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VW Jetta TDI



  • HI, We haved used bio-diesel in our new 2006 jetta several times and did not notice too much difference, but maybe less MPG. WIth regular diesel we get around 42 mpg , with the bio I figured we were getting around 38-39.

    OUr dealer told us that they should get better Mpg around 5000 miles on the engine, when it starts to get broke in.

    But , just a thing to watch though, we have already had our 2006 TDI jetta break down on us. The engine coolant fan would not shut off. My husband had to unhook the battery to keep the fan from running, pulling the fuse would not shut it off.

    I was curious has anyone on here tried making their fuel?

    I found a site that claims you can make your own fuel from used cooking oils and a additive. :)
  • gvanicagvanica Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Passat Wagon V6 4Motion. I like the handling of the Passat but I don't like the 16-20 MPG. I am thinking to trade it in for a 2006 Jetta TDI. I test drove the Jetta but it seemed noisier (road noise at highway speeds) and less stable than the Passat at over 65-70 mph.
    Also fit & finish quality seems a notch down from the Passat.
    Any advice ?

    Thanks, geo.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,383
    Yes look at the PASSAT Wagon TDI!! The MPG is no where near the Jetta. However the hp and torque are much better.
  • Hi, what did they ever figure out was wrong with your 2006 Jetta?

    I have recentely seen a 2006 Jetta from Mass. on ebay , were the dealer was stating it was a customer buy back, because it was down for more than 10 days. The selling dealer states that there was a electrical short in the car and that the cars computer had to be re-programmed and they consumer had the right due to the Mass. lemon law to make the selling dealer buy the car back. SO the selling dealer is now selling the lemon on ebay, listing it as having a clean title. This car is now as I type this on ebay for sale.

    We too also have a 2006 Jetta TDI , just made our first payment in the repair shop already. Repair dep. states module went out in one fan which caused the 2nd engine coolant fan to stay running. Had to unhook battery to shut fan off. Called roadside assistance and they towed it to dealer in Springfield to be repaired.

    Can't say I am to happy with the selling dealer on how they handled our first needed repair. We were supposed to be given a loaner car to drive, and our car was supposed to have been picked up at our house by the dealer and loaner dropped off, did not happen, Had to call road side assistance. Several calls to service manager , keep getting he's in a meeting, his on the phone right now. Finally get a call back from service manager to find out that they want me to find a way to Sprinfield a hour away for me to pick up a rental car, never mind the fact that I have two four year old one who is in a wheel chair to pick up a rental car and I do not even have a car to drive.

    Then they wanted me to ride with my kids in a car with a total stranger, someone they were going to have pick me up from springfield to take me all the way to springfield to get the rental car.

    I could not figure out why they would just not have someone drive me a car to use and have someone follow them to pick them up.

    Had they sent someone down after my car and driven the loaner car like they stated they would the issue would have been resolved, but they claim out of a mega dealership that owns almost more than half the dealerships in Springfield that they did not have 1 loaner car for me to drive.

    So you are not alone in your first horrible experience with VW, this is also our first VW and if anything else happens here closely following this break down , will make it our last.

    Let us know what they found out about your car. j

    I would not be surprised if the whole lot of the VW 2006's are not plaqued with major problems and VW loses their butts due to consumer buy backs. Just hope they happen with the lemon law limits for your state though.

    We were stupid enough to sign on the loan paper a waiver taking our rights away from us to take the dealer to court over anything about our car, ""well never sign something like this again."

    IL' lemon laws pretty much stink. You have to have 4 repairs within 12 months or 12,000 miles and they all have to be for the same repair. I find this very unfair, because to me a lemon is a car that has four things wrong with it and they could be 4 different things , especially within the first 12,000 miles of ownership. :lemon:
  • diesel_soot

    When did you purchase your 06 TDI jetta?

    We bought ours in april and it to is in the shop.

    I came home from a trip to Peoria and had been outside doing some gardening when a hour later I went into the garage and noticed the engine coolant fan was still running. My husband tried pulling the fuse, would not shut off, had to dis connect the battery to stop it.

    Our first payment and its already in the shop.

    Service dept. says a module went bad and they are over nighting two new fans.

    I have read on ebay , a dealer selling a 2006 buy back due to electrical short, they claim computer was re-programmed and was fixed.

    So it is starting to look like you might want to keep our eye and ears open to what your car does or doesn't do.

    Good luck I hope your car turn out to be a good. :)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    As stated in the message right over the post box, please do not post your email address. We don't want you exposed to those who would use it maliciously for one thing. For another, we are an online community and would prefer that conversations take place here on the boards. That way the comments are available to benefit all.

  • SOrry I guess I need better glasses did not see the small print. ;)
  • lmcclmcc Posts: 3
    I'm pretty scared...I have to have my 2002 Jetta TDI (5-speed manual trans) towed tomorrow. I am out of town and I was driving along and heard a loud "clunk" in the area of the right front of the vehicle. I thought I had hit something on the road, it sounded kind of like that. I pulled over and checked out the right front and undercarriage of the car, nothing visible, so I tried taking off. I had no power. I had to rev the engine way up even to take off in first gear. I could run in second gear, albeit slowly to get back to my parents house, but in 3rd their wasn't enough power to keep it moving. My regular mechanic is about a hundred miles away, and I sure don't want to pay to tow it that far, but I'm worried about what might have happened, and that a dealer won't try replacing things that don't need to be replaced. Any ideas on what I might be dealing with? I've got 123,000 miles, timing belt replaced twice on schedule, regular oil changes, no problems so far except EGR valve once. Help! (Of course its Memorial Day weekend)
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    That could be a lot of things really. Will the car move if left in neutral (coast/push it easily)? Make sure to release the parking brake. That will tell you if something is physically holding the vehicle back or if it's a something in the engine/transmission. I don't think a failed turbo would cut so much power that the vehicle would barely move. Let us know what you find...
  • lmcclmcc Posts: 3
    Thanks for the response. It does move easily when in Neutral. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
  • I have a 99 Jetta TDI that I recently purchased. The car is wonderful, drives great, etc. It has 110,000 miles on it. The only problem I have is a blinking yellow light on the instrument cluster. It's on the right side towards the middle of the cluster and looks like 2 letter O written in cursive and connected like in cursive. When I first crank the Jetta, they don't flash but they quickly do and they flash all the time. The Jetta didn't come with a manual for me to look up the different symbols on the instrument cluster so I'm hoping someone knows what this symbols means. Thanks.
  • billinncbillinnc Posts: 10
    Based on your description, it sounds like the glow plug warning light. If it is flashing, you should probably have VW take a look at it.
  • ryonkryonk Posts: 3
    Over the weekend my 2002 Jetta TDI made a clunk noise and died. It would not go anywhere. I took it to the dealer and they said the Turbo blew up. My car has 62,000 miles only and the dealership is helping me to get VW to pay for the problem. Not sure if they are going to but my warranty ran out at 50k. The dealership said it should not have happened and that if there is stuff wrong with the engine then it will be 6-8k for new engine. Turbo alone is 2300 including labor.
  • porkpork Posts: 2
    I have 152000 miles on my I have changed my timing belt 1 time at 80000 all highway miles do you know what vw says my dealer calls the rep and he says iwill get back nevers does. 2002 tdi
  • lmcclmcc Posts: 3
    Yikes. I hope they help you with that expense. Seems pretty unusual, although there are lemons everywhere.
    I was thinking the worst for my problem, but I was pleasantly surprised. The "clunk" was the hose attaching the Turbo falling off, and the loss of power was the huge vacuum leak associated with that. The best they can figure is that when the timing belt was changed a couple of months ago the spring clamp didn't seat properly, and finally just let go. The dealer even took care of a recall while it was in the shop, so all in all, it was a great day.
  • ryonkryonk Posts: 3
    Did you buy an extended warranty to get your 100,000 mile warranty on the Turbo? I just blew mine up at 62,000 and I am quite sure my warranty expired at 50,000.
  • billinncbillinnc Posts: 10
    I drove the Passat and Jetta before I purchased. The quality seems to be the same. The 2006 Jetta is larger than the 2005 and is as large as a 2005 Passat. The diesel engine is somewhat noisier than the gas engine but it is relatively quiet for a diesel. The increased noise is only noticeable when the engine is cold or during hard acceleration. No Jetta wagons are being made in 2006. My guess is that perhaps VW did not want the Jetta wagon to take away from the sales of the 2007 Passat wagon which was redesigned and released this year(no diesels available in Passat this year). The Jetta TDI cruises like a dream at 75-80 MPH and is very quiet at cruising speeds. Don't wait too long if you want a Jetta TDI. I hear they won't be made in 2007 but will come back in 2008 with more emission controls and be set up to run on low sulfur fuel only. The 2006 TDIs are in demand and selling at list at most dealers but I did find a few smaller dealers that will still negotiate. Good Luck.
  • esteezeesteeze Posts: 102
    I'm looking at the Jetta vs Civic for when the lease on my Honda CRV is up next summer.

    I hear a lot of good stuff about the Jetta TDI in this forum, so I'm leaning toward that. I'd kind of like to try a diesel auto anyway, since I've never had one. Here in Alabama, RUL just shot up to be more than diesel (I guess the Summer market dynamics of each product cause that).

    Keep up the good posts; there's a lot of good info here.

    thx, esteeze
  • bfredbfred Posts: 4
    I have a 2000 golf tdi--for the past few weeks, occasionally in the morning when I go to start it--the dash lights flash and I hear a click and no start--nothing has been left on or anything. It takes a jump after the cables have been on for 10 minutes. Then it works like a charm for a few days. then it happens again. The last time, there were no lights on the dash--eventhe clock had stopped--and it took longer, but was able to be jump started. I have taken it to two dealerships who have run tests on the battery, starter, generator, etc and say all it well--battery holds charge(brand new battery two weeks ago adn sstill same problem), there is no sign of drainage from battery ,etc. Has anyone else had this problem with their diesel, and if so, any suggestions?
    thanks. :confuse:
  • ryonkryonk Posts: 3
    After talking with VW they are not going to help me out at all on this repair. They told me and I quote "if it was 1 mile past the warranty we would not cover the damage". They were not concerned one bit whether or not I was going to purchase another VW or not. I have had this car since it was brand new and I have kept up on all of the maintenance at VW locations in Omaha at Stan Olsen and in the Springs at Heuberger and it does not matter. I have contacted a lawyer to try and go a different route on this matter. Needless to say I will not ever buy another VW. This is my spouses car and she now wants an Infinity because the customer service there blows away anything from VW.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,110
    she now wants an Infinity because the customer service there blows away anything from VW.

    Don't count on it after the warranty is up. Lexus is great also, until the warranty is up, then they stick it to you.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    ryonk, you surely don't expect vw to pay for the repair when the car is 12000 miles beyond warranty and you don't have extended warranty? hey, i'd be seriously annoyed at a $2300 failure like that but would not ask VW to pay. you take your chances either way in buying/not-buying an extended warranty. a good extended warranty costs $2k! looks like your #1 criteria for next car ought to be reliability. the euro cars do not do so well by that metric.
    in the meantime maybe you could find an independent mechanic to do the job for less $. there are certified/independent tdi mechanics lists available...
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,110
    I had to find an independant Lexus mechanic or get rid of a good car. The Lexus shop I found charges about 1/3rd what the dealer charges. He buys genuine Lexus parts from the dealer. I am thinking any new car you are going to keep for a long time should be covered by an extended warranty. You can look at threads on every brand and read sad tales of huge repair bills, just after the warranty expires. It is not a VW thing. I had a great VW dealer here in San Diego, Drew VW & Ford.
  • So last week I purchased a '99 Jetta TDI. It took a week of driving to see the mileage results (all city driving) and it ended up being I drove just under 500 miles and it took just over 12 gallons of #2 Diesel to fill it up, so roughly 40-41 mpg. 110,000 miles, great leather upholstery, and the paint looks new. Oh, what a feeling! is being used by the wrong car company.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,110
    Welcome to the forum and good luck with that diesel.
  • jimmac1jimmac1 Posts: 1
    Looking into buying a 2002,03 Jetta TDI, but I am wondering about the mechanical reliability of the vehicle. I hear the exhaust manifold clogs frequently due to the poor quality of diesel in the US v.s. what is sold in US. if this is just a maintainence issue than I can handle that, but if there are design problems I am curious as well.

    Are there any additional standard things to look for when purchasing one of these cars and is there a year to stay awayfrom.

  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    jimmac it's the intakes which can get clogged due to EGR & the dirty fuel. so there is a design aspect (the EGR). i think some people disconnect it. (exhaust gas recirculation).
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    The new ULSD (Ultra Low Sulpher Diesel) is starting to be rolled out in the USA... so your concerns about the fuel may be unfounded.

    In fact, my last fillup was ULSD.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Here is the "official" rollout plan for ULSD
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