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Lexus LS 460/LS 460L Styling Impressions



  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    I was at the autoshow today and this exact same display says 4,000 now. I doublechecked my picture just now. I also listened to the speaker/model introduce the car. She said it would hold 4,000 CDs (oops).

    4000 songs into 8GB is 2MB/song. It depends on the average song length, file format and bit rate they are using for their calculations.

    Next to the picture of the hard-drive display was a picture of an iPod and caption of "iPod/MP3/Windows Media Audio (WMA) Auxiliary Port."
  • That is very bizarre.

    I took the pictures last Sunday. They must have had time to change the display since then.

    About the iPod support, if my idea of an auxiliary port is correct, then it won't actually support the iPod functions, it will just have an audio in jack for you to play the iPod over the stereo system. I may be wrong here, though.
  • On my 4GB iPod nano I have 52.1 MB of space left on it with 632 songs. "They" say that you should be able to store 1000 songs on this iPod but 1000 is just thrown around to give a ballpark figure in layman's terms. What is important to "us" who know what we are talking about is the actual size of the disk and its space.

    Is it only 8 GB space on the new LS? I regret only getting a 4 GB iPod. I have 40ish albums and wish I had more disk space. :(
  • lexusilexusi Posts: 65
    average song is 2.5 MB at least, and should not be below 128kbs, so it can only hold around around 3000 songs,

    this is on the 8 GB HDD, its enough i think, but honestly i dont like the grab function, who have time to re-record all the songs, it should have file upload function, so you can upload mp3 directly (as a file, wish there is wifi, so you can upload from a laptop for example), but i think they are doing this for copy right sake only becoz it doesnt make sense!!


  • lexusilexusi Posts: 65
    The battle will be hard this time, MB, BMW you better have something in your pockets, coz lexus will smoke you all!!

    Lexus has also emboldened the exterior design, flaring and widening the wheel wells, pulling the roofline back, eliminating the door moldings, strengthening the sheetmetal's convex/concave intersections, and raising the tail end. Super sophisticated equipment including adaptive radar cruise control, a lane departure warning system (I posted this before, it is called LKA -Lane Keep Assist-), and infrared night vision technology are also available on the new 2007 Lexus LS 460.

    Source: t/976

  • jgo03jgo03 Posts: 4
    My local Lexus dealer thinks the hybrid may be the only one with AWD. What do you guys think of the LS 460 with AWD but matched to a 6 or 7 speed tranny instead of the new 8-speed??
  • hage57hage57 Posts: 24
    I'm interested in the LS 460l, but not in the reclining rear seat. Do any of you guys know if the LS 460l will be available w/o the reclining rear seat or the back seat console?
  • the reclining seats will be optional but if you don't add it, it wont come with the car. The short wheelbase will definitly not have it but there is a big chance that the long wheelbase wont have it either
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    It depends on the file format and everything else I mentioned. Sony advertises 695 songs per 1GB. I think they are calculating based on the ATRAC3Plus format. By that standard, the Lexus would hold 5560 songs.
  • I don't understand your post.

    The long wheelbase, as far as I know, is only available in the 4 seat version. I may be mistaken, though.
  • I have an LS430 ULTRA and it has massage on both sides mine is an 01 it doesn't make sense that the 07 would not have it on both sides..
  • i have been thinking that both rear seats of a 460L will have massage (because the old ls has it) but only the right one will have a footrest (because the ls isnt long enough, as mentioned by someone else)

    i might be wrong though
  • cyclone4cyclone4 Posts: 2,302
    My wife and I along with our daughter and son-in-law are going to the Auto Show this Saturday (Jan 21). This is my first ever show of this type. Do you "experts" have any tips on how to best use our time at the show? I believe we will be there from about 11:00 AM until 5:00PM. Obviously, I am very much looking forward to see the LS460, but I am sure there is a hell of a lot more to see in what is suppose to be the largest auto show in the world.

    As an aside, I am very upset at my Patriots giving the game away to the Broncos. The stupid refs did not help at all either.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I think that will be enough time for you - but just start with the brands you like and have an interest in - save the the oddballs (or Buick) for last, and if you don't get to it, no prob.
  • cyclone4cyclone4 Posts: 2,302
    I appreciate this nvbanker. I'm also sure you're right about the "oddballs".
  • Also get a map, and map out your route. If you don't do this, you may find yourself running around too much- it is VERY big.

    You can get a map at
  • Does anyone know if the new Lexus LS460 will be shown at the DC show later this month?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Also, a great approach.
  • Also does anyone know if there will be an LS460 at the Houston show beginning Jan 28. I assume they would have one roped off but at least to look at.
  • yak54yak54 Posts: 72
    Any info on a sport package for the short wheel base, tire sizes ect. I am hoping that the car will handle more like a BMW or MB. What do you knopw?
  • i have heard that lexus is planning a sports line-up like the mercedes amg's, bmw m's, or audi s.
    in magazines here in europe there were spy pics of an is460 with body kit.
    perhaps they will offer anything similar for the LS too.
  • oacoac Posts: 1,594
    "... magazines here in europe there were spy pics of an is460 with body kit. perhaps they will offer anything similar for the LS too."

    Do you have a link on this? I'd like to see where Lexus puts its new 4.6L motor in their smallest car, an IS, before it gets to a GS... That'd be interesting, unless if they are construing the IS460 as their M-fighter... A 380HP motor in that small 3000Ib car should do under 5s 0-60, and maybe a low 12 quarter-mile.
  • They'll remember "enthusiast" drive stick!

    Maybe. :blush:

  • "...they are construing the IS460 as their M-fighter"

    rumor has it that the next m3 will have 400+ hp v8,
    so i suppose, lexus will have to squeeze out some more hp's out of the v8.

    i mean the LS already has a very impressive 82,6 hp/litre.
    and with 82,9 hp per litre they could get 400 hp.
  • cyclone4cyclone4 Posts: 2,302
    I attended my first ever auto show today (Saturday) and of course it had the be the Big One in Detroit. My son-in-Law works for Ford here in Detroit and he knew all the "ins and outs" of the show. First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Basically, every vehicle imaginable was on display. There were also quite a few concept cars. One of the most interesting such concept car was a little Toyota that reminded from something from the old cartoon show, "The Jetsons". The exterior was kind of weird (no big deal) but the interior appeared very futuristic. It almost looked like one would put it on auto pilot and drive.

    Obviously, my greatest interest was with the new Lexus LS460. It looked very impressive. But unfortunately, I think I knew more about the features of this vehicle than did the spokeswoman that gave a talk and demonstration. I asked her after her talk about the car being able to park itself and also about the "staying in the lane option" (I believe it is called LAD) and she was rather clueless about these features. She said something to the effect that Lexus has not yet made the final decision on the car's features. I then asked her when the LS600h was going to be available and she did not even know what the LS600h was. When I explained to her that it was going to be the hybrid version of the LS460, she got a hold of a gentleman that was a bit more on the know and he said that it would be available in 2007 and that it would be on display at the New York Auto Show in a couple months.

    It is now 2:30 AM EST but what the heck. I am sleepingg until Noon. I am posting this from my daughter's house in Belleville, MI.
  • garyh1garyh1 Posts: 386
    Hopefully the "spokeswoman" was at least attractive!

    So can you tell us any more about what you thought about the new LS besides "very impressive"? And did you look at the new S; if so, what did you think of the wheel flares and butt?
  • I'm not sure I understand Lexus' thinking if, as appears likely, the 2007 LS 460 will only be rear wheel drive with no option for all wheel drive.
    Each week, Lexus runs a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal extolling the virtues and necessity of AWD on the GS and IS models. Further, the LS' target MB's 2007 S Class will have an AWD version this fall.
    To only have AWD on the "Super Lexus" as mentioned on this forum makes no sense.
    I love my 2003 LS, it's by far the best car I've ever owned. I'd like to trade up to to a 2007 LS 460 but only if it has AWD. Absent that I'll seriously consider the MB S Class.
  • Let's face it. There aren't many people left with the brains of a 32-valve V8 and the beauty of a "spokesperson".

    I'm not ready for cloning! So stop asking! :P


    Sorry, Bill, but perfection eludes Lexus again, as they choose to introduce AWD first on the Hybrid, then add it to the LS460 in 2007 for the 2008 model. Part of their strategy to introduce features over time, keeping the model fresh. The IS350 suffers the same fate, with no manual tranny.

  • cyclone4cyclone4 Posts: 2,302
    She was indeed attractive. As far as the 460 is concerned, I really like what they have done to its looks (especially the rear). The front end is probably still a bit more conservative looking (but nice), but I think the designers did not want to lose all continuity from the LS430. Personally, I think it looks awesome but my wife (what does she know?) thinks it is still too conservative looking but greatly improved. The looks is one thing but the technology of this vehicle is out of this world. However, I am going to wait for the 600h which will be "out of this universe".

    I don't think I am being biased here when I state that I did not like the looks of the S550. You said it yourself with the "wheel flares and butt". They look ugly. In fact, I commented to my son-in-law how those wheels look so ugly and he totally agreed.
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