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Saab Maintenance and Repair



  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,514
    No, that's a hose for drain off of water from the fresh air vents. Nothing ot do with this problem, although you should clean out those hoses or replace them if you don't want a fish tank under your windshield wipers.

    If you have an overheating Saab, you have to look at the head gasket for openers....fill the coolant and have the cooling system pressure tested. Your heat gauge will not work if there is no coolant in the system (it can't read "steam" temperature, it needs coolant to touch it). If your car severely overheated, this often results in head gasket or cylinder head damage, so have this checked carefully.

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  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,514
    Very likely an overhaul, perhaps not an entirely new transmission. I hope you are getting this car very cheap, since the trans overhaul is somewhat costly ($2,000?) I wouldn't pay more than perhaps $1,000 or $1,500 for the car, since you will no doubt want to put a new clutch in it while the trans is out, and certainly a new clutch slave cylinder and clutch master cylinder. If you can't buy the car this cheap, you might as well just go shop for one that is totally together mechanically, as they are not that expensive. Saab resale on these older models tends to be quite low.

    Also on this car check for the back window separating from the top and for water stains at the back window---also for wear spots above the rear windows where the top mechanism bolts dig through the top and ruin in. Also do a compression test as these cars are prone to head gasket problems. Check also for leaking power steering racks (red oil dripping at the firewall, down below) and check for excessive tire wear at the right front tire. If this is a turbo model it will eat front tires for breakfast if you don't rotate them religiously. Also if a turbo check for blue smoke at cold start-up (turbo seals are going) and for excessive whine from the turbo. Also play with all the switches and make sure the windows go up and down quickly and aren't dragging and that the AC works.

    If all this makes you hold your breath, that's the reason I'm writing it.

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  • mibell1mibell1 Posts: 1
    sorry i just saw your post
    my 1999 9-3 saab (which i am original owner) fits fits this. Not only did I complete all sceduled maint. the car only has 39,000 miles. May 20 2005 started spitting white smoke, during and after warranty had many unexpected (expensive) repairs, cannot even get $1500 on a trade in. will never buy another SAAB.
  • lainylainy Posts: 1
    I recently had a similar problem with our 2002 95. Fortunately the car is still under the manufacturer warranty. I was at a stop light. Car ran great until I was at a stop light and then the car stalled out and had to be towed to the authorized saab service provider. The problem was that the ECM (engine control module) had failed.. The service provider loaded the new upgrade software to fix the issue. You might see if that might be the problem. Good luck
  • plo1plo1 Posts: 1
    I have had my car to the dealer 5x in as many weeks for the engine light coming on. I have been told that the gas cap is not on tight and fumes return to the engine. It was on for 2 days and I got gas 3 days before the light came on. I have 41,000 miles. and never had this before. Any one else having this problem.
  • starbirdstarbird Posts: 38
    Well my 2003 Saab 9-3 is still awaiting a part at the dealer. I'm quite annoyed about that. Is this a record? How long does it usually take to get a speed sensor in?
  • smiessmies Posts: 2
    My '95 900 convertible has the same problem every summer.. as soon as the temp hits around 70+, it has big problems starting once the engine is warmed up. Generally, it starts ok after an overnight rest, but if I run it 10 minutes or so and let it sit in 70+ temp weather, it will not start, or is extremely difficult to start. The Saab dealer has tried a multitude of fixes from crankshaft sensors to many other things. This time after 6 weeks, thats right ..SIX weeks in the dealers shop he replaced the air mass sensor and claimed it was fixed. I drove it home ayesterday and went back out to start it an hour later and it wouldn't go. The battery cranks strong, no issues there. Please help!!!
  • timo888timo888 Posts: 2
    1993 900S automatic with 135,000 miles. Last night driving home, my teenage son said the car lost power-steering several times within the space of a few minutes. The wheel became hard to turn in either direction, and when he tried to move it left and right, it made some clicking noises. He turned hard on the steering wheel and it seemed to him to get easier to turn, the farther he turned it. The fluid is almost full. The engine he said was running smoothly. No warning lights came on. Are these symptoms enough to say what is causing the problem. Is the power steering rack failing?
  • I own a 1994 900S NG. I was driving at about 45 mph, with 1/4 tank of gas, at a constant speed, with light foot on the pedal, and, suddenly, the engine stopped working. I went to the side of the road, and started the car again. No problems starting up. Pressed on the gas pedal. There was a beginning of acceleration. Then, nothing. Then, it kicked in again, then nothing. All of this occured with the same pressure on the gas pedal. It was hot outside...about 91 degrees farenheit. Then, the car started running semi-okay, with periodic non-responsiveness to the gas pedal. Then, at lights, it started stalling. The engine would start up, stall, start up, stall, and keep doing this. Very frustrating, no doubt, for the people behind me. I managed to get it home, however.

    The next day, in the morning, it was about 74 degrees farenheit. It started okay, drove okay for a bit, but, as soon as it reached normal operating temperature (somewhere in the middle of the temperature gauge) it started the stalling out business again. The engine would suddenly stop accelerating, like the day before, and started to stall at idle at traffic lights. After a few incidents, I learned to get it moving again, by pressing on the gas pedal and the brake at the same time, keeping the engine idling a little faster than normal. This allowed me to pull away from the light, but, once again, as I tried to bring the car up to the normal 45 mph, erratic pulses of non-responsiveness continued, periodically, as I stepped on the gas pedal.

    Help!!! Does anyone have an idea about what is going on with my car, and why it is doing this?
  • smiessmies Posts: 2
    sounds like my issue above in #42 to an extent......the dealer agreed to look at it again.....7th/8th time......when they diagnose the problem for the tenth time incorrectly i will advise so you avoid that pitfall
  • rickj1rickj1 Posts: 1
    My Saab is experiencing an erratic idle with occasional stalling and infrequent hard starts. The idle will tend to drop significantly while I'm stopped in traffic or with the clutch/trans in neutral. Then it will race up to about 2,000 rpm and settle back to about 900 - 1,000 rpm. This starts to happen typically within 5 to 10 minutes starting the vehicle. Occasionally the car will die, or sometimes I will feel hesitation at driving speeds. The dealership has replaced the crankshaft sensor and I have not noticed any improvement, although I have not experienced the hard starts since. The dealership recognizes the problem, but they don't know what to do.
    I have read the entry by "brad7" on April 9th and the response from "5555" on May 27th. I have sent this to the dealership and I am awaiting their verdict. However, I am not sure if we are describing the same problem.
    If anyone knows of anything, I'd certainly appreciate any feedback.
  • ernewellernewell Posts: 8

    I've had extraordinary problems with my 2000 95 wagon - both while under warranty and after. Extensive oil leaking at 30,000 miles; engine pulled and head replaced at least three times, blown exhaust manifold, manufacturer's defects to exhaust bolts, turbo disconnecting all at under 40,000 miles... At 51,000 miles, the car failed completely due to a defective DI module. Now, at 55,000 miles, the car's turbo appears to have seized as it will not accelerate over 25mph on a modest freeway incline.

    Saab Cars helped - while the car was under warranty. One of the technicians at my local dealership said - 'Lady, they aren't going to solve the problems with your car until the warranty is up!' Needless to say, he no longer works there probuablly because he was telling the truth.

    Before this most recent engine failure, I called my local dealership's new Manager of Service to ask for clarification regarding Saab Car's May 17, 2005 letter warning of possible engine defects to my model and year which might lead to 'Oil Sludge' . Instead of explaining the possible problems and remedies, he told me that: 'Saab had no obligation to me... until the engine fails completely... this conversation is over'... then he hung up!

    Gee, Saab Car's letter about 'Oil Sludge' didn't mention anything about 'complete engine failure'! The letter offered 'Special Insurance' for qualifying vehicals... It did not sound like an 'engine recall'.

    Ten days after the Dealership's refusal to explain a few simple questions, the car fails on the freeway. This dealer is now refusing to service my car. Saab USA's customer Service department appeared to help me when the car was under warrenty; but, now they are not responding to my correspondences concerning this new failure and the Dealership's Manager's utterly rude behavior.

    It's enough! My car's repair history indicates that my particular Saab is, was and will always be a Lemon. This is the most wasteful investment I've ever made. This is the 14th new Saab that either my family, extended family or close friends have purchased over the last two decades. Saab must no longer have any interest in customer loyalty.

    I would like to know if any other Saab owners with similar models have had similar problems - both with the car and with Customer Care.

    I do not believe in using the legal system until there is no other recourse. My local Saab dealership and Saab Cars have given me no choice but to pursue this matter through the proper legal channels. Has anyone else out there sued Saab because of similar problems? Could you suggest a law firm that is familiar with these kinds of conflicts?

    I appreciate any information you could provide! Thanks for your attention!

  • ernewellernewell Posts: 8

    look at my post on 07/13/05. Not only will I never purchase a Saab again, my family, extended family and friends who have purchased 14 new Saabs in the last two decades (starting w/ my father's first purchase in Sweden) will also never purchase a Saab again.
    I figure 14 Saabs x new purchase price + financing &/or lease costs + all the service and maintanence might not equal one of their top executives quarterly salaries.... So, they simply do not care when they sell defective cars.

    I mentioned in my post under 'Problems and Solutions',that I am the last person to resort to the legal system for a remedy; but, Saab has taken my 40K, served up 5 years of anguish and refused to address the Oil Sludge possibility - which caused my car to fail in a very dangerous location. What do I get for my hard earned money and diligence with regular and extra Services? A Liability Lemon.

    I am looking to pursue the proper legal remedies that might be available. If any other Saab owners have done the same or are considering the same, I'd like to hear about your experiences.

  • ernewellernewell Posts: 8
    You may have to wait abit longer to make the record books...

    While under warrenty, my 2000 95 wagon was in and out of the dealer for persistent oil leaks over a 4 month period. Out of 120 days, I only had the car for the equivalent of two weeks. The longest stay in the shop was 42 days. When they returned it that time what was the problem? They had forgotten to reconnect the turbo after a previous repair. 42 days to reconnect a turbo that they'd 'forgotten' about? Anyway, the oil leak still persisted and it was back in the shop in a matter of days.

    I should have just left it there!
  • ernewellernewell Posts: 8
    Make certain that you get a copy of Saab Car's May 17 2005 letter regarding possible engine parts defects which refer to your year's model #. The letter refers to 'Special Insurance' My experience is that this is a very serious engine defect.
  • jtbeckejtbecke Posts: 4
    i have a 96 900 se turbo convertible with about 60,000 miles on it. it recently started giving me trouble when i try to start it. it take a bit longer than normal to turn over and after it does, it feels weak, and the front end seems to shake under my feet. if i press the gas, it goes away somewhat, but i'm worried. any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  • rubin2rubin2 Posts: 1
    My check ehgine light is on too! Did you ever bring it back? Mine has 52000 and out of warranty. Did they fix it?
  • ayoungbarayoungbar Posts: 2
    I have had same problem. They always say problem is from gas cap not being on tight. Last time I didn't have time to get to dealer and after about a week and another fill-up, it went off on it's own.
  • ayoungbarayoungbar Posts: 2
    Have ongoing problems with automatic locking and unlocking since first bought car nearly a year ago. Fobs have been switched out by dealer but that has not fixed the problem. I have to set off alarm and use actual key to unlock door. Sometimes the driver's door will unlock but not the other doors or trunk. Last week I was actually locked inside the car when the auto door switch would not release driver's door lock. Yesterday walked to parking garage and found the headlights on--can't imagine how that could be as they are always set on automatic and I had not even gotten the key out to click off the alarm. Has anyone out there experienced similar problems.?? (this is a 2004 9.3 aero)
  • starbirdstarbird Posts: 38
    Well, after 29 days at the dealer they got permission from Saab not to continue to wait for the part to turn up, but to simply replace the entire transmission. Quite please at getting my car back and it seems fine. It must have cost them a fortune in car rental costs as our dealer rents loaners from enterprise (parts are under warrenty).

    I did notice that they replaced the seatbelts at the same time. Apparently there's a recall on those. Glad to get my car back. I missed it.
  • 4thsaab4thsaab Posts: 2
    Where can someone get a copy of the 5/17/05 referenced letter?
  • 4thsaab4thsaab Posts: 2
    :confuse: When I start my car (2001 95 wagon 4 cyl 47k miles) I get a brief puff of blue smoke from the exhaust. Dealer service tells me it is just some oil from the turbo burning off. Valid explanation or problem? As you can see on 3k miles left on warranty.

    Thanks for any feedback.
  • richjrichj Posts: 1
    Has anyone had a problem with the 02 9-5 steering column. Mine had to be replaced once, and I am having a problem again with a giggle feel in turns.
  • does anyone know how much is a radiator for a 94 SLAAB automatic 900? sorry come from a family of SLAABS WE ALL HAVE ONE LOL Just can't get away from them! :cry:
  • sashsash Posts: 2
    I had the same problem w/ my Saab 9-3 2003. I went to a Mr. Good Year and had them replaced w/ non saab parts (the parts were ordered through saab) however, if you don't pay for the extra expensive German Saab Brakes, they squeal like crazy. However, it turned out my brakes went bad so quickly b/c I had faulty calipers. Saab ended up replacing the defective calipers, but would not pay for the second brake job I had to have done b/c the bad calipers ruined my first pair and second pair. It might pay to have a non-saab place take a quick look for you.

  • sashsash Posts: 2
    Please help me w/ any advice. I have a Saab 9-3 2003 Linear. (62,133 miles)Since taking delivery 2 1/2 years ago, it has been in for service for more than 60 days. It does not qualify for lemon status....Too bad!!!

    Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, the car started losing powering upon acceleration, and was slamming into gear when I would downshift. I was in front of a transmission shop when I noticed it and pulled in. They said it was too complicated of a computer system and it really needed to go to Saab. I went to Saab and they told me it needed a softward update. ( This car ALWAYS needs a softward update of some kind) They updated it charged me over $100.00 and said it didn't have transmission problems and would be fine. Today, I got a message that the Gearbox had malfunctioned and it had Limited performance available. They put it on the computer and told me it needed a new $400 sensor. They then told me if that didn't fix it, it would need a new transmission at $4,000.

    ARE THEY SERIOUS?????? Can this really be???? I drive this car like a grandma. It may have high miles, but I drive from Detroit to Chicago most weekends. I have never had a car need a new trans and I have driven many cars until they had well over 150,000 miles on them.

    If you have any advice on how to get some where w/ Saab, or deal w/ my service Dept. I would be so appreciative.


    Stephanie -
  • 530ir1150r530ir1150r Posts: 263
    Someone in Detroit or Chicago either has a rebuilt or will rebuild your transmission. It has to be cheaper either way.

    Did Saab check the fluid level? Was the fluid ever replaced? Hard shifting in my experience has usually been low fluid levels.
  • I ran across your message and had to respond, because I recently had the same problem fixed with my 1999 Saab Convertible with 106,000 miles.

    The "Tighten Fuel Filler Cap" message would frequently appear on the (Saab Information Display) above the radio. A related symptom is that the yellow "Service Engine" light would come on. Using the code reader borrowed from the local auto parts store, I identified the message as P0442--a vacuum leak. I tried both tightening the cap, and replacing the cap but to no avail.

    The dealer determined that the fuel filler pipe had bulged out enough so that the tire had rubbed a hole in it. When this pipe was replaced, the problem went away.
  • jacke3jacke3 Posts: 1
    Bougnt two weeks ago. On driving home, I got 10 miles, exited the beltway (freeway), and on exit ramp, executed a turn, with brakes on, at about 15 miles per hour or less. Heard a rapid series of crunching sounds under the front end. Went right back to the dealer, but their tech could not reproduce the noise.

    Over the next two days this happens intermittently, but often enough to return to dealer. They could not reproduce the noise until I returned for a second time. Then the tech rode with me, took it to his service bay, but found no 'fault' message on computer. We drove together again and I couldn't reproduce the sound. This evening the dealer is working on it, and my driving experience is the loaner car (Corolla).

    The sound reminds me of a scraping of two rough brick surfaces together, rapid, short scrapes that stop when the car stops or I release the brakes. My '89 BMW's ABS system sounds somewhat like it, but applies only on super hard braking.

    Anybody got a similar experience?
  • skysaabskysaab Posts: 32
    Mine also has the similar problem likes gearbox malfunction... but my dealer in westmont(chicago area) had ithem taken care of for all free. they are all covered by warranty. for my 2003 9-3 linear i have it replaced steering wheel column, gearbox fixed, key changed (yes, steering wheel lock malfunction so they turn out to gave me one pair of new key), some light bulb out. for now except the break and rotor, others all free service from here.
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