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Chevrolet Equinox Maintenance and Repair



  • rlw611rlw611 Posts: 3
    I received better news today. Apparently, it's the clutch package in the RDA. They can fix the part without having to replace the entire rear differential assembly. The estimate was $958...a lot better than $2400! Still more than I wanted to spend, and more than the Nox is worth. Hopefully, I won't have any more problems.
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    Thanks for the update. Yes the clutch package is probably the problem. You're right $958 is better than $2400 but still it hurts. Mine is a 2005 to and I plan to keep it till 2009. God help me. I like my Nox but sometimes I wonder, it gives me a funny feeling. Good luck and thanks again for the update.
  • Well I'm posting again with more problems. Brought my nox Jan. 06 and so far I have had to replace the passenger front wheel bering, rear drive shaft and twice the vent sylinoid. I called GM, but of course they didn't want to do anything. They told me GM stands behind their vehicles and I told them they are mistaken, they stand behind their warranty, but not their vehicles. Let them know that once that sylinoid goes bad again I am filing for the lemon law. Let them also know that I would go to the BBB. I think a KIA would have been a better choice!
  • you had your nox longer than i had mine. i purchased my last week of june, 2006 and traded it in the first of september, 2006. hired attorney for lemon law - traded it in for a 2006 honda pilot and their is no comparison. i am in heaven!

    my nox had a rattle they couldn't fix after 4 times and i was getting anywhere from 12.6-14.9 mpg in town. YUK! :mad:
  • Fuel economy average from Auto Reviews for the Pilot are 17-18mpg, compared to 19-20mpg for the Equinox.
    We get about the 19mpg Average on our Nox.

    The Pilot also cost about $10,000 more than the Equinox.

    Then the Honda Pilot Recalls:

    On certain earlier vehicles, a timing belt tensioner pulley on the water pump is misaligned and could cause the timing belt to contact a bolt on the cylinder head. Eventually the belt could be damaged and fail. If the timing belt breaks, the engine will stall, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will inspect the water pump and if it is one of the defective pumps, the water pump and timing belt will be replaced.

    Some fuel tanks were improperly manufactured. In a crash the fuel tank could be damaged and leak fuel which could result in a fire.

    The steering column may be incorrectly assembled on some Pilots, which could result in a loss of steering control.

    Some Pilot owner's rear spoiler on their Pilots warp and popped loose. This is a common problem that has been going on for several model years.

    Early auto reviews of the Pilot include; that the Transmission exhibits hard down shifts and gets confused at 40mph speeds.

    Also front brake rotors warp and cost close to $300 to fix the problem.

    Owners of 2006 Pilots are experiencing vibration problems in the drivetrain or drive shafts.

    The Honda Pilot looks are outdated, and the spoiler looks like an after thought.

    The Pilot looks like a "Rolling Box on Wheels" compared to the Equinox.
  • I just dumped our 03 Odyssey on a new Equinox,I wasn't impressed with Honda.I think years ago they made a great product but,after having two new vans I wasn't impressed.Too many trips back to the dealer and always very tough to get a good price on one.Its funny,these vans win awards,recall after recall.I had struts replaced at 24000miles,transmission recall,fuel pump and assembly,pretty serious stuff.When you are paying close to twice the price over a domestic,is it really worth it?The warranty is 3 year and one has to pay for the roadside assistance.

    I think I got good value with the Nox,mileage is decent.
  • misty8misty8 Posts: 15
    Whenever I have the driver side back seat folded down but the passenger side is up I get a lot of rattling noise. If both sides are either folded down or in the upright position I don't hear any rattles. Has anyone experienced this?
  • My 05's ignition start used to hesitate once a month, now it's every day. I tried the "quick flick", to no avail.Is this a common problem - what's causing it?
  • When you say hesitate, what exactly is it doing? Sometimes mine will sound like its trying to turn over, and it eventually does, or sometimes it won't. It doesn't happen very often though.
  • Mine too. When I turn the key and release it, the engine takes a second or 2 to finally turn over. It always starts. The best way to describe it as a hesitation. I wish I could spell the sound! I guess I'll take it back to the dealer - ugh.
  • Here's a new one. The sensor that shuts off electric when you open the door no longer works on the driver door. It works on all the others. So, when I get out of the car I have to open and shut one of the doors to turn off the radio/clock. I think the dealership is stumped. Anyone?
  • 1) Solved my minor rattle in the back seat by moving it into a locked position.

    2) Since the Equinox is as hi-tech as any foreign job, it's main brain is a computer. There are probably about 50 to 100 sensors from which it receives engine data, safety data, and vehicle data.
    (Haven't had a chance to open the shop manual and count them all!)
    So with that information, the computer has to then make proper engine adjustments to satisfy environmentally conscious.
    So I don't think 1 second is to much to ask from your Nox's main brian. If it take 2 seconds to start, blame "green peace"!

    3)In regards to that door sensor. Any good auto-tech at a reputable dealer should be able to fix that. Sounds like a bad door switch/sensor, connector, or wire.

    Have a nice day!
  • I found my key was wearing down. I have relaced my key twice now and the problem goes away until the new key gets worn. I even have shavings around the ignition (it looks like gold dust) I'm not a car guy, but this seems to work for me. I hope this is actually this simple.
  • I just got my 2006 nox about 4 months ago and we were already in for a fuel gage going out. Two weeks ago the car hesitated while starting but finally did, the next morning on my way to work it totally died at a stop light and would not start again. After being towed it was determined the fuel gage relay was bad, replaced and it worked. This morning it simply wouldn't start!! It again got towed but started up once there and has been fine since. They cannot find anything wrong but are holding it overnight. Any help would be very helpful as we're ready to get rid of it due to so many huge problems in such a little time!
  • My '05 Equinox has broken the spare tire carrier loose twice now. I think the water could be coming from the same area. Take out the spare tire and see if the spot welds that hold the center section to the floor are broken. When mine broke loose, it left 4 holes where water would enter when driving in the rain. The dealer has re-welded it again, and painted it to prevent rust. The problem, best I can tell, is because the spare tire "floats" on the carrier, so if you drive on rough roads, the vibrations cause it to crack the floor where its welded. I put two small blocks of wood under the spare tire before I tightened it down to prevent this from happening again, and it appears to have worked for now.
  • For those of you who might check here in the future here's the outcome. Service is replacing all connectors for fuel and starter. The total wiring harness will be replaced as they say that can cause relays to burn out and cause like symptoms. However I will be leaving this forum as I have decided to replace that vehicle with a TrailBlazer while still in the shop (almost a week now) so I will be unable to let you know how their work helped...or didn't. Good luck to all with an Equinox! :sick:
  • We had a thumping noise in our rearend. But we had took it in because the rear windshield washer had quit working for the 4th time. We mentioned it and nothing was really said. When we picked the car back up they had replaced the rear end replaced the door panels where my wife's rings had scratched them and replaced the stereo wher my daughter had turned stations so much she wore the color off. They said there was no recall on the rearend but the factory had sent out a bulletin saying there may be something wrong so they just changed the whole thing. You may want to ask about that.
  • In response to "gttaswm post" #955 & #957
    There are thousands of flooded :surprise: vehicles out there that are being sold as new or used vehicle. Some are being relocated and retitled illegally and then sold.
    Do VIN# checks and Title verification.

    "gttaswm" problems are the same problems that a Vehicle that has been driven or has been sitting in high standing water.

    According "gttaswm post" #955 & #957 :
    "2006 Nox 4 months old, fuel gage failed. Hesitation while starting. Totally died at a stop light and would not start again. Service is replacing all connectors for fuel and starter. Can cause relays to burn out. The total wiring harness has to be replaced."

    These are symptoms of a flooded vehicle and deception.
  • I'm actually pretty easygoing and easy to please but this 2005 Equinox LT has been a complete disaster. post not to whine, but to share experiences of my 2005 Equinox for others interested.

    It has spent many days and nights in the dealership for major warranty work.

    1) Flush to the coolant system and new hoses installed twice. Average repair time is 8-10 calendar days.

    2) Thump thump thump from the front suspension all the time. Several suspension parts replaced. It still thumps.

    3) Paint flaking off interior front door handles; with slightest amount of pressure.

    4) Radiator hose bursts sending smoke into drivers compartment on wife.

    5) Heater core cracked due to above.

    6) All occurred with under 20,000 miles.

    It seems GM places their newly introduced vehicles into the market fully expecting to uncover problems and fixing them as they go via warranty work. This may be an economical business model which works for them, but it certainly stinks for the consumers who have to work with their dealerships to resolve the issues.

    I am unwilling to ever buy another first-year production GM vehicle and will likely never buy any GM vehicle again.
  • After about 6 months, the key on my 2006 Equinox would not turn to the "ON" position. We tried moving the steering wheel to free it (like on Nissans) to no avail. We had to have it towed to the dealer. They knew of the problem - some interlock or interference with the cable from the shifter on the floor to the transmission (sounds odd, but that is what they claimed). It turns out that if you jiggle the shifter and button, it may release.

    After a week to get the part, they put it in and the problem instantly reoccurred. They fixed it quickly and it seems to be ok now. At least they did provide a loaner car.

    Has anyone else had this happen?
  • Unfortunately auto repairs rank at the top in the U.S.A. in consumer complaints. :sick:
    From all the blogs I've read, it's amazing how some simple repairs and prevention work turn into major disasters and failures.
    Check the dealer out, for BBB and other complaints.
    Do small stuff first, like oil changes with the shop.
    Talk to the Service Department and look at service bays; do they have and attitude?, Does it looks unprofessional? Clean? Is it in kaos?
    Post the name of the Repair Shop or Dealer that repaired your car. It's OK to blame the car for the problems, but blame the repair shop or dealer service if their main cause.
  • The dealer was right..there is a interlock with the shifter to the key lock cylinder. At the cylinder there is a electric switch which allows the key to turn or not. There is a shifter switch under the console to send the signal to the key cylinder. If the shifter is slightly off the switch cannot be made so the dealer has to adjust or reposition the shifter. Next time you put your shifter into park place one hand on your steering wheel and GENTLY feel for a vibration in the wheel.
  • Just so you all know...GM dealers are franchised owned..GM does not own them. I say this because some people have the notion that GM sucks as a result of their service issues from a dealer. If something is not done right by the dealer then the dealer is at fault...not GM. Calling GM customer's service number only tells GM which dealer isn't doing their job.

    Here is the food chain:

    GM comes up with a vehicle and pitches it to the dealers who've bought the franchise rights to buy X number of units. GM pays the manufacturer for the units they ordered for THEIR dealers AFTER THEY ARE BUILT. Dealers pay GM to buy those the customer pays the dealer who already purchased the units. The unit now becomes dealer's problems..if, however, the problems are consistent with a majority of units then they notify GM and ask what's the solution to this problem which occurs frequently. If the problem is isolated to a couple of units then most likely the owner is doing something wrong.
  • hello! i have had my 2005 equinox for 2 years in january. i have kept it through all of its problems because i really cant afford to trade-in. i would love to hear if anyone has had problems with the ignition turning over an extended amount of time during starting. it always starts and has no problems losing power. it just sounds like you are holding the key over too long to start it....even though you are not. it only does this once a week or so....but i am afraid it may get even worse. i told GM about this a year ago (when it only occured a couple of times), they said nothing could be done unless it actually acted up while hooked to a machine to detect problems. also, the brake rotors were turned about a year ago due to a vibration while braking at high speeds. they done this under warranty. it started doing this again not long after but not as bad......i dont want to pay out of pocket for something they should have/could replace as defective. anyone with info on this PLEASE help!!!!!
  • Hello! I would like to say the same about my Nox. When I slow down to 20 miles per hour I feel a kick and downshift. My husband says that it is not normal. When I took it is to the dealership, they told me that it is normal for the Nox and that the car is safe and drive able. I've had my car for 1yr and 1 month. I still owe 21.000 on it and plan to get rid of it because I feel that once my warranty is up the dealership will discover the transmission problem. My name is pam and you may e-mail me back @ :mad:
  • Hello, I also am having the same problem. I noticed it to day 12-28-06. My Nox is a 2006. I've been searching all night and have found info on the problems I've encountered. My car also kicks and downshifts when I slow down to 20 mph. What about your's My name is Pam e-mail me at I may be able to trade mine Off since it is the end of the year and they want to get rid of the 2006's :mad:
  • Last week our new 2007 Equinox lost it's power steering in traffic one block from home. A warning light activated "service traction stabilizer." We had it towed to our dealer for repairs. My invoice states they recalibrated the torque sensor. Has anyone else had this scary problem with their new 2007 Chevrolet Equinox? :confuse:
  • hey! my 2005 nox also does the "down shift" thing. my husband has mentioned it a couple times, but i have my other problems i am concentrating on :(
    i have read a little on other sites something about having some sort of transmission chip replaced?? i wonder if that has anything to do with it? do you have the brake and starter problem that i am having? thanks!!
  • ">Hello, Everybody... I'm a New owner of the Chevy Equinox LS. I have only had my Nox for a year. just now reach 1300mil.I have been hearing the roar sound. (I went and had the car wash. when I pull off and came to a complete stop the noise was so load; I thought I had roll over something. I dont know what going on. but some time it even take me a while to start the truck. It will start making a ticking sound like it doesn't want to start. Then I cut the car off & start it again Then its ok. I have been seeing lot of smoke coming from the front vent when the car been sitting a short period of time. but dont have the smell problem. Just hope that not the case of that problem. This truck cost to much for what going on. My truck not even looking old yet its just been me driving. I have no kids and all I do is work really dont put anything in the back sets. I am sad that a brand New truck is taking me though these type of problems already. Instead of saving money Im wasting trying to find out what the problem is I am station in Germany. SO you know the drill no luck over here.:(
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