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Ford Explorer Sport Trac (2007+)



  • Power rear window option = +$245
  • blksn8kblksn8k Posts: 36
    Very acurate, Rich. I also just read Automobile Mag's review on their website. They made a big deal out of the inevitable comparison with the Ridgeline. Everyone seems so in-love with the Honda's under bed trunk. My first thought was why would you put the spare tire inside a trunk under the bed floor? I certainly hope none of the people who buy this thing actually needs that spare tire when the bed is full of cow manure. Oh wait, none of those people will ever actually haul anything like that, will they? I guess the bottom line is that if you want a vehicle that just looks sort of like something you could take off-road or use as a tow vehicle, buy the Honda. Just don't expect too much when you try to get your boat back OUT of the water with it's lack of a two-speed transfer case. But if you want something that really can do those things, buy the Ford.
  • revegasrevegas Posts: 2
    I purchased an 07 Limited with some reservations having always been a big truck man. Some positive aspects of this vehicle are: it does fit in my garage (8" to spare), it has ample power and the torque is awesome, the ride is very "car-like", it has ample room for 4 or 5 adults, the creature features are equal to my wife's 07 Escalade, (sat radio, heated seats, power seats, sun roof, etc). I have made a couple of modifications. It did not sound like a V8, so I changed the front muffler out for a free flow type, It now sounds like a throaty V8 like it should. I also put a set of Nitto's 285 60r 18's on the stock wheels. It now has an agressive look without compromising ride or handling. I am also looking for the cold induction and have considered an aftermarket super-charger.

    The only disappointment I have is the gas mileage..13.1 average. My wife's escalade gets 13.7. Guess you can't have it all.
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Posts: 56
    The Navigation System is now also available. The Navigation option code is 58Q and the invoice price is $2129 (Retail $2505). I'm waiting on the implementation of the new interior door handles (cups in the armrest) before I place my order. I can't wait... :)
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Posts: 56
    Revegas, I'm curious as to what Brand of free flow muffler you are using? I'm considering the same thing and I have always run Flow Masters on my past Ford vehicles. What brand and a little more info on how they sound if you don't mind.

    Also a comment about the Nitto's, for those that might not be familiar with them. They are realy nice tires, I have a set on my Corvette and you can't beat them for the price!
  • larryc5larryc5 Posts: 1
    Two questions. I have purchased the new 2007 sports trac with a V8 engine. I noticed a clicking in the engine when it idles. The ford dealership says this natural for that engine . Has anyone had the same problem. Also has anyone installed a flow master on this engine and how loud is it. It is almost impossible to get the dual exhaust installed because of the layout under the bed and axle..Anyone have any ideas or suggestions. Thanks, Larry
  • blksn8kblksn8k Posts: 36
    Larry, I also noticed a clicking or tapping sound on the V-8 I test drove. It was not audible from inside the truck, only when the hood was up. I thought it was excessively loud. But when I asked about this on several message boards no one else seemed to notice. One clown even asked why I would care if I couldn't hear it from inside and suggested that I should not be looking at a Ford if I wanted a quiet engine! His theory was that it is a complex engine with "lots of parts". Yeah, right. If I'm paying over $30k I would expect a little better. My 99 Cobra with the same displacement and two more camshafts has lots more parts and is much quieter than the truck I tested. Lol.
  • gobuxgobux Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any experience with the tonneau cover vs. the same color hard cap?I plan on getting the 2007 this
    summer(test drive was much smoother than my 2001 pathfinder) but am unsure on the cover.Is the tonneau convenient when dealing w/ groceries etc.?thanks for any help.
  • blksn8kblksn8k Posts: 36
    That's interesting. I asked a saleslady at a local dealer to try inputing an order with the 617 order code for the power rear window a couple of days ago. I got a reply from her today and she claims it cannot even be ordered until July. I guess I need to find another dealer... :(
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Posts: 56
    I have an original Vehicle Order Confirmation print out from my salesman (who happnes to be the Fleet Manager) with it showing both Retail and Dealer Invoice prices listed. The saleslady might not be able to provide a build date, but she should be able to place the order.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Could be an allocation issue. Dealers that sell in higher volume are usually able to get more vehicles ordered and the newest options first.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • jarnoldjarnold Posts: 1
    I purchased my 2007 sport trac a month ago and it has 2500 miles on it. It was a dealer demo and had 1500 when I got it. I have noticed the thumping noise from the engine too. Will have to ask the dealer about it at the 5k maintenance. With the ford hard tonneau cover my gas miliege is averaging about 14.5. Didn't expect great gas mileage with the V8. Overall I really like the vehicle. It's the first American vehicle I've ever owned.

    Mine does not have the adjustable pedals. Does anyone know if you can have the dealer install them?
  • captjchincaptjchin Posts: 14
    Just turned 3000 on XLT V-8 with hard cover. On trip from Lancaster, Pa to NYC, got 20.82 with cruise speed of 75-80. This was the best so far. Around town, (NYC traffic) the averages have been as low as 12.5-13.5. Expect all to improve with more milage.

    Getting better than my 05 Escape which go no more than 17.5 or so with cruise speeds appx 80-85. I'm sure would have better at slower speeds but car just wants to cruise fast. Not MY fault.

    Explorer Sport Trac is exceptionally quiet and smooth. Love it so far.
  • kngmkekngmke Posts: 1
    Just took mine (1000 miles on it) in to the dealer for this thumping noise. After a day and half of troubleshooting, I was told nothing they can do about it. It is a pressure drop that occurs everytime that the AC kicks on (in auto mode). They also went out on the lot and confirmed that all of the 2007 Sport tracs they have made the same noise.
    Anybody else, hearing this or found a solution to it.
    Usually hear it best a slow speeds.
  • revegasrevegas Posts: 2
    I put a flow master on. The sound is a little more throaty. It is not loud or just sounds like a powerful V8. Sorry I can't be more discriptive. I think it was $130.00 installed and it was worth it.. I'm still disappointed in my gas milage...12.7 MPG now. I'd like to find a cold induction system for it but I can't find a manufacturer.
  • captjchincaptjchin Posts: 14
    I get about the same in City but up to 20.8 on Highway with the V8.

    Does the computer have to be recalibrated for Flowmaster? or does the computer automatically adjust?
  • bmac363bmac363 Posts: 10
    Does anyone know if the current rebate will be extended past July 5 or be changed?
  • cubbercubber Posts: 1
    I am awaiting delivery of an 07 ST Limited 4x2 V8, but ordered it with the stock cd/mp3 player. I have aquired a new CD6/MP3 player from an 06 F150 and want to know if it is compatible with mounting, plug-ins in the new ST? Any input would be appreciated, Thanksimage
  • kman1956kman1956 Posts: 14
    My '07 V8 Limited 4 x 4 is quiet as a mouse, couldn't imagine what that could be?
  • kman1956kman1956 Posts: 14
    I have the hard cover, all steel/nylon-plastic cover, operates and locks (double on front and back) just like a trunk lid on a car, very convenient to use and it has bungee tie downs if you want to leave one half open to haul larger things, landscape material, etc. The best part I think is the security, you would have a hard time getting into this tonneau cover with a crow bar! Only hassle really is it has a separate key from tail-gate...why?
  • bmac363bmac363 Posts: 10
    Took Delivery of my Limited V8 last week. This Monday drove about 300 miles it averaged 17.5 mpg. It is still improving.
    The tires were showing 42 psi so I let them down to the recommended 32 psi and it rides better but is a bit bouncy. Anyone else observed this. Wonder if I should increase the pressure? Don't want to wear out the tires though.

    One last thing I am thinking of installing a Flowmaster 70 series, after speaking to someone at Flowmaster they said it should be fairly quiet in the cab. Anyone out there have a 70 series that would like to comment?
  • kman1956kman1956 Posts: 14
    BMac: Don't have the Flowmaster, no help there, but would love to hear the feedback on that myself. Assuming you have the Michlins on the 18" wheels? The tires are rated at 44lbs. I am finding after experimenting with the recommended pressure (as you now have it set) and others in between, that 38lbs in COLD tires all the way around seems to get the best of all gas mileage took a 2mpg dive when I put the pressure at the recommended 32 (after 2 tanks of mixed driving) but the 38 seems to make the ride better but still keep everything firm and you are still probably 4 lbs below max, even on hot tires. Try it. Took mine off-road on some deeply scalloped roads and severely bowed, high center dirt trails, the IRS worked flawlessly and no clearence issues at all, the low 4x4 is really quite good.
  • mpgxsvcdmpgxsvcd Posts: 109
    My mom wants to buy the following truck. How much should she pay? She is going to be buying this in the Tennessee/Georgia area. Are people able to get the Sport Track V8’s for invoice?

    2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
    Limited 4dr Crew Cab 4WD (4.6L 8cyl 6A)
    What Others
    Are Paying
    MSRP Invoice
    National Base Price
    A note about advertising fees $29,540 $27,762 $28,856
    Regional Adjustment
    for Zip Code Change - - $86
    Optional Equipment $2,595 $2,207 $2,465
    88T Leather-Trimmed Seats $995 $846 $945
    21E Safety Canopy Side Curtain Air System w/Rollover Protection $560 $476 $532
    583 Audiophile AM/FM 6-CD Player In-Dash Changer $510 $433 $484
    63E Cargo Cage Bed Extender $195 $166 $185
    53G Class III/IV Trailer Tow $150 $128 $143
    63D Power Adjustable Pedals $125 $107 $119
    689 Roof Rail Crossbars $60 $51 $57
    Color Adjustment - - -$35
    Oxford White Clearcoat
    Destination Charge $695 $695 $695
    Total with Options $32,830 $30,664 $32,067
    Incentives & Rebates -$1,000
    Customer Cash Adjusted True Market Value $31,067
  • bmac363bmac363 Posts: 10
    I was able to get my Limited at the invoice price. The invoice that the dealer gave me matched up exactly with the one from Consumer Reports. I took the 3.9 % 60 month financing which actually made the payments a few dollars less than taking the $1000 cash. Plus I will save almost $1500 in interest. Shop around, Ford needs to sell some vehicles the dealers should be willing to work with you or at least my dealer did here in Texas. Good luck!
  • Thanks for your pricing comment on the ST. I'm considering one. After reading in the paper that Ford's bond rating fell, I know they have to sell vehicles. Good for the consumer.

  • vrmvrm Posts: 309
    I want the BEST possible gas mileage.

    Why doesnt Ford offer a V4 engine? I really dont care or need the power of a V6 or V8.

    Given that a V4 engine is not an option, what kind of real world mileage does the V6 provide?

  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,863
    I want the BEST possible gas mileage.

    Why doesnt Ford offer a V4 engine? I really dont care or need the power of a V6 or V8.

    First, no such thing as a V4 - an I4 yes, but no V4.

    Ford doesn't offer a 4 on the Sport Trac because a 4 would be less able to haul around this vehicle and it would probably be less efficient than a 6 cylinder.
  • chiefusnchiefusn Posts: 20
    but it was in germany in 1962 for a small car called a Taunus (not Taurus). You want better fuel mileage...get a 4 cylinder Ranger with 5 spd.

  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,863
    I should know better than to speak in absolutes.

    A V4 - what a funny looking little engine that must have been.
  • kman1956kman1956 Posts: 14
    On a vehicle of the Sport Tracs' weight, a V-4 would deliver MUCH worse gas mileage in all driving scenarios, short of cruising across NV on flat roads. Now a large V-6 DIESEL on the other hand, with all its avail low end torque, would get very good mileage (20-30mpg) quite easily in all driving situations.
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