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Chevrolet Equinox Maintenance and Repair



  • I have been reading Edmunds web site for 5 months and have found it to be most usefull in saving me money and time in making my decision in purchasing a 2006 Ford Freestyle. I had reduced my selection of vehicles down to 5 before I even test drove one. The Equinox was one of them, solely because of its good looks and price. The Torrent,RAV4,Highlander and FreeStyle were the other choices. I have owned 3 Chevy trucks in my life so far and never had any problems, other than normal wear and tear. What I really would like to know is what happened to Chevy, they used to be king of the hill! After reading the Forums on the Equinox, many new owners are just livid about their new purchases! If it wasn't for Edmunds web site I believe I would be driving one too! Best of luck! Marshall2.
  • equinoxc8equinoxc8 Posts: 45
    No matter who becomes king of the hill they'll sooner or later come falling down. If the critics are sure that Toyota will someday surpass GM then they too will be beaten..maybe by KIA or Hundai. As for the livid people owning Equinox...their expectations of what the Equinox should be didn't satisfy them...that is a individual come in here and post to say a piece of junk..that's their belief. It may be the way they handle the may be that they tire so easily and want something new..don't let their comments influence you in either buying or not buying a Equinox/Torrent.
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    Sooo true equinoxc8

    Let me tell you 2 little stories to prove your point of vue.
    1) I was going to Florida last summer with my Nox 05 Fwd (round trip 2800 milles). I talked to someone in a restaurant that had a Nox exactly like mine, he told me that he was doing only 11 mpg on highway driving and he was mad. I told him "That's strange I average 24.5 mpg on highway driving with the cruise set at 70 mph". At my surprise, 30 min. later the same guy was coming down the highway driving like crazy, he was doing at least 100 mph or more passing everything in sight. How can you get a good mpg driving like that?

    2) One of my friends has a Nox and tells me he has struts and suspension problems and he has rattling sounds from underneath. Sure, why not he drives it like a tank and goes off road every weekend. The Nox is NOT built for off road driving.

    Be nice to your Nox cause it's a great machine. Before I purchased mine, I saw all the complaints on the forums and it did not change my mind. Lots of people are ruff on there vehicule. So who's to blame? The vehicule or the driver?
  • so you are telling me that my 06 nox that only has 400 miles and wont start at times is just MY belief that its a piece of junk? I am not coming on here to put the car down, obviously I bought it for a reson. I will tell you this, knowing what I know now I would never make the same mistake again and purchase this car. 400 miles on my car and it has been to the dealer twice because the car won't start. " cannot duplicate " is what I get back so I just have to smile and drive off. I was informed that "hopefully" the problems becomes more severe so they can actually see whats causing this but you are right, its my belief the car is a piece of junk.

    p.s. I am also hearing noises that should be not heard in a brand new car such as the thumping in the gas tank. I guess when I am driving down the freeway and I blow up you guys can stick to GM
  • well matt I guess you are yet another victim. I guess we just have to wait for recalls and see if they can fix these problems.
  • equinoxc8equinoxc8 Posts: 45
    The term JUNK I used was in reference to post 725...the fellow there mentioned the front aprons had been repaired and the washer bottle was broke..he said "EQUINOX=JUNK."

    When you said your car won't mean it NEVER started or has a 3-5 second cranking time? I don't know if you've read your Owners Manual..if not go to page'll tell you what to do if your engine doesn't start. If it never starts at all then you have a blown fuse. If it delays a lot then sometimes it can be the gas you use or the temp of the engine. Are you sure the noise is from the gas tank or the back end? If it is the back end does it happen shortly after a cold start or has been running a little? Then it may be your exhaust solenoids doing the OBDII emmissions diagnostic...have your dealer look at this info

    Normal EVAP Vent Solenoid Operation #04-06-05-009B -
    (May 26, 2005)
  • equinoxc8equinoxc8 Posts: 45
    In 8 times out of 10 the driver's at fault..sometimes they are misinformed of what the Equinox can do..having AWD does NOT mean to go off roading..and I wonder why Pontiac puts that in their TV ad for the Torrent..sheesh. :confuse:

    Some people just carry over their driving habits from the previous vehicle they've owned. Some people see the Nox as a is NOT it is a LOOKS like a SUV but has the handling features of a CAR. That is what's happening in the auto sector..more CUV's coming out.

    If people want some speed and be able to pound the heck out of the Equinox then wait for the SS model...bigger engine, more horsepower, stiffer suspension and ZIP.
  • cckegancckegan Posts: 1
    I have had too many problems i can even remember.. My back window got stuck down the first day i had it (in a snow storm on vacation), Had them replace it. Stearing column need reaplcing now the whole thing shakes and is all over the place (its there now for oil change) they say i prob need new Brakes it only has 16,000 miles!!! There is this Clunking noise in the back everytime I am braked at a light i am thinking the muffler or something. they say they dont ever hear it... The seats have weird water stains and if a little water gets on it it stains the seats(tan). I can go on and on and on with the dealer problems as well..
  • stackmanstackman Posts: 1
    Our Nox has has a number of problems too. The steering column was replaced at approximately 10,000 miles. It would make a bunch of noise when encountering bumps in the road. The replacement solved the problem. The radio had to be replaced due to a broken CD changer. The new radio still works. The front brake rotors were re-surfaced at approx. 10,000 miles. Now they are a mess again. The vehicle brakes pulsate a bit at low speed, quite alot when speed is 60mph or higher. The dealer is hoping that a rotor replacement will solve the problem. Maybe in the the short term, my concern is what will happen in another 10,000 miles when the vehicle is out of warranty. The front console cover piece (where window switches etc. are) was replaced, the paint was coming off around the window switches. Hardware on the rear door was rusting, I had them replace the pieces. We also had a great amount of paint problems where the rear doors seal against the body along the rear wheel wells. The dealer re-painted the area, and applied a plastic sheet, much like the one on the outside of the vehicle ahead of the rear wheel wells. Weekly, we clean the rear door gaskets to help reduce the wear. Overall, I am very dissapointed with the quality of the vehicle. I like driving it and it really fits our family's needs. I would be hard pressed to buy another, or another Chevy at this point. (I have owned Chevys prior to this one!) If the brakes don't get fixed, and stay fixed, we will replace this vehicle.
  • knox1knox1 Posts: 2
    I haven't had many problems with my equinox. I am nice to it. My hubby is rougher on his vehicles so if he had driven it there would have more problems, I'm sure.
    It does the thump thump thump noise, the dash rattles a bit over bumps, and the gas mileage is about 18mpg combined. Mine was the first model year for the equinox so I understand they are still working out the bugs. I plan on getting another new one when my smartbuy is up. I think it is a good vehicle. :)
  • Hello
    I guess I am one of the very few people that jst have had no probl;ems at all with my NOX. There is one thing that I must say is a problem for me and that is when it is time for me to either raise the seat or to turn on the heated seats you have to kinda jam your hand between the door and the seat to turn these things on.
    i have had none of the problems that these people have had so I guess i should conside myself a luck girl. I have had my car since May 2004 and it is an AWD 2005 model.

    Good luck to you all that have one. :) :D
  • Hello,
    I totally agree with you so you must be a lucky owner too. I purchased mine when they first came out and I hardly saw them on the road. The salesmen said they were having trouble meeting the demands. Now I see them everywhere. What color did you get?????? Mine is Lazerblue. I love my little bug. :) :D
  • jim_dandyjim_dandy Posts: 94
    I guess it's human nature to complain, most people don't say anything if "life is good".

    For me, my 05 Equinox is treating me good.

    Here are my mileage results:
    City; 17mpg
    Mixed local and highway; 20mpg.
    Some local and more highway; 22mpg
    Little local and mostly highway with cruise set to 65mph; 25mpg
    All highway cruise set to 70mph; 26mpg
    I had a 30mhr tail wind, highway cruise set to 70; 30mpg
    Yes, 30 mpg.

    Nox On! :shades:
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    Hey! Your calculations are very close to mine. We went to Florida last summer and I average 25 to 28 mpg on highway driving with cruise locked at 72 mph. I cross Pennsylvania on I-81,(south and north bound) so a little bit of mountain driving. City 16-18 mpg. I didn't see no 30 mpg yet but I'm positive I'll see it someday. So, I'm not crazy, there are good Nox's on the road cause I didn't have any kind of problems that I read in the forum with mine.
  • knox1knox1 Posts: 2
    Mine is lazerblue also! I had to have that color. I am currently looking for lug nut covers b/c I don't like the plastic ones. ;)
  • emanchenemanchen Posts: 5
    After reading some of these posts I feel better knowing I am not the only one having problems but ticked that I have these beautiful car that runs for crap. It's still "backfiring" every time I start it. Every couple times I go to start it, it struggles. The paint in peeling off around the radio buttons. And when I am driving on the highway over 50 or 60 mph and have to slow down.....the steering column starts to vibrate and the tires feel like they are about to fly off. I am so dissatisfied I want a new one! I pay way too much every month for these problems to exist. I realize the whole "its a new model" BS but come on. I have to drive this damn thing for another 2 years, God forbid anything else should go wrong. I am hoping that when I take her in that the dealership is doing all the fixin' for free otherwise I am going to scream. Oh and good luck replacing a headlight, I did it myself b/c I am pretty handy when it comes to the petty car stuff and I had to completely remove the front part of the car just to get to the light. It was ridiculous.
  • emanchenemanchen Posts: 5
    See my post 746, I feel your pain!
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    Same thing happened with my brakes. The dealer had to turn my two front discs and now no more vibration. This is a common problem on the Equinox. I don't think that it's a bearing or balancing problem. Hope this helps.
  • jim_dandyjim_dandy Posts: 94
    Actually, it is not a common problem.

    My wife is hard on brakes. And, I doubt my rotors are different than other Nox rotors.
    My Nox stops smooth as the day we bought it.

    When brakes get overheated, rotors can warp.
    When rotors warp, any vehicle will vibrate.(Auto 101)

    Also, Hard Stop&Go = Bad mpg. (fuel economy 101)

    If lug nuts are not torqued properly, rotors will warp again over time. (mechanics 101)

    This is not a warranty item since every persons diving habits are different. (SOL 101)

    Class over.
  • m4825m4825 Posts: 11
    Don't really drive too many miles in our NOX each week, but after 11K and a year and a half, we are very happy. No problems at all with workmanship, brakes etc. other than the initial coolant smell issues which our dealership - Lake Chevrolet in Lake Elsinore, Ca. worked on until they had the proper solution!

    Currently get 22 MPG mixed freeway/ city driving (60/40). On the open road a solid 25 as promised. Only drawback is the tank capacity is too small I believe.

    Perhaps operator error may be to blame for some of the complaints posted here? After all the Equinox is not meant to be an offroad gully jumping 4x4 right? :) ">
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    My uncle is a GM mechanic since 1991 and he tells me that since the Equinox came out they have to rotate at least 5 Nox's front discs every week on 2005 models and a couple on 2006 (warranty claim). Thats about 365 per year.(same with other GM dealers). If it's not a common problem I don't know how we could class it?
    He also told me that if your wife is hard on the brakes it is actually a good thing for your Nox's rotors, (not the brakes) because rust don't accumulate on them that's one of the reasons that causes vibrations. Tell her not to change her driving habits, your rotors will last longer but not the brake pads.
  • noxroxnoxrox Posts: 22
    Well, rotor warpage on Noxs may be a problem, I don't know. My last vehicle (not a Nox) had nearly 75,000 miles on the rotor and over 1/2 of the brake pads left. Vehicle would set for weeks with rust on rotors. No vibrations, no problems.

    My experience is that most rotor warpage comes from improper lug nut tightening when changing wheels (such as during tire rotation). I always have them manually torque the lug nuts (I personally ask for that) and on aluminum wheels I have them re-torqued after 25 miles or so.

    If a person drives very aggressively and overheats their rotors, there will probably be warpage.

    Probably should be a new thread, but being new here, one would think all Noxs are falling apart. I think that like most forums that I visit regarding commercial products, more complaints are posted, because people are searching for solutions (whether self-inflicted or not), whereas satisfied owners just continue on their way.
  • I posted a while back stating that I had had a few issues but not as bad as some. Certainly with all the K's on mine 117 000. While that has all changed now!!!!:(:(
    Last year I suffered with my second leak in the rear passenger side. They pumped out 12 gallons of water from the spare tire area, and no thats not a type "O" 12 Gallons. This work was under warranty. 2 months ago the tail lights in the same rear corner stopped working. After the dealer checked it out, all the wiring was corroded and had broke off. It was fixed for a small charge. While now we get to the fun part!!! 2 weeks ago while driving to work the turn signals on the passenger side came on and stayed solid, all on their own.
    Just as I pulled into the parking lot BOOM!!!!!
    the Nox went dead, caught on fire and smoked up a storm. After having it towed back to the dealer, I was told that it was a loose corroded wire in the fuse box that arched and cause the small fire. Take a guest as to which wire that was. Yes the same circuit that was all corroded at the back end. But they claim it is not related. I am no electrical expert, but doesn't that seem a bit strange to you.
    And now because I am over warranty, SORRY SIR IT YOUR PROBLEM!!!. OH I forgot, there is now another water leak in the rear driver side. My personal opion is that this latest issue with the electrical is a direct result of last years water leak ( or should I say the flood) and should be covered and fixed under warranty.
    I know I should say it but I am regretting acting so fast in putting out the fire, nest time I might just race for the marshmallows instead of an extinguisher.
  • jim_dandyjim_dandy Posts: 94
    I'm glad your Nox has been treating you well.

    I've also worked on GM brakes for over 20 years.
    And YES, I've had proper training in "brakes and suspension".

    Rust normally accumulates on rotors, more on some than others.
    Rust is only a part answer to the whole problem.
    I rotated my tires and looked at my Nox rotors and didn't see
    anything abnormal with rust after over 1 year. (I live in the North Salt Belt.)
    Rotor surface was clean and true.

    There are 4 main reasons for "Rotor warp".

    1)Rust & Dirt not cleaned off of wheel hubs and rim plate before tire
    rotation.(Most common)

    2)Lug nuts not tightened in proper sequence at GM Nox Spec. of 92ft/lb of torque
    on each lug nut.(Very common)

    3)Rotors have been cut too many times or not properly.

    4) "Over Heating" of brakes, which may be due constant hard braking or rear brakes not working properly.

    There is only 1 rotor complaint filed with NHTSA.

    CR's consumer survey shows Best for no brake problems on the Equinox.
  • noxroxnoxrox Posts: 22
    I like your facts!
  • noxroxnoxrox Posts: 22
    Have 2006 Nox built in Aug. 05. Especially when cold, but to some extent all the time, I can hear a nice exhaust rumble coming from the rear. Sounds like a V8 with duals. Of course that is not the case. Actually it sounds kind of nice, but am wondering if that is the exhaust noise that some have mentioned? Like I said, not objectionable, but I would suspect that some would think it should be mouse quiet. Any info/comments?

  • My Equinox has been in and out of the shop for the last Six weeks! When I brought it in they said they have had the problem with other models and it was the coolant. They replaced the coolant and cleaned the system but the odor remained. I brought it in again and they found that the AC plug was clogged and may have grown mold. They cleaned the system. Two days later the odor was still there. They ended up replacing the carpets, still an odor. Now they tell GM engineers are involved and they are saying the odor is caused by a layer of epoxy that is under the carpets. The epoxy is heating up either by the exhaust system or the heating system and omitting the odor. They are currently removing the epoxy which is used for sound damping and not replacing it with anything. I asked if the odor could toxic or harmful in any way and hey could not answer that. So I asked for a MSDS so I could find out for myself and I haven’t been able to get one yet.
    I will post again when I get further information.
  • equinoxc8equinoxc8 Posts: 45
    That noise you hear is the EVAP Vent Solenoid Operation doing a self diagnosis, OBDII. A normal thing during a cold start or while warming up. TSB # 04-06-05-009B
  • noxroxnoxrox Posts: 22
    I guess, I did not explain it very well. This noise last for several miles and never goes away. It just quiets down some after the engine warms up. Like I said, it sounds like a V8 dual exhaust (I know it is not), nice exhaust rumble. My questions were: 1) Is that the exhaust noise that some have talked about, where they talk about it being a crossover pipe or something. 2) Is this normal, repeating what I posted earlier, I would think that a vehicle of an Equinox type would have a very quite exhaust, not a rumble like a sports car. Again, as posted previously, I am not complaining, it sounds good, just wondering the two questions.
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    Mine makes the same noise. I don't know what does that but it sounds nice when it does it. Sometimes it's more or less. I kind of like that rumbling sound myself, makes it look more ferocious. At my point of view it's only muffler resonance.
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