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Volkswagen Passat 2006+



  • ncflyerncflyer Posts: 28
    here's the problem I have with it. If I spend that kind of money on a 3, a Lexus, or an Infiniti, I get free loaners every time I service, and most dealers even have a valet service. Audis and BMWs have no cost maintenance for 4 years. BMW and Lexus hold their value very well. In contrast, every VW dealer I've ever done business with, in Cleveland and in Durham NC, is a total dump, and it's a miracle to me they are able to stay in business when you compare them to a typical Toyota or Honda dealer. You know the kind of dealership, with a filthy, smoke filled waiting room, feels like it hasn't been cleaned or remodeled in decades. VW doesn't seem to understand that if you're going to charge a BMW price customers such as myself expect BMW treatment during the sales process also.

    By the way I did testdrive the Passat, and did find it to be quite nice. The $28,000 base model I tested, the fully loaded base engine, didn't have fully automatic seats, can you believe it for that price? And I don't know what's with these new fangled keys; what is wrong with turning the wrist I do not know. The VW key you have to fit in a slot and push in. The keyless access isn't out yet I was told. Otherwise it was nice but $2000 too expensive. What's a fully loaded base Camry cost, can't be close to $28,000.

    Also was told no V6's until late fall and no AWD until Jan 06. Anyone else here such info from their dealer.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    I stopped by Steve White VW in Greenville, SC on my way home from College.

    I have got to say that the new Passat looks so much better in person than it did in the pictures. The overall design was very nice, very European and clean looking. The cars they had were either Gray or that Bright Sky blue color.

    The interior was very nice looking as well. The materials seemed pretty good, but the design wasn't as good looking as the B5.5.

    Also, I was shocked by the prices. The 2.0t at FIRST looks like a great value, but add the Option Pkgs. (pkg 1 or pkg 2) and the price gets outrageous for what you get.

    The cars don' t have a fully power driver's seat, lacks automatic climate control and some other features that Accords and Camrys have in top of the line models.

    The only problem was that these cars are more expensive in base trim when fully optioned than the Accords and Camrys are in fully loaded EXV6 and XLEV6 trims.

    One of those models was $29.5K expensive if you ask me. I can only imagine how things will get once the 3.6 models hit the lots. Especially the 3.6 4Motion models.

    Like I said, the base prices look good, but add options here and there, and the price gets high.

    Also, someone answer me this...

    Why is that you can get a Jetta 2.5 with a 12 way power driver's seat with 3-position memory, but you can't get a Passat 2.0t with the same thing???

    VW has GOT to work this stuff out. Folks aren't going to be paying nearly $30K for a Passat with at least power driver's seat, automatic climate control and other options.

    I wish VW the best with this new car, but they REALLY need to add some creature comfort features.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Have me wonder if VW hasn't just quietly decided to just sell fewer cars at higher prices because they can't possibly expect to move 100K Passats at these prices. I mean the car is nice, but it doesn't compete in a luxury car market where a few grand here or there doesn't make a difference like in the case of the E-Class/5-Series vs their Japanese competition when it comes the E/5 keeping their best selling status in spite of marketedly higher prices. The Passat doesn't have the same status.

  • jc9799jc9799 Posts: 70

    I think it's more that the Passat is moving up out of the price range of many of it's fans. A $35K sedan is too rich for me, no matter how nice or powerful it is. Now the 2.0T with AT would still be in my price range, but then you'd be competing against V6 models from Honda, Mazda, and Nissan.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Now the 2.0T with AT would still be in my price range, but then you'd be competing against V6 models from Honda, Mazda, and Nissan.

    And there is the problem, its just overpriced for what you can get elsewhere. This new Passat is going to go over just like the new Jetta, just ok in sales, but generally a let down for VWoA.

  • a911sa911s Posts: 13

    My dealer in Thousand Oaks CA. gives me a free loaner every time I get service, and I've just got a $23k GTI. In contrast, my father had 3 different dealers service his A4 when he owned it and he never got a free loaner and the Toyota dealer where he gets his "work truck", a 2003 4Runner that was $40k only just started to give loaners. They weren't doing it when he first bought the car in April 2003.


    My VW doesn't seem to be deprciating any quicker than anythign else in it's price bracket.


    Must be the areas. The local VW dealers here were nice to begin with and they've all recently undergone major renevations to be nicer. In contrast, the Toyota dealer my father's 4Runner came from doesn't even have a real showroom. They just have a lot filled with cars and a "boiler room" where they make their deals. Although my mother had a Previa S/C back in the early 90s and the dealership was nice enough - different dealer though. Her last car before the Touraeg was a Lexus RX300 we bought while living in Northern Cali. The dealership up there wasn't any nicer than the VW dealer we go to locally but the local Lexus dealership is nicer than the one her car came from.


    They gave us a-class treatment during both our VW purchases. My brother got a 2005 Acura RSX Type-S in December and I can't say the same for our experiences at the Acura dealerships we went to while shopping.

    <<The $28,000 base model I tested, the fully loaded base engine, didn't have fully automatic seats, can you believe it for that price? And I don't know what's with these new fangled keys; what is wrong with turning the wrist I do not know.>>

    Toyota's 6-cylinder Camry and Honda's 6-cylinder Accord are roughly the same price (a friend's 2005 Accord V6 EX had a sticker of over $27k) and aren't any faster, in fact I think the Camry is slower, and neither have the interior quality of the VW. They also don't offer as many standard airbags or as good a warranty and neither handle as well, IMO.
  • a911sa911s Posts: 13

    The Passat 2.0Ts performance is on par with the V6 Accord, better than the Camry's and only fractionally slower than the 3.5SE edition of the Maxima. BTW, I priced Maximas with a friend about a year ago when he bought his Accord and a fully loaded one easily eclipsed $30k, I think they actually quoted roughly the same price for the Maxima that Infiniti dealers are getting for the G35. And the Passat and Camry both hit the $28k mark when fully loaded. So all in all, as I've said, the loaded 2.0T Passat is priced where it is because you're getting the same performance you'd expect of compareablly priced 6-cylinder competitors, but you're getting a BMW quality interior instead of a Nissan/Toyota/Honda quality interior and superior driving dynamics. If you (for any reason) prefer the Japanese competition, that's your perogative, but I find it a bit naive to call the Passat overpriced, we simply need to examine the facts to see that it's actual a very good deal for the money.
  • I wouldn&#146;t pay much attention to what price they put the sticker, it could be $36,000 or $56,000...what market pays is what the price I would worry about. Look at the way GM does business, almost all models are 5 to 10k "off" MSRP, and many of them are not "worth" even at employee discount...

    This is America, where discount is a big thing, specifically in car business. VW too will soon offer big discounts, same as GM and Ford. In the meanwhile, some gullible will pay unrealistic MSRP to be the first on the block to own a new model. VW wins either way, they can&#146;t and won&#146;t if the put lower price on sticker.
  • I also took a test drive at Berge VW in Gilbert, AZ.

    I liked the new look. As previously posted, it looks a lot better in person than it did on-line. There is a distinct difference in exterior looks between it and the Jetta.

    The first thing I did was sit in the back seat. I am 6'2" and found that the back seat is way too small. Really, I did not notice a difference in back seat headroom from the Jetta to the Passat. The back seats are really firm and would not be pleasant for anyone experiencing a long journey. In fact, the back seat of a Honda Civic is more comfortable. However, I did like how the back seats folded.

    The front seats were o.k., but really similar to my 1991 Mazda 626. Just like the Mazda, the fit and finish were good, but not great. I agree with the other posts in that there is no memory etc. My wife is 5,2" so this is a big problem.

    Previous posts are correct in that the MSRP is way out of line for this car once you add some options. I doubt that the dealers are going to discount these cars a lot right at the beggining but am sure there are going to be some great deals later in the year as these cars will not sell.

    The A/C was just o.k. It is hot in Arizona and one quickly finds which cars can handle the heat and which ones can't. The Passat cannot cool the car fast enough!

    Finally, the new "key" system jammed in the ignition on my test drive. The salesman and I had a very difficult time getting it out and the vehicle was taken to the service department after my test drive. The motions one must go through to release it are bad enough, but VW has not refined the thing.

    I really wanted to like this car, but the price is about 5-7K more than it should be. It also needs the bugs to be taken out of it and I really don't want mine to be the mechanics guinnepig car!
  • ncflyerncflyer Posts: 28
    Yeah will someone please explain to me what's wrong with keys that have been in use for the last several decades. Stick it in the whole, turn the wrist, easy, works like a charm, always has. OK add in a chip to improve security, fine, I don't even notice . What "problem" is VW trying to solve. The decision was clearly made by a bunch of engineers who want to be slick and not people in touch with the needs of a consumer who want things to work every time and to be familiar.

    If they are moving towards a keyless ignition, then why penalize the majority of people who might not pony up for that feature.
  • a911sa911s Posts: 13

    I've spent quite a bit of time in Tucson over the years, in fact we were just there for 8 days in early July, and my brother is moving there in a couple of weeks to start at U of A (my mother went there as well and both my grandfathers lived in Tuscon at different points so the family has spent a lot of time there). I've found that very few of the rental cars we've had there were really much quicker at cooling the interior than most others. We've had 4Runners and Pathfinders, a Lincoln, various vans and most recently, a Cadillac Deville loaner car while in Tuscon. The Caddy is over $50k and it certainly didn't cool as quickly as I would have liked. However, the Caddy also has numerous other problems including a crappy stereo, a flaccid, cheap feeling interior, flat unsupportive seats cast in leather that feels more like "pleather" or vinyl than real cow, etc...
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    What is with these car companies that insist on escalating the number of useless electronic gimmicks, in this case the "key" and the "electronic parking brake?" Must they incessantly gratify their technological egos for technology's sake or are they merely trying to justify the price increases? You'd think one German car company would learn from the mistakes of others who have introduced unnecessary and unwanted electronic gimmicks at the expense of impairing their reputation and sales figures. But no, they go ahead and repeat the same mistakes while making their cars less desirable. The Japanese do electronics better, the Germans ought to stick to improving the fundamentals and building upon what already works instead of loading up their cars with problem-prone and unwanted "features." VW in particular already has a problem with reliabiility and the last thing it needs is a new car with additional problems, especially for mission-critical components such as the ignition.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    A 2.0t as fast or on par with the Accord V6 and Maxima 3.5SE?

    You'll have to show me some proven statments of that.

    Isn't the Passat a 200 hp sedan vs. 240 and 265??? I find that hard to believe.
  • . . .has the keyless ignition. I like it. It came with the car, I got a great discount on the car, so I am hardly complaining.

    I actually wanted keyless ignition.

    I also have voice command of telephone, cd, radio/sat radio and sat nav -- this is an absoulte necessity since the MMI console and the stuff that is meant to be manipulated by the driver in this particular car requires 80 separate switches, levers and buttons.

    Voice activiation is $350 before discount, pushbutton start is $750 before discount.

    On the Audi you elect to either use the key conventionally or push the button to start and stop the car.

    Voice is vital with so many things that can distract your attention.

    Advanced key is fun and kinda cool.

    They prices at the very least are backwards.

    How much does that pushbutton switch cost? $100?

    Most people can't see the value of the voice command and a lot of people buying these new cars are coming to expect pushbutton start and stop.

    I would rather have a $750 less expensive car, now that I see what it is and how cool it is. It is, at most, $350 cool.

    Voice command could save your life. Smart key -- no so much.

    But everyone else has it, so VW might as well offer it too.
  • a911sa911s Posts: 13
    <<A 2.0t as fast or on par with the Accord V6 and Maxima 3.5SE?

    You'll have to show me some proven statments of that.

    Isn't the Passat a 200 hp sedan vs. 240 and 265??? I find that hard to believe.>>

    Horsepower is only a partial measure of what makes a car quick. Powerband characteristics, torque output, vehicle weight, gearing and even wheel and tire size and weight have a bearing on a vehicle's final performance. According to the road tests I was able to find, the Accord EX V6 sedan posts a 0-60 time of 7.1 seconds. C&D tested a B7 Audi A4 powered by the 2.0T in the June 2005 issue and got it 0-60 in 7.2 seconds. Although the test Audi had the advantage of being mated to a six-speed manual, it was dealing with the added weight and complexity of Quattro, which causes measureable drops in 0-60 times, and the car is still 40 horsepower and 5 ft. lbs of torque shy of the Accord's output from it's 3.0 litre V6. Seeing as the 2.0T Passat will weigh less than the A4 and won'tbe dealing with frictional losses from Quattro, I see no reason to believe that a 6.9 second 0-60 time isn't possible with a 6-speed and that a 7.1 wouldn't be possible with the Tiptronic. The Maxima SE can post 0-60 times as low as 6.4 seconds, but keep in mind, it's powered by a 3.5 litre V6 that's closing in on 300 horsepower, and a fully loaded one built via Nissan's website hits just under $37k, about the same price and power points as the upcoming 3.6 litre V6 Passat. So the Passat 2.0T should be able to roughly match all it's 6-cylinder competitors except the Maxima (which has overboosted brakes, no available AWD and a cheap interior, but that's beside the point) which is priced to compete with the much more expensive 3.6 Passat. Something tells me the Passat will win.
  • deluxedeluxe Posts: 29
    As a not so happy Golf mk4 owner (thats whole another topic) and a man in a need of a new family car in next 4-5 months( waiting til 2006's cool off..), i was really critical in checking out the new passat. Some things I like, some I dont:
    I think vw still has one of the best interiors in his class, toyota and honda are close, mazda6 is not bad, nissan maxima dissapointed me(only interior,engine is great)
    New 2.0FSI is great, i dont really can afford v6, so i dont even wanna try it out, however there is that question, do you want four banger with 200hp, or some nice v6's with more hp for the same price. Why does the Dynaudio cost $1000? I know Bose audio systems also costs in the same ballpark, but that is a huge jump from Monsoon, which was sounding great and did not cost much(right?)
    I think vw has the prices perfectly set, they know people will be able to get the prices down 2-3k ( i think) so good equipped 2.0 should be able to go for 25-26k.
    Here is another comparison: Passat(200hp) vs Acura TSX (200hp), and just for the hell of it Hyundai Sonata ( yes, Sonata, 235hp). I know TSX is lil' smaller and I had to rev it more, but i could survive that, and does Passat justify 6k price over Sonata? Discuss!!
  • Per Edmunds articles, VW America has stated their #1 goal is to be profitable.
    If that is by selling fewer cars at higher prices, then that will be what they do.

    The 2006 Passat sounds like a nice improvement over current versions.

    Questions this former SuperBeetle owner ponders are:

    1. is reliability any better (VW's not all that good)
    2. is dealer attitude (service, etc.) going to improve with this new model?
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Per Edmunds articles, VW America has stated their #1 goal is to be profitable.
    If that is by selling fewer cars at higher prices, then that will be what they do.

    I see. I guess that would make sense because of dollar/Euro situation (among other things) they really can't match the Japanese, much less the Koreans on price, while equipping their cars with such upscale featues like the new Passat has.

    Edmunds seems to like the car, but then again they loved the previous Passat too. They say its a value compared other cars from MB/BMW/Audi, but that isn't VW's market imo.

  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    I won't believe a 200 Hp Passat is faster than a 240 HP Accord until I see some comparison tests.

    Until then I simply will not believe it.
  • bzackbzack Posts: 12
    You have to take into consideration of the bigger torque at a much lower rpm a Passat has.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Totally unrelated…isn&#146;t the jockey in the picture above (article 525) a little &#147;portly&#148;.

    Gorgeous pic of Passat.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,281
    LOL You're totally right. He looks more like an oompa loompa :-)
  • deweydewey Posts: 5,251
    I think VW is target marketing short jockeys.

    They just may succeed!
  • deerlake7deerlake7 Posts: 170
    I took a '06 Passat on a pretty good test drive today. From my perspective, I found little to like. From a power standpoint, driving the Passat back to back with a V6 Accord, the Accord was well ahead of the Passat, both in pure acceleration as well as quietness. Before my present car, I had 2000 and 2002 Passats, both V6 tips (technically, I had two 2002's, but the first one literally died with 35 miles on it and VW took it back). After the test drive, I felt my two earlier Passats were more quiet, especially in regards to road noise, the steering of the '06 needed fewer directional adjustments, but had less "road feel" and my perception of the interior of the new one was it looked cheaper and seemed less solid, overall. The WOW factor I found in my 2000 and 2002 Passats was gone. Before the test drive and just looking at it on paper I would have agreed with those who feel that the '06 is $2000 to $3000 overpriced. After driving it, my feeling is that it's $3000 to $4000 overpriced. Perhaps I'll give the V6 a try after it comes in to see if it changes my mind.
  • I drove the new Passat and the V6 Accord last week in Detroit at a ride and drive. The Passat blew the Honda away on the road course. We were power sliding the Accord and the Passat held it's line. Just go to a dealer in the next week and see yourself. You will be surprised.
  • a911sa911s Posts: 13
    For some reason my local dealers haven't gotten any Passats yet. But I test drove an A3 with the (amazing) DSG tranny and the 2.0T blew me away. It's even more linear than my 1.8T with better pull from lower RPMs. It has higher torque output (173 Ft. Lbs vs. 207 is a big difference), and although my 1.8T starts making peak torque at 1950 RPM, it isn't untill about 3200 that it really seems to wind up and pull. The 2.0T started to pull hard at around 2200 RPM. The 3.0 V6 in the Accord is a moderately good engine, but 212 Ft. Lbs seems like low poer ouput for an i-VTEC equipped 3.0 litre V6 that can revv out to 6000 RPM. I'd like to see Honda put a slightly detuned version of the Acura TL's 3.2 into the Accord with 240-250 horsepower and 230-245 ft. lbs of torque and more avaliable power below 4000 RPM.
  • Dealers are just now starting to get them. I am getting my first 2 by the weekend. The dealers in the southern part of the nation are getting them a little faster since they are primarily coming out of the port of Houston and in Georgia. The northern states will be getting them in the next week. The official launch date is the 13th of this month. If anyone is in the market for a new car and comparing it against a new 3 series and the Honda Accord, which I don't think even compares, it may be worth the wait to see it. VW is going to support this car right off the bat with some good financing and lease programs. There is going to be 3.9% up to 48 months and 4.9% for 60 months. There is also a lease for 36 months on it at $289 per month plus taxes with about $2200 due at signing. It will be well worth the wait.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Sort of wish my 2004.5 lease expired within the next year. I would love to be able to consider a new Passat. I have less than 3 years left, maybe VW will offer another "get out of your lease early deal"....We'll see.
  • They have lease pull ahead right now, but it only qualifies for people that leases that are expiring this year. I'm sure with all of the incentive wars, it will come again.
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