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2007 Toyota Camry



  • tuffytuffy Posts: 63
    Has anyone seen any 2007 XLEs in Barcelona Red. I can only fine the SE and LE in Barcelona Red. Is Toyota going to make any red XLE this year?
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    We have 3 on the lot right now but they do go fast. The Red is striking, but so is the Blue Ribbon and the Magnetic Grey :shades:
  • fsowirlesfsowirles Posts: 195
    Funny, because I got the exact set of options that I wanted in my Camry.
  • supergoopsupergoop Posts: 46
    Yes, Toyota is making red XLE's. Here is a pic:
  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 734
    From my experience, color on a specific trim level can be a regional issue also.(like option packages) I wanted (and bought) an 05 Highlander Limited in red last year, and that combo was not available in all areas, but luckily it was in my area..AZ. In other areas, (like so California, as an example, red was only on the base highlanders, per the Toyota website.)
  • gbabalukgbabaluk Posts: 70
    I tried to convince my wife to get her 2007 SE V6 in the "red" colour and she said this very sternly, "only BOYS buy red cars"! Hence, she has ordered the Titanium silver.
    Anyway, the red looks pretty good. There are No red ones in Winnipeg, which made her decision very easy, can't see or drive one, don't buy one!
    Have a great day;
  • poorcruzerpoorcruzer Posts: 141
    Great picture but doesn't an XLE trim car come with aluminum rims? For 37,000 plus large, it should.
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    They are 8 spoke alloy wheels!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For XLE 4 cyl.

    Less than $25,000 US loaded w/o NAV.

    $26,000 w/NAV.
  • supergoopsupergoop Posts: 46
    The rims shown in the pic above are aluminum/alloy rims. You can tell it's a XLE because the front grille is colour matched with chrome.

    Also, in Canada, XLE is V6 only, but in the U.S., you can get XLE with a L4 engine.
  • poorcruzerpoorcruzer Posts: 141
    My humble mistake. At first glance they looked like the LE's spoked steel rim covers. Yikes, certain southerners are a mite bit touchy at this forum site. Nice to see there are RABID Toyota fans. Hey, for the good news. At the rate our dollar is rising against the U.S green back we should go and buy all the American Camrys. Or do we want the Japanese Camrys, I forget. ;)
  • poorcruzerpoorcruzer Posts: 141
    I'am ducking now. :shades:
  • nifer76nifer76 Posts: 9
    Ok I have a question for 07 owners... How do you like the interior? Why did they put the cup holder in the front on the right side of the shifter? Do you hit it or do you not use the cup holder at all? What about the light wood trim? The chrome accents with wood? Isn't this confusing am I driving a spaceship or a classic car? I don't really even like the exterior either but I could live w/ it. We test drove an 06 & 07 last night and I drove the 06 but was so turned off by the interior of the 07 I told my husband I did not want to drive it. I just want to know if I am alone on this? Also this is not the ugliest interior I have seen on a car this year. What's going on? I am just disappointed because it is a vehicle I was seriously interested in purchasing. :cry: May still get an 06 but the 07 is off the list.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    "Why did they put the cup holder in the front on the right side of the shifter?"

    Because doing so allows the cup holder to fall naturally to hand for the driver's left hand in the Japanese home market. It would've been nice to revise the console layout for left-drive cars, but Toyota didn't - maybe a running change to look forward to?
  • mookie5mookie5 Posts: 22
    I recently (6+wks ago) went to my local Toyota dealer and ordered an 07 SE with MT. They had no problem taking my deposit and stating, "I could order what I wanted". I had heard that you 'cannot' order cars from Toyota, but went ahead anyway. I just got this email from Toyota stating, that in fact 'You cannot order a Toyota the way you want it'.... So basically if market research states that in Houston,TX, no one will buy a Camry SE with a manual tranny, I can't have one. When I bought my Infinity, the dealership lied in the same manner, so I went to another and ordered one up the way I wanted it with out a problem. In this case, Im not likely to buy a Toyota at all. Esp since the local Toyota dealer had no problem what so ever looking me in the face and lieing. I guess my expectations should have been much lower.
    Thank you for contacting Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
    We appreciate your interest in the Camry, and apologize for the difficulty experienced in trying to find your vehicle of choice.

    Our vehicles are equipped with options and in model grades that we have found to be popular in the geographic area in which they are marketed. Because of this, some options or model grades may not be available in your area, while other options may be, but as part of a package. We do extensive market surveys and studies to assist in forecasting product features and equipment that will be desirable to the consumer.

    We apologize; we are not equipped to take special orders for specific vehicles. Vehicle allocation is based on the geographical area in which they are marketed. Toyota dealerships and distributors are prepared to take your request and make every attempt to obtain the desired vehicle.

    If the dealership is unable to locate the vehicle of choice, they may submit a preference request for your desired vehicle. This preference request does not guarantee you will receive the vehicle with the exact options requested, and may create an extended wait-time.

    When trying to build your Camry on, please ensure that you are entering your zip code in the "Build and Price Your Camry" box. This will ensure that you are only shown options and model grades that are available in your part of the country.
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,758
    You may not like the Toyota business model but it's obviously working very well for them and satisfying the vast majority of their customers. Can you find a manual SE in another region and have your dealer swap for it?

    The dealership is another story. Lying to your customers is no way to build loyalty or repeat business.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Is it a 4 cylinder SE you are after? They will be building this model although it looks like initial allocations were not preferencing the manual transmission. As you know this vehicle is not available with the manual transmission in the V6 model. Try and find another dealer that is more knowledgeable with the Toyota production system. If it is a 4 cylinder model you are looking for be patient they will arrive in small quantities but when is to be determined.
  • emanbemanb Posts: 6
    This is a real bummer...I too wanted an SE 4cyl w/ manual transmission. I did have a sales guy (in northern cali) tell me that he can order it for me but he didn't sound very convincing so I walked.

    Oh well I guess I won't getting a Camry.
  • mookie5mookie5 Posts: 22
    No doubt they're selling cars. Very few people want a MT these days. No, Im not looking for a V6 with a MT, Ive got that in my G35. I have found 3 SE 4cylinder with MT at All had the stability control, which I don't want, after reading the negative articles in C&D or Motortrend. Point is they can't deliver what they promised.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Yes, I said this already.
    Anyways, they usually expand the number of option combinations as production increases. I don't think they are building the cars at the maximum production rate yet.
    When the cars are first built, the options combinations are extremely limited, but in 6 months or 18 months from now, you may see more possibile option combos in a region as they adjust to what people are actually buying instead of guessing what people might want.
    They figure enough people will take their 2nd or 3rd or 4th choice of options if they can't find what they really wanted while the car is hot and new, so they will sell for a while even if the cars are not optioned the way the buyers would prefer.
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    I have an XLE V6 on order - Red w/Bisque interior- & overall, I don't think it is bad. I would prefer a darker "wood" tone. I think the light tone really looks bad w/the gray interior. The mirror control is in a poor location; but other than that, instrument & control placement is excellent. To sum things up: I drive a lot of miles & expect the interior of this car to be a very pleasant & comfortable environment.
  • gefiltegefilte Posts: 21
    i specifically passed on the 07 camry because of the lack of side door it because it gives the vehicle a "clean look" or because toyota made a deal the the paint and body shop owners of america. for all of the future business they are going to have???
  • jose1962_jose1962_ Posts: 22
    i ordered a v6 se in magnetic blue with the options i wanted . jbl system ,floor mats, eletocromatic rear view mirrorwith compass and garage dooor opener, a build date of may 8 with delivery on 20.....yes you can build ur carwith options you want
  • blindmantooblindmantoo Posts: 139
    that is now five weeks old. I called Toyota this week and was given the same info as you (verbally). I recontacted the dealer and they are still assurring me that my car has been "preferenced". They contacted "distribution" and reported that it will be built in May - but aren't sure when, or if it will be built in Japan or Kentucky. I ordered early and got a pretty good deal so we will wait it out and see what happens.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Bodyside moldings are near useless, but the dealer sells add-on moldings for people who want to believe they will magically protect their car from all dings when you park close to ther vehicles.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    The are an option for those that want them. It also allows those that don't like them to have it their way too. both sides are accomodated. That sounds pretty fair.
  • gefiltegefilte Posts: 21
    not as useless as you might think. especially when i find 07 camrys and assorted scions parked in the far corners or public parking lots so that their owners can do their business in peace. oh! the thought that some little 9 year old is going to kick open the rear door on moms suv, :cry: woops! that'll be $275 for body work and paint sir. no thanks
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    The reason why they can be useless is that you can still get dings anyway. Only a small stip of metal is protected. Other vehicles can and will still ding all the doors above and below the molding.
    Either park away from othe cars or get a Saturn with plastic doors.
  • gefiltegefilte Posts: 21
    the thought of parking "away from other cars" is totally crazy. sorry honey , i cant park in that space because its too close to those other cars and my 07 camry has no door moldings. lets just drive around for another half hour until i find a space where i can feel totally at ease while we shop at wal mart... pleeeeze ;)
  • ralphs007ralphs007 Posts: 12
    I would have bought the XLE, if it had a different wood trim. I'm not saying its ugly, but its not my taste. I would have bought one in a heart beat, if it had a walnut or cherry trim . After test driving an XLE ,I stopped into the Honda Dealer, down the street to take a look at a Honda Accord EX. I like the interior more than the 20007 Camry! The 4 cylinder accord, had a lot more pep than the 4 cylinder camry.I was sure that I was going to but a camry until tonight. I ended up buying the Honda Accord EX tonight for invoice.All I can think of was the smug salesman telling me that toyota doesn't have to offer incentives,since the camry sells itself.
    Don't get me wrong I think the 2007 is a great looking car,but I'm going to spend alot of time inside of my car , so the looks are important to me. I also got 3.9 APR financing on the honda.I know its kinda of shallow not buying a car because of what the interior looks like, but I just didn't like the looks of the honey mustard wood interior.
    Do yourself a favor and check out the Accord .I think it helps not falling for just one car. There are plenty of fine cars in the auto market.
    One more thing, honda didn't play any games with extra fees,like ad fees, dealer prep etc.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    You are missing the point that you will still get dings even with the moldings.
    Have you never seen a car with moldings and dings inches above the moldings?
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