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Chevrolet Equinox Maintenance and Repair



  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    maybe you should file a complaint with the national highway transportation safety administration so others might benefit:
  • Warning-Radio problem
    I have a 05Chevy Eqiunox-The problem is the Amplifier is under passinger back seat ,bad-place. If someone spills pop or water on seat it runs down seat right in to the amp, which causes the amplifier to short out. GM should put the amplifier in the rear of the car where people will not be sitting and drinking. There are cup holders in the back seat area and it is normal to drink in an auto, but people need to be warned about the amp and where it is located.
  • I purchased my Equinox in Nov of 04 and have nothing but trouble with it. Twice it has been in the repair shop for the stench of foul odor coming from the coolant system and the sound of water running from side to side when turning. The first time in shop they replaced all coolant lines and flushed the system with this recommended cleaner by GMC and stated that they water sound was normal, but again they were wrong. I just got my vehicle out of the shop for the 2nd time for the same problem. This time they did a pressure test and stated that the heater coil had a crack and this was the problem all along. They replaced my coolant tank and flushed my system several time and stopped the water sound. I have only had my vehicle back less then 2 weeks and waiting for the next go around. I truly believe that they are grabbing a straws trying to fix this car. I really think GMC need to take a closer look at this problem and do a recall, because every day I am reading more and more about the same problem with other owners. I am truly unhappy with the Dealership that worked on my vehicle, every time I turn around somebody is not telling the truth and there stories never add up. I will be glad when something is done about this. One more time and I plan on filing a lemon law on this vehicle. Truly Unhappy in Florida
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Posts: 248
    GM issued a fix for the coolant problem way back in Jan or Feb possibly even Dec. Go back to your dealer and tell them there is a TSB issued for the problem and they have to follow the repair insructions exactly or it will not work. If they say it can't be done take your Nox to a differnt dealer because you may be dealing with numbskulls.
  • Me and my husband had the same problem with the coolant.. We took it in during the beginning of september because our coolant was a thick black mucky color and had mold in it.. Well needless to say the problem has come back :mad: , but not only that now we have smoke coming into the cabin from the AC vents, and when you turn the car makes a horrible squealing sound, and our driver window kinda whistles when you put it down.. This car is starting to be more of a pain than a pleasure and for 32 thousand dollars I didn't expect to get a crappy car :lemon: i am about to either trade it in or if they don't file a lemon law suit, if anyone else has had this problem please let me know
  • m4825m4825 Posts: 11
    Dexcool with mold? That's a new one..... 32K for a nox????

    I have had my fully loaded LT nox ( a lot less than $32K) for over a year now and other than the coolant issue- for which there is a permanent fix. I have had no other real problems.

    I wonder how many of these postings are from ACTUAL owners of an Equinox?
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Posts: 248
    Read post #582.

    In regards to the other problems, im not sure. But its surely under warranty. Tell the service people to be thorough in their repair job.
  • Yeah sure, mold in antifreeze and $32K price tag.
    The last "Hit and Run" was reporting total vehicle break down with no facts or information to back it up.
    I wouldn't waste my time with them other than to expose them as il-legit and disturbing the peace.
    I guess that what happens when a new GM product comes out to rival the competition.
    My wife and I totally love our Nox and would buy another one.
    Nox On!
  • Hello CRG

    I know that it is 1 year after this note was posted,,, is there anyone else that has had problems with the battery.
    My battery is draining often and the source cant be found. I have to use a battery pack 8 out of 10 times to start my car.

    If anyone has any thoughts please post it for me.
    What is a BCM?
  • jonoxjonox Posts: 100
    Had a similar problem with my Tbird when battery used to lose its charge overnight. Problem was corrected by replacing the alternator. :)
  • BCM stands for Body Control Module.
    It is one of several computer/control system in a modern vehicle.
    Believe it or not there is also a BPCM. That is a Battery Pack Control Module.
    A reputable dealer repair shop can isolate this abnormal parasitic battery drain.
    The more information you can give a service tech. about its occurance the easier it is for him to solve the problem. Hope that helps.
  • I have a 2005 Equinox that is 5 months old and has only 2000 miles. Why so little you ask, its because we cannot take car on highway. Shortly after driving for only 2 months our brand new equinox shuts down while driving 60 miles/hour on the highway. It does this whenever it feels like it, not all the time. The symptoms are the car just stops, it feels like when I press on the gas, the tank is empty, its does nothing. No lights on dash come on, NOTHING. The RPM needle goes up and down between 2 and 3 as I press on gas but car does not respond. When I pull over, I restart the car and drive on as if nothing happens. So before I get rear ended and killed does anyone have any idea what is wrong, as my dealer cannot find the problem as when the car is in their hands it does not do this problem. Thanks for any ideas as I am about to dump this lemon if I cannot find problem soon.
  • noxnonoxno Posts: 19
    That was an INSANE message, I paid $9,000 less for a fully loaded AWD LT. But, you are one of the few without any problems with your nox. It's to bad as this is a great looking SUV that turns heads. I'm at 4,000 miles, been in the shop two days now with a transmission leak. They have seen the fluid on the transaxle, cleaned it off but can't find the origin of the leak. My leather seats rub so badly against the door handle you have to leave the door open to move them forward. GM Rep has complied with the problem, extended the warranty on the seats as long as I own the vehicle, no fix available, they even sent it to an outside upholstery shop. You know well of all the blind spots, seats are just fitted to low. I'm 6' hard to even reach up to an ATM machine from inside. Poor fuel consumption, only 15-18 MPG. I have receipts and a beautiful spreadsheet documenting fuel consumption. Takes 3-4,000 RPM's before down shifting, hopefully taken care of while figuring out the transmission leak. Be quite careful when setting the parking brake, make sure your daughter doesn't open the cup holder while the parking brake is set, almost busted the cup holder trying to lower the parking brake that was jammed in the cup holder. Was quite surprised when I was unable to crawl under the vehicle to check on the fluid leak. Not obese, skinny as a broom. AWD, 17" tires, looks like I'll be driving on even surfaces only. Been a loyal GM driver for 30 years, love my 95 Silverado, notta one problem. Paid cash for my nox, BIG MISTAKE. Have a nice nox day!
  • yes our nox cost us 32000 that's because we leased it.. And yes there was mold in the antifreeze, the dealer said there was bacteria growing in it. I'm not lying and i don't appreciate being called a liar.. And i'm not a hit and run blogger, it's called i have two kids and a life so i have better things to do than be on the computer all day.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    Please try to avoid any kind of name-calling or arguing. Take a breath and thank you!


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  • noxnonoxno Posts: 19
    Sorry you took my message that way, as I was replying to another message that had made reference to your initial message! As you can see I'm not happy at all with my Nox. It was probably mistaken as you explained it from a layman's point of view, and quite obvious we have some more mechanically inclined individuals here, which is all good!
  • noxnonoxno Posts: 19
    It's good to see we have an umpire here, but if you would like to hear some name-calling or arguing you should have been at my sixteen year olds softball game last week, UNREAL! Thanks for the Host, have recieved a lot of helpful info here.
  • Sorry about the snitty attitude. I did not mean to snap at anyone. It's just being a military wife with two young children having a car that wants to keep having problems isn't exactly what i wanted or need.. I am taking my car back in this week because the check engine light keeps wanting to come on when ever it pleases. And the smoke i was saying was coming out of the AC was due to a defective hose, which they fixed after i had to schedule an appointment to make sure they got to it that day. Ohh and i recently discovered that if you drive through more than 3 inches of water, that the ABS and E brake light come on, but will eventually go off. Other than the problems i like it, it's comfortable, and i like the fact that the back seat is able to slide forward or back, and the little table in the back so you can have to levels of storage.
  • noxnonoxno Posts: 19
    The snitty is okay understanding the frustration of a NOX owner. I once again just picked up my nox for a fluid leak. I have the paper towels that shows the bright red fluid that was leaking, they confirmed yep that's transmision fluid. After two days of testing and a tank of gas they never refilled, could not come up with an answer, as this is a sealed component, they had also seen the fluid from two bolt areas on the transaxle but after cleaning they could not find the source. At least once again another documented problem. Last week driving down the highway a very strong gas odor appeared, had the family very scared. I pulled over they stayed a safe distance away. Checked under the hood, and rear and could smell the gas from the back drivers side, but no gas leaks. Waited for the vehicle to cool down and continued on with no more gas odor, crazy. I'll bet my title and deed on the house that we are going to see recalls on this vehicle. To bad as it is a fun and good looking vehicle to drive. Good luck!
  • I haven't had problems with the transmission. The newest things of weird smells that i can add to my list, is we just took it in to get an oil change and now if u turn the heater on you smell a mild smell of burning oil.. And your right it is a nice car to look at, the only thing i am mad about is we had our back bumper replaced because my husband was in an accident and got rearended, it's the hard black ones instead of the body color, and there are specks through out it that no matter how much we wash it won't go away. And another thing i am having a problem with, is the seats. I have two very young children a 2 year old and a 7 month old, well my two year old spills his drinks on the seats ( we opted for the clothe seats, as car seats will ruin the leather), and I have no clue what to use to get the juice stains out. if anyone has any ideas i'd appreciate. Also i was wondering if anyone has had any problems with the radio getting hot, i noticed yesterday about after 2 hours the radio started to get a little warm so i had to turn it off..
  • mbqiiimbqiii Posts: 2
    TO ALL:
    I would like to share my experience with this piece of junk......
    First of all, please read my message #268 in this forum. I posted this message last Jan, 06 2005. The said message was a copy of my letter to GM, stating my disappointment and complaint about this not so impressive vehicle or shall we call it a piece of junk metal (sorry for those who love this vehicle so much, I once loved this vehicle also)...
    This is how my story goes, I bought my NOX last Nov. 2004 after one month I heard a knocking noise on my steering wheel (that is why I had a letter to GM Last Jan. 2005), to address this problem my dealer replaced my steering column free of charge because of the warranty of course. Two days later my AIR BAG, HORN, and CRUISE CONTROL malfunctioned. Again, the dealer found out the problem by replacing the steering coil (this is still with my first letter with GM). I thought the problem would end up.
    However after three months, I heard a knocking noise on my left wheel. My dealer said the problem was with the left strut and shaft. So, my dealer replaced it again free of charge. But after replacing it the problem still existed, a knocking noise on my left wheel continues. And for this reason I wrote another letter demanding for a buy back with GM. I made five letters to GM citing all the provisions of the LEMON LAW of OHIO and the MAGNUSON-MOSS WARRANTY ACT, but the customer representative in DETROIT who was in charge with my situation just said to me that he cannot discussed legal matters with me because all legalities were channeled to their legal department (of course). Instead I was advised to file a case with BBB Auto Line, but because I had some doubts representing myself to BBB Auto Line I consulted a very good lawyer a friend of mine asking to represent me instead.
    Since we had a good case, we never went into trial. Instead GM offered a settlement by paying the loan that I had and returning all the money we paid like the down payment and the monthly payment we had.
    And now, I am very happy with my TOYOTA 2005 4RUNNER. Goodbye JUNKYNOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • noxnonoxno Posts: 19
    This is good for you. Two more attempts at solving the transaxle leak along with all other documented problems I will be covered under the California Lemon Law. As before stated to bad as I've been a loyal GM driver for 30 yrs, never any problems as this and only at 4,000 miles. The ODOR issue is also covered under the Lemon Law. One positive note is that my GM service department has been very professional while trying to correct these issues, even bringing in the GM Rep at one point, still waiting for compensation on all the gallons of fuel used during testing.
  • I have had my Equinox since May 04 and have (don't croak) 36,400 miles on it. I have just found out that I have to have the differential replaced again. And since I am 400 miles over the normal warranty that I have to pay the deductible for the extended warranty. I am also on my 3rd radio and they are telling me that the 6 disc changers are huge issue for GM (including Tahao) and once I found a half way decent radio to just deal with it. While I knew I took a chance with a first year model that there would be issues, but the radio is not a new invention to this car and should be dealt with. Also, I have not been impressed with GM Customer service or their attitude to issues that I have had. I can tell you this is the last GM product I will ever own and will go back foreign.
  • Yes, the dreaded 6 disc changer ate my favorite CD. It took 6 weeks to get my CD back (I have not picked it up yet from the dealer so I have no idea what condition it is in). Dealer was not please with my regular calls as to the status of the return of the CD. So far no probems with the new one but the original "died" after 6 months. Wonder when the next one will go....
  • dooeydooey Posts: 2
    I bought an Equinox in May and from day one I have heard a thumping noise from what appears to be somewhere in the back end. It has progressively gotten worse so I brought it in to the garage today and they of course didn't hear anything. It is a thump thump thump (always in 3's) and only does it when I come to a stop when initially starting the car. I'll leave it in the garage at work all day and when getting back in usually the same scenario happens. It doesn't seem to do it however, if say I drive to work and then go back out an hour or so later. It needs to sit for a few hours or over night. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? The garage checked my vehicle from head to toe and said everything looks fine, but it's making me nervous because it's obviously coming from somewhere.
  • 05equ05equ Posts: 1
    I just took my car in for the same noise. They told me that the sound is from the perging cyllanoid (sorryabout the spelling) which lets excess air out of the system.
  • dooeydooey Posts: 2
    Is there anything that can be done about this or is it something we have to live with? Of course I picked it up Friday and it was fine, but Sat. I heard it again.
  • areseaaresea Posts: 1
    i have the same problem with rain water in the spare tire well. dealer says he has never heard of such a thing.
    where is this coming from and how is it remedied?
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