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VW Jetta TDI



  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    I drive 60,000 miles a year & just went through the same process. TDI pkg 2 vs 4 cylinder XLE camry.

    The very negative repair history in consumer reports,personal knowledge of problems VW owners have had, and the unwillingness of most VW dealers to quote a price on 100.000 mile service - those that were willing quoted $1200.00 - 18 to 20 months for me- realy made the decision easy for me. VW's rediculous maintenance costs, choppy ride & small inerior made the Camry with it's room, great ride. $2000.00 price advantage & low maintenance a no brainer for me.

    I ordered the Camry from a dealer in Ohio to get away from SE Toyota's rediculous extra charges. I did blow the savings by ordering the V6. but after driving it, It's worth the extra money. I'll have it in 6-8 weeks
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    Quality is comprised of many components. interior ambience & material being one of them; & yes, VW does set the standard. But look at repair & maintenance. They also factor into the quality equation; and a review of Jetta repair history on pages, 14,15 & 93, of the Consumer Reports Annual Auto Issue - along with personal knowledge of roblems friends have experienced - paint a pretty negative overall picture of VW quality.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    I've had three Camry V6's that I commuted in until I moved over to the a Jetta TDI. They were good cars, although the last (a '97 model) was very problematic and Toyota screwed me over a bit. I always did my own maintenance for the most part, and found very little difference between the two. The TDI performed as well for my use (slower 0-60, but excellent highway/passing power) and turned twice the mpg. I always averaged around 24mpg with the Camry V6, usually well over 45mpg with the Jetta. This is 90% highway driving.

    My opinion on the TDI has always been this: if you're going to go to a dealer for all service, the VW will cost you more than the fuel savings. Of course, maybe not compared to a V6'll spend more on fuel. Quality wise...Toyota has slacked off over the years. My '92 and '95 Camrys were amoung the best vehicles I've owned. Several later model Toyotas have been just average IMHO. My '00 Jetta has had very few problems. I give reliability little thought...the difference between the best and worst is really not all the much these days.
  • tdsostdsos Posts: 1
    I just had to have my EGR cooler replaced and it cost $1300. That doesn't sound reasonable to me. How did everyone else fair?
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,337
    Given the average USA drivers yearly mileage of 12,000- 15,000 miles, you do 4 to 5 X's more per year than the average bear! While the neatest thing is that you truly have a plethora of choices, in my case MPG,initial plus operating costs are pretty high on the priority list. (I have a requirement for a lowly 44,000 miles per year :( :))

    So another approach might be a VW TDI, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3. I do not know the MPG for a 6 cylinder Toyota Camry in YOUR circumstances, so I will assume the high side of the EPA of 22/31.

    I know that in my commutes the 2003 VW TDI gets 50 mpg, the Honda Civic gets 38 mpg. So given 60,000 miles per year, the consumption of fuel is 1935/1200/1579 gals, respectively. At app $3. per gal, the yearly cost, respectively is $5,805/$3,600/$4,737. So for me just the fuel SAVINGS alone between a 6 cylinder Camry and the VW TDI over 5/6 years would be enough to buy a Honda Civic (2nd car). Or pay for 220,500 miles of commuting in a VW TDI.

    The only thing scheduled that is so called "expensive" on the VW TDI is the TB timing belt change at 100k or so (600). This is vs a TB timing belt change at app the same mileage of (550)for a 2004 Honda Civic.

    There is also a greater chance of unscheduled maintainanace due to VW reputation for higher % of problematic cars. In my case over 73,000 miles the VW TDI has been FLAWLESS. To be fair the Honda Civic with 26,000 miles has been FLAWLESS also. However the wearable parts on the Honda Civic seem to be wearing faster than on the VW TDI. This of course will mean I will need "scheduled" maintainance at more frequent intervals which would tend to cost more say over the life of a typical 5/6 year loan. During this period, you would tend to put on 300,000/360,000 miles. My sense is both vehicles VW TDI and Honda Civic are capable of going 300,000/360,000 miles. But I will let you know!! You of course will probably let US know SOONER !! All the best!
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    You raise valid points, ruking 1. I fully expect the camry to be somewhat more expensive to run than the TDI; but I like comfort & lots lots of toys that weren't available on the Civic or Corolla; and I hate repair bills. As for the TDI, I really liked the car, but, the facts & postings about VQ quality - plus service managers in my area quoting $1200. for the TB service ($65.00/month at my mileage)scared me away.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,337
    I can certainly respect what you are saying. I guess the reason for my post was the (almost) brutality of the numbers!! The costs for the "comfort & lots of toys...and I hate repair bills" does translate/transfer to the operational side, given your 60,000 miles per year.

    I should also round out the post by including the 1068 per year diffence in mpg between the Camry and the Honda Civic. Of course over a 5/6 year typical loan period this translates to 5340/6,408. Again all the best!!
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    i think no other vehicle (certainly not a TDI, not even 2-reg TDI) will be as safe as the XC90. many well-informed auto geeks think XC90 is the safest passenger vehicle for sale currently in USA.
    even so, our XC90 has been parked lately and my wife is opting to drive our passat TDI instead due to the ~20 cents per mile savings (TCO) as well as the TDI's 650 miles per tank.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,337
    It also would be interesting to compare what you pay for insurance. (given the same coverage and mileage) This would represent what the insurance company thinks of the risk THEY take. So for example the Jetta is cheaper to insure vs the Honda Civic. Over the life of a 5/6 year loan this can also be substantial.
  • Wow. I did not think my question would invoke such a discussion or create a stir as it appears to have.

    I know that the XC90 is a safe car. That is the largest reason I had for purchasing it. But we don't have the luxury of having it sit in the driveway. Not for the $650/month car payment. Another savings is the difference in car payment per month on, approx, a 12k loan--about $350-$400.

    I did some simple math. Figuring that we drive about 30k per year, assuming that I will get 24 mpg in the Camry and 40 in the TDI, that the average price of gas will remain at $3 (pipe dream, I know) I would save about $1200 per year in fuel costs.

    I have never kept a car for 100k miles or over 5 years. My 99 Miata, when I sold it in '05, had only 35k. The warranty of 5/50 seems adequate for me if I can keep my wife from putting such large miles on the car. Even if we keep it for 3 years under the warranty, I feel comfortable. Warranties are a good thing and if people are complaining of problems with the car, I would much rather have VW pay for the repair than I.

    We were very impressed with the safety records, in its class, of the TDI. I was not so with the Camry. I was especially drawn to the good rating it got for rear side impact; you know where the 3 year old and 2 month old sit.

    The Camry seemed to nickel and dime me for options. To keep mpg higher, we were looking at the LE model. Very few of the standard features of the Jetta TDI were even offered in the Camry. When it was all said and done, the under $20k car was the same price as the TDI.

    I am going to take the XC90 in to both the VW dealership and Carmax to see what they will give me for it. If the numbers match up, who knows, I may have a TDI next week. We are going to, however, take the Camry for a day or so to see how we really feel about it. i was very happy with VW here in Fayetteville, NC when they didn't bat an eye when I declined to test drive and told them I only wanted to take it for the day and return the next. No problems from them. They even offered to let me have it again this weekend.

    Thanks for all of the input. I really do appreciate it.

  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Well, the Civic and its sister the integra are 2 of the highest rate of stolen cars year after year. Part of the reason is the cost of the parts...

  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Good luck in your search.I contacted 8 dealers so far and the results were. 5 no replies at all. 2 MSRP and 1 for 2% over invoice. I also mentioned I did not have time for a drive at one center and was offered to take it home over nite. Try that at yota, honda ect....

  • ianrilianril Posts: 8
    Okay. Here's the problem. I turn my A/C or heater on and my blower motor makes a horrible noise. It also vibrates the entire car. I'm no mechanic, but I assume it's the blower motor area as I took my glove box out and pinpointed the sound of the problem. Now, I get cold air still and it still blows at what seems to be the normal pressure. I've read up that it could either be the motor itself or the resistor, but I have no idea which one. I figure the motor is still working as I'm still getting air and heat at normal pressure. Any help or insight would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
  • jimlockeyjimlockey Posts: 265
    by bpeebles Apr 26, 2006 (5:56 pm)
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    Replying to: jworthington (Apr 26, 2006 4:40 pm)

    The Toyota will be more reliable than Jetta... that is almost a given. but dont confuse "reliability" with "quality".

    Before I bought my 05 Passat TDI I owned a 04 Toyota Seinna. While I had the Seinna we had four recalls, so don't say the VW Jetta is that much worse than Toyota. I have owned over 40 new vehicles and I consider the Toyota Seinna the second worse vehicle I have ever owned. The only good thing I can say about it is: It had the best radio of all and it averaged 20 mpg.

    Our 05 VW Passat TDI had some minor problems that the dealer fixed the first month. We AVERAGE right at 35 MPG. I have some complaints: The AM side of my radio has poor reception and I hate the 17" tires. 17" tires are hard to find and expensive. You can get 16" tires. That was my fault.

    As for the $35,000 price for the Jetta. I have a hard time believing an 06 Jetta TDI would cost that much. I only paid $25,000 for our new 05 Passat TDI. One big plus for the new Jetta's is the new automatic transmission. I wish I had this on my Passat. I've seen a number of reports on the 06 Jetta TDI and all are great plus the new crash test for the 06 Jetta was 5 star.
  • ianrilianril Posts: 8
    Scratch that... just had some padding lining that had torn loose inside the motor... /whew.
  • sean9sean9 Posts: 82
    Also as a new owner of the 06'Jetta TDI, (had it for about 7 months) This is an all round fantastic car. I get about 48mpg on average, Diesel is way cheaper than gas here which is a big bonus! Compared to the Camry it looks about 20 times nicer!! No matter what everyone says about EXTREME repair bills and dealership costs My VW service center is awesome, Free oil change every once in a while and they are great about working a good deal out. This car handles very well, sweet leather package, good warranty, over all I personally would not even compare this car to a Camry, Maybe an Audi? But then again I am a younger guy and alot of older people may like the Toyota Camry. ;)
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,337
    The good news is you can look forward to even BETTER fuel mileage from 55-60k. The TDI does not develop full compression till then !! This is in contrast to the gasser whose full compression happens long about 1-5k.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A local newspaper is looking to interview consumers who are driving a diesel Volkswagen or Mercedes-Benz in the Midwest/Northeast area, please send an e-mail to no later than Friday May 5, 2006 by 2:00 PM PST/5:00 EST containing your daytime contact information and where you’re located.

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  • 24262426 Posts: 4
    I have never owned a VW before and am considering the Jetta TDI. I'm concerned about how much maintenance may cost, reliability etc. Does anyone have feedback on this?

    I drive about 2,300 miles a month and need a reliable car with great mileage. Does the TDI REALLY get 48 mpg on the highway? Any guesses at the MPG if I'm cruising at 80 mph?

    I'm hoping the 2006 TDI will blow my 2003 Civic Hybrid away!
  • sheil10sheil10 Posts: 1
    I just got a 2002 jetta TDI and i was wondering what are to best upgrades I can do to get the most power for the least amount of money.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    i mostly cruise at 80 mph. my 2003 jetta tdi wagon 5-spd returned 48 mpg with such driving over about 60k miles. my 2004 passat tdi gets about 37 mpg with such driving. more if i keep it closer to 70.
  • merlynnmerlynn Posts: 1
    I bought a 2006 Jetta TDI about a week and a half ago. I went with the TDI for the gas mileage as I drive about 3-4000 miles a month. I had been on my second Mercedes C230. It was up to 204,000 miles on the motor. There really were not any problems to speak of except the price of premium fuel. So, I had been really enjoying my Jetta and the fact that I only had to fill up about once a week. Then last Friday the transmission went out in it. Yes, it was only one week old and had about 1000 miles on it. It was towed back to the dealership and is being checked over as I write this. So far, they are not really sure what the problem is. It may be stuck between two gears. The transmission is an automatic. As this was my first VW, I am quite disgusted with the whole experience. Has anyone had a similar event? At this point, I would like my money returned, so I can buy another Benz.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,337
    "Well, the Civic and its sister the integra are 2 of the highest rate of stolen cars year after year. Part of the reason is the cost of the parts...

    DL "

    As most folks know, the one figure one pays for auto insurance can be made up of a number of categories. So in terms of "safety" the fact that the Civic and its sister the Intergra are 2 of the highest rate of stolen cars, year after year would probably affect/effect the comprehensive portion and not the "liability" portion.
  • jimlockeyjimlockey Posts: 265
    No very likely anything will get 48 MPG at 80 MPH. Slow it down between 65 and 70 and you may be able to get that kind of mileage.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    keeping speeds closer to 60 & 70 , my 2003 jetta 5-spd wagon would exceed 50 mpg substantially - nearly 55 mpg. i strategically commuted in that car when fuel was $1/gallon and am now commuting in a 21 mpg V8 subcompact instead! timing is everything...
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,337
    "No very likely anything will get 48 MPG at 80 MPH. Slow it down between 65 and 70 and you may be able to get that kind of mileage. "

    I would agree wit your first sentence. It might not be in the direction you might think! @ 80 mph I get a steady 50 mpg. I would disagree with your 2nd sentence. At 65/70 we are talking inxs of 55 mpg.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    I can get over 56MPG on a highway trip. This is with 4 adults and a trunk full of luggage. The AC was on as it was over 80F outside. I would say that my average speed may have been 70MPH. The trip was about 12 hours in length. (less than one tank of fuel!!)

    It is IMPERITIVE that one breaks in the TDI engine properly to acheive good sealing of the piston rings. Babying a TDI engine may result in lower MPG overall.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Sounds like the megatronic went out. I've heard of a few of these being bad outta the box. Hopefully they can get you back on the road soon.

  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,337
    Just as a comparison, I took a San Jose, CA to Portland Oregon trip with a friend and got an overal 37 mpg on a Honda Civic. He drove 85-90, I drove 80/85. I would say all in all we pushed the Civic FAR less than I would have gone with the Jetta TDI
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    My lifetime Avg on my TDI is around 46mpg. I'm usually running in the 75-85mph range depending on traffic. If I'm just running 100% highway, it'll do over 50mpg at those speeds and I have about 20hp worth of mods.
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