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Honda Civic GX



  • blk95ssblk95ss Posts: 1
    I recently retired, and I no longer need my 2003 Civic GX to commute to Downtown LA. I'm thinking about selling it, but I have no idea what to ask for it! It isn't listed here at Edmunds price guide or anywhere else I can find. It is a great car with no problems whatsover. It has the CA HOV lane stickers with upgraded wheels/tires and XM radio. Approximately 32,000 miles. Any ideas for me?
  • poboypoboy Posts: 11
    You'll get pretty much the same as a Civic EX with the same options. If you decide to sell it...let me know!
  • nostrom0nostrom0 Posts: 44
    I installed the Phill station on Friday. It works beautifully! Final cost of installation before $2000 rebate was $3600 for unit + $800 for installation.
    One nice bonus of refueling at home is extended range. Because of the slower fill, you get more natural gas at the same PSI. I've driven 120 miles so far and it's above the half-way mark. :D
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    Sounds great and no lines at the Costco station to fill your car with gas. How does the state figure out the road tax? Or is that something yet to be worked out?
  • nostrom0nostrom0 Posts: 44
    You can pay fuel tax directly to the Board of Equalization:
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Absolutely NO buy/sell offers in the Forums.

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  • gx222gx222 Posts: 32
    So gx222 why did you purchase a NGV Civic if CNG is history in '07?

    Simple, to get into the car pool lane, and that benefit expires December 2007.

    Any other questions?
  • Although that benefit could be extended by the state legislature prior to Dec. '07, right gx222? Seems to me like it would have a good potential to be continued-- though of course one could only guess-- but what a fantastic way to encourage cleaner fuel consumption-- your own singular motivation lends support to that!
  • gxownergxowner Posts: 1
    Was there a waiting list for your Phil station? Was the $2000 rebate from the state or federal gov? I live in So. Cal and have been thinking of installing a Phil station. Any info not on their website would be appreciated. :)
  • gx222gx222 Posts: 32
    Although that benefit could be extended by the state legislature prior to Dec. '07,

    The more likely scenario is that Hybrids will be allowed in the carpool lane which will swamp the lanes and render them useless. As it is, on certain afternoons the carpool lane is now as slow as the regular lanes. Once Hybrids are allowed in, why bother with a range-limited, low comfort-level Honda GX?

    The current Highway Bill before Congress currently has language in both the Senate and House versions that allow hybrid to use Federally funded HOV lanes. Thats the only thing stopping California from implementing the Hybrid law that was signed by Arnold last year.

    I don't consider myself helping the world by driving a CNG vehicle. I am still burning a non-renewable carbon-based fuel that is the product of offshore drilling or imported from some foreign land. I am still adding greenhouse gases to the environment. I am still driving solo in a car that only gets in the low 30s mpg.

    If people were serious about helping the environement, they would be riding in vanpools or some form of mass transit. I find it laughable how people think they are environmentally sensitive because they are cruising around (usually by themselves) in a CNG or Hybrid vehicle. Lets see them riding on a subway or bus, and then they can lecture others about environmental sensitivity.

    I still assert Honda is not serious about CNG as an alternative fuel. I believe they merely use the drop-in-the-bucket sales of only 500 to 600 GXs as environmental cover so they can sell hundreds of thousands of inefficient Ridgelines, Pilots, MDXs, Odyseys, etc. without ticking off the Sierra Club.

    Does anyone seriously think Honda is going to produce 100,000 GXs and start selling them nationwide?
  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    It's very doubtful since the infrastructure isn't there for filling the tanks. I am very glad I don't have a long commute to work. As much as I do have a hybrid, I think allowing single occupant hybrids in the carpool lane sends a bad message.
  • dfdsurfdfdsurf Posts: 1
    I am about a month away from purchasing a 2001 Honda Civic GX from a co-worker. I am trying to find pricing information on this particular model but Kelly Blue Book doesn't have the GX model listed. Any suggestions on where I can get a legitimate quote before purchasing?

    The car has 45k miles, is a 2001, in good condition and my coworker is asking $12,000 for the car. He purchased it through EV rentals about 6-9 months ago.

    Thanks for any help.
  • see message 143 for the answer to yr. question.
  • carpoolercarpooler Posts: 2
    Please advise on what price you decide on.
  • carpoolercarpooler Posts: 2
    There are several dealers that have new models in stock.
  • gx222gx222 Posts: 32
    Do you have to pay sales tax on the $3600 for the Phil?

    Have you calculated the payback period for this device?
    $3600 + $800 - $2000 rebate= $2400 out of pocket (+ tax?)

    How much per GGE does it cost to fill at home?
  • nostrom0nostrom0 Posts: 44
    There is no sales tax because it is from an out of state company. I haven't received a gas bill yet, so I don't know how much will be overbaseline therms. But I expect the unit will pay for itself in 2 to 3 years of usage.
    I also experience significantly better range after using the Phill.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    I have read that the slow fill gives better range than the fast fill service. I am sure it will be a BIG savings over a comparable gas or diesel car.
  • moore101moore101 Posts: 39
    Heh same reason here, I hope that deadline is extended.
  • gx222gx222 Posts: 32
    If the out of pocket expense for the Phill is $2400 and assume one would save about 50 cents per gallon (best case comparing to the higher Clean Energy prices), then it would take about 4800 gallons to break even.

    At 33 mpg, that would mean it would take about 158,400 miles to break even. Is my math correct?

    Whats the best range you have received so far using Phill?
  • gx222gx222 Posts: 32
    yes, lets hope the carpool benefit gets extended and they keep those hybrids out!
  • moore101moore101 Posts: 39
    I think you would save about $1 a gallon. The clean energy prices are ~2.00 and the home unit works out to ~1.00.
  • I have been involved in tank testing, but I have never heard of a test where a CNG tank was struck by a train. Can you provide more information?
  • nostrom0nostrom0 Posts: 44
    The out of pocket for the Phill is $2400. However, the GGE costs $1, $1.40 less than Clean Energy. It therefore takes 1700 gallons to break even, or 56100 miles. On my trip to Vegas I drove 240 miles without the gas light coming on.
  • gxusergxuser Posts: 9
    Don't forget the electricity cost! Phil uses 800 watts.
  • gxusergxuser Posts: 9
    I owned an 2000 GX for 2 years and most my complains are on the gas stations.

    Inconsistent/insufficient gas pressure at gas pumps -
    SoCalGas stations is the cheapest $1.5 per GGE. But some suffer insufficient pressure (like SoCalGas in Anaheim, CA which fills only 30 - 60%). The problem exists for years but they don't want to fix the problem.

    Others like Clean Energy charge $2.1 /GGE which is pretty much monopoly price.
    A few stations requires special card and it is another big inconvenient.

    Service -
    One of the gas injectors in my GX broke at 45k miles and dealer charge $800 to replace it. Luckily it was covered by the emission warranty.

    I asked the dealer to replace the high pressure gas filter at 60k miles. It cost $180. The old one doesn't seemed contaminated at all.

    Other than that, carpool privilege in CA is the main reason I would keep this car. I would trade for a hybrid if hybrid can get on carpool lane. NGV will never become a popular AFV without a good infrastructure on gas stations (and Phil is too expensive).
  • nostrom0nostrom0 Posts: 44
    Electricity consumption is minimal. I have it connected to a time-of-use meter with a $0.06/kW rate.
  • The GX has two replaceable fuel filters. Just for fun I checked the high pressure filter near the left rear wheel well after about 50,000 miles and found it to be very clean. I just reinstalled it. I see no reason to spend $180 to replace even one filter if the car is operating properly. I believe the Honda service manual recommends replacing the low pressure gas filter in the engine compartment every 20K miles. Save your money if the car is running well! I now have 75k miles and have never changed a gas filter. Car runs great.
  • nostrom0nostrom0 Posts: 44
    According to pages 44-46 of Publication 535 from the IRS, the Phill station is 100% tax-deductible. There is a $100,000 tax credit for the cost of refueling property.
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