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Audi Q7

prodozeprodoze Member Posts: 4
Any insider scoop on the status of Audi's Q7 ?


  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,148
    We've got a little info, and some pictures here:
    http://www.edmunds.com/future/2006/audi/q7/100298949/preview.html- ?tid=edmunds.f.mmindex.content.num5.0.audi*

    Not a lot of difference in appearance from the Cayenne.

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  • pboudryepboudrye Member Posts: 1
    It is my understanding this will be a 7 passenger vehicle.
  • merc1merc1 Member Posts: 6,081
    There is now a teaser site up:




  • merc1merc1 Member Posts: 6,081
    A somewhat better look:


  • ivan_99ivan_99 Member Posts: 1,681

  • highenderhighender Member Posts: 1,358
    I have a cayenne....but I think the wheels and lowered looks really does the Q7 vehicle justice.

    I hope they make it really nice....with great handling, soft adjustable ride. Have a fuel saver option would be nice...like closing down 4 cylinders, or getting a diesel.
  • 3rdgin3rdgin Member Posts: 22
    Would love to find out the interior specs on this thing. The back looks really small to handle a third row seat.
  • navigator89navigator89 Member Posts: 1,080
    The Audi Q7 looks nice, but I would like to see how the interior. Everyone praises Audi for it's interiors, so I'd like to see if this interior is worthy of all that praise.

    I doubt the Q7 will be able to have a third row seat. It is based on the Cayenne and Touareg, and both of them have a really small space behind the second row. Also that sloping roofline isn't good for a third row seat - lack of headroom.

    A month ago I read that Nissan(Infiniti) was suing Audi because it had copied the Q letter name from it's vehicles. You know, QX56, QX4, Q45. What happened to that lawsuit? Audi should just call this SUV the A7. Kind of silly when you consider two companies fighting in court over a letter of the alphabet.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Member Posts: 1,681
    Never seen the Touareg in person...the pictures behind the 2nd row look HUGE.

    The Q7 is supposed to be a stretched version of that...not sure how stretched.
  • esfesf Member Posts: 1,020
    I reallly think it looks quite different- the Porsche looks like a clumsy beer-belly ex-football player, while the Audi looks like a young ameteur bodybuilder. On the outside, then, the Volkswagen is your average guy, but on the inside it exceeds. In my opinion, though, the Q7 is the best of the trio and will give BMW and their upcoming X5 quite a fright.
  • esfesf Member Posts: 1,020
    About fuel-saving, Audi is developing two hybrids for the Q7. It's much smarter, better-looking, faster (in V10 and V8 guise), and nicer than a Cayenne... but, it's still less expensive. I think you should get on the list... NOW!!! ( All you'll be losing is a bit of brand cachet and a lot of stupidity)
  • esfesf Member Posts: 1,020
    I don't think Volkswagen will be taking Nissan seriously in this lawsuit. Any car company has any right to the letter of the alphabet. They wouldn't call it the A7 because if they had the SUVs being called A7 and A5, there would be no room for the A7 (A6 coupe and/or convertible), and A5 (A4 coupe). The interior will be very nice... supposed to be similar to the A6. Besides, what recent Audi, in its class, hasn't had a nice interior? It will have a third row seat. If you read about it, the platform was stretched six inches on the Q7 to accomadate it. It'll have headroom, too. Most of these pictures are artist's interpretations.
  • navigator89navigator89 Member Posts: 1,080
    You sure about that third row? Based on the exterior pics of the vehicle, I'd say the third row is strictly small kids.

    About the name, I think you're right. Volkswagen will probably just use the Q letter. After all, who's going to confuse and Audi with an Infiniti?
  • teamyonexteamyonex Member Posts: 42
    Suing over a Q... did you know the Porsche 911 was originally to be released as the 901, but Puegot had already claimed (copyright?) all vehicle numbers ending in "01", thus the 911 was born. Just a bit of trivia. Brand ID is everything is the auto biz, it seems. :)
  • 3rdgin3rdgin Member Posts: 22
    I was/am considering the Land Rover LR3 until I ran across the Audi Q7. When going through the car shopping phase, I looked at the Touerag, LR3, XC90 and some others. The LR3 suited my needs the best but I loved the Touerag's interior much better. No comparison between the two. My contention was that if I am going to spend mid 50's, I wanted an interior that was equal to the price. The Touerag is and the LR3 is just too utilitarian for me. Thank goodness the Q7 is coming out because I believe it is a good compromise to what I am looking for.

    Supposedly, the Q7 interior is very much like the A6. If you want a glimpse, just look at that sedan.
  • esfesf Member Posts: 1,020
    I'm writing too much here...

    Anyway, I think you should look at the Q7, if you can wait. I think it's coming in the fall, or late summer. The Q7 is supposed to really stop sales of the Toureg and Cayenne. I agree with you about the LR3- very utilitarian. It's just bland, and business-like, like the new BMWs. I think that the Range Rover could've been a little more gussied-up, because it looks like an LR3 with wood trim on the inside. If they put some taste into it, it'd just be that much better. The Q7, on the other hand, is supposed to have a gorgeous interior. I'm pretty sure its interior will be a little nicer than the A6, justifying its premium. Not that the A6 isn't nice enough, it's arguably the best-designed car in its class. Good choice.
  • 3rdgin3rdgin Member Posts: 22

    From what I read the Q7 was coming out Spring of '06. (I t really doesn't matter the timing. I have an '03 vehicle so I am not in a hurry.) It sure would be nice for a late summer or fall release. My experience is that it is very rare nowadays for a vehicle to be released the same calendar year as the model. Fall would make sense.
  • xkssxkss Member Posts: 722
    Audi says, "It is greater to lead than follow."

    So why are they going to make an SUV?
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Member Posts: 1,681
    They said IT is greater to lead...they didn't say they did the leading... :P
  • xkssxkss Member Posts: 722
    Don't you think they are implying that they aren't following?

    If Audi said, "all-wheel drive is better than front-wheel drive" yet didn't offer awd, don't you think that would be a dumb slogan?
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Member Posts: 1,681
    I could imply I'm a great guy...that doesn't make it so. (but really I am) :)
  • esfesf Member Posts: 1,020
    They're just making an SUV because they should've before, and there's already a pretty tempting platform for them from the Cayenne/Toureg. Actually, they didn't just choose to do this. It was on their to do list for the last few years, actually right after the Cayenne/Toureg came out.
  • merc1merc1 Member Posts: 6,081
    Audi Q7

    Finally after many partial shots and various teaser photos, here it is.

  • thegriffonthegriffon Member Posts: 12
    Given the recent controversy regarding Toyota and Honda advertising the wrong hp figures it should be pointed out that the "bhp" mentioned there is a mistranslation. Engine power is being given in kW and "metric" hp, not US or British bhp. The actual figures are 345 hp for the V8 and 230 hp for the V6 diesel, presumably measured to the EEC standard, essentially the same as the pre-Aug 2004 SAE standard.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Member Posts: 659
    There will be no diesel for US customers next year. The 4.2 with 340-345 hp will be available, and a normaly aspirated 3.8 V6 should be good for 280hp.

    V8 cars will arrive around May, and the V6 in September. They will both be 2007 models.
  • esfesf Member Posts: 1,020
    You're right- I don't know what I was thinking. The Q7 is coming out in February-April of next year. Can't wait for the hybrid... I have an S4 Cabrio, and my wife has a Lexus RX330, and she'd like a hybrid. I may be able to convince her to buy the Audi.
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Member Posts: 619
    I was surprised to discover that the external dimensions of the Q7 are almost identical to those of a Sienna minivan. However, Edmunds (and other sources) lists the maximum cargo capacity of the Q7 as 72 cubic feet, and that of the Sienna as 149 cubic feet. The Touareg, a much shorter vehicle than the Q7, is listed as having a maximum cargo capacity of 71 cubic feet. Something isn't making sense here.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Member Posts: 1,681
    Maximum cargo maybe with the seats folded/removed (maybe even 2nd row seats)...perhaps the Q7 cannot fold, or does not include 2nd row removal...just guessing
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Member Posts: 619
    The Q7's second and third row seats fold flat into the floor. You can also get it without the third row seat.
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Member Posts: 619
    Audi sure likes the looks of that front license plate, don't they. Fortunately, my state, Arizona, doesn't require one. Those wheels on the S Line look like HREs. If that's what they are, I'm impressed.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Member Posts: 659
    That's a pic of a European spec car, and I think they have to have a front plate on their cars over there.
  • jmd23jmd23 Member Posts: 13
    I just returned from Pasadena, where Audi hosted "Designers' Tuesday" at the Art Center College of Design, the Harvard of design schools. It was a preview of what Audi will be touting at this year's auto shows: the Q7 SUV, S8, RS4, LeMans (R8), the Shooting Brake concept car, and the R10 diesel-powered race car. It was a great evening seeing the cars in the flesh, listening to Audi's head of design, management, and sales executives on what's in store now and what to look forward to in the future.

    The Q7 will bring Audi many new customers, the MSRP on the 350HP V8 is $49k - super deal in my book. For a glimpse of what standard and what's optional, check out this article at Fourtitude -- http://www.fourtitude.com/news/publish/Audi_News/article_1900.shtml
  • rjlaerorjlaero Member Posts: 659
    I think that's a heck of a bargin for the Q7. I was expecting it to be $4000-5000 higher. 350 hp, AWD, standard seating for 7, xenons, 18 inch wheels.

    Even if you load this car up with navigation, rear cameras, air suspension and every option, you'll be under 60 grand.

    That undercuts the R class by about 10 grand. This will be a huge car for Audi.
  • ctquattroctquattro Member Posts: 1
    It's also a bargain compared to other models in the Audi line; the A6 4.2 starts at 54,000+ without as many options, and is obviosly much "less" vehicle. I would imagine the 3.6 will start in the low 40's.

    Perhaps with gas prices where they are and the fact that Audi is late to the game with an SUV, they want to ensure the Q7 gets traction. I'm jitterey about buying a first year Audi, otherwise this would be a short-putt
  • califjohncalifjohn Member Posts: 101
    Any firm info on when the base Q7 will go on sale in the US? Also I wonder if that V6 is the same one that the 06 T-egg will offer later this year to replace the current underpowered base version. The Q7 looks like the best of the three IMHO but first I have to actually see one and sit in it to see how it feels and drives before making rash judgments. Some sort of DOD would also be nice as I note that even Honda offers it now in their 2WD Pilot -- hardly a gas hog to begin with.
  • merc1merc1 Member Posts: 6,081
    That undercuts the R class by about 10 grand. This will be a huge car for Audi.

    Not to mention it will have a better built interior too. It does appear that Audi realizes that they are so very late to the now ending SUV party so they've decided to make the deal as "sweet" as possible.

    I suspect that Mercedes R550 (382hp) will come sooner than later.

  • navigator89navigator89 Member Posts: 1,080
    "I suspect that Mercedes R550 (382hp) will come sooner than later.

    (Gulp) If a fully loaded R500 goes for about $73K, I shudder to see the price of the R550. Probably between $77-80K. At that point I would really wonder if there's a cheaper luxury minivan/sedan/SUV/crossover that could do the job.
  • merc1merc1 Member Posts: 6,081
    Well considering the R isn't moving at the rate MB wanted and the S550 actually came in less than the S500, I don't expect the price to rise by more than 500 bucks or so. Question is whether or not there will be a 335hp R450.

  • jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    What a bargain! I would have thought Audi would have wanted more for this thing.
  • davidc1davidc1 Member Posts: 168
    I won't hold my breath till it arrives. I have tough time believing that the price will be that low. I am assuming that a nicely equipped version would be closer $60k.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Member Posts: 659
    It will. The official pricing is $49,900 base plus &720 destination.

    The top of the line "premium" Q7 will be a little over 60 grand. But that will include navigation, cold weather, the technology package w/ advanced key, rear camera, park assist & voice recognition, and 19 inch wheels.

    It still undercuts the competition by anywhere from $5-7,000. And it's the best looking vehicle in this market segment hands down.
  • x5killerx5killer Member Posts: 368
    That is the pojected year I have heard for them to release the hybrid version of the Q7. This would then be a model I would consider and more around the time I would be looking as opposed to the first version of the Q7 in summer 06 anyway.

    My concern is that, by then Toyota/Lexus has been making hybrids for some time and have already announced that it is and will be costing them less to make hybrids and therefore they will be cheaper to the consumer from them as well.

    How will Audio expect to compete with Lexus as far as hybrids if they are so late to the game with it in 2008 and will likely be more expensive being Audi's first hybrid try not to mention not as perfected as Lexus has already proven they get actually more performance out of their hybrid powerplants (V8 power out of their v6).

    So who will pay more for an inferior late hybrid? YOu may say they have the best AWD. But many believe Subaru has equal or better AWD system as Audi and for much less price tag and Toyota has bought GM's share of Subaru so will be sharing hybrid technology with them and gaining their superior Symetrical AWD
  • rjlaerorjlaero Member Posts: 659
    From the reports I've read on the hybrid Q7, the gas mileage wasn't that great of an increase with the hybrid motor. Maybe a few miles per gallon more.

    I can't see paying thousands more for hybrid technology to get 2-3 more mpg.

    Maybe it's better on the Lexus. Hybrid's are much better for long distance highway driving, but if you do a lot of city driving, it's far less of an improvement than you would think.

    I think Audi's on the right track with their FSI fuel intake system. The current A6 3.2 Quattro is rated 27 MPG on the highway with the new FSI motor. V8's won't be as good, but FSI is coming for the V8 motors this year.
  • chaddy75chaddy75 Member Posts: 48
    Curious as to how you know what price is for Q7 with options as when I went to L.A. auto show they were a bit vague, although they did say base was about 50k which I thought was decent considering how it felt and all the features/versatility it has. Hopefully it will be a smooth and quiet ride w/ some gusto.
  • jmd23jmd23 Member Posts: 13
    chaddy75m this is from Fourtitude.com:

    Jan 4, 2006 | Source: Audi of America
    2007 Audi Q7 4.2 quattro Featuring Uncompromised SUV Performance, Luxury and Technology Priced at $49,900

    LOS ANGELES - With the North American debut of the 2007 Audi Q7 performance SUV at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Audi announced pricing for the Q7 4.2 quattro model starting at an MSRP of $50,620 (including $720 destination charge).

    “The all-new Q7 is truly making the impossible possible in the luxury SUV segment,” said Johan de Nysschen, Executive Vice President, Audi of America. “Its combination of dynamic performance, versatility, innovative technology and luxurious appointments is unparalleled.”

    The 2007 Audi Q7 4.2 quattro is equipped with a 4.2-liter V8 FSI engine with gasoline direct injection technology producing 350 horsepower. A six-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission and the latest generation of quattro all-wheel drive confidently sends the power to the ground. Power delivery is now split 42:58 front to rear under normal driving conditions, adding to the dynamic handling capabilities of the Q7.

    As with all Audi models, the 2007 Q7 4.2 quattro has no shortage of standard luxury features. Such items as automatic Adaptive Bi-Xenon headlights, seven-passenger seating covered in leather seating surfaces, power tailgate, Audi’s intuitive MMI system, automatic dual-zone climate control, 18-inch alloy wheels, 5,500 pound towing capacity, cruise control, and keyless entry are only the beginning of the impressive list of standard features.

    The Q7 4.2 quattro has an extensive list of luxurious and technologically advanced options as well. A cold weather package with heated front and second row seats, and heated steering wheel, lists for $850. A $2,400 technology package consists of a rearview camera with rear acoustic parking system, Audi side assist that monitors the vehicles blind spots, Advanced key keyless entry and vehicle start system, and voice control.

    Stand alone options on the Q7 4.2 quattro include 3-panel Panorama sunroof, 19 or 20-inch alloy wheels, 4-zone automatic climate control including rear control panel, upgraded 6,600 pound towing capacity, satellite radio, and DVD navigation. Sold order options include, adaptive air suspension, Audi’s latest generation of adaptive cruise control (delayed introduction) and Audi side assist.

    The Q7 4.2 quattro has the standard plethora of safety equipment that you will find across the entire Audi model line up. Dual front and front side airbags, Sideguard curtain airbags that protect occupants in all three rows, anti-lock disc brakes at all four corners, Electronic Stability Program with roll-over sensing capability, and pre-tensioning three-point seatbelts for all seven passengers are all standard. Rear side airbags are optional.
  • chaddy75chaddy75 Member Posts: 48
    cool thx for this. I think the auto show may have had 20" tires which looked pretty good but not for sure on size
  • rjlaerorjlaero Member Posts: 659
    Audi released the official price lists to dealers this week. There might be a few minor changes, but things are pretty much set MSRP wise.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Member Posts: 659
    Here's the price list for you cats.

    Q7 4.2 Base Price $49,900

    Cold Weather: 850
    Technology: 2400
    20 Inch Wheels: 1600
    19 Inch Wheels: 800
    Panorama Roof: 1850
    Navigation: 1800
    Satellite: 550
    4 Zone climate 950
    Premium Leather 1,000
    Tow Pack: 550
    Trunk Tie Down 250
    Rear Side Airbags 350

    There's also a premium model @ 59,900 that has a majority of those options already on it.
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