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Ford Explorer Sport Trac (2007+)



  • benebradybenebrady Posts: 2
    I just took delivery 8 days ago on my 2007 Limited V8, (Dark Cherry - and AWESOME looking) with the tonneau cover and bed extender (both of which I just got tonight and installed). I've got about 650 miles on it and I've been getting around 14 mpg or so... most of my driving is at 55-65, not freeway, but open country roads south of Fresno back and forth to work. I'm used to driving a mid-nineties Chevy S10, but I am extremely pleased with my Sport Trac so far. I really don't mind that it gets half the MPG than my S10, I love the fact that I am actually able to pass someone when I need to.

    What really impresses me about the truck is that my wife just loves the ride and how quiet it is. We can't wait to buy an RV trailer to tow behind it now so we can join our friends when they go camping.

    This is a helluva truck and we're very pleased with it.
    Now if only I could find a good way to reach the front part of the roof when washing it.. :)
  • kman1956kman1956 Posts: 14
    Stand on the running boards?!
  • bmac363bmac363 Posts: 10
    I would like to ask if anyone else has noticed that it is difficult to take off smoothly from a dead stop? This is with the V8 and six speed auto. It seems like the transmission doesn't shift all the way to first gear until you press the gas pedal, which by the way seems a bit stiff which does not help.
  • benebradybenebrady Posts: 2
    I tried that... still can't reach to wash or dry the front third of the roof. Guess I'll have to invest in one of those steps that cradle the top of the front tire to get the height.
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Posts: 56
    The Job 2 Production run of the 2007 Sport Trac will include the following:
    Front Audio Input Jack (Standard)
    Reverse Sensing System (Optional)
    Navigation Radio (Optional)
    Rear Seat DVD Entertainment System (Optional)
    Satellite Radio Digital Receiver (Optional)
    Limited Chrome Package (Optional)
    - 18" Chrome Aluminum Wheels
    - Chrome Mirror Caps
    - Chrome Step Bar
    - Chrome Roof Rack

    New Colors:
    Orange Frost Clearcoat Metallic
    Carbon Clearcoat Metallic
    Mineral Grey Clearcoat Metallic (DELETED)
  • rhombus10rhombus10 Posts: 6
    Has anyone had any trouble ordering the Rear Power Window? My order goes in this week and my dealer seemed to think I should be able to order it.
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Posts: 56
    You won't have any problems ordering it, the Rear Power Window actually went into production June 5.
  • rhombus10rhombus10 Posts: 6
    That's great news, thanks. I wish Ford would update their site to incldue the rear power window option. Do you know any sites where I can see a picture of this window? Does it extend the width of the cab or is it a subset of the cab width?
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Posts: 56
    Unless i'm mistaken, it's listed as an option on the website. Currently there are no photos posted but I do know that the power window is a subset of the cab width. Hope that helps....
  • bill93bill93 Posts: 1
    YES! I have a 07 sporttrac with a V8 and 6speed auto trans and I have the same condition. I have not taken it back in or this concern as of yet. I have had a new engine installed when my truck had 800miles on it. I hope they do not have to put in a new trans also. I love the truck it ride great, good pick up and the interior looks great. If you have taken yours in to the dealer for the trans concern I would most like to hear what they said.
  • rhombus10rhombus10 Posts: 6
    Yes it's listed on this page but not priced. Sport Trac Features

    Do you have any idea what it costs? When I tried to price it it wasn't listed on the site.
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Posts: 56
    Yes, the invoice is $208 and MSRP is $245.
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Posts: 56
    Bill, sorry to hear about your unfortunate issue with the engine. Why did they have to replace the engine? Have you had any other issues? If so, please elaborate.... I have communicated with a significant number of 07 ST owners and by far the majority have not had any issues. I will be ordering mine as soon as the Job2 production starts so I can get the Chrome and a few other features that will be offered.
  • captjchincaptjchin Posts: 14
    6500 miles with XLT V8 -

    Could not be any happier. Door handles not an issue, milage on highway is ok, between 18/21. City sucks, from as low as 10.8/14-15. I live in NYC.

    Very stable, quiet and smooth ride. AC is nice and cold even with the 90+ temps this past week.

    Friends with Escalade wish they had the same type hard cover as I have, they said that theirs really suck.
  • bmac363bmac363 Posts: 10
    I would like to ask the group if anyone knows the actual layout of the exhaust system for the 4.6 V8? It appears that there are 2 catalytic converters directly off the exhaust manifold and then there is the muffler and behind it a resonator. Is this correct? I am thinking of putting on a Flowmaster 70 series muffler. I am concerned with interior noise so I called Flowmaster and they reccomended keeping the resonator if that is what is behind the muffler. Has anyone else tried the 70 series Flowmaster?

    Also If anyone is thinking about the Hard Bed Cover buy it at the time of purchase. I discovered this the hard way. Ford appreciates my purchase of their vehicle so much that they are now willing to sell me the cover for only $1195 when I could have bought it at time of sale for $495!!!!
  • I LOVE this truck - traded in my FX4 F150. Killer ride, nice power, feels like a tight sports sedan. Wife loves it too (she's a rubasu driver).

    Gas mileage suck - but that's OK a bit better that the 5.4L in the 150

    Wanted to wait for the PWR rear window, but miles on trade climbing too fast.

    BTW, will an earlier model bed extender fit the '07?
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Posts: 56
    Guys, go to and join the Sport Trac forum. Those guys/girls are Sport Trac fanatics and they can answer any questions that you think you might have about the ST. I hang out there all the time and the information is always flowing.

    bmac, I see you are in Texas, what part? I'm in Plano.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Heyyyy... share that information here and we can be just as useful :)

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Posts: 56
    No, the bed dimensions are larger on the 07 ST so the bed extender from earlier models won't fit.
  • alwynalwyn Posts: 9
    Had a 2001 4x2,a 2003 4x4 -the 2003 best and got close to 19 mpg-20 on few occasions-traded for Honda Accord in 2004 for gas mileage-now returning to Sport trac 4x4 Limited V-8-loaded -nav,power rear windows-pedals-MSRP about $36,000-pricey unless get dealer discount-comfort and easy access the reason sacrificing gas mileage for -if as good as my 2003 -never one problem-I will be a very happy 71 year old man. Vehicle is at my dealer-same one I have bought previous two from. My wife has Hybrid 2006 Escape-4x4 -gets 29 to 30 all times-no problems at all-might consider Hybrid FWD (33 to 36 mpg) if Sport trac to pricey -and no discount by dealer.
  • bmac363bmac363 Posts: 10
    I am North of you in McKinney.
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Posts: 56
    Alwyn, whatever you do, PLEASE DON'T PAY MSRP. I am ordering my Sport Trac and I am paying dealer invoice price minus the Ford rebate incentives. Use the website to enter your exact vehicle options and use that as your guide for pricing. Even though you have used your existing dealer before, it usually pays to get offers from 2 additional dealers. They can give you the price on the same vehicle.
  • Hello,
    Just wondering if anyone knows if the new NAV/Radio system will have a auxillary input for a "back up" camera system or if Ford is planning on offering this as a option in the future. I know they are going to offer a "sensor" system but it won't offer the peace of mind of seeing what or who your about to back over. Thanks for any info.
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Posts: 56
    The NAV/Radio does not have an auxillary input for a back up camera and there is no plan to include one. I have purchased the Pioneer AVIC-Z1 in dash navigation system along with the Pioneer back up camera and Bluetooth adaptor to install in my spot trac.
  • Thanks for the heads up. Does the Pioneer AVIC Z1 match up with the steering wheel mounted radio controls as found on the 07 limited. Also, did you add amps/sub woofer or use the factory premium setup? Thanks
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Posts: 56
    You have to purchase an adaptor that links the steering wheel controls to the AVIC-Z1 which costs about $70. I ordered my ST with the Audiophile sound system which comes with a factory sub. No initial plans for additional amps/subs but who knows.....
  • chris5639chris5639 Posts: 12
    Looks like a great NAV unit. Crutchfield claims that this unit will not fit in the 07 Sport Trac. Are you sure the Sport Trac has a full double din opening? I'm waiting to order the factory NAV but would prefer this unit instead if it will fit.
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Posts: 56
    I am absolutely 100% positive that the AVIC-Z1 will fit. Look at this link of Pat Freeman's installaion of the Z1 in his 07 ST:
    Once I saw his installation, I ordered my unit. Now i'm impatiently awaiting my special order truck to arrrive which is why I hang out on this forum all the time :D

    Also check out which is a website dedicated to the Pioneer AVIC line of stereo head units.
  • Looks great. Do you know if you have to drill the body to place a external antenna for the NAV system?

  • chris5639chris5639 Posts: 12
    That's great! Thanks for the info. I would like to special order as well but the dealer said that any incentives applied would have to be available at the time of delivery and not at the time of order. Given the current incentives end on 7/5, it was too close to expect delivery by then. Anyone know if Ford will renew the incentives or come out with new ones?
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