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Hyundai Sonata 2006-2007



  • mikhamikha Posts: 5
    $3000 sounds good, but in reality not many can get advantage of all these money.
    $1000 Hyundai Finance rebate - you can get only if you finance with Hyundai, where interest rate is outragesly high! Today I was got 8.9% (considering that I have excellent credit score!). Thank you very much, I'll skip it...
    $1000 owners loyalty rebate - I was not very proud owner of Excel, but my registration for this car had expired long time ago, so I'm not eligible now :(
    $1000 factory rebate - you cannot combine it with 4%-4.25%, so you better get calculator to figure out what would be a better option, to get %1000 or this low interest
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    1) You can take advantage of the HMFC financing $1000 rebate and pay if off almost immediately by refinancing with your bank, credit uion, etc.

    2) Everyone qualifies for the general $1,000 rebate (or $500 if a 4 cyl).

    3) Owner loyalty rebate is only for current owners of any Hyundai, regardless of model or model year.

    Everyone can get the first two rebates, for $2,000 total. If one finances with HMFC at a higher rate to get the $1K, and if it takes 6 weeks to refinance to get a lower rate, how much extra in interest does one pay? Maybe 50 bucks?, would have to run the numbers. So the buyer would still be ahead by at least $950.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Here's a way to get the $1000 loyalty rebate: go find an '80s-vintage Excel that still runs (if barely)--might cost you $100--keep it long enough to get the rebate, then donate it to your favorite charity (many take used cars).

    I am half-kidding, but I wonder if anyone has ever done something like that?
  • mikhamikha Posts: 5
    Actually, sounds like a good idea. 2 questions in this regard:
    - are you sure that it is so easy to refinance auto loan in 6 weeks? is any closing cost involved?
    - today I got "special" price quote on GLS V6 with sport package (17'' rims, autodim rear view mirror and etc...) $18995+$600 destination charge. How is it sound? Is this something worse to consider? Forgot to mention - $2000 of rebates is included in this price

    Thank you
  • mikhamikha Posts: 5
    Keep thinking about your suggestion to refinance HMFC loan. I don't think you're right on this one. It would be too easy for consumers and too stupid for HMFC, who wants to make money more on interest payments than on sold cars...
    They will calculate the full amount of interest you'd have to pay and "include" it in the total you owe, divide it on whatever number of months and that is it. Now you'd have repay them this new amount.
  • krikakrika Posts: 49
    :cry: first scratch on my beautiful Golden Beige LX front door. i guess its somebody's car that was parked beside mine. that guy must have opened the door too far to hit my car. but ofcourse its only scratch on the clear coat, didn't reach the paint. would appreciate any suggestions on how to remove scratches on clear coat and repair it.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    Others have done it. Read the last couple of pages on this forum and see for yourself.

    As far as the price, which I forgot after looking it up and seeing your latest post, check the Hyundai site for the MSRP and deduct the rebates. That will tell you how much the dealer is discounting the car.
  • gmctruckgmctruck Posts: 186
    If you can catch your finger nail in the scratch, you'll need touch up paint. If you can't catch your nail in the scratch, then try 3M swirl remover to get the scratch out. You will need to re-wax the area after using the 3M.
  • tb88tb88 Posts: 242
    "Keep thinking about your suggestion to refinance HMFC loan.... It would be too easy for consumers and too stupid for HMFC, who wants to make money more on interest payments than on sold cars..."

    That is one thing I can't figure out either...
    There must be a catch somewhere, or those in charge of HMFC are total incompetent morons!
    You don't have to have a high IQ to figure out this deal: take it, and refinance soon after!
  • kwonc71kwonc71 Posts: 245
    So, what was the reason you bought a Sonata insted of Camcord? You did not buy Sonata because it was better car than Camcord. You bought it because it was cheaper. I don't get your point?
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    You're kidding, right? Of course I bought my Sonata because it was cheaper than a new Accord or Camry. (How could you miss that point?) Just don't get the idea the Sonata was my first choice technologically and aesthetically. After my '96 Accord got totaled, I needed wheels and purchasing the Sonata allowed me to avoid lease or loan payments. (The only purchase I allow myself to carry debt burden on is my home - and at that, only because I will not rent, the outright purchase price is too high to pay up front, there are federal and state primary residence loan interest deductions, and, historically, real estate values are nearly guaranteed to appreciate over time.) In about three years, though, it'll be, "Sayonara, Sonata.", and "Hello, Acura TL."
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Not everyone will refinance. They aren't morons, but maybe they just don't bother to check out other financing options. Why do you think so many companies sell products with rebates rather than just cutting the price? They are betting that many people won't take the time to send in the rebate forms.
  • "They are betting that many people won't take the time to send in the rebate forms."

    And they are right of course. As I type this, I am readying a $50.00 rebate form to send in for the Sirius radio I just had installed in my '06 Sonata. I always send them in but I hate rebates. "Please wait 8-10 weeks for your rebate to arrive!" Why??? BTW, the Sirius radio is terrific.
  • tb88tb88 Posts: 242
    Rebates is one thing... at least you are buying the product and in most cases they do get some money in order to cover at least their cost.
    But HMFC is giving out money outright with nothing in return! They give out $1,000 and get maybe 1 or 2 months worth of interest: around $200 at the most - they still come out short $800.
    May be those who could only find another source to refinance at 7.5-8%, decide it is not worth the hassle to do it... But,I doubt anybody with the cash, will just look down on $800, or forget to do it. I won't.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Maybe they figure it's a less-costly way to offer a rebate than $1000 cash. They do get some money out of it, and I really don't think everyone who gets the HMFC financing will refinance.
  • negativenegative Posts: 107
    I just received an e-mail from Hyundai customer service today, in response to my inquiry about when XM will be factory installed.

    The official word is "wait and see." Anyone have any inside info on this? It may seem like a minor concern, but it's not. All the FM stations in my area are awful, and I don't think I'd like the looks of an aftermarket unit.
    Based on posts from several months ago, I thought the XM units were supposed to start showing up in the Sonata about now.

    Thank you for contacting Hyundai Motor America's corporate web site. We appreciate all inquiries regarding our products and services.

    Current model Hyundai vehicles are not equipped with XM Satellite systems, either as a standard feature or as a factory option. Future Hyundai models may include this feature, however, information is not yet available for specific models or dates. Please refer to the web site for periodic updates on current and upcoming vehicles and features.

    Thank you again for contacting Hyundai Motor America.
  • When I put the brakes on I can hear the gas in the gas tank sloshing around, or at least that is what it sounds like. Has anyone had this experience?
  • You must be a newcomer here. Welcome! How's Peter Parker? :)
    Anyhow, gas sloshing noise has indeed been reported here in a number of posts. Though I never posted anything on this, I have heard it too. Have experienced this in several other cars as well. Either I've gotten used to it, or it doesn't happen that often, as I have not noticed any recent sloshing sounds.
  • zen2zen2 Posts: 226
    That would be illegal. Interest is simple interest.
    The payoff total was on my first coupon. It was the
    total I financed plus one months interest. They are
    trying to sell cars, and possibly make some money off
    the financing. Not everyone is going to refinance, but
    I would guess at least half will, since the rates are
    relatively high for Hyundai financing. I will save 2.5
  • zen2zen2 Posts: 226
    I had thought about that, but it's hard to find
    one in the area I live. Now if you lived in DC,
    Philadelphia, or New York area, you could find one. This would cost about 200, after registration, saving you 800. Then you give it to charity, and get a tax deduction.
    I'm sure someone must have done this. :)
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "Law of Supply & Demand...something no politician can alter. I sure didn't like $3 a gallon gasoline. My station is down to $2.27...still don't like it,"

    It has very little to do with SUPPLY& DEMAND. It's about manipulation of profits by the oil companies. But this is a topic for another place.......
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    Message back from Hyundai:

    Thank you for contacting Hyundai Motor America.

    All of the 2006 Hyundai Sonata models sold in the United States are made here in the United States at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama (HMMA).

    Unfortunately at this time we do not have any available information regarding updates to the transmission of the four cylinder 2006 Hyundai Sonata models. Please peruse our website at from time to
    time for periodic updates.

    Thank you for using Hyundai Motor America E-MAIL support.
  • Chinese cars??? Three words...remember the Yugo!!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Or remember the Mercedes, Audis, Volkswagens, Hondas, Toyotas, Hyundais, et. al. ... all being made in China. I don't believe for a second there will be a $5000 made-in-China mid-sized car here anytime soon, or ever (wages are rising in China), but made-in-China cars are coming here, make no mistake about it.
  • rrcrrc Posts: 30
    I financed through HMFC, took my $1000 rebate, and re-fi'd through my bank. Never made a payment to HMFC, and in fact got a check from them after my bank made the payoff. 3 months/5K miles in - no problems, nice little car for the money.
  • zen2zen2 Posts: 226
    I don't think the Yugo was made in China.

    Go to a Wal-Mart, and try to find something,
    anything, not made in China, except for edibles,
    and cosmetics. I think you'll be amazed at the
    electronics, housewares, etc., made in China.

    I would expect a Chinese car to be acceptable after
    the first few shakeout years. Anyone remember the junk
    Honda made when it first started selling in the US?
    I wouldn't expect it to be a great deal cheaper than
    the competition though, just as the Walmart stuff.
    It might be 10% cheaper, not 70. More profit for
    delaers and manufacturers though, with the very cheap
    labor in China. China is looking more and more like
    the next Japan, and they didn't even need to lose
    a war to the US.
  • So, I bought it in mid August 05.
    Just got 3000 miles on it.
    Very happy with the car (other option was Mazda 6 2005 - same price for very similar trim (grand touring on the Mazda6 )- warranty convinced me to chose Hyundai).
    Several problems though -
    1. Noise from the arm rest - treated with grease in the hinge (the lower one, of the big compartment). (disassemble the arm rest to grease it, and it worked)
    2. Power steering pump noise mainly when the steering wheel is not in straight position. Dealer fixed it (waited long time to get pump, no parts in dealer stock for the new cars). was good for less than a week, noise started again. (sound similar to description on the moaning noise).
    3. Hyundai symbol pop out from right front wheel - seems like there is a plastic there that pushed it out. Thought about gluing it, but it does not fit back due to that plastic - need to ask dealer.
    4. Ashtray got stuck - not always open when pushed. Dealer is taking care of that by replacing (again need to wait a lot to get parts for the new model).
    5. Had the recall on the seat handle done - new handle looks OK.
    These are all the issues I experienced, except the pump issue all the other are non issues. The pump got me worried.

    I was concerned not seeing many new sonatas on the road. I hope this will prove to be a very good car.

    Just a comment on the climate control thread, I was not sure I saw the final answer on that. You can push auto and then any button you touch gets out of auto - all the other remain controlled although it does not say auto anymore.
    It worked for me and it is what the manual says.
    By the way auto does not activate air quality control.
    So I do Auto and then push the air quality button

    Still an happy sonata owner. :)
  • The Yugo was made in what was then Yugoslavia
  • rgyiprgyip Posts: 43
    On your Sonata, does the interior buttons of the driver side mirror control and door lock/unlock buttons light up? The window control ones do. I swear that those buttons did too, but maybe I am imagining things?
  • zen2zen2 Posts: 226
    I've noticed a moaning noise, but only if I try to move
    the steering wheel when the car is not moving, which
    you aren't supposed to do anyway. Did yours moan at other times?

    Also I've had a whistling noise coming from brake pads,
    when the car is cold. After a couple of minutes it goes
    away. Anyone else have this problem? I only noticed it
    because I put it in the garage the other day, because it
    started snowing. Then I noticed it again today, when I
    first started out.
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