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Ford Explorer Sport Trac (2007+)

atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 501
I heard on another discussion group that Ford will be coming out with a new Sport Trac in the spring of 2006. Does anyone know if this is true or anything about this vehicle? Will it be based on the current Explorer platform? Will it have a mid gate?


  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    Seems about right - this vehicle hasn't undergone a major change since its introduction in 2001, so 5 years on, it should be due for a restyle.

    You may not see a lot of activity here til the official announcement, but we'll keep it open and hopefully someone will post as soon as it's official.


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  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 501
    Last weekend on the Autoweek Show on the Speed Channel they had a quick blurb on the new Sport Trac. It will be based on the new Explorer platform and will have IRS. They claim a 30% larger cargo area than the current model. It will premier next month at the Detroit Auto Show. Not sure when it will hit the dealers. It sounds like it will be a direct competitor to the Honda Ridgeline SUT.
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    Hello, my name is Stephen. I plan to buy in spring, and I learned today that the new SportTrac was coming.


    The SportTrac will probably have four big advantages over the Ridgeline:


    1) Pricing will probably be lower, and even if it is the same, the Fords will be readily available for several hundred dollars over invoice, while the Honda will almost surely sell at sticker price and above;


    2)Rear wheel drive or four wheel drive, not a front-heavy front drive which occassionally might direct power to the rear wheels, as in the Ridgeline;


    3) The bed will be separate from the passenger compartment,as in the present Sport Tract, so noise from cargo will not be able to transmit to the passenger compartment as readily as in the Ridgeline, which has the bed integrated with the passenger compartment; and,


    4) It will have an optional V8 (hopefully the same three valve head, 300HP unit as in the Mustang), for good power and towing ability when needed.


    I presently own a 2002 Mountaineer, and am looking for a vehicle which allows me to keep my rattling/sliding cargo separate from the passenger compartment. I have considered several cars, but it seems that my final decision will between the Ridgeline and SportTrac. I finally rejected the Five Hundred and Montego yesterday (big trunk, but several problems) Frustrated, this morning I even briefly considered the Deville/DTS and LS430, but I have come back to my senses - $50,000 to $60,000 for a car is nuts. I would rather buy a new $30,000 car and invest the other $20,000.


    I want a car, but need a truck, so a four door car-truck is just what I need, and I wonder how many others here have come to a similar conclusion?
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 501
    I have a pickup now, which is very useful. However, I have decided that I can live with a shortened bed in exchange for four doors. I do not want a full sized truck, because I do not need that much capability and driving and parking a big truck is a pain.


    Therefore, I am looking at the following crew cabs, in my current order of preference - Frontier, Tacoma, Dakota. I am intrigued by the Ridgeline, as you cannot go wrong buying a Honda, but I am not sure it is enough truck for me, as I have a job that actually takes me off road. The new Sport Trac sounds like it may be a good compromise, and if they offered the 300 hp V8 that would really get my attention.
  • andyman73andyman73 Posts: 368
    I just love the one they have been showing on the circuit! That thing is tough and cool at the same time! I hope the production version isn't too dumbed down. Would have bought wife one of the left over 04s, but for the lack of power underhood. Especially when all the competition just got major power bumps. My turn is next, and we want a either a 4 door truck or suv. But can't afford the big boys, so Sport trac is right in line. Z plan will make it so much more attractive than the Ridgeline, too!
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    to buying a 2004/5 Sport Trac, but purchased a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab w/Hemi instead...I had realy hoped that they had upgraded the Trac since it was based on the old Explorer which was based on the Ford Ranger frame...small vehicle, not much in the "pickup area" (quite narrow, only 52" long) and biggest problem was the V6 engine...while the 345 HP Hemi was probably more than I need, along with the huge size of the Ram, the Trac was just too small...I asked the salesman if they were ever going to make the Trac on the current Explorer frame with IRS, 4 wheel disc and, at minimum, the V8 used in current Explorer/Mountaineer models with 239 HP, but he had no idea...this thread may be the news I was looking for...
  • al4al4 Posts: 1
    I just saw the pictures of the 2006 Explorer Sport Trac concept and all i can say is WOW! I'm not usually too big on trucks but this one really looks good. If ford thought they hit the jackpot with the new mustang, i don't think so. It would be awesome if they brought this concept into production. I was wondering, is that how it would look like if they did go ahead and produce it or is that the top of the line model (xls, xlt, limited, etc...) and what's the price on it? Thanks
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 501
    I think the one they are showing has been spiffed up. My guess is the actual version will be more conservative. I have not heard a price or a release date.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    IMO, it looks good, and will be less roll happy than the old one, which still sat rather high on the old platform. Looks like a big improvement.
  • Quick question. Should the motor and compressor for the driver seat lumbar be noisy. We drove 3 that were quiet and the one we bought is noisy. The compressor wasn't working at the time of sale and was replaced after. The service manager believes it will makes noise during inflation.

    Any help appreciated.


  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 501
    Looks pretty cool. I was hoping it would come this year. Probably need to rename this thread, but I guess it will probably die a natural death at some point before then, so when things start to heat up a proper "2007 Explorer Sport Trac" thread can be started.
  • to Steven
    instead of buying a new car and bearing the weight of that terrible depreciation for American vehicles why not buy one a year or so old and get them at a reasonable prices. This way you could get most of what you want and have your $20k to invest. Try getting one from someone who buys vehicles at a dealers auction and can get vehicles coming off lease.
    Burke Leon/blauto
  • jrljrl Posts: 39
    I have my serious doubts on whether the the Ford SportTrac would be a better vehicle than the Honda Ridgeline. It is ashame that Ford offers a 4.6 V8 with only 239 hp, when its customers know the thing can make up to 302 (Lincoln Aviator). Please Ford, give your customers and fans a break, start packing some heat in those engines or rollover and get out of the market cream puffs.
  • jrljrl Posts: 39
    By the way, why no new Ranger? Ford had time to bust out a new car (the ford five hundred) with no certain market yet failed to revive its #1 selling compact Truck. If Ford says that the Ranger is the #1 selling pickup this year after all of the new pickups that have arrived, either people are crazy or Ford is using some "fuzzy math" Its a shame to lose that title!
  • 2fastdre2fastdre Posts: 59
    There are some rumors about Ford making deals with engine manufacturers to introduce a smaller 4-something liter 6 cylinder Diesel engine in a medium truck and/or SUV. A smaller diesel in the new Sport Trac would be Super! Even it made 200 hp and about 300 lb-ft of torque, it would still a cooler power plant than any 4.6 V8.

    Ford - bring the smaller Diesel.

  • andyman73andyman73 Posts: 368
    Ford actually has a diesel lined up for the new in 04 F150, but didn't release it because no one else was going that way yet. They didn't want to get hung out to dry.

    In 06 there are major law changes going into effect, so we will see some movement then. Personnally I would also like to see midsize and small diesel offerings across the board.
  • lordaddylordaddy Posts: 3
    Maybe you should wake up! The Explorer is getting a HP increase to 300HP and 300lbs or torque. on the new model. Besides who would want to drive that ugly Honday anyway, looks like they tried to make a bad copy of the Avalanche. Look at what counts like towing capacity. Last why would I want to pay up to $30,000 for that small thing when I could get a Crew Cab F150 for that price, or a Nissan Titan???? Wake UP Honda! I dont see thing truck around long, its over priced for its market.
  • Got a Sport Trac now. Have had a Ford F150 97, Explorer 98, and Mustang GT 97. I am not a Ford basher.
    I drove the Honda Ridgeline. It puts my current Trac to shame. It drives like a luxury car but has a lot of neat add ons.
    That being said I will give Ford a shot with the New Trac. The main thing is I want Nav, XM, AWD option. I have been asking Ford for a bigger engine in the Trac since I bought it.
    Now I look at the Honda Ridgeline with 255 hp v-6 and see it already has more power then my 02 Trac.
    I also have owned 3 Honda's. Both Ford and Honda have been reliable. Ford had some emission control problems but I considered it minor. Overall it will come down to the driving. I want to have a smoother ride with more comfort. I know its a truck, but I want more. So far the Honda has proved very tempting. I need to see the new Trac when it comes out to decide who wins.
    Dallas, Tx
  • vrodvrod Posts: 1
    Hey...if Ford is going to have a new concept of the Sport Trac, then a few questions of why they left out some of it's key features, like the Adrenaline Package with XM Radio, six in dash CD player,the power down back window, Sun roof and split leather seats that sort of match the interior with heaters, eight different position driver seat, Nav. System. I mean come on guys..if we as consumers buy your vehicle's, then these items should be standard and the real day glow seats and 60 watt radio, give me a break, these should be the special order items. I really like the look, but only with the key features mentioned, if it doesn't have these, then I will not be a buyer for sure....My opinion.

  • Rest assured it'll be a sweet truck. I was in Studio K the other week, it's looking great. Concept car was just that - CONCEPT. Not production vehicles. Adrenalin will rock. Looks like it accomplished its goal - to TEASE you guys. Give us a break.
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    I just cancelled the order for my 2006 Magnum, and decided to keep my 2002 Mountaineer until the 2007 SportTrac is out. If you read the write up on on the 2006 Mountaineer, you see much that also applies to the SportTrac. Ford really found and fixed problems large and small with the 2002 Explorer/Mountaineer design - less noise, less vibration, more power, probably better mileage, better safety, and so forth. Of course, the current 2005 SportTrac is based on the ancient 2001 and earlier Explorer, so the change in 2007 will be even more dramatic for the SportTrac.
  • I have an 02 ford spor trac and i have driven a ridgeline. Even though the honda is a little smoother and handles a bit better i still would rather drive the have the spor trac for a few reasons.

    1. Price-base on honda is 5000 more
    2. Ford tows more
    3. Honda isnt a truck company, they make rice burners
    4. The ridgeline has no balls
  • madijomadijo Posts: 30
    2003 FEST w/goodyears. I am getting a thumping noise from the front end that I do not think is related to the brakes. It is very noticeable at slower speeds but does not go away. I do not see signs of a busted belt on the tires or anything loose. Any suggestions?
  • callmedrfillcallmedrfill Posts: 729
    I wouldn't throw too many stones at Ridgeline.

    It just easily won a C&D comparison. It will have a similar cost to a 4WD SportTrac, well-equipped. It will have more pop than a base SportTrac with a 4.6. And it should be more efficient, and C&D loved it's handling in particular, saying it raised the bar in the class.

    At best, the SportTrac will enter this class as 3rd best, behind tacoma and Ridgeline. It may tow more with V8 power, but you will probably still lose out on handling and efficiency.

  • marvrockmarvrock Posts: 1
    Hey, the new Sport Trac will kick butts, I've been driven other Trucks and there's no other though vehicle like Ford, if you want what they say gas economy, get a Ridgeline; once something goes wrong you pay a lot more, if you want Luxury, get the Avalanche or I should said the Cadillac version; they have too many RECALLS and no power.
    I tell you I owne a 2000 Explorer and men "Life is Good", I was traying to get a Navegator, now I'm going to wait or the new Sport Track, yeah!

  • bigrodentbigrodent Posts: 1
    Anyone know what they are doing with ground clearance for the 2007? One advantage to the old Sport Trac model is that its frame is higher. I love my current explorer and wanted a new one but they lowered the frame. They claim better ground clearance because the differential is higher but the frame is much lower and is visible if you don't have running boards!! I hope that they don't do the same to the new Sport Trac. I know they are trying to lower the center of gravity and give a better ride but I would like to take this off-road every so often.
  • magariamagaria Posts: 1
    I sure hope Ford comes out with a new and larger version of the Sport Trac in 2006. I have the 2003 model and I must admit my 5' 10" frame has all it can do to fit in the "mini" cab. With the seat all the way back my knees are plumb against the dash. I cannot stretch out my legs so consequently I'm cramped all the time while driving. I cannot believe anyone over 6 feet can fit into this vehicle. Other than this the vehicle performs OK if you don't mind a buckboard ride.
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    my sentiments exactly. While I haven't driven one, I did sit in the passenger seat of an '05 with the moonroof. My head, on its 6'3" body length, was touching the cab roof.

  • i am 6'4 and have never had any problems fitting in my sport trac. Try getting the guy out from under u and then you might fit better
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