle properly when I took delivery. Didn't get an answer whether they forgot to take it out of transport mode or if it could default back into it. Service advisor said they did a re-boot of the system and everything was checking out ok. I specifically asked if they had tested the air suspension by raising and lowering the vehicle and she said they had and everything was normal. When I picked the LR3 up, the service advisor had already left. When I got in the vehicle to drive away, I lowered the vehicle to access level to test to make sure it was fixed and guess what -- same suspension fault message as when I brought it in this morning. I turned it off and back on and same problem. This dealership is a combined Land Rover/Jaguar dealer and the only Service Advisor was the Jaguar one. I asked for a LR tech, but they had all left. I went through the lowering process and showed the Jaguar advisor the message and problem. I left the vehicle and took the LR3 SE loaner back home.

    Needless to say My first experience with Land Rover is not starting out on good footing. My salesman was not in at the time so no help from that side. Bottom line is I order an LR3 HSE back in Dec. '04 and wait seven months for delivery with little to no information as to when to expect the vehicle. I've had it 5 days and it will now be in the shop for it's second visit/day. Haven't gotten the Land Rover new buyer survey, but will be interesting how I decide to reply based on experience so far.

    One other note. Stopped at my house with the loaner LR3 SE tonight and placed transmission in Park and tried to set the parking brake. Guess what doesn't work on the loaner. Got a red flashing parking brake sign and parking brake error message. Turned the car off and back on and still have problem with it. Will try later tonight to see if it will reset itself. Just :sick: or :lemon: Wating to decide!
  • godhelpusgodhelpus Posts: 2
    I recently took my LR3 out to Colorado to look at Real-Estate and do some off roading. I live in Chicago, and ended up in Breckenridge for a night. That's a 1073 mile trip for those counting. The vehicle performed magnificently at about 90 the whole way there. From Breckenridge then to Taos New Mexico. 400 Miles. Then some more crusing around the state plus off roading. Roughly 3500 miles. Two Problems. I got a check engine light about 2700 miles in. Stopped in at Colo Springs and was very impressed by the service. They said it was due the the fan spinning too fast due to the thinner air (lack of wind resistance). People in higher elevations might want to ask about this if they are having their lights on. Also, the infamous suspension fault light. This was quickly resolved by a call to LR Colo Spgs, who said to pull over and re-start the vehicle. From then on, it was impecable. Quick Aside: Never in my life did I think a factory standard (HSE) could perform as phenomenally as it did off-road. From the rough n' rocky terrain of the mountains (Hill Decent Control was AMAZING) to the sandy trails of the great sand dunes, this vehicle beat out all of my expectations by a landslide. I just got back, and bought a Freelander. Unfortunately, I've had minor problems with that...

    BOTTOM LINE: Other than for a few small issues that were quickly resolved, this vehicle is quite possibly the most amazing peice of equipment I have ever had the opportunity to become aquinted with.
  • kandgkandg Posts: 53
    Did anyone get a special class or instruction upon delivery explaining the suspension modes? We were given a quick hour class but it seemed to reveal that the sales people didn't really know much other than how to raise or lower the vehicle. I've read the manual and there's a wealth of little "easter eggs" the sales people don't tell you about. As often seems to be the case, the sellers don't seem to be too familiar with their product.

    This is our first "Ford" rover also so hopefully nothing will be far the moonroof has "failed" but that's either a fuse or a bad switch. Our appointment is on Friday to have it resolved. The truck has been returning decent mileage (for it's size) and handles better than one would expect.

    I was crawling around the undercarriage and would someone explain to me how the fording depths can't affect the underside? There seems to be an awful lot of exposed wiring near the suspension air canisters. The harness are exposed also. I can only assume the engineers knew what they were doing but i don't see how with the possibility of moisture contact can these things be expected to operate reliably if at all
  • lr3_magiclr3_magic Posts: 18
    Service advisor called and said the rear suspension height sensor was bad (don't remeber if it was the left or right side) and needed replacing. They are having one overnighted and I hope to get it back by tomorrow evening. :D
  • koeslerkoesler Posts: 57
    I'm so got to go to CO and off-road the LR3. There are sooo many nice trails it's amazing. Also, near Red River NM is some good off-roading also.

    I'm slowly getting more attached to my LR3 HSE after two months and 2600 miles - and no glitches yet. And I've yet to get less than 18.2 mpg. It's hard to find a better riding vehicle and especially one that's so awsome off-road.

    Have fun all of you - and good luck.
  • tblasiaktblasiak Posts: 2
    Almost made it to 5K miles without a problem when my wife encountered a park brake fault (red light flashing, amber on). She claims it happened when she started the car not to far from home. When she got home I did a few restarts but the fault was still appearing. Not to happy at this point and being late and around 95 and humid I gave up, time for a drink. I was praying that when I started it in the A.M. all would be fine... Guess what, when I turned the ignition and the system booted NO fault appeared.. I put it into drive and spun around the block. The LR3 appeared to be fine.
    Has anyone encountered a similar situation... I called the dealer and they said if it happens again to bring it in..
    My wife and I love the LR3, as well as my 3 year old and 3 month old. No other complaints execept Land Rover should make the memory seat function standard.
  • webbuzzwebbuzz Posts: 36
    18.2 mpg? I could only wish. How did you calculate this?
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    webbuzz, I get 18 or 19 MPG if I do long highway trips all the time. Calculated by hand... which isn't too much off from the silly computer average. Worse if I'm loaded up with cargo, of course.

    LR3 should be very close to EPA estimates for average driving: 14 city/18 highway.
  • teldocteldoc Posts: 49
    Update: We've had our white SE since December and have nearly 10,000 miles. The truck continues to perform flawlessly. It is a joy to drive and is the most confident machine we've owned. Better than the Land Cruiser it replaced.

    St. Louis
  • letterrepletterrep Posts: 12
    Not even the offer of a big bribe would get my local LR service guys to turn off the 'Inop' feature of the Nav while driving, so I finally moved out of denial and started looking for alternatives for finding POIs and setting destinations using the VR system...the recommended method of operating the Nav on-the-fly. Anyway, the first thing I did was reorganize the VR Nav commands so that they were better arranged in 'like' groups...POI commands with POI stuff...General Nav functions with other General Nav functions, etc. All of this was done on an Excel spreadsheet, then put to practical use, then corrected and changed and redone until it makes pretty decent sense. (Some of you are thinking I have way too much time on my hands, but, in my defense, this is my work vehicle and it's important to me to have Nav all the time, so...this was a professional effort.)

    Anyway, in the course of using the Nav with VR, I've found there are lots of limitations and lots of short cuts. None of these, however, are listed in the Navigation System Guide. That guide, rather, tells you how to operate each feature and not really any practical application of it. Some of these I've discovered myself, others I'm sure I don't know yet.

    Does anyone know of a 'Practical Use Manual' for the LR3 Nav? If so, let me know. If not, I vote to have an additional forum here where we all can exchange practical knowledge of the use of our Nav systems and then write one ourselves.

    BTW, if anyone wants a copy of excel spreadsheet with the me and I'll send you one.
  • koeslerkoesler Posts: 57
    I've been getting readings of 19..., 20, and even 23 mpg on the computer readout while driving the LR3 on the Highway at 65, A/C on, and two people. I called my dealer and told them my 'puter was needing an overhaul. They said it's just fine. Then I started to calculate my mileage the old fashion way, and sure enough - I'm getting 18-20 mpg highway with about 20% around town travel mixed in. I've never done strictly highway or around town travel as I get around 400 miles per tank.

    I filled my tank on the last 5 occasions until gas started to run out the filler hole, and then used a calculator to determine the mileage, and it's always within 1 mpg of the computer reading. I also drive "nice" in full auto mode. My dealer says "they are getting lots of reports of great mileage". My little Toyota truck only gets 21-23 mpg with it's 3.4L V6. So, no complaints from me..let's hope the other gremlins stay away as well.
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