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Audi Q7



  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    First of all, the car you priced was NOT the base model. The Q7 4.2 V8 model is the only Q7 that you can preorder right now, and the Q7 3.6 (V6) will come here in fall or summer.

    The Q7 3.6, which is the base model, will start at about $40K.

    Audi plans on selling 30,000 a year- and half of those have already been bought, so their production will increase.
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020

    The Q7 4.2 Premium is the loaded model, and even that has about three options. I'd say it would be about $62K loaded.

    Sorry to dissappoint. However, $57K will bring you a lot on that car.
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    The X5 4.8is is even worse than what you said.

    Saw it online today- $72,000! That is far too much money. It has 30hp more than the Q7 4.2, which is not only bigger but more than $20K less.

    Thank god I'm not the only informed one...
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    The Q7 is really not that tall or wide... saw it at the Auto Show.

    I know for sure that it's not as tall or wide as a Lexus GX.

    By the way, why is your name "lexus460l"? Are you planning on selling your (new) 750li for an LS460?

  • lexus460llexus460l Posts: 51
    It's because I got my name last December and that was when I really wanted the lexus Lexus LS 460L. But after I knew that it was coming out in September 2006, I changed my mind because I didnt want to wait that long, and plus, I knew that I couldnt get a Ls460L in September because of how many people that are on the waiting list so I got a BMW 750Li instead and Im really liking the ride and the car. But if the Lexus LS460L is also very good, I might even consider getting one of that too while not selling any of my cars.
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    You'd get both luxury sedans? Wow! That would be a dramatic move!

    Plus, you would be able to compare them side-by-side!

    The LS460L will actually be quicker than the 750li, due to its lower weight and higher power output (380>360).

    Another (completely off-topic) comment:
    The 2009 (or shock 2008) Audi A4 was predicted by Automobile magazine in the May 2006 issue. They featured gorgeous artist's impressions, revolutionary features the A4 will have, and engines:

    3.2 litre V6- 265hp
    2.0T i4- 210hp
    S4- 350hp 4.2 litre FSI V8

    However, I believe Audi will be more aggressive than this:

    2.0T i4- 220hp (to beat the 325xi)
    3.6 litre V6- 290hp (from the Passat)
    S4- 360+hp FSI 4.2 litre V8
    RS4- 435hp FSI 4.2 litre V8
  • lexus460llexus460l Posts: 51
    Well actually to tell you the truth, I am aiming to sell my 530i because of how many BMWs I drove. I am planning on trading in my 530i for the 2007 G35. I will get a G35 keep my 750Li because its an excellent drive trade in my SUV for the Audi Q7, get a LS 600hL instead of the LS 460L. Ill just stick with 4 cars
  • lexus460llexus460l Posts: 51
    I need four cars because I have a big family.
    My dad will drive the LS600hL when we get it but he drives the 530 right now, my mom drives the SUV right now and shell drive the Q7 my sister currently has a 2007 Camry XLE V6 and shes going to get the 2007 Infiniti G35 and Im driving the BMW 750Li.
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    Okay, your post that was directly before that was very confusing!

    The 530i is an executive midsize sedan (albeit not my favorite), and the G35 is a small near-luxury sedan. I don't understand the step down, even if you have another BMW?

    By the way, the G35's interior is not appealing at all- nor the new Lexus ES. Neither seem to have much inspiration or beauty inside and out.

    Maybe another midsize saloon (Audi A6, Infiniti M, Mercedes-Benz E) would be a more proper replacement.
  • lexus460llexus460l Posts: 51
    Im sorry if it was confusing, let me make it a little bit more simple.

    2006 BMW 750 Li
    2005 BMW 530i for a 2007 LS 600hL
    2007 Toyota Camry for a 2007 Infiniti G35
    2005 Toyota Highlander for an Audi Q7
  • lexus460llexus460l Posts: 51
    And by the way, I was talking about the 2007 G35 and I dont know if you feel the same way about it. But I thought that both the exterior and the interior was very appealing. And I dont really care much about the size since Im going to have two extra long ultra luxury sedans, especially the 750Li.
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    Well, I've never actually seen the new G in person, so once you test drive it tell me of the interior quality. The exterior isn't too offensive, it's just not very different- Lexus went in a totally different direction with the new IS. I realize, however, that Infiniti must be cautious to maintain their momentum in the market; Lexus is already an established player in America.

    It is really the headlights that turn me off- they're not really integrated into the bodywork. IMO, the interior plastics look like rubber, but there hopefully will be a luxury package with better-looking wood.

    It's funny to me... five years into its life, the A4 still seems to have the best interior in its class; in my eyes it's also the best-looking. Audi was smart with the update, the more I see it the more I like it. The rear looks almost Italian.

    The 3 is striking, and much better-looking than the 5, but the 7 still has a presence neither can possess. I applaud your decision to get a 750li- BMW really did a nice job with the update.

    Also, before you decide on the LS, you simply must look at the A8L (W12 if you'd like). It has timeless beauty, a flawless interior, easy-to-use interface and a wonderful V8 engine (never been in the W12, but I have the same V8 in my S4 Cabriolet).

    However, this is a Q7 forum. It's a very, very nice SUV.
  • lexus460llexus460l Posts: 51
    I decided that i didnt want to wait that long for the new G even though its really good so I got a 2006 Lexus ES330 yesterday. I got it at a very very good price so thats why i bought it
  • lexus460llexus460l Posts: 51
    I see that you are very taken with Audi huh? you are getting one Audi after another. Just wondering if you would like to try another brand instead of Audi. Something like a BMW or Lexus or Mercedes
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Nice, if you happen to live near one of the tour stops.

    Audi Kicks Off Ambitious Consumer Test-Drive Event (Inside Line)

    Steve, Host
  • chaddy75chaddy75 Posts: 48
    Please... let's focus on the Audi Q7 as this is the designated forum. If you want to talk about other cars or all the cars you own, do so on personal e-mail. Thanks in advance!
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    My wife is looking for a new car to replace her LEXUS RX330. We were originally looking at the E350 4Matic, but she decided she wants to still have an SUV.

    Our top choices:

    Range Rover Sport HSE

    Porsche Cayenne S

    A possibility is also the '08 BMW X5. We think the Q7 is too big, and we don't want three Audis in the house.

    Side note: The Mercedes-Benz ML is not a car we trust. It's also not very attractive inside/out, and the GL/R/G are all too big. My wife doesn't want another Lexus, oddly, even though we've had a flawless experience with both RXs. My son recommended the GS450h, but she doesn't want a sedan anymore.

    Sorry chaddy75 for going off topic. This is the last time!!!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Since the Audi isn't on your list, try one of these discussions instead:

    Land Rover Range Rover Sport

    Porsche Cayenne

    2007 BMW X5 (that one will carry over into '08).

    Steve, Host
  • chaddy75chaddy75 Posts: 48
    You are too funny and clearly a car enthusiast!
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    Thanks- but I'm already in the Land Rover Range Rover Sport forum.

    I'm not really interested in the other forums, to tell you the truth. I'm a die-hard Audi fan, and am still interested in seeing the Q7 close-up and personal at the dealership.

    It looks like a fabulous vehicle, and almost every article has said something like "It's the best SUV in its class- for now."

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Well, your comments about what your wife is looking to buy threw me a bit. So yeah, stick around and enjoy the Q7 posts. And we'll look for the full blown report after you see it in person. :-)

    Steve, Host
  • aaaedgarpoeaaaedgarpoe Posts: 107
    This is at long, long last what I have been waiting for: a very, very safe vehicle. The gas prices are a pain -- I hate giving terriorists our money; and all because of the Republicans. I plan to get the Q7 with the side view cameras. I will then wear a bullet proof helmet and vest -- right now I just use a motor cycle helmet and pillows.

    For a rather reasonable assessment of your vehical safety see:

    From his rather rigourious analysis the safest is:

    Acura RL 4-DR. w/Side Airbags + w/ESC
    #1 of 247 (lower risk)

    The closest to a Audi Q7 might be the VW Toureg:
    Volkswagen Touareg 4-Dr. w/Side Airbags (SUV)+ w/ESC
    #132 of 247 (med. risk)

    BMW X5 4-DR. w/Side Airbags + w/ESC (SUV)
    #116 of 247 (med. risk)

    Its my guess the Q7 will be the new number 1!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Please, let's steer clear of political flames - there are other venues devoted to that kind of activity.

    tidester, host
  • chaddy75chaddy75 Posts: 48
    Ok finally the moment we've all been waiting for.... So I have an invitation to drive the Q7 on April 29th as they are having the Audi Streets of Tomorrow events. If you are interested to see if they will be touring in your neighborhood here is their website. They have time slots that you are suppose to register for.
  • timbo7timbo7 Posts: 1
    I have on order an S Line 3.0TDI in silver, the dealer in Brighton had a LHD vehicle in over the weekend. Apparently there are 30 in the UK for demos.
    Currently have a BMW X5 3.0 sport petrol, the Q7 is far superior both in looks and drive. The air suspension gives a good ride, rear camera is a great feature.
    My vehicle is due in late June.
  • elmer3elmer3 Posts: 20
    I am planning on buying a new automobile around October or November. I live in the Pittsburgh -Penna. area 9 months of the year and in central Florida 3 months of the year(snowbird). I am looking at several automobiles,one of them is an Audi. I now drive a 2002 Mercedes E class wagon. Does anyone know of any dealers who will deal, and or give good service. Any help would be great. Thanks
  • chaddy75chaddy75 Posts: 48
    So at last... I was able to drive a Q7 since they are touring with the "Streets of Tomorrow". A pretty nice drive. It had good pick up and seemed to drive fairly smooth. I especially liked the rear park-assist camera feature as it is really advanced compared to other vehicles which have a similar option. The car is a bit on the long side and is challenging to see out the rear windows with passengers. You have to depend on the ample sized rear view mirrors in that case. The lane-changing side assist feature was pretty cool.
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    Would you think those options are worth the extra money? I have yet to drive the new Q7, but it seems very innovative.
  • dhamiltondhamilton Posts: 875
    by my local Audi dealer and they had a new Q7 on display outside. I plan on stopping by tomorrow and really checking it out
  • dhamiltondhamilton Posts: 875
    and it's going to stay a demo for test drives only. They were kind enough to let me drive it and here are my thoughts

    Vault on 4 wheels. It's incredibly solid feeling. The interior feels like an A6, or A8. very comfortable. The quality of the gauges and dials are in a league of their own. [no surprise there]
    It is a heavy vehicle, equipped with the 4.2 FSI v8 it still was a tad sluggish. I'm sure it would get better after the initial break in period. The V6 will come later in the year according to the sales lady. It will be the 3.6 in the Passat. With the heft of this vehicle I would imagine it would feel much like the Touareg when it came out. Snail like. While I didn't take any curves fast their didn't seem to be much body roll. The color was the Lava quartz grey [I think it's called] Very attractive. The floor carpet looks like bad shag carpet from Austin Powers bedroom. This was a little dissapointing. I remember thinking the same thing at the Houston auto show and saying to myself, "I sure hope that doesn't make it to production" The stereo seemed descent as well [bose] and there was plenty of room to rest my arms while driving. On the left they could go 2 places. The window sill if sitting high enough,[it's very thick] and as well the normal spot just below it by the door handle. The seats are adjustable in almost every way possible. No dead spots that I could tell due to no narrow b pillars down the back.
    The most unfortunate news was that [Mark please close your ears] She said there would be no diesel option. I hope she's wrong as I've heard otherwise, but she said she had just gotten back from training in Dallas and that's what they had told her. If I can think of anything else I'll post later. This will hopefully be my wife's next car if she doesn't like the new redesign of the X5 better.
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