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Ford Explorer Sport Trac (2007+)



  • blksn8kblksn8k Posts: 36
    Thanks for the link. This is the first time I have seen anything about the bed being longer than the last model's.

    "For maximum versatility the 2007 Sport Trac cargo bed is a full 10 cms (3.9”) longer making it 26.7% larger with 1062 L (37.5 cu ft) of cargo space."

    But in the SPECS AND DIMENSIONS charts they list the "Exterior cargo length" as 39.2" and the "Exterior cargo maximum width" as 55.7" Not only does that seem bass-ackward but it also conflicts with data that others have posted that they say came from Ford. Damn Canucks... :confuse:

    I don't understand why when you go to Ford USA's website that you cannot even use the Build and Price feature for the 07 when the flippin' things are already on the dealer lots. Come on Ford, get yer chit together!!! Stuff like this is what causes people to lose confidence in a company... :(
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    Did you also notice that the Canadian Ford site shows the bed / box three feet deep? IThe Ford ordering guide also has the same errors:
  • dmoulddmould Posts: 76
    My local Dealer in Ontario, Canada has a 2007 Sport Trac Limited 4.0V6 on the lot. I went in last night for a brochure, and they sent me out for a drive. I am very impressed. The roads where I live are really rough from being heaved by the frost in the ground. The Sport Trac's 4 wheel independent suspension just soaked up the bumps, so much better than my Dakota's solid rear axle hopping around. The interior is nice, with features like steering wheel controls for audio and heater, dual zone climate control, heated seats, big sunroof, adjustable pedals, Audiophile sound system with subwoofer. The box is 49.6" long as listed in the brochure. With the tailgate down, I measured the length at over 6 feet. The v6 was smooth, the 5-speed auto shifted nicely. I really like it, can't wait to try the V8 version. It is a quiet truck to drive, very little wind noise. Plus it is $10k Canadian cheaper than a similarly equipped Explorer. V8 will tow up to 6800 pounds. Take a test drive, you will be impressed!
  • congenicongeni Posts: 8
    :) The 2007 Sport Trac recieved a very good safty rating, it was rated the number 1 truck Tundra came in second.I think Ford has a winner with the new Sport Trac. I test drove a new limited it has a very smooth ride.
  • blksn8kblksn8k Posts: 36
    I test drove a Limited 4x4 4.6L today. It was the same vehicle that I posted the link to a few days ago. The truck stickered at over $35K. It was very smooth. The V-8 seemed to have adequate performance and the 6-speed auto shifted seemlessly. One thing I found out today that was a little disappointing was the fact that the power rear window is not yet available. That fact might cause me to wait a few months to see if Ford makes that available again. They show it in the photos of the brochure but the truck I drove did not have it and it is not listed as an option. I assumed it was standard on the Limited but apparently not. I suppose this truck could have been built this way by mistake but the dealer claims they checked and it is not available, period. There was a place for the switch on the center stack though so I assume it will be available at some point.
  • congenicongeni Posts: 8
    I was going over a lease with a dealer and to my surprise the residual value for a 07 was 66% that is very good for a lease that even better than the explorer my advise to anyone who may be planning to buy should look at leasing also
  • captjchincaptjchin Posts: 14
    I placed my order about a week ago for an XLT with V8 fully loaded for a 68% 2 year @ 12k per year. Couldn't pass it up. Reason is that in 24 months it will still be ONLY a year old truck.
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    Ford finally has the 2007 Sport Trac link on their web site fully functional. It is very nice, and full of good photos, although the 360 degree views only rotate in one plane.
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Posts: 56
    Just joined the forum, great site for information!

    Does anyone know if the 07 Sport Trac comes with HID (High Intensity Discharge) Headlights?
  • bailey9bailey9 Posts: 3
    I have had the exact same problem but no offer of Any remuneration toward replacing my Goodyear Wrangler tires. This is my second Ford Explorer in 5 years with major problems: 2000 XLS had the engine rebuilt-still sounded like a diesel! 2004XLS Premium-thumping tires at 28000 mi. even though tires had been balanced & rotated every 5-6000 miles. Can anybody say "three strikes and your out" or should I just bail out & buy a Toyota Tacoma?
  • captjchincaptjchin Posts: 14
    I've owned 3 Explorers so far, 91 2 door, 92 4 door and then 1 V8 4 door when they came out. Put at least 85k mi on last one with ZERO problems on any of the 3 trucks. I sold the last one to a friend and she put another 58k miles with no problems until the end with a tranny problem.

    I've owned mostly Fords since my 1st - a 64 1/2 Mustang when it 1st came out and had less than 1 problem every 2-3 years.

    Had a 69 Chevy Super Sport with a water leak around windshield and a 75 Corvette with the SAME leak; both since new.

    Have had Audis, Jeeps, Dodges and they all had many more problems, especially the Audi. The best driving but the LEAST reliable of all the cars. The Jeep was maybe tied as another UNRELIABLE POS ever.

    Present car is an 05 Escape that has about 68k and runs as well as it was new. The only reason I'm not keeping it that it's on a lease and to own it would cost almost the same as leasing a new Sport Trac with the high residual.

    Love my Fords, As stated, I ordered my 07 V-8 Sport Trac and expect delivery end of April.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 501
    I own a Mazda B4000 4x4 (Ranger clone) that is on the same chassis as the old Sport Trac. I've got 72K miles on mine and had a rebuilt transmission at 56k that is acting up on me again. The truck also makes various strange rattles (the whole front end seems loose) and whines in the drivetrain and I have had numerous small electrical issues. The interior, which had poor fit and finish to begin with is really showing its age.

    I'm glad some folks have had good luck with their Fords, and I am intrigued by the new Sport Trac. But my truck really is not holding up well, and I am really leery of buying another Ford built and engineered product. But it sure is a good looking truck and I would love to have a V-8....
  • captjchincaptjchin Posts: 14
    Actually, I had a Ford Probe (Mazda Clone) that was one of the few cars that left me needing a tow truck. Not once but twice. Think it turned out to be coil problem. It never had the feel of the Fords as far as I'm concerned.

    I've had one Honda, drivetrain great but everything else went. Even the threads in the seats let go. Rust everywhere and hardware pieces falling off everywhere.
  • I've been reading that Ford is having problems manufacturing the diesels engines for their light trucks and suv's. It doesn't help that diesel here in South Florida costs as much as or more than premium.
  • blksn8kblksn8k Posts: 36
    I've been driving for over thirty years and have owned nothing but Fords. I suppose that doesn't make me much of an expert on anything else but I can honestly say that I have not had enough problems to ever even consider switching. I have owned everything from a 72 Pinto wagon to a 69 Boss 429 Mustang. My current stable includes a 67 Ranchero, 75 Bronco, 89 T-bird SC, 99 Mustang Cobra and 02 Ranger FX4. Of those five, all but the Ranchero and Bronco were purchased new. The only major problems I've ever had with any of my Fords were with highly modified cars that were highly abused. :D In all that time I have never blown one engine or transmission and have only ever had one rear axle fail after too many 6000 rpm powershifts. I'm amazed that I survived my youth! ;)
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792

    1) Don't think that Toy-Awful-As don't break - plenty of sales of replacement parts say otherwise.

    2) The Explorer and Sport Trac ride radically smoother and quieter than the Toyotas with their primative solid rear axles.

    3) Why do you blame the car maker, instead of the tire maker, for tire problems?

    4) As a counterpoint to your misfortune with an engine defect (and apparently a dealer who did not know how to repair it properly), my 2002 Mountaineer V8 had a few defects when brand new which were quickly and proprly repaired, and then gave 100,000 miles of excellent service with no problems other than replacement of a $25 idler pully on the front of the engine.
  • captjchincaptjchin Posts: 14
    My present 05 Escape came with Goodyear RS-A's NOISEY as any tires I can remember. Skippery in rain and snow. Worst tires I ever had the displeasure of having. Changed to Michelin Cross Terrain and the truck is MUCH MUCH quieter and sticks much better too. I still get a lot of wind noise but NO noticable tire noise. Best money spent!
  • I own one of the new Sport Tracs. Some of the problems I find with it are;
    1 - Hard to close the door. The handle to pull the door closed is located to far below the seat so when you pull it closed, it is awkward and uncomfortable.

    2- Cup holders are for standard cups, NOT the larger take out cups that are not tapered at the bottom.

    3 - LOUSY gas mileage. Can't believe that they rebuilt this from the ground up and made the mileage worse than the 2005's.
  • blksn8kblksn8k Posts: 36
    Just curious, but which engine did you get? If it's the 4.0L V-6 I would hope your mileage will improve as the engine breaks in. My 02 Ranger did not return decent fuel mileage for the first few thousand miles but it is at least acceptable now. Like someone else suggested, if you want great mileage you should be looking for a vehicle that weighs a lot less than a full frame SUV or truck.
  • captjchincaptjchin Posts: 14
    Do you have the 6 or 8? I understand that the 6 speed on the V8 will get almost the same milage as the 6 - maybe better.

    I've had 2 V6 Explorers and then a V8. The 8 got BETTER milage, sometimes 20mpg that I NEVER got on the 6's
  • I have the V-6 engine. At the moment, it is only getting about 12 mpg. I think that will change as the engine breaks in. However, even the sticker shows only 15 mpg.
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    mpg news is not good. I will definitely wait for the diesel engine. This is even lower than the Honda Ridgeline.

  • congenicongeni Posts: 8
    A new diesel would have better milage. Diesel fuel is more costly. The new 07 sport trac V8 4X4 I bought is getting 13mpg in the city. The motor is new so I should see an increase after I put A 1000 miles on in. But it is A truck and no trucks get good gas milage unless they have low horse power or very light weight trucks. The new sport trac has lots of horse power and its not A light truck
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    I suggest that anyone considering a Sport Trac calculate their fuel cost for it and for the other vehicles they are considering, not just look at the mileage ratings.

    For example, I drive 35,000 business miles per year, and using a mix of 40% city and 60% highway, the 15 city and 21 highway ratings of the V8 RWD, and regular at $3.00, my annual fuel costs for the SportTrac would be $5,800. That means that if I instead buy something with mileage ratings 50% better than the SportTrac (22.5 city and 31.5 highway), it would save me $1,933 per year, not enough to sway my decision unless both vehicles provided otherwise equivalent functionality. For people who drive less, the fuel cost difference would be so small that they have no business buying a new vehicle of any sort if they think the fuel cost differenece is significant.
  • congenicongeni Posts: 8
    The door handles where redesign for better safety and most likely well be copied by other car makers
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    I finally saw a Limited V8 in a showroom, but did not bother to drive it after looking at the box and tailgate.

    I only have one bulky item to carry regularly, a 15' Little Giant ladder which is 55" long and 22" wide when fully collapsed. I could only fit it in the box sideways, with various twisting, and a very ackward and back-wrenching reach over the tailgate. Ford really goofed by not giving it a five foot bed and the old Ford station wagon tailgate design (open down or out) now used on the Ridgeline. No, I am not going to buy a Ridgeline - it is extremely ugly, is slow, and rides rougher and noisier than I want.

    The door handles will be changed for the 2008 Explorers and Mountaineers, so do not expect this horrible design goof to be labeled a "safety advance" and be copied by anyone!
  • Go for the Toyota, or a Honda, or even a Nissan. I had a 2001 Sport Trac, what a waste of money. Head Gasket started leaking at 18K, Ford refused to acknowledge there was a problem. Fuel mileage was horrible, lucky if I got 14 MPG. Fit and finish was sub par. Late 2004 I went with a Honda and will never look back. Family members having been driving a variety of Honda's since 87, and yes it is true, they are far superior to domestic cars. Sure, the Japanese cars have problems too as they are built by humans, but they are much less frequent.
  • captjchincaptjchin Posts: 14
    It would be nicer yet if it had a 6' bed, but look at the overall length. I guess you'll do better with a pick up truck with crew cab.
  • congenicongeni Posts: 8
    Like to know if I could find a after market window for the back that I could open.
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Posts: 56
    My wife and I test drove the 4.6L V-8 yesterday at Troy Aikman Ford here in Dallas. It was nice, it drove really well and we liked the smooth ride. I was impressed with the Class IV tow hitch that is rated as a 7200lb weight distributing hitch. It appeared to be integrated into the frame and it looks solid. We're going to wait until the Navigation system is available before we order one. I'm also hoping that they offer a rear window that opens as well.
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