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Porsche 911



  • My dealership which installed the satellite radio is:
    Roger Beasley Porsche
    200 E. Huntland Dr.
    Austin, TX 78752
    Ph: 512-371-1155
    My sales rep is Jason Todd
    Good Luck!!
    Oh, I don't have an outside antenna and do have a great signal.
  • ifpskenifpsken Posts: 39
    Thanks for your quick reply, I will give this info to my dealer.
  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441

    This whole satellite think that we've been discussing with beatfive has has become quite interesting to many of us. Now that you are going to follow up with your dealer, please keep us informed as to what you find out. Thanks.

  • Just purchased a 911S in Houston (still have my 912E purchased 31 yrs ago) So, loving the new experience. I was about to let the dealer put in XM through FM radio. However, this all sounds better. My sales person knows nothing about this or when Porsche will offer its own. I would also like to see pictures and hear more. Any idea if the Austin dealer would do this installation for someone? I wold like to hear what others find out.
  • lnkdoclnkdoc Posts: 1
    Local dealer, Omaha, took trade on a C2
    400 mi
    GT silver metallic
    sport shifter
    Asking 4% off MSRP. I was thinking a minimum of 12%. Any thoughts.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Given that you could get a brand new car for at least 6-8+% off MSRP, I would agree that 10-12% is the minimum discount I would shoot for on a used C2. Which is still above its invoice and way above what they probably gave the guy in trade in. Also, GT metallic silver is, I think, an expensive option. Unless you really love it, I would think standard silver or the current equivalent of seal grey at the standard metallic paint cost would be just as good. Compare the price of this car to the one you would actually order new.

    Also, not to sound like a broken record, but why did someone trade it at only 400 miles? I assume it's not a demo? That 400 miles may seem negligable compared to new, but it's about 1/3 of the all important break in period. Personally, I wouldn't take it unless I was both getting a great deal and getting some assurances that the car was responsibly driven during that time. Hard to know for sure, but a trust fund baby prior owner is a bet against.
  • panddpandd Posts: 4

    I've have owned a 2006 C2S for about 17 months now and have been reading this forum for at least that long. Some really great points have been made and some great information has been shared. Opportunity presents itself to register my opinion on a matter that has surfaced on a regular basis by a number of individuals, that being : What should I buy ? "
    So:..with my experience in mind...............................
    1) Don't ask your wife her opinion about options, color etc. It won't be her car anyway, she dosen't want you to spend any more money than you have to. Frankly, she dosen't want you to have the car, you know that much!
    2) Don't listen to your brother, he is jelous and he REALLY doesn't want you to have the car.
    3) Do listen to you driving-age son. He knows what's cool, he really wants you to have it because he thinks he is going to get to drive it... silly him.
    4) Don't even waste your time asking your driving-age daughter, she's dosen't want you to spend her inheritance.
    5) Don't order options because you think they are good for resale...odds are you'll never get the money out of the options..what you like someone else may not. Anyway, you are going to love the car so much you won't be selling it .
    6) Don't ask me or for that matter anyone else here on the forum, we won't be buying or driving your car.
    7) And finally.. if your are hesitating on an option because you think it is too expensive... don't even go there.. if money is a factor .. buy a honda. I was lucky enough to pay cash for mine, ya the wife was po-'d
    but that's too bad. She just will never understand.

    Everyone enjoy your cars.. they are a kick to drive!

    PandD ( Performance and Design )
  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441
    Thanks for the words of wisdom. :)

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Thanks for the humorous advice. However, my ciscumstances when I bought 16 months ago were a little different:

    1) My wife was "go for the 911 (vs. Boxster S), you deserve it" from the first time we test drove one with our two girls in the rear seat. And the girls insisted on the Cab.
    2) No brothers or sisters.
    3) No driving age son, thank god.
    4) No driving age daughter, but the 8 year old has laid claim to the 911 as her inheritance. The 11 year old would be happy driving a golf cart.
    5) Took an instock car with $13k+ of options. More than I would have ordered, but a $10k+ discount helped a lot. I do agee with your recommendation, however - order only optons that you want.
    6) Agree - but if anyone is inclined to ask me - the sport chrono option needs to at least be tried.
    7) Agree.

    I must have married right. Caught my wife washing some bird do-do off the hood the other day. Unfortunately, when she noticed me, she did remind me that I owe her a waxing of her MDX. ;)
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    Let's see if I have your advice correct. Never ask any female including your wife or daughters for their opinion(s). It's o.k. to ask your teenage son but not your daughter. Oh, and don't ask anyone on any forum anything (probably because they might be a female and you just can't tell from the ID). You know, as in pandd c-o-u-l-d have a vagina!
  • panddpandd Posts: 4
    Dweiser, let's lighten up a little...this was tongue in check..I have 2 grown daughters and a wife of 35 years. My wife agreed that I deserved the car after putting 2 young ladies through college for the ride of their lives. I bought 2 cars for each of them over the last 6 years and sent both of them through top 10 colleges. They have more stamps in their passports than I could every imagine my passport having and it was on my dime. Maybe " Dweiser " has a weiser? Anyway, you probably took the advice on options from the dealer anyway and you are stuck with the $10K ceramic brake option you'll never learn to appreciate anyway. Chill dude, or is it dudette?

  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    dweiser, you have to ignore the 13 year olds posing as adults. :)
  • panddpandd Posts: 4

    You appear to be like the rest of the dweebs on this forum, you can't appreciate humor when it's slaps you in the face. 13 years olds cannot afford 911's unless their daddy bought it for them.. that's probably the category you fit into. Get a life and spend it somewhere other than on the internet. You can clearly see there are 2 to 3 people who spend their lives here. Welcome to the club.. I'm out of here . Thanks for the friendly welcome.

  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    I'll sure miss you.
    Go brag somewhere else.
    Oh, sorry but I don't have ceramic brakes.
  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441
    is going on here? I just read the last few posts and... yikes!

    Hope we can get back to the cars soon.

  • chrmdomechrmdome Posts: 107

    Why did you guys beat up on PandD . His original post was really kind of funny and was not aimed at anyone. It seemed to portray a normal give and take in the American family. Watch "Married with Children " sometime. It was a parity. For people who can afford $100K cars you think a little more understanding of what people say would be expected. His " bragging " was an obvious response to his being accused of being anti-women. Sounds like he is taking great care of his family and really did a great job with his children. Lighten up guys

  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    guys - don't worry about this PandD bragger....he only has a C2S (jeesh - get a real Porsche) and the top 10 school is probably a top ten JC from his county/parish

    just a little tongue in cheek, newbie ;)
  • chrmdomechrmdome Posts: 107

    Simply put and simply answered: harsh. " Only has " is oxymoronic when it comes to Porsche and your comments are high-schoolish, or no, more on the the level of rude. Some people have commented to me about their attitudes of those who own Porsches. I'm getting a better idea now of why they feel the way they do about us. I too, only own a C2S. PandD was trying to grace us with a little levity and obviously did not mean to offend. Talk about jumping down his throat. These past few posts make it easier to understand why man makes war. Pathetic and childish. Time to talk about cars again and why we love these great machines. Goodbye to all the " trolls " Ya you chile96. Any idea what a troll is buddy?

  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    As a woman, I wasn't offended by the post that sparked this minor melee (btw, the original poster also advised against asking the member's brother, whom I assume is male).

    This kind of stuff is a pretty far cry from the usual discourse here, and I'm hopeful that it's over. Let's get back to discussing the 911. I'll be removing anything further that's off-topic or disrespectful.


    Need help getting around? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    we would had a good laugh wth pandd everyone please go grab a beer and reread the post OK
  • As I read pandd's post, I was nodding my head in agreement. Must admit, my wife did change from "I don't want you to buy that car" to "you better enjoy it for a long time - because it is the only one you are going to get".
  • I am considering enrolling within the next year. This may have been asked here before, but have any of the posters here done this? I've seen the website, but am looking for anyone with personal experience. Thanks.
  • I must really be out of it because my Porsche is "only" a Boxster, not even an "S". Back in the 1970s I was driving 911, but marriage, mortgage, putting kids through college all took its toll.

    Only problem now is that the first year and a half I had the Boxster I decided it was a "chick car" and did not drive it. My wife did not object because she got to drive it all the time. Finally decided to start driving it and found out that I really enjoyed it so much so that her time behind the wheel was cut way back. She wishes I would go back to my original view of the car.

    Maybe I can convince her that a new Boxster S is too much car for her. Yea, right!!
  • Thanks for the link to the futuristic 928! It certainly looks alot classier than all the previous 928's (They were never that attractive to me.. just a personal pref.) As for that 4 door Panamera... gawd what an ugly looking car. My son looked at it and said it looks like a subaru WRX *LOL*

    Again, Thanks!

  • Understanding this is a late reply,

    My first suggestion is to go to your local dealer and ask them to lug their diagnostics computer into it and download the engine performance data. this will save you alot of time in trying to figure out what is wrong. Altitude should NOT be an issue as the car's computer is designed to measure and adjust mixture. If the cars computer is not working, then you have a serious issue. Plug into it and download the data.
  • Using Microsoft's Media Player 10 and above, you can easily turn your MP3's into audio tracks and burn them to CD's which can then be read by the changer. You can fit roughly 15 -18 songs, depending on the size and quality of the MP3 you are ripping from. You can also use 800 minute CD's to squeeze a few extra songs on if you want. Just make sure you "Close the session" when you have finished or else you will only be able to play the ausio CD in the computer it was born from. I dont suggest using Re-writable CD's as I haven't had good luck with those in the past.. but you can try if you want, you may have better luck than I.
  • panddpandd Posts: 4

    Back in 1976 I bought my first " Porsche " It was a red, 914 2.0 liter with black seats and really cool rims. That car was the fastest car in 1st and 2nd gear I had ever driven ( after that it reverted to it's VW ways )Point was that I had always wanted a 911 but that 914 was a blast to drive and with its top off here is southern California I was in heaven , I loved that car. I ended up putting 36K miles on it in 3 years and sold it for what I paid for it. ( I am a car nut and keep my cars almost sterile clean )I bought a used 911s with the money but the " pizzaz " was gone. I actually cried when I sold the 914. I now own a 2006 C2S and have fallen back in love with a car. My point is ..if you really dig the car you have ..that is what is important. I drove my brothers Boxster and was impressed with how " tight " it felt. I also own a 2004 5 series BMW and think for the money it's junk...but my wife likes it so there....The Boxster continues to get accolades (sp?) from the " car " people and Porsche did everything right with it.
    Enjoy your car.

    PandD, back with the other cheek turned....
  • Well now that I'm retired and new to the thrill, ride, and ownership of a 911 and so I have a question about tires since this is all new to me. The C2 came with continental sport contact 2-Z and the ride seems soft with good wet and dry traction. I'm not a track guy and so if anyone has an opionion as to how these tires hold up under normal wear and tear then please post. Thanks :)
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    c'mon chromedome - my reply was actually on PandD's side rather than a jab at him.... that's what the entire last line was about ALONG with a wink. Tried to make it obvious with the C2S comment - don't know who would think that was just some trifle car ;)

    anyways, i'm not taking offense with your comments because i know they were made b/c of a misunderstanding.

    as a 4 yr "member" here, i've yet to be called a troll but it was humorous. this porsche forum has only picked up recently and thus most of my other trolling posts have been made on 6speed & rennlist with several DIY instructions and hacks. i'm glad to see the increased activity here so newbies and oldies can share/learn more about their cars & toys

    let's take the high road here.....and share our passions
  • pandd:

    Hard to find an emoticom that let's you plant tongue in cheek. Just into major league joking when I said my Prosche was "only" a Boxster. Seriously considering an '07, just cannot decided between a base and an "S". The improvments since my '00 base Boxster are amazing and no one really "needs" an S for daily messin' about.

    My first Porsche was a '69 911T coupe that I bought used. A bit rough around the edges but it got me into the program. Traded that in on a new '73 914 2.0 that cost all of about $6,200. A fun little car. That got traded in on a '73 91T targa that had been the dealer's wife's car. Drove that for a few years and then got into all that middle class family raising stuff.

    Recently drove a new '07 911 coupe and cabrio. Outstanding cars but for me just not worth the price premium over a nicely equipped '07 base Boxster for about $53,000 or an S for about $62,000. Just cannot justify the extra $$$$. Also hard to justify buying a car that costs more than my 1st and 2nd houses combined!!

    The Boxster still brings grins to my face, just wish I could find a way to keep my wife in the right seat rather than the left.
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