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Chevrolet Equinox Maintenance and Repair



  • svan54svan54 Posts: 1
    I have an '05 Equinox, and initially it was fine, but after about 1500 miles it acted up. In the mornings when I first start it and place it in gear, there is a lurch in the back of the car. It feels as if it is coming from the rear axle. The engine light and the traction control light come on, and the car will not accelerate at all. If I stop the car and restart it, the problem with acceleration usually goes away, although the engine light stays on. Later in the day when I start the car, it usually doesn't do this- just first thing in the morning. I've had it to multiple Chevy dealers, several things have been tried, but so far it is unfixed. Any ideas or similar problems?
  • litslits Posts: 1
    Its unfortunate a load of people are having nightmares with their NOX. We got ours May 1st, 2005 from a dealership in MD (a friend's dealership) though we live in CT. Right now it has just about 15K miles on it

    Of course we've had minor problems with it but nothing major. We used to take it to Hasset Chevy in Ffld but they were of no help....then we started taking it to Dan Parkins in Milford...and I believe I'm gonna be loyal Chevy-ite for a while

    We've had grinding noise at low speed while making a turn (that was the front strut), and click sound while rolling up/down the front passenger window (that was the motor)...but all were resolved.

    I think it may depend on which part of the US you bought yours from [i stand to be corrected]...but if u're in the tri-state area....give Dan Perkins a try.

    btw, i do not work for them....i just thought to say where someone might get help
  • noxnonoxno Posts: 19
    I don't believe a front strut and a window motor on a new vehicle is a minor problem as my transaxle leak at 4000 miles! Good Luck!
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Posts: 248
    Maybe you don't but thats his/her opinion, not yours (which is the opposite I guess).
  • dickr5dickr5 Posts: 1
    Tools needed : 1 small eyeglass screwdriver. Extend the rear headrest fully and insert the screwdriver into the small hole in the round plastic base (the base without the button on it ) Push it in and you'll feel the headrest release. Pull it out and your done. I was thinking about swapping it with the front headrests but the shaft angle is too severe.
  • everfebeverfeb Posts: 115
    Hi Nox folks...just the foul smells come right away or after a certain period of time. Just curious as I am considering trading my 2004 Mazda3Hatch and kind of like a lot the Nox has to offer.
    BTW...I have had numerous problems with my 3 (it was one of the first produced for N.A.) and think just about all new from the ground up vehicles have all kinds of problems the first couple years. These days there are just so many more things to go wrong in a vehicle than there were 20 years ago.
    How is the heater in winter and the A/C in summer?? Both are pathetic in my 3.
  • My Equinox is a year old and has been nothing but problems. First were minor things sensor, engine light, that sort of stuff. The real problems began when I hit 15,000 miles I noticed it was leaking coolant. I took it to the garage 3 months in a row and was told it's not leaking. I could smell it, see it on the ground, and the reserve tank was slowly emptying. They put dye, which I think was stop leak after I threw a fit. Two months later it's leaking again, now they finally told me it was the headgasket going bad. Needless to say I'm not happy with my car and it is still not straightened out.
  • liledliled Posts: 1
    Hi there, I bought my Nox in 8/05, i hear the same exact thump also but I only hear it when I 1st start up my car in the morning or when it sits for a while. In about 1 minute after starting it up, I hear a thump,thump,thump then it goes away. I 1st freaked out when i started hearing it but since i did not see any engine lights go on or anything, I just leave it as it is. But after finding this site I am starting to wonder what awaits me down the road. I currently have 1,700 miles on it.
  • Well my nox is back in the shop again for the third time.. And yet again for the coolant tank. Driving down the interstate and I start to notice that the car is shaking, and that the dead animal smell is back again.. Well pulled over and opened the trunk and the coolant in the tank was spraying everywhere and just gushing out from the bottom, and the stuff that was left in the tank was caked on to the side of the container.. Well had it towed to the chevy dealership and they tell me that it could take up to a week to get it fixed if they have to order the parts, and the messed up thing is that they didn't even give me a rental car. Which really ticked me off, because i have two kids that have doctors appointments, and a husband that i have to pick up from getting back to sea on monday.. This is really irriating me. I am getting tired of having the same problems happen over and over again, like the check engine light that just won't go off no matter what.. Or the windows that whistle when u roll them down. I've had this car for almost a year, it's nice to look at and all, but the problems it's having are making it turn out to be a big ole fat :lemon:
  • noxnonoxno Posts: 19
    I've had a very strange thump in the rear end at a slow downshift speed, like the AWD had kicked in. They never found the source of the transaxle leak. My wife just ran over an island during a u-turn past the cross walk. $1500 in damages to the drive shaft. We all know of the blind spots, seats are fitted so low. I drove up to the intersection, couldn't see the island myself. Only six inches high, not much of an SUV that can't clear a 6 inch obstacle. I've been waiting on recalls, at 5000 miles going to take the loss and trade UP to a 4 door Toyota truck. What's up with the Equinox motor imported from China? To bad, great looking car, good luck!
  • Dear Readers, your experience are real with the Equinox. Should you encounter problems with your car, do a Google search for Transportation Service Bulletins. Use one of the free sights and build your own report on problems which may be similar to yours. Take your findings to the dealer and give it to them in writing. Be persistent! They will fix it but you must do your homework, unless you have a great dealer. I know it is a pain but this is what I had to do to get satifaction.

    Since purchasing my LT in Sept 04, I have had the following problems:
    1. Entire coolant thing, took three trips but was resolved.
    2. Front brake rotors resurfaced.
    3. Both front struts replaced.
    4. CD changer and radio replaced.
    5. Transmission reprogramed.
    6. Entire rear differential replaced.
    7. Front stablizer link-bar replaced.

    It is a shame, I like the car but the problems have been overwhelming. I will never buy another American car. After my lease is up, its back to VW.
  • Hi,

    Can you send me some information regarding this I bought my truck last feb, starting having odor problems in march,when the heat was on, I brought it in to be fixed which they said was the tank resovior, now after not using my heat all summer and finally turning it on this past month I am experiencing the smell again. Any insights?
  • Hi, I get the same thing with my Equinox. I have 5300 miles on my truck. Have you been able to find out anymore on this?
  • Problem Identification :mad:
    •The ignition key cylinder doesn’t always release the key which damages the keys.
    •The starter isn’t always engaging when you try to start the vehicle
    •Check oil light comes on
    •Engine light comes on
    •Service vehicle light comes on and stays on till you turn the vehicle off
    •CD player doesn’t always read the disc when you turn the vehicle on
    •CD player doesn’t always eject the cd when you press eject
    •Engine is often cranking excessively prior to vehicle starting
    •The AWD light comes on and disengages the AWD system
    •Banging noise from under the vehicle when slowing down or at slow speeds. Excessive use of fuel

    Four times the :lemon: has been in their shop for the exact same problems and every time the dealer would assure me this would be the last time. They have had four tries to fix this same problem and all the problems are still occurring today. It is obvious GM doesn’t know how to fix these problems because if they did it would’ve been fixed correctly on the first or second time.

    The customer service GM offers is unsatisfactory. I’ve given them more than enough chances to fix these ongoing problems and I’ve been inconvenienced too many times to mention by themselves and Orion. This vehicle is still under warranty and since October 4 they have refused to address any of my problems. Even if they did take my vehicle again to try and resolve these ongoing problems they still wouldn’t know how to fix my vehicle. This is just going to be an ongoing problem they’ll never be able to repair and it needs to end today. The only reason GM doesn’t want to buy back my vehicle is because based on my experience there are NUMEROUS Equinox’s in North America with the same problem as mine (and these are just the ones I’ve found on the internet) and if they buy back mine and other people get wind of this then more and more owners will come forward.

    I leased this vehicle with the intention of buying it out once the lease is up. After all of these problems there is no way I will buy it out so I do not want to continued wasting my money on this :lemon: . My next step, if arbitration does not satisfy me, is to contact other Equinox owners with problems like mine and perhaps start a class action law suit against GM.
  • I've had my 2005 Equinox for over a year now and have had several seemingly unrelated problems with it. My biggest concern is the poor gas mileage, but I may have stumbled onto a possible cause and wanted to see if anyone else has experienced the same problem.

    I noticed recently that when I turn the heat on in the car when in park or stopped at a light, the tachometer goes up about 300-400 RPMs -- the same amount it goes up when the air conditioning compressor kicks on. I understand why it would go up when the a/c or defroster are turned on, but it shouldn't go up by just turning on the heat.

    My gas mileage has never been good (about 20 or 21 mostly on the highway), but since I've been using the heat, it has dropped to about 15. Could the increased RPMs cause this sort of a gas mileage drop? My local Chevy dealer doesn't seem to know what to do with this information.

    Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!
  • i only get about 200 miles to a tank of gas in my 2006 Equinox its not the awd either. i really didn't pay attention to see if its worse now that i have to use the heat everyday im going to check now thanks. i have 4100 miles on it and the check engine light is on and wont go off, i just had an oil change about 1000 miles ago and when i checked it this morning it was making a clicking noise any one know anything about this, my dealer told me that i have to wait 2 days before they can see it since its not a flashing light its not a big deal they told me. Can anyone help? Thanks
  • sgr5516sgr5516 Posts: 156
    On the Equinox HVAC system, when the right knob is set to floor, defog or defrost mode, the system turns on the A/C compressor automatically (and raises the RPM's). With right knob in any of these positions, the A/C button and indicator light become a useless decoration. You can push the button to turn the indicator light on and off (giving you impression you are controlling the compressor), but nothing happens. There is no way to turn off the compressor in these modes. The A/C button controls the compressor only when the right know is set to vent or bi-level mode.

    To get around this during cold weather, I set the right knob 1 position to the left of the floor mode icon. Most of the air goes to the floor and a little comes out of the dash vents.

    I have a 2005 LT FWD since June 05 and have averaged only 19 MPG with mixed city/hwy driving. MPG has dropped to 18 MPG with the cold weather due to warming up car a few minutes in the morning to remove frost from windshield.
  • Thanks for the explanation. I had never heard that before. Is this something unique to the Equinox?

    Before posting, I even tested it on our 2005 Pontiac and with the heat on and the directional dial pointed to the floor, the RPMs don't increase. On that car, the RPMs only increase when it is put into a/c or defroster mode. I thought that was the case with most cars.

    It seems your gas mileage is just as bad as mine. I was hoping I had found the reason for my sudden drop in gas mileage, and I guess I did.
  • sgr5516sgr5516 Posts: 156
    I was surprised too to find out the compressor runs with the knob on floor mode on the Nox. This was discussed in earlier Nox posts and it is mentioned in the owners manual.

    No other car I've ever owned forced the compressor on. I guess the Nox design team felt that customers would want the compressor on in any mode that directs air to the windshield. Since floor mode does direct a small amount of air to the windshield, they turned on the compressor.

    I also have an 04 Malibu Max LS and the HVAC functions are way better. In vent, bi-level and floor mode you have control of the compressor using the A/C button. In defrost/defog mode the system turns on the compressor.

    The A/C indicator light works more logically. If the system turns on the the compressor, it also turns on the A/C indicator light and does not let you turn the indicator light off. If the light is on the compressor is on, if the light is off the compressor is off.

    Regarding mileage, check out post #4062 on the Malibu Maxx forum. Someone gave a good explanation of why mileage decreases in colder weather.
  • Thank you so much for the information and the heads-up from the Malibu Maxx discussions.

    My gas mileage has been incredibly disappointing since day one, especially in the winter. I was hoping I had stumbled onto something that could be fixed or replaced and begin getting somewhere close to the EPA estimates. Unfortunately, that was just a pipe dream. At least by keeping the HVAC on bi-level, I won't make it any worse.

    Thanks again.
  • I know your post is from a while ago, but I have a 2005 Equinox. So far its been in the shop over 16 days for faulty gas guage, cracked windshield, and moldy horrific odor. I've only got 2,300 miles on the car. The odor is the worst. Its a very earthy moldy smell. Dlr said its from a leak under the car. Leak was fixed. Also, coolant system is suspect. Coolant was flushed, and all new hoses installed. Finally all carpeting was replaced. Smell still remains. I fear air quality may be hazardous. Help!!!
  • I have a horrible smell in my Nox. Its obNOXious. Moldy. Acrid. Unacceptable. Dlr replaced carpet, changed coolant hoses & flushed system. Also found body seam w/ leak and fixed the leak. Still an absolutely foul smell. Any clothing caught in my Equinox must be sent to cleaner. I am worried about environmental concerns relating to air quality.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Do you know the axle for the Equinox, I can't seem to be able to find it on the GM site.
  • sgr5516sgr5516 Posts: 156
    If I remember correctly, final drive ratio is listed on the window sticker. I checked and looked up various FWD/AWD models, all trim levels, both 16 and 17" wheels. All the stickers said the final drive ratio was 2.70.

    TSB 04-07-30-031A describes operation of the AF33-5 Aisin transaxle. the gear ratios are (1st) 4.685, (2nd) 2.942, (3rd) 1.923, (4th) 1.301, 5th (1.000).
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    2.70 is tall, I guess the 5 speed has the old axle ratio system out of date.
  • There is a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) on this:

    Service Information Regarding a Pop/Clunk Noise From the Rear of the
    Vehicle on Initial Cold start and/or During the Warm-Up Drive Cycle -
    Inform Customer of Normal EVAP Vent Solenoid Operation #04-06-05-009B -
    (May 26, 2005)
    Service Information Regarding a Pop/Clunk Noise From the Rear of the
    Vehicle on Initial Cold Start and/or During the Warm-Up Drive Cycle (Inform
    Customer of Normal EVAP Vent Solenoid Operation)

    2005-2006 Chevrolet Equinox

    2006 Pontiac Torrent

    2002-2006 Saturn VUE

    Fixed Operations Manager and Technician

    This bulletin is being revised to add additional models and model years.
    Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 04-06-05-009A (Section 06 --
    Engine/Propulsion System).


    The purpose of this bulletin is to provide service information regarding a
    normal characteristic of the evaporative emissions (EVAP) control system
    On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) testing. Some customers may comment that they
    hear a pop/clunk noise similar to a backfire type noise from the rear of
    the vehicle during initial cold start and/or during engine warm-up.

    The noise may be generated from the EVAP vent solenoid opening and closing
    during the OBD test. The engine control module (ECM) or powertrain control
    module (PCM) performs the EVAP OBD test each ignition cycle the test
    parameters are met. For test parameters, refer to "EVAP System Diagnostics"
    or "Inspection/Maintenance (I/M) Evaporative Emission (EVAP) System Set
    Procedure" in the appropriate Service Manual or SI.

    Important: To help confirm that the EVAP vent solenoid is the noise the
    customer is hearing, the service technician should have the customer sit in
    the vehicle and listen to the EVAP vent solenoid being cycled using the
    TECH 2. This operation can be found in the Powertrain/Special Function
    section of the TECH 2 menu.

    If the noise from the customer comment was from the EVAP vent solenoid, no
    service is required. Replacing the vent solenoid will not change the normal
    sound of the required EVAP vent solenoid test.

    If the noise from the customer comment was not from the EVAP vent solenoid,
    the technician should continue diagnosing the customer's concern.
  • The 2006 Chevy Equinox comes with smaller rear can go to your dealer and purchase them and they'll fit in the 2005 Equinox
  • Hello all...not to take away any thunder from this website but just wanted to let all you Equinox owners know there is another discussion forum on the Equinox at

    It is there that you can find almost any answer to your concerns on the Equinox like the foul smell coming from the engine area? There is a service bulletin instructing dealers on the fix for that. There are people from the plant who post on there and can answer questions or get answers for you.

    All I ask is take a look...thankyou.
  • i bought my 2006 equinox lt fwd about 4 months ago i traded in my 04 mustang convertible for it why i dont know now. my check engine light was on for many reasons a.) pressure valves faulted,B.)electronics faulted,C.) My ABS we screwed up now they have just ordered me a new radio since mine decided to crap the bed. i called my dealer and told them for the amount of money i pay for this thing i dont expect this granted theres a warranty but im now going to keep going back. today they told me to come in with it there writing me a check for my buy out giving me back my downpayment and im getting the mustang back. chevy is expensive and for the junk they sell its not worth it, never again will i waste my time or money on chevy!!!!
  • Dear Kfy1955,
    Can you describe the issue with the rear differential? I am having problems with the rear end making a type of grinding noise when on slippery surfaces. We are going to bring it in to have it looked at this week but I'd like to get an idea of what you've experienced.
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