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Hyundai Sonata 2006-2007



  • SNAKEWEASEL. Hahaha. I love that name. If I was a car salesman it would look perfectly suitable on my name badge.

    You say, "...doc fee is basically a service..." ?

    Hahaha. Hahahahaha!
    A service? For whose benefit? It does not serve my interests.

    Doc fee is just another profit center devised by dealers who have decided they can fleece the public for a few (hundred) dollars more than the agreed sale price. The little bit of time and/or money they spend to mail or electronically send information to the government is something they CHOOSE to do. It is in reality just another business overhead expense, similar to the electric bill, urinal cakes or lot rent. (I guess we are lucky they don't try to itemize those on the sales agreement too!)
    I believe another reason they insist on taking control of the submission of the paperwork for the title and registration is to make it more difficult for a buyer to back out of the deal, even if that buyer never took possession of the car (drove it off the lot).
    The dealers charge us a "Documentation Fee" because we let them get away with it. (Some states have accurately identified "doc fee" as a sham and prohibit or restrict such "fees".)

    Since the doc fee ends up being a part of the price you pay and is really just dealer profit (not a fee for service to you) it should be included here when we compare prices of cars we've bought.
    Actual money spent for tax, title and registration, and any other fees which must be paid to the local, county, state or federal government in connection with a car purchase should not be shown here for comparison purposes.

    Anyone agree or disagree? If so, why?
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,875
    comment on the doc fee but I will reiterate how good of an overall deal the '06 Sonata is. This crushes with much weight any dissatisfaction a doc fee might cause, eh?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Posts: 13,414
    SNAKEWEASEL. Hahaha. I love that name. If I was a car salesman it would look perfectly suitable on my name badge.

    Well I am glad you like it, but thats not the reason I got that nickname. As a kid I got the reputation of being slippery as a snake and could weasel out of anything, hence the name.

    A service? For whose benefit? It does not serve my interests.

    It is the fee for doing all the paperwork with the state. It benefits you because then you don't have to spend a few hours standing in line to process the paperwork. But yes its almost pure profit for the dealer.

    2008 Sebring Ragtop, 2011 Hyundai Sonata.

  • Pricing?
    I purchased the LX without the sunroof or 6-CD player and ended up at $19,800. I did this in December and they had the $1000 finance through Hyundai, $3000 instant, Dealer had internet $1000 off and their were another $2,000 worth of rebates that I did not qualify for, but negotiated down the extra rebate offerings.
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    " would think rental car companies would stay away from Hyundais, including the Sonata, like the plague..."

    Why? Because you say so? Even Hyundais can stand up to the first 24,000 miles with little liklihood of a major breakdown. That's about the mileage where the rental agencies typically auction or sell off their rentals. And, while it's doubtful that Hyundai would cover a rental out to 60,000 miles while in the hands of a rental agency, issuing at least a 12 mo./12,000 mile commercial use warranty to the agency wouldn't be beyond reason.
  • The last few times I went to the Motor Vehicle Department I did not have to stand in any line for more than a minute, and that one time was just to get a number. I took that number with me and my current book to one of the comfy chairs and waited there reading for 20 minutes until I was called. Not bad experiences at all, particularly since the office is now smoker free. (In the old days, I used to hate going and waiting in what smelled like an ashtray.)
    Maybe its just me, but for $150 to $500 or so savings, I'd rather read my book and sign the title and registration papers at the MVD counter myself.
    But the new car dealers will not allow it.
  • Actually GM and other American motor companies have cut off some of their deals with the Rental car groups. This was stated in the news a couple of months ago for the reason that rental car prices were going up. One way for the Rental companies to hold their prices down is to go to a less expensive car that still has all the bells and whistles the customer is used to. I remember 20 years ago when you could only get GM products at Avis and now you never know what you are going to pick up (sounds like Forest Gump). I actually enjoy trying different vehicles.
    Enterprise has a great deal with Toyota and you would be shocked at what our company leases company vehicles for when you look at 3-years, 100,000 miles and initial sticker price.
  • nornenorne Posts: 136
    Rented a car from Alamo few days ago at LAX and they had a fleet of toyota sienna minivans for rental. I can recall when alamo rental car was strictly GM and GM vehicles only.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    You need to look at my entire post to take my comment re " would think rental car companies would stay away from Hyundais, including the Sonata, like the plague..." in context and in the spirit in which I meant it. You will then see that I was talking about the fact that auto rental companies do NOT stay away from Hyundais like the Sonata, which raises the question about whether their resale value is as bad as some people claim.
  • sgk09sgk09 Posts: 3
    I just bought LX because, wanted leather and climate control+air filter, got package 3, because wanted sun roof.
    I paid $1450 for the package which consist of sun roof and upgraded 6 discs changer and subwoofer music system
    The roof cost $900 on GLS so i makes $550 for music upgrade.( I was told LX system is a better than one from GLS)
    I am not expert on sound system but I know, my son's $50 add on computer 2.1 speakers give more punch with drums and low frequency sound. So I do not find my LX/3 output worth $550 extra.(minus changer)
    I am sure there better after market system out there for that kind of bucks.
    Is LX buyers forced to pay the extra to get a roof? OR the system is really worth it?
    I would like to know from our experts.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    It's all a matter of personal preference. Some, including me, don't think it's worth $900 to have a hole in the roof. Others wouldn't own a car unless it had a hole in the roof.

    But the packaging of options, first started by Honda/Toyota I think as a way of lowering popular options cost and making production more efficient, is now the norm industry wide. In these packages one often has to pay for some unwanted features in order to get certain "must have" features. Weigh the entire package and determine if it worth the cost for the specific items you "must have."
  • white6white6 Posts: 588
    In Oklahoma, the dealer is required to list this "documentation fee" or "title fee" on the sales contract for exactly what it is: ADP. On the front of the sales contract, there is a line for "ADP" where the additional fee is printed on the contract ($125 is a popular figure around here). On the back of the contract, in tiny screened back type, is the definition of ADP: "Added Dealer Profit." Title work is part of the cost of doing business for a dealer. The state requires them to file the documetation paperwork on the products they sell. Charging the customer a separate fee to do this is no different than if I charged my clients a "tax service fee" for submitting deductions when I do my taxes!
  • refllxrefllx Posts: 4
    sgk09, I agree the 6CD changer isn't worth an additional $550. It's a little late in your case to suggest my approach to the "want a sunroof but not the 6CD changer" dilemma, but what I did was make my best possible deal for the base LX and then offered $900 to add package 3. I expected them to come back and offer it to me for dealer invoice $1278 which I wouldn't have taken. Whether because it was the end of the year or possibly because they had more LXs with Pkg 3 than without on the lot I don't know, but they accepted the $900 offer.
  • krikakrika Posts: 49
    I personally don't think the music system is worth so much in the LX. Infact, my cd changer got stuck for the 'n'th time, and this time for good. No disconnecting battery would save it, so the dealer had ordered for a replacement under warranty. Moreover, the sound doesnt' seem so good either. I am an amateur audiophile and I can distinguish between good audio and mediocre audio. And I am sure for that money you can get A-class audio systems in the market. But I do love the sunroof, ofcourse would be using it only 6 months in a year - coz its winter now!!!!!
  • billwardbillward Posts: 154
    I know this is a bit late to chip in, but I've TRIED to find '06 Hyundai Sonata's in rental fleets in my area... and have been told everytime that they AREN'T in the Rental fleets here (Hampton Roads, Virginia). All I can get are Accords, Camrys, Taurus's, Stratus, or the occasional Mustang, Neon, PT Cruiser, Impala (yep!) or Fusion.
  • dketzdketz Posts: 1
    GLS V6 6100 Miles
    Average combo MPG 23

    Fuel gage read ¾ full after fill up. After five fill up’s, the gage works fine.

    AC condensation drain plugged. Foul smell using A/C. Warranty covered, A/C disinfectant kit used. Works fine now.

    Windshield washer stopped working. Took to dealer who said pump motor broke. Service manager said he had three more customers this week with same problem ( all 06 sonata ). No part in stock, had to come back one week later and got it fixed. Possible recall on pump motor. Warranty covered.

    Other than the above mentioned, I’m happy.
  • I bought just the basic LX as well because I did not want to pay the extra money on the Hyundai sound system which at my age will only be wasted(woofer). I would of liked the sunroof since I traded in a convertable, but a sunroof really doesn't compare to the top being down. The nice thing about the Sonata is that after market materials can be added without effecting alarm systems or having to re-wire the whole car. I did prefer the LX because of the 17" wheels and the wood-trim and etc.
  • My windshield washer pump just died this week too. Going to get it fixed next week.

    No other problems.

    4400 miles avg mpg 24.
  • I travel entire country and it is hit and miss. Some Rental agencies are franchised and each franchise determines types of cars and how many miles will go on them before selling. Once in Little Rock I rented a Pontiac Grand Prix and it had 60,000 miles on it. If you have abused rental cars like everyone else has, you can imagine what a piece of junk this one was. This was quite a few years ago, so they may have tighter rules on some of these franchises now.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    Actually, Doc Fee is taxable here in Illinois, at least at all dealers in Champaign-Urbana. On the other hand, the average Doc Fee here is $35.

    And, I used to sell new cars at a local domestic dealer and wrote up many contracts with the Doc Fee as a taxable portion of the sales contract. The Illinois Secretary of State office in Springfield specifically states that a dealer Doc Fee is taxable.
  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Posts: 13,414
    Actually, Doc Fee is taxable here in Illinois, at least at all dealers in Champaign-Urbana.

    Gosh darn it your right (after checking with the Il dept of Rev.), however I didn't check to what extent it is taxable. They have a case law for it and I didn't read it.

    2008 Sebring Ragtop, 2011 Hyundai Sonata.

  • johnjjjohnjj Posts: 81
    I'm another 2006 Sonata owner whose washer pumped died. Had about 5000 miles at the time. When I took it in for repair yesterday, I mentioned that there was a whirring noise at slow speeds when I turned the steering. I suggested that perhaps it was coming from the power steering. The noise wasn't that loud, so I was a little afraid to complain thinking that they may call me picky. After looking at the car, the service tech said the power steering was leaking and could let go at any time. He said I shouldn't drive the car. I left the car and he is overnighting the parts. It is suppose to be fixed today.

    Moral of this story is listen closely for a whirring noise from the PS at slow speeds while turning the steering wheel. If you hear it, take the car in right away to be checked.
  • maggeemaggee Posts: 2
    Is anyone experiencing "surging" of the engine and slow shifting from 1-2 in their new Sonata?

    Maggee :confuse: ">
  • rgyiprgyip Posts: 43
    Funny how I see that now because I thought I was the only one that had that problem, but at around 5000 miles, in about November, my washer pumped died. Got that fixed and I had so other problems with the car so far at almost 8000 miles.
  • bman900bman900 Posts: 55
    My 06 LX Sonata has also made a whirring noise at slow speeds when I turned the steering wheel. This has only occured 2 or 3 times and seems to happen soon after startup when the engine has not yet reached operating temp. The noise was not very loud, so I ignored it. After reading your post I will have the dealer check this out since I have an oil change scheduled next week.
  • johnjjjohnjj Posts: 81
    FYI, my dealer said the PS was aerating. They replaced the PS oil hose assembly. Cost would have been $437.41 if it weren't under warranty.
  • Just read the long term test writeup on Inside Line for the 06 LX. What are these testers doing with their Sonata? They're best MPG as 23.3 and worst was 18.5. They commented "We had trouble getting over 20 mpg even on the open road".

    My worst MPG in mixed driving (50/50) has been 22.8. My best in mixed driving has been 24. I haven't made a full tank freeway trip but based on some 60 mile freeway roundtrips and a reset the trip computer I averaged over 27MPG at 75MPH.

    I guess my point is if they are driving it like a rental, then don't report negatively about poor gas mileage.
  • cjlarscjlars Posts: 29
    I ,too, have noticed a surge at times. It has happened to me when in reverse. I thought it may have been something I was doing but my wife has noticed it too. I have also noticed that when coasting there are times that the car almost feel as though it starts to drag or brake. I assume this is transmission related but I'm not certain.
  • bp25bp25 Posts: 11
    Maybe the engine needs to be borken in? My 2003 elantra also had surging in the beginning, but now after 40k, its very smooth and shifts much better.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    when coasting there are times that the car almost feel as though it starts to drag or brake

    My '05 does this also, but I don't view it as a problem.
    First time I noticed it was on the downhill portion of Delaware Memorial Bridge (quite steep). The cruise was on and the drag/brake affect kept the car near the speed setting. The other times I have felt it were when I have been in the shiftronic mode going down a long, steep hill. It seems to me that the tranny/cruise is doing it's job and keeping the car from accelerating as if it were in neutral.
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