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Toyota Yaris

It will keep most of its current mechanical components but will be nicer and better equipped.
An XRS version is a possibility for the 3 door hatchback and the 5 door hatchback is gonna become a wagon like a small Matrix. (Hatchback Echos are only sold in Canada and are special versions of European and Japanese Yaris/Vitz). In the showrooms in summer 2005.


  • Wow, I'm so glad to see that what I posted seems not to interest anyone at all...
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    What did you expect? Theres basically no information available, and the topic of discussion is the Toyota ECHO, which everyone believed was going to be killed in favor of the Scion brand.

  • lexi-

    Are we going to get the hatch in the US for '06? That might actually sell, though it would step on the toes of the Scion xA. Right now Toyota is only shipping about 300 Echos a month to the US. They are out there though -- I was at a Toyota dealer recently (SE PA) and they had a new '05 4-door on the lot.

    -Andrew L
  • Well I don't think they're gonna bring it to the US. Unlike you, here, in Quebec, Echo Sedans and Hatchbacks are one of the most popular vehicules. The sedan is ugly, but people buy it anyway; for them, it's just a car... The hatchback is SO nice!! That's the most popular in the 2. Well YOU have Scions (you're lucky) but not us so I think they're gonna continue to bring these rebadged european Yaris to us because it sells very well and because it won't make any competition to Scions. For you, the Echo will probably be killed because of Scion and because it already doesn't sell.
  • lexi-

    I would have thought that, if Toyota were going to drop the Echo from the US, they would have done it already. It doesn't make sense to have the car stagger on through the '04 and '05 model years shipping 300 units a month, if they are just going to drop it anyway. My assumption was that the reason they kept the slow-selling current model was to avoid a discontinuity when the new one comes out for '06. I could be wrong, though.

    -Andrew L
  • Good point but we'll have to see what's really gonna happen next summer to be sure. What I
    think is that if the echo continues for you, (in the U.S), it's gonna be less «yougthful» so that the xA can play this role alone. It's perhaps gonna become an «old people's car».
  • toycashtoycash Posts: 139
    Already there!
  • Well, I would say yes for the sedan, but no for the hatchback only Canada has. The hatchback is REALLY yougthful: There are about 50 different performance accessories available for any hatchback owner to tune up his/her car. The colors available aren't the same than the ones offered on the sedan: yellow, bright red, bright blue, black, etc. There is an «RS» version that offers sport seats and gauges, bigger wheels and sport tires.
  • I have a 01 Yaris/ Eco that I am planning to replace !! The 05 is not much of an improvement !! The roads are so bad here in Guatemala that you need a car with a good suspension , which the Yaris is not !!Now you give me news that the 06 will have the same suspension -- bad move !! I have a 05 Mazda3 HB that is very quiet and exceptional suspension !! I think I'll go ahead and get a Mazda3 Sedan as An around town car for my wife !!
  • I just said it was PROBABLY going to be the same mechanical components from what I've heard: they can always tune them a bit, you know.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Maybe they should make it a diesel since diesel doesnt fit the Scion image and wouldn't compete with the xA.
    Mileage close to a Prius for thousands less.
  • Is the Echo gonna hang around for another generation?

    If so, I'm very glad. It will be good to buy a subcompact Toyota and not have it be an ugly, garrish Scion!
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    The Echo is not good-looking. Not really any better than a Scion.
    Maybe they will improve the styling for 2006.
  • I shouldn't care about Toyota discontinuing the ECHO.

    I purchased mine in 2003 with the thought that I'd keep it for 6 or 7 years. I'm not looking to buy a 2006 anyway, or trade my ECHO anytime soon.

    I guess it could have an impact on servicing the vehicle, to have it discontinued, but its under warranty - so it shouldn't matter.

    I guess it affects resell value - but I'll probably just donate my ECHO when the time is near..

    I think its mostly an emotonal thing - no one likes to hear that the car they choose is being discontinued. It's like an admission of failure on the part of the car dealer, if the car wasn't succesfull then maybe there is a good reason for that.. and maybe you didn't make a good decision buying an ECHO.

    I think my ECHO is great. It has the BEST gas mileage, and gas prices around me have been over $2.00/gal for a long time now. I use it to zip back and forth to work and that's it. Great commuter car ( I think).

    Of course if you listen to the so-called experts right here on Edmunds, about what is important in a commuter car they list fuel efficiency # 7 and a good in-dash CD changer # 4.

    Ok whatever, but with gas prices sometimes spiking at $2.10/gal - I personally value good gas mileage more than a neat in-dash CD changer.
  • I'd love to see the Echo hatch come to the US. Especially with TRD support, that would be a lot of fun to drive, and get great gas mileage.
  • That's your opinion. I just find Scions, especially the xB, to be extremely ugly.

    Even the Honda Element looks better than the xB. The tC isn't bad, though...
  • There's an article about the Echo in Automotive News this week (I [ab]use my college's Lexis-Nexis subscription to read Automotive News each week :-P). It has quotes from Toyota execs indicating that the current Echo will be produced in small numbers through the 2005 model year, and a new Echo will be introduced in the US for 2006 (fall '05). The replacement will be offered as a sedan or a 3-door hatch, possibly with a new name.

    So it seems clear that the USA Echo is not dying. What are some possible candidates for names? Yaris and Vitz are the obvious ones, because they are used on similar cars in other markets, but I don't particularly like either of them. My vote would be to call it the Toyota Starlet (that was a subcompact from the early '80s, if anyone remembers). I always liked that name; it sounds cute and happy like a small car's name should. Of course, they could go with Tercel, too.

    -Andrew L
  • I think Toyota made a mistake dropping the Tercel name. It had a reputation for a dependable little car. I passed a Tercel the other day - looked like 98. The car looked brand new. Of course a little old lady was driving it, and doing about 10 miles under the speed limit, but anyway, I think Toyota should have kept the Tercel, and maybe they'll bring it back.

    My girlfriend and I looked at a Tercel when she needed a new car, but she ended up buying a Hyundai Excel. I think she bought it in 1991. What a mistake! The Excel was a total lemon and it barely made it to 60K. She'd probably still be driving the Tercel today if she'd purchased it instead of the Hyundai. The Excel was a total peice of crap! And the Hyundai dealership treated us like crap. I think the Tercel was 3K more expensive at the time, but I wish she'd got the Tercel. Hyundai cost us a million bucks in grief - at least !

    Toyota may be able to spin a marketing gimmick off of the Tercel name - saying "IT's BACK" and all that.

    Of course I don't think they should drop the ECHO. If, over the years it built a reputation for quality and reliability, and for holding its value, I think they'd see it build up a following.
    But they need to price it a little cheaper, and one of the major drawbacks to it is the way they've priced the options - the ECHO is not a bargain. It's more expensive than the other low-end sedans to start out with, but the way they've got the options priced, a few options quickly cause the ECHO to be not such a good deal.

    But anyway, they're going to do whatever they're going to do, and there are probably a thousand different opinions on what they should do with the ECHO - including the critics who think that styling is so so important.

    I just wanted a commuter car with good gas mileage to get me back & forth to work, and I didn't want it to spend time in the shop, and the ECHO seemed to be the car that fit my requirements. I have over 23K on it now with no major problems.
  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    2006 Echo hatch? (called the Vitz in Japan)


    Oh and jojomonkeyboy, I'd love to see the Tercel return, but I can't imagine it in modern tall-car styling.
    I have a '91 at home, and well, I won't say it runs perfectly; burns oil and the overcoat is coming off so the paintjob is ugly, but those are the only problems with it despite being driven hard. It has plenty of headroom and doesn't sit as low as other cars of its age, without looking awkward like the Echo. Maybe it'd be a good Toyota alternative to the Scions, since a Tercel could look totally conservative and attract a different market.
  • carlismo-

    Yeah, I think the reason they are not dropping the Echo is that they don't want dealerships selling Scion xAs to little old ladies. So we will probably see a fairly plain version of the new Vitz/Yaris as an Echo replacement, to keep it distinct from the Scions.

    -Andrew L
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Interior shot of what? We don't know if that is even supposed to be an Echo since it is simply a direct link to a photo of some Toyota that could be another model for another market.
  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    It's Europe (and probably Japan's) sporty version of the Echo hatch. At least supposedly. I didn't know either, when I saw and posted the pictures. Man, it puts the Echo in a different light for me. The interior too.
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Posts: 569
    Since this is the 2006 Toyota Echo forum, the interior shot is, you guessed it, of the 2006 Toyota Echo (shown in the Japanese "Vitz" version, as are the exterior photos)...sorry for the sarcasm! ;-)
    It's interesting to note that US sales of the Echo are almost non-existant, and yet it was the #5 best selling car in Canada in October (and probably will be for the whole year as well).
    Of course, we have the Echo hatch to choose from, as well as the sedan. It's good, reliable transportation....comfortable, roomy for it's size and gets the best gas mileage of anything, save for a diesel or hybrid. The tweeks they made to the styling of the sedan in 2003 make it look a little more attractive and, based on the "2006" photos, I think it's popularity will only increase, at least here in Canada anyway.
  • If they offer an ECHO hatchback in the U.S. I'll be trading in the 05 Corolla LE. Guess I'm still striving to return to the old Tercel hatchback days. Don't know why the xA didn't do it for me.
  • So if I understand well, the next Echo comes out in October 2005! That's a long wait! I thought we might be able to see it in the showrooms in spring 2005!
  • odmanodman Posts: 309
    In Andrew's post the Yaris is listed twice -- once as H/B (hatchback) and once as S/D. What does the S/D designation mean? Sedan and ???


    Also, this was on Detroit News today -- it also confirms the Echo will be replaced by "two European styled small cars in 2006."



    Could the second model be the odd looking Yaris Verso? (the plain Verso looks very hot too) [email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccceadd- diilifhlcfngcfkmdfkidffi.0&navRoot=toyota_root&portal=nul- l&edname=YarisVerso+Intro&catname=%2ftoyota_root%2fTopNav- %2fNew+Cars&zone=Zone+YARISVERSO&menuid=112347
  • lexi4lifelexi4life Posts: 181
    Well, the Echo is gonna be replaced by an European car, but only in the United States since Canada already has the rebadged Toyota Yaris (as Echo Hatchback). This car will probably continue being ''worldwide'' since the american Echo is simply the sedan version of the Japanese Vitz, European Yaris and Canadian Echo Hatchback (which are the same cars with different equipement, engine choices and bumpers depending in what country the cars are sold)
  • Here are some photos Toyota recently released on the next Yaris (the name Echo will be dropped in MY2006 in North America) SWEET!






















    Same engines (but we'll just get the 4L 1.5 upgraded to 110hp)
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