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Hyundai Sonata 2006-2007



  • nick0924nick0924 Posts: 13
    We toured the Ching Chong Namdo plant, or within 2 or 3 miles of that town.
    It is in south west Korea near the ocean to facilitate ship transporting.

    They make Sonatas, XG, and Amanti there plus engines for all Hyundai and
    Kia cars.

    The tour was given by the manager of my wife's family's off-site factory.

    He is not a Hyundai employee, but used to be; his stature was enough to get
    us in and he gave the tour himself; most of the floor managers knew him.
    We took all the time we wanted in each of the 4 buildings.
    We must have been there at least 3 hours.
    In building-1, where the robots stamp and weld, the sparks actually came
    onto the floor where we were walking. There were no hardhats or safety glasses; we had to use our own judgement in where we stood and how close we got.

    Not many people are permitted to get this tour; we were most fortunate.

    Behind the buildings is one of the world's largest parking lots of newly
    build cars. In korea, dealers only have a few cars in the showroom; you look
    at a vehicle and then the literature, pick a car and color and it gets delivered from
    the factory to the dealer and you then see it for the first time.

    No huge inventories by dealers, inventoryies are at the factories.

    Appears the Amanti may be built at 2 sites per your information.
  • codata99codata99 Posts: 123
    Well, I can tell you Hyundai does not make them. I know one supplier for the Sonata/XG engines; not sure they make all the pistons, but I'll certainly ask them about the piston shortage.
  • bklynguybklynguy Posts: 275
    No navigation system is mentioned on the 2006 Sonata website. I also wonder if the MP3-compatible CD player can list ID3 tags (artist/title/folder) on a display :confuse:
  • codata99codata99 Posts: 123
    Google "Asan plant Sonata" to learn about the Hyundai plant. You'll get tons of links. here's one.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    It's hard to fathom why anyone would lie about seeing Amantis made in a particular factory.

    There were at least two errors of fact in the Montgomery news article. Were they pulling a shenanigan, or maybe just made some mistakes?
  • kidokido Posts: 3
    I have a KDM version of sonata. it displays only file name
  • Twenty four thousand three hundred dollars is not steep. That's a loaded LX ! The Camry LE is not the top of the line like the LX. Go and try to buy a brand spankin new Camry with everything for twenty four thousand three hundred dollars! ;)
  • toyunkitoyunki Posts: 25
    Hi I disagree with nick0924 .

    I also have 2000 Sonata with 80,000 miles on it I changed my oil every 5000-6000 miles and averaging 30-31 MPG about 70% highway. With one tank of gas before refill I went about 470 miles.... In trips when I drive over 70 MPH than MPG drops to 27-28 MPG. Even with occasional revving to redline I am constantly getting very high MPG. In fact it is better than my friends 97 integra Auto....

    And I am in Atlanta GA. and Jim Ellise Hyundai and Kia service is great.

    $27.95 for oil change + Car wash + Vacuum.

    The brother's car is 2000 tiburon and has 135,000 miles on it and the engine seems pretty good.

    And about gas mileage, Honda and Toyota is known for fooling the EPA.
    For Example.

    Kia Rio's EPA rating is 29/32
    toyota Echo is like 37/42

    According to real testing.
    (both manual)
    Rio gets 34 mpg
    echo gets 35 mpg.

    so EPA and real drive is different. EPA testing does not drive car, it only put the car on stationary wheels and measure and calculate the MPG.

    Motorweek show showed it once.

    And Korean Government's official testing show's
    2.4 Sonata tops comparable Camry and Accord in fuel efficiency.

    2.4 hyundai designed engine will be a single best selling engine in the World according to Global Auto, it will be produced more than 2.5 million units around the world. Produced in DC and MItsu.....

    Experience is all different. I saw Nissan Sentra's engine block has cracked when it had less than 40,000 miles, and Honda Civic's engine failure at around 70,000 miles.

    According ti reliability rating by MSN auto (the rating is done by private mechanics)
    HONDA and TOYOTA does not seems too good.
    Toyota had major engine problems
    Honda has auto tranny and engine problems.


    Sonata's - el


    Opinion or expirience is objective. Back up your opinion's with references.
  • gogophers1gogophers1 Posts: 218
    Well, a Camry LE isn't $24K+ either. I think the problem Hyundai will run into if it tries to price the Sonata at parity with Camry and Accord is the potential loss of loyalty sales. The reality is what's got the butts in the seats of the great bulk of Hyundais on the road today is the value equation. It's the very reason why there's an Elantra in my garage rather than a Civic or Corolla. I couldn't refuse the deal!

    I'm sure the new Sonata will be a good - possibly even great - car, but it's going to need to grab conquest sales from Toyota and Honda to reach its sales goals and I think that's going to be more difficult for Hyundai than they are expecting sans any big rebates.

    Hyundai is making quality cars nowadays, I can attest to that but they've got two big issues to overcome yet: dealer service and stigma. Like someone else has posted here, my experience with the local dealer in Bloomington, MN, Metro Hyundai, has been dreadful at best. The only way I'd buy another car from them is if they gave me a fire sale price and threw in a set of floor mats.

    As far as stigma, that still irritates me at times. Whenever someone asks me what I drive and I say, "a Hyundai," the response is invariably negative. This is reality - fair or not. But I can deal with it on a $13K car. A $24K car on the other hand...
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    I think a 2006 Sonata will be about $2000 less than similarly equipped Accords, Camrys, and Altimas.
  • mononeomononeo Posts: 89
    One of the interesting things about car buyers today is how much they have been changing their habits recently. For example, I've read many places how resale value, which used to be a pivotal issue for car buyers, is now becoming not nearly as important as it once was... Which sucks for Hyundai because now that they are actually having good resale (Santa Fe has best resale of any small SUV according to ALG), but what I really wanted to address is price.

    People will pay the same amount for a Hyundai Sonata than a Honda Accord if they get more stuff.

    When it looks like Sonata pricings is taking a hike upstream, it is, but so is the car. For example, the price of a V6 Sonata used to be less than a four-cylinder Accord or Camry. Now, the Sonata's V6 will cost about the same as the four-cylinder Camry or Accord. People aren't going to care what name is on the car if what they are getting is exactly what they want. People sometimes won't know they want a Hyundai until they look at them, and then have the epiphone that they've been wasting their money on badges all along. I have a Honda family. My father drives a Civic. My brother drives a Civic. I drive an Accord (soon to be Santa Fe or Sonata). My mom DROVE an Accord. My sister DROVE a Civic. After starting to have problems with her Civic, I got my sister to look at Kias. She's had three Kia Spectras now, and tries to get everyone she knows to get a Kia. My mother, she drove an Accord, now drives an Optima and after having it for about a week, no longer felt like it was a second-class car. So what I'm trying to get at is that sometimes people don't know what they want until they experience it.

    I can assure you that the Sonata GLS V6 will cost about the same as the Accord EX four-cylinder. What's going to get people to buy that car? Well, the extra 77 horses, better safety, and a warranty. This sounds redundant, but it isn't. The Sonata V6 used to try to compete with the 4-cylinder Accords and failed. Now the V6 Sonata competes with the 4-cylinder Accords, and this time all carda are on the table.

    Most people that look at a Hyundai will buy a Hyundai. If you go to your dealership and talk to a salesperson, they will tell you that it is not because of price, ever. VALUE is separate from pricing. Cheap doesn't mean good deal. Expensive doesn't mean bad deal. It all depends. Accords and Camroids are no longer the value they are meant to be, and are thus slowly becoming about as irrelevant as they deserve to become (especially the Camry: if I see another commercial trying to make a Camry SE look both glamourous and sporty, I will vomit all over myself). If you ask what really gets people to not think twice on these cars, it is that warrantly. Not the prices.

    Another thing that people aren't taking into account for how popular this Sonata is going to be is how appealing it is to women. Why has the Santa Fe been such a success?? WOMEN LOVE THEM MORE THAN ANY OTHER SUV. Even if you go onto Edmunds' consumer reviews and read the reviews made by women, you will see how it would seem as though the Santa Fe is seemingly tailor made for women. I think that Hyundai does little things that women place as great importance that men do not, but that ultimately benefit men as well. Whenever my women friends are in any of the Hyundais my social circles own, they are about as entranced as they get when they are in a Volkswagen (which I would say entrance people more than any other comparable car). It is my opinion that women are more practical and personal for when it comes to their cars, and I think Hyundai knows this and plays with it. Sunglasses holders integrated into maplights? Vanity mirrors with lighting? Multi-level center console? Rear armrest? Fog lights? Safety at no additional charge? Power everything standard? TIPTRONIC is a big one. Dampened glovebox? Much quieter cabin than competition? Now obviously these are all things that men can appreciate as well, but that they would not care about before such things as overall power and brand-appeal. It is a fact that statistically, most men will buy either DX or EX Civics, whereas women buy nearly only LX Civics. All of these things I've listed are things that a woman would take into account when buying a car and appreciate the entire time, while a man may not even realize or care until much later. A good example would be if you asked a woman if she'd rather have a car that was quiet inside with adequate power, or a car that's loud inside with a lot of power, most women will say the former while men will say the latter.

    So what does that have to do with the new Sonata? The new Sonata is still going to be everything it once was, which appealed to women (much like the Santa Fe), only now it is ALSO going to be everything it never has been. People, I think especially women, would pay the same for a Sonata as an Accord if their prices were the same with the same levels of equipment, but this isn't the case. The Sonata is going to have much more standard equipment than the comparable cars of the other brands. Don't get disenchanted with the pricing of this car. Iti s much worth it, and I am certain that this car will sell much better than the previous model.
  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    I would wonder how reliable the new Sonata is gonna to be! In terms of price, it is the champ. Also the fact is that Sonata got very good "initial" price and best-in-class "initial" quality. However, just wonder does it have a good value (reliable, no/low maintance<-- my perception of "value" of a car)? will it be able to last at least 200k+ miles?Although accord/camry hs shorter warrantee compare to Sonata, they prove and reputate that they have excellent reliability and capable reach to 200K+ easily. On the other hand, Sonata offers better warantee and gives a sense that it is just as reliable as other competitors and "worth to try" to buy one. In term of value, if sonata could last for 200k+ miles and just as reliable as Camry/accord, that would be excellent. However, if it falls short after 100k, then it has only great initial price and unimpressive value. Currently, Honda/Toyota have excellent "value" because it lasts long. Nonetheless, time will tell how reliable the Korean auto makers like Hyundai/Kia (sonata) are!
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    switching to the Alabama plant-- I'd be a bit more hesitant to buy in the first year however. My 01 Elantra in the first year of production gave me absolutely no trouble-- however that wasn't an entirely new venue.
  • mononeomononeo Posts: 89
    Has anyone noticed that on the Sonata's website it now lists the gas mileage for GLS four cylinder manuals??

    It looks as though you'll be able to get a sportier Sonata with a manual afterall. Not just base model.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Uh, yes, I posted the mpg ratings here a few days ago. :)
  • thndrstmthndrstm Posts: 47
    How does the new 2006 Sonata MPG compare with the old one.?
  • gogophers1gogophers1 Posts: 218
    Interesting... because of course it also lists the 4spd auto as standard equipment on the GLS.

    This is the very reason I took the new Sonata off my list a few months ago (though I've still been following its release) - because it appeared it would never meet my "holy options trifecta": cloth seats, manual transmission and factory power sunroof.

    If I could get a Sonata with the sunroof (an option on the GLS but not the GL) without being forced into a model with a slushbox, this car will again be at or near the top of my list.
  • spinzerospinzero Posts: 91
    New 2006 Hyundai Sonata Pricing Announced
    FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., April 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Hyundai Motor America
    has announced pricing for the all-new 2006 Sonata, Hyundai's best-selling model. The first 2006 Sonata rolled off the production line in March at Hyundai's all-new manufacturing plant in Montgomery, Ala.

    The 2006 Hyundai Sonata is an all-new vehicle featuring refined and
    sophisticated styling, all-new powertrains, class-leading standard safety
    features including six airbags and segment-first standard Electronic Stability Control, and an interior package so roomy its U.S. government size classification is "large car," slotting it a class above Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.

    "We're proud of the value equation we've engineered into the all-new
    Sonata, with pricing that is $2,000 to $4,000 below comparably equipped
    mid-size competitors," said Robert F. Cosmai, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor America.

    2006 Hyundai Sonata Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing:
    Sonata GL 4-cyl, 5-speed manual $17,895
    Sonata GL 4-cyl, 4-speed SHIFTRONIC A/T $18,795
    Sonata GLS 4-cyl, 4-speed SHIFTRONIC A/T $19,395
    Sonata GLS 3.3-liter V6, 5-speed SHIFTRONIC A/T $20,895
    Sonata LX 3.3-liter V6, 5-speed SHIFTRONIC A/T $22,895
    The destination charge is $600.

    Hyundai Motor America, headquartered in Fountain Valley, Calif. is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company of Korea. Hyundai cars and sport utility vehicles are distributed throughout the United States by Hyundai Motor America and are sold and serviced by more than 650 Hyundai dealerships nationwide.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -------------------------------
    Let's hear some opinions!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    With automatic 4-cylinder Camry LEs and Accord LXes going for under $18k (or $1500+ less than the automatic Sonata GL), the discounts/rebates will need to start almost immediately on the new Sonata unless it is a clearly superior car in the minds of the buying public. The GLS V6 is probably the best deal of any of the models--with even a little discount and maybe a loyalty rebate, it can go for under $20k. That does undercut the competition.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Personally, I think that pricing schedule is phenomenal, and I would love to know for how much the Premium Sport Pkg on the GLS V6 will retail. I dont think rebates are necessary immediately, and even significant discounts to MSRP seem unlikely in the first 4 or so months, given the incredibly comprehensive package that seems to be offered here. Perhaps I read too quickly, but how much is the destination charge, and is that included in the prices shown above?

  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Ok, so the destination was even bolded in that post. My bad. Still, I would imagine its those prices PLUS the $600, correct?

  • gogophers1gogophers1 Posts: 218
    It's interesting that you choose to use the word "phenomenal" to describe the pricing schedule. It certainly is open for interpretation.

    Again, it seems a bit spendy to me. Since it's still all speculation at this point (I don't think anyone here has driven one yet - I could be wrong), we're just arguing paper specifications. But, on paper, I'd go with a Camry SE 4cyl. 5-spd manual. It's a known commodity, has great resale and I can equip it exactly to my preference - three things the Sonata doesn't have going for it (at least not yet).
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    $600 as noted above, and that's NOT included in the prices that were listed.

    I think dealers will try no discounts at first since it's a brand-new car, and some people who must have the Latest and Greatest will buy at that price, but we saw that even with the all-new Tucson that Hyundai and dealers started discounting pretty quickly. It's not like there are no other excellent alternatives in the Sonata's class. Some positiive reviews by respected auto mags/rags will help keep the prices up. I haven't seen many yet, but they should be flowing pretty soon with the cars on their way to dealerships.

    I'd love to find some way to get a test drive of a Sonata while I'm in Seoul for the next few days, but not quite sure how a dealer would react to some guy from the U.S. coming in and asking to drive a car--it's not like I'd buy it from them. ;)

    I think Hyundai is missing an opportunity here. You'd think they'd look into their database and find "loyal" Hyundai owners who might be looking to upgrade--people like me for instance who own a five-year-old Elantra! Then send them a special invitation to come see/drive the new Sonata on a speical introduction night at their local dealership. Anyway, that's what I would do if I were in charge of HMA marketing...
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    Remember, the Sonata has stability control standard, something that the Accord doesn't even offer as an option.

    I'm not knocking the Accord. In fact, my wife drives a 2004 Accord EX V6 and its a great car.
  • frasierdogfrasierdog Posts: 128
    " wife drives a 2004 Accord EX V6 and its a great car."

    Your wife loves her Accord and a friend of mine loves his CR-V. Yet both cars have tremendous amounts of road noise. The reason most people say their car is quiet is they have never owned a quiet car. Once you own one, it is hard to change.

    I equate road noise to CHEAP. Honda could make its cars and SUVs quieter, but that would require spending money.

    Therefore, when I hear road noise, the car is the epitome of CHEAP.

    The new Sonata is suppose to be quieter than the Camry. So it will be much better that the Honda. The reasons I could never buy a Accord are road noise and too firm a ride.

    Consumer Report loves ever Honda ever built, but they have almost the same comment on all Honda vehicles. Road Noise.

    I look forward to trying the new Sonata.
  • chungchung Posts: 7
    NFSonata base price for

    2400cc is 18495
    3300cc is 21495

    This is announced in Korea by the Hyundai's president this morning..

    I am thinking of buying one.. but they raised the price way too high although they offer so many standard features compare to Toyota and Honda.. what are you guys opinions??
  • spinzerospinzero Posts: 91
    The reasons I could never buy a Accord are road noise and too firm a ride.

    Accord has a firm ride? Man, you're a proper american. :P

    I have read multiple times in Korean news that the reporters found the new sonata to be above both campry and accord in terms of road noise, and inbetween the two in terms of handling/ride. (But then most Korean reporters are complete morons when it comes down to cars, so don't trust it 100%.)

    As far as pricing goes, I'm sure they will keep it well under competition one way or other. Considering the dominance they have in the Korean domestic market and their success in China and India, I'm sure they can afford to, and intend to play a hard ball in pricing here in USDM for at least few more years.

    As always, the key is to get one before everyone figures out that they're good.
  • V6 sonata is still $2000 dollars less in MSRP then V6 Camry SE, and has more options standard, so I don't see the better deal. You can't compare the current camry prices with the MSRP of sonata because Camry is a 4 year old design. I'm sure there will be rebates with sonata in time as well.
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    Sorry the info is a little late, my wife just had our third and I've been slightly preoccupied.
    There are no options on the base GL model.
    On the GLS a sunroof is $850
    Premium package gives you sunroof, auto dimming mirror with homelink, and power drivers seat for $1350
    On the GLS V6 sunroof is $850
    Premium sport package gives you the same as the premium in the 4cyl plus 17" wheels for $1500
    On the LX you can get a sunroof and cd changer packaged for $1400
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