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Volkswagen Passat 2006+



  • Amen, brother - as an owner of two 1.8Ts (well maintained, no sludging issues), I couldn't have said it better myself... :shades:
  • carynccarync Posts: 14
    Have a new Passat with premium package 1, my answer would be:
    1.Test Drive?
    2.Test Drive?
    3.I agree--other posts said the Sport mode eliminates this
    4.Test Drive?
    5.Who cares? I bought custom mats
    6.I disagree
    7.91 octane is freely available in North Carolina
    8.Cool ventilation I have only experienced in the MB S500, a different price point from Germany
    9. Use the buttons on the dash
    10. Test Drive--my 2002 Passat GLX had this--I like it
    11. Are you going to be working on your battery or fuse box? I could care less where they put it
    12. You mean that ehrn the low tire pressure monitor lights up--it doesn't tell you where the low pressure tire is on the schematic of the car? IF that's true I agree--so one valid complaint out of 12!
    I love my new Passat 3.6--better than the 2002 GLX by far.
  • jefferygjefferyg Posts: 418
    Why chinzt out.

    Because I'm chintzy (or however you spell it). I just got my first oil change and talk about sticker shock! :surprise: I've never paid $92 for an oil change before. The filter alone which is a cartridge type filter on the 2.0T is $15 at the dealership. Furthermore, the car requires SIX, 6, SEIS quarts of liquid gold. But what really ticks me off is that I paid all that money and the dealer didn't even do so much as vacuum out my car. :mad:

    But enough of my ranting. The good news is that after the second oil change it goes to a 10,000 mile interval, so in the long run it's not really that much more expensive than most other cars. But I do imagine that I will at least check into purchasing the oil and filter and paying my friend to change it at his shop rather than taking it back to the dealership. If it saves me $20 then it's worth it. I will save the paperwork he gives me and get him to stamp the service log. If it doesn't save me at least that much then I suppose I'll let the dealer keep stickin it to me.

    Now back to my ranting - All of these dealers, quickie lubes, AND Wal-Mart are gouging people on oil changes. I could change oil in four cars in an hour in my driveway, charge less than any of them and still make money at it. ;)
  • jefferygjefferyg Posts: 418
    Oh, and I forgot...

    Mark, you are right about the oil. Use anything but the specified full synthetic and you void your warranty.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Your taking a tremendous risk to save $50 every 10k miles. If you blow your turbo it is a $10,000 bill and if VW decides to play hard ball you can take all the receipts from your friends oil changes and use them to wipe your eyes as you cry while you sign up for a car loan to pay for the engine repair.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    If your looking for a new Passat wagon, has 60 of them in stock selling for $200-to $500 under invoice.
  • I say what I am about to say using an old saying, not in any way an epithet: the phrase "penny wise and pound foolish" leapt to my pea brain when I read your comment about saving $20.

    No, saving money is NOT foolish. However, changing the oil in a Passat (or BMW, Audi or Mercedes, etc.) can involve somewhat to a lot more work than simply unscrewing a drain plug, letting it drain, putting the plug back in, replacing the filter and filling it up with oil.

    In my last "pre-Passat" a 1986 Quantum, you actually had to apparently remove an entire panel under the front end -- replete with many mounting hardware bits and so on.

    It was a far more time consuming and, shall we say, "delicate" process than on some American cars of yore.

    This doesn't make it right, but my wife bought a BMW 325ix (that is what they were called then) in 1988. Oil changes on this car were $100 and had to be done, as I recall every 3,000 miles. My last non Audi Advantaged Audi car was a 1987 5000CS turbo quattro. The fluid change expenses in that car spawned the phrase "breathtakingly expensive."

    $92 for an oil change -- and you apparently are thinking a savings of $20 would justify letting someone other than an authorized VW service center do this. So $72 is OK and $92 is not? Average it over the miles between changes and I promise it is a non significant cost.

    The cost, however, of ANY push-back should you have ANY kind of issue that ought to be covered by the warranty will make that twenty dollars seem so paltry, you wouldn't even bend over to pick it up off the street.

    There is almost a natural tendency for car dealers to think "buyers are liars" (and yes I know the inverse is also true.) Yet, if you have any issue and they can't pull up your service records they will certainly be scrutinized by VWoA -- the VWoA claims adjuster under such circumstances will NOT be your advocate.

    And, if you can change oil as you say and make a profit at it, people will beat a path to your, er, bay. :surprise:
  • I've been looking for a new passat sedan and the best price I have been offered is from Boston Volkswagen, $33,900 for a 3.6L 4motion with luxury 1 and nav, or $34,400 for sport package 1 and nav. This is my first VW and I was wondering if anyone had dealt with this dealership before and what their impression were. Some online reviews of the dealer are horrible, but the sample size is very small.

    Thanks for your help.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,935
    OK – I am very confused by something I just read in the Passat Specs .pdf file available from VW.COM.

    It shows the 3.6 specs for the FWD version as:
    WT: 3576
    Final Drive: 3.453
    0 – 60: 6.6 sec.

    For the 3.6 AWD:

    WT: 3829 (sounds reasonable)
    Final Drive: 3.453 (same)
    0 – 60: 6.2 sec.

    Now that’s almost a half second quicker. For a vehicle with the same engine, the same trans., the same final drive – and heavier, by over 250 pounds.

    Does this seem weird to anyone else?

    Now, I have yet to re-schedule my test drive, but is it possible that the FWD is actually so traction limited (has such an over-abundance of low speed TQ) that the AWD version would launch sufficiently harder \ quicker as to result in that sort of difference?

    Anyone driven both, back to back?

    On clear, dry pavement, with the car pointed straight ahead, is the FWD version prone to spin the tires?

    - Ray
    Sooooo confused . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • jefferygjefferyg Posts: 418
    My friend is a certified Mechanic, licensed, bonded the whole nine yards. He regularly services other European makes, so I trust his abilities. He can document as much as needed. I will use the oil and filter I'm supposed to use, so if it dies, NO, I will not be paying to have it fixed. Besides all that, I live 80 miles from the nearest VW dealer. I have to plan my trips to get it serviced, so I'm still willing to take my chances with David.
  • jefferygjefferyg Posts: 418
    Thank you for your opinion, but I don't think you fully understand where I'm coming from. I didn't buy a Passat as an alternative to a BMW 3 series. I bought a Passat as an alternative to a CamCord. $20 may not be much money to a lot of people, but for most of the folks I know it'll buy a lot of milk for the babies.

    The fact is that I can afford to pay the $92 for the service. But should I have to pay that much just because I can? Furthermore, I have to drive 80 miles to get to the VW dealer.

    I guess what really ticks me off about the whole issue is that if I'm not mistaken Volkswagen means "The People's Car." However, it seems that they've forgotten the people - the real people, the people who make up the majority of car buyers.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my car and I plan to take care of it. But it's ridiculous that a company that was started so that the average Joe could own a car has given Joe the shaft. If VW wants to move ahead that's what they need to do - get back to their roots.
  • dino001dino001 Tampa, FLPosts: 4,555
    Well, you probably noticed that all but deserted notion of "peoples' car" some time ago. Look at their commercials - nothing about "real" people, everything about being hip, different, special, and all that can be sold to those who are willing to pay to feel "that difference". With their cosmic labor cost and quality control they simply cannot beat Koreans and Japanese cars.

    "Peoples' car" no more. Drivers wanted, indeed, but only those with thick wallets - others need not apply. ;)

    2018 430i Gran Coupe

  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    In VW's defense, they are building cars that have very high specific output engines which require very specific types of maintenance, most notably in the area of the oil and filter. To VW's credit, they've cut down the required maintenance such that even with $92 oil changes, they are no more expensive (or even less so in many cases) to maintain than many other competitive cars (CamCord included). So, the VW carries a 10K mile OCI and the cost is $92 (less than a penny a mile), while many competitive cars still use conventional oil and require (lower cost) oil changes more often. Granted those oil changes might work out to even less per mile in cash outlay, however, when factoring in the cost of simply dealing with the extra service appointments (transit time and waiting around time), I'll bet the VW is cheaper. Me? I'd gladly pay $100+ per oil change in exchange for a longer OCI, time is money after all (fortunately I don't have to as I do my own).

    Regarding DIY oil changes or having an independent do the work, I believe that there is substantial legal precedence to suggest that manufacturers must accept proofs from third party maintainers regarding what maintenance has been performed and what parts and fluids were used. Said another way, if your local mechanic changes the oil in your Passat and uses Mobil-1 0W-40 and a VW (or compatible) filter and your engine fails, your warranty will still be fully in effect. On the other hand if VW looks at the receipt from your mechanic (or your local AutoZone) and it says "Quaker State 3W-50" oil, then you are most likely on the hook for any and all internal engine damage.

    Best Regards,
  • dino001dino001 Tampa, FLPosts: 4,555
    I bet any given dealer's service department will still tell you "come every 3000 miles or bad stuff will happen".

    2018 430i Gran Coupe

  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Those specs do seem a little off. Usually the AWD vehicle is the slower one.

    To me it seems as if they switched the specs with the configuration, meaning 6.2 for the FWD and 6.6 for the AWD.

    BTW C&D achieved 5.9 for the FWD.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Well all this nonsense.

    I don't own a VW but I find it hard to see the differnce between 2x$49 per year for two oil changes at 5000 miles each on a "peoples truck" the RAV4 and one $92 oil change on the Passat every 10k miles
    . Regarding all the other stuff about legal and receipts etc. ....remember you have to collect.

    Maybe someone should have thought about this before they bought a modern car with lots of high tech (expensive) stuff that maybe they really cannot afford with a dealer 90 miles away.
  • . . .to the nearest dealer would be an issue for me, I admit. I am not suggesting, how could I?, anyone can or should afford something (or can't and shouldn't.)

    Maybe I am less trusting of the independent's documentation being acceptable to the mfgr if they are, shall we say, in a "bad mood."

    I was "suggesting" -- hinting really -- that the mfgr may want to play hardball if, for instance, the cars serviced by the dealers had low warranty claim issues "if" the ones not so serviced had higher issues.

    I come from a long line of DIY's in terms of oil and filter changes, anti-freeze and flushes, wiper blades, even fuel filters (back in the day when they were not inside the fuel tank, etc.

    I actually found great enjoyment and relaxation from this DIY stuff.

    For all I know, if I were able to do this stuff myself, I still might find these activities satisfying.

    My only mission, so to speak, was perhaps to alert you to the reputation that seems to have befallen some mfgs, VW included -- no "acceptable" proof, no warranty.

    Your technician may well be better than a VW dealer employee -- perhaps he is.

    I've heard click and clack too many times, also.

    These modern cars are wonders of technology AND I think they are more reliable than any of the sheens I grew up with in the 60's and 70's -- by far.

    Of course they are breathtakingly expensive to repair without the benevolence of the mfgr's warranty.

    With a competent technician and an 80 mile one way trip, I would probably be tempted to have the routine mntce carried out as you have suggested.

    On the other hand, if I could arrange my schedule to use the dealer whenever possible, I might also consider that as a viable risk adverse tactic.

    My sense is -- and this is totally an opinion -- that using the dealer is the offense that is the best defense.

    Tough call with that distance, tho, I understand.
  • jefferygjefferyg Posts: 418
    for your voice of reason. You always seem to come through.

    Anyway, I am on a more even keel today so let me clarify about the 80 miles and my situation.

    We bought the Passat over the CamCord for several reasons.
    1. My brother sells VW's. Ford and Chevy can't even beat that family plan.
    2. After much research, the VW seemed to me to be a superior automobile to the CamCord.
    3. My wife was not particularly impressed with other vehicles. She pays attention to details like the kids' booster seats not "fitting" in the back seat of other cars we looked at.
    4. Distance to dealership is something you just have to deal with where we live. The closest Honda Dealer is 40 miles away and the nearest Toyota dealer is just as far as VW. We have a Nissan dealer and a Kia dealer here in town, but I've just never been a Nissan fan and I would like for my car to be worth a little more than half of what I paid for it in a year.

    The only other options were offerings from the "big 3". Nothing GM or Chrysler offers impresses me, Ford 500 is too bland, and Fusion was not available at the time (and if it had been I don't think I could live with that front end).

    With all that said, I stick with my guns on $92 being a lot of money for an oil change. The argument that you should expect to pay more for maintenence on a higher priced automobile is bogus. Six quarts and a filter costs you the same money whether you're driving a $15,000 Ranger or a $40,000 F150 Lariat. If you buy a Jetta, Beetle, or Golf it's still going to be around $92.

    I suppose I look at it like my friend Philip. He won't order tea or coke at a restaurant if it's more than $.99. His argument is that just because it's a fancier restaurant doesn't make the drink worth more.

    If Wal-Mart can change your oil with full synthetic and a filter for under $50 (and still make a good profit), then the dealer should be able to as well.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    I have been told that the low tire pressure monitors on most cars only tell you that one tire is at different pressure than others. They do not tell if pressure is correct or a little out of of tolerance or which tire is low. Anyone know for sure about this?
  • jefferygjefferyg Posts: 418
    I don't know about the Passat, but our 04 Merc Mountaineer's tire pressure warning light came on the other day. The right rear tire was low and I discovered a nail in it. So yes, it definitely will tell you if one tire is out of sync with the others. I just don't know how much difference there has to be or if mine actually activated after getting below a certain pressure.

    The good news is that the system does work.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    My Nissan mini-van displays the PSI for each of the 4 wheels…but you still have to go out and fill it up manually; getting lazy :)
  • jefferygjefferyg Posts: 418
    My Nissan mini-van displays the PSI for each of the 4 wheels

    Cool. I believe it was the Joker who said of Batman, "Where does he get all those neat toys?"

    I'm not much of a Nissan fan, but that is really nice.
  • Does anyone have any information or have VW (not motorola or any other company) bluetooth accessories for their 06 Passat? My 2.0T has the steering wheel with controls on it and has the (phone) button, but it doesn't do anything obviously. Does anyone know if it is available and if so, how much?? If anyone has it, does it work well???
    I also recently took my car in for its second oil change (10K) and they asked if I wanted to take care of the 7 recalls...I said I was completely unaware there were any recalls...I read over the service report when I picked up the car and they were all pretty minor things.
    Any information would greatly be appreciated.
  • ray_sray_s Posts: 3
    I test-drove the 07 Wagon 2.0T auto the other day. It's pretty nimble and responsive for a car this weight and size. There is a detectable lag for less than 0.5 sec when starting from a full stop, but there's no hesitation when accelerating at any nonzero speed, which is a plus compared to a 2.0T Jetta. It'll almost surely be my next car because of its practicality and fun(though not so sporty as a smaller car).
    However,there're some minor flaws. I find the two layered dash looks busy, that makes the interior forgettable except for the gauge cluster. A lot of hard plastics on the passenger side--looks cheap. A useless "phone" button on the steering wheel. Probably reserved for future bluetooth? This small detail makes it appear to be an unfinished product. But the seat is much much more comfortable than CamCords.
    The most attractive small features are tilting to VW badge to open to rear door, auto-close button for the rear door and auto-hold.
    I'll wait for a while to see what others say about its reliability.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Has anyone added an aftermarket homelink and dimming mirror to the 2.0T Passat? If so, let me know where you found the power wires etc.
    Jim D
  • Not to be picky, but the "7 recalls" are not "recalls" at all. They are simply service bullitens that the dealer should address when you have car next serviced. Minor point, I admit. Just trying to avoid all those VW bashers out there from piling on.
  • Hello,

    Does any one know when the New Passat Wagons will be available in Massachusetts? I do not see any of them on the dealer parking lots.


  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Does any one know when the New Passat Wagons will be available in Massachusetts? I do not see any of them on the dealer parking lots.

    Minuteman in Bedford had quite a few on their lot last week.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Well not in MA. but dealers have 60 of them most at $200 under invoice. You sign up, send money, fly down and they bring it to the airport. Located in MD.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    By the way, my Audi dealer sells oil changes in "5 packs" for $169. Turbo cars slightly higher. You cannot beat the deal! Most dealer have this kind of "sales" every few months.

    And you no jepordize your warranthy for a few bucks.
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