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  • callmedrfillcallmedrfill Member Posts: 729
    Makes sense.

    With the Rav4 coming out for X-Mas, and the NAIAS the next month, a Spring Launch is logical, with the Rav4 to draw traffic through typically slow Dec-Feb, and a new truck to trumpet for the first sales big month of the year. :)

    When is the new HL coming? Fall 06? Spring 07? I would expect it before the Tundra.

  • hawmanhawman Member Posts: 19
    Haven't gotten any word on new HL. The new Tundra is the buzz for next winter and kind of overshadowing any other news. I'll do some diggin though.
  • bpraxisbpraxis Member Posts: 292
    The color is now offered on the Scion vehicles.
  • shaggyfreshshaggyfresh Member Posts: 6
    I went in to my local Toyota dealer and asked if they could give me information on the new FJ Cruiser. Well, they guy looked at me like I was an alien. He had no idea what it was. He asked around and everyone was clueless. I told him he should check the Toyota web site.

    It's funny that as a consumer (thanks to this forum, etc.) I am far better informed about this vehicle than the people selling it. At the same time it is pathetic that the dealership had not even heard of a vehicle that is supposed to be selling within 6 months.
  • lou62lou62 Member Posts: 9
    sounds like you must have walked into the Toyota of Visalia(ca.) dealership! Clueless...
    Regarding the FJ's color options,why no british tan? Come on Toyota...
  • fjjrfjjr Member Posts: 12
    Tan Tan Tan.....I'm keeping my fingers crossed, maybe they'll listen.The orange and Blue are too toy looking. The Cherry pearl/purple or what ever the hell color they're using to attract women belongs on a PT not and FJ. Silver or Black??----Silver Doesn't have enough contrast with the metal colored plastic accents to make them noticeable, maybe a good thing, and the Black with a white roof makes it look like a cop car. What am I going to do?---"They," said original colors like TAN would be in the launch for the 07 FJ.--Maybe someone in marketing for TOYOTA is surfing some of these sites for buzzzz???-------Ask for more colors NOW!
  • hawmanhawman Member Posts: 19
    I personally think that you are correct in assuming that the scion color is the same. However we could be suprised as the FJ has been said to offer "CHERRY PEARL" and the Scion is offered in "DARK cherry pearl." We'll see.
  • fj07fj07 Member Posts: 89
    I hope in the future they will fallow the Mini Cooper spirit and offer some crazy paint options. For example I saw a convertable cooper in blue with checker flag side mirrors. And of course they have the checkard roof option. Now I am not saying checker up the FJ but cool themes like that would be perfect on this vehicle. Maybe a Tan or Green FJ with a subtle camoflauge stripe running down the side? That maybe crazy enough to work? :confuse:
  • hawmanhawman Member Posts: 19
    I love it! Camo would rock!! I think this is gonna end up being a vehicle that people really want to personalize. I hope toyota gets into that and helps us out.
  • fj07fj07 Member Posts: 89
    Is anybody going to SEAM next week? More importantly did anyone win the FJ SEMA trip?
    I am unable to go this year to SEMA. But if you are going the South Hall Second level is where the 4x4 SUV & Trucks will be and Toyota has a huge spot in the middle of the hall against the wall. So please get some shots of the FJ and any info possible, hopefully they will have it open!
    We need info like expected arrival date, will the back suicide door windows open, & price range. And I guess we need shots of the center console and if there are arm rests. That's all I can think of right now.
  • 00120012 Member Posts: 8
    I would like to know the final color options and whether or not the driver's seat has a vertical adjustment among other things.
  • scootertrashscootertrash Member Posts: 698
    Good timing on your posts.
    I'll be at SEMA next week and I just logged on to ask if there are any specific questions anyone wanted answered.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaMember Posts: 12,726
    the SEMA trip. :-(

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • scootertrashscootertrash Member Posts: 698
    I can't promise I'll bring my camara, The place is huge and I don't want to carry anything extra.

    -Sale date and price
    -Rear door windows open?
    -Drivers seat height adjustment?
  • verbotenverboten Member Posts: 18
    C'mon, how big is a digital camera these days? You don't have a photo cell phone either.

    Lose some weight, get in shape and take some pics!
  • fj07fj07 Member Posts: 89
    And most importantly you first stop is: South Hall Second level is where the 4x4 SUV & Trucks will be and Toyota has a huge spot in the middle of the hall against the wall.
    And c'mon I took 500 photos last year for my client in two days. Yes the back and feet were killing but you have gotta hook it up with photos!
  • caddys4lifecaddys4life Member Posts: 15
    wow for all you guys that think this vehicle looks good should get your eyes checked. this vehicle is so ugly that it reminds me of the pontiac aztek. also if this would have a different name besides Toyota like GM or Ford, all of your guys would be saying it was ugly.
  • fj07fj07 Member Posts: 89
    I admit it's goofy looking but it grows on you. I didn't like the Element when it first came out but now I do. And I consider the FJ an Element on Steroids. Plus it is easy to look past the exterior when you are getting what is expected to be a great off road vehicle and affordable SUV. Oh and since I saw it at the Off Road Expo a couple weeks ago I have to tell you it is MUCH better looking in person! Now I am also liking the Xtera but I can probably guess you don't like that either. But I am giving the FJ a chance and can always fall back on the Xtera and have 4 true doors.
  • bcmalibu99lsbcmalibu99ls Member Posts: 625
    Ugly means repulsive, no? If you are looking at FJ and you feel repulsed, then so be it. But the majority, I believe, would find FJ quite good looking, or at least alright.

    And FJ is not nearly in the same ugliness league as Aztek and, now, Subaru B9 Tribeca. What on earth were Subaru designers thinking? Someone parks a Tribeca on the street not far from where I live, and I see it several times a week. It almost never fails to strike me with its ugliness. The front looks like a face of some seriously hideous monster, who has a square mouth and square eyes 45 degrees above the mouth. Brrrrrr..... :surprise:
  • fjjrfjjr Member Posts: 12
    I don't think I'll buy one unless I can get it in Tan like the originals.---Anyone know how much it would cost for a new paint job on a truck like this???
  • bpraxisbpraxis Member Posts: 292
    Many people seem to prefer a non descript vehicle like the best selling Camry or Honda Accord. Most vehicles on the road seem to be designed not to offend anyone, bland, boring, uninspiring, and plain.

    Now the FJ to my eye seems to be a cross between two very charismatic vehicles, the Mini Cooper with its contrasting roof and the Hummer. I love the unique fun individualistic styling and applaud Toyota for being more venturesome.

    For an inexpensive truck the FJ has amazing details and innovation in its design. What a pleasure to see a ground breaking new design that will make our roads more interesting.

    Of course there will always be a large majority that is uncomfortable with indivdiualism and Toyota has mastered this market also. As you know sometimes it takes time for people to acclimate to new styling. I remember the Nissan 300 ZX put off many people who refered to it as a squashed bug before the styling caught on as a major hit. I suspect it will be the same with our FJ.

    With auto passion and Happy Halloween
  • freaking102freaking102 Member Posts: 11
    I Agree, it's ugly. Looks like the interior was designed to appeal to teenagers who like goofy knobs guages on arcade games. The bumpers and exterior have faux machismo/faux military molded plastic. I can't imagine anybody over age 22 buying this car, due to it's looks. Also, the access looks difficult with those tiny suicide doors, so this doesn't look too useful for camping trips or hauling around sports equipment. Is this a 4Runner underneath the adolescent skin? If so, I'll stick with the 4Runner that has good access, more interior room, and doesn't have video-game/arcade styling.
  • fj07fj07 Member Posts: 89
    NICE! We need more like you to keep Toyota from tacking on a mark-up the first few months of sales!!! :P Heck if you can afford to pay more for the 4Runner I don't blame you... :D But the rest of us will be sure to enjoy it with out you....
    Later Haters! :mad:
  • scrumhalfscrumhalf Member Posts: 27
    I think it looks just the way it should for what it is. Mine will be driven on the beach, tow sailboats, haul mountain bikes, haul band gear and take me all over the southeast refereeing rugby.

    I need something that is fun to drive, has a manual transmission and gets at least in the low 20's for mileage.

    Toyota will sell a bunch of these, especially if Jeep screws up the new Wrangler next year.
  • bcmalibu99lsbcmalibu99ls Member Posts: 625
    In that case, it would fly off-road. But at a price
  • fj07fj07 Member Posts: 89
    I just saw a wrangler a couple weeks ago at a car show modified with a HEMI, quite impresive!! Unfortunately I didn't snap a pic of it! :blush:
  • scootertrashscootertrash Member Posts: 698
    I'm going to SEMA tomorrow, last chance for questions.
  • bpraxisbpraxis Member Posts: 292
    Please ask about pricing, gas milage, performance, 0 to 60 etc. Can you also verify the colors for the FJ?

    With appreciation...........
  • hawmanhawman Member Posts: 19
    color is my major question...also ask about leg room front and rear. HAVE A GOOD TIME!!
  • bcmalibu99lsbcmalibu99ls Member Posts: 625
    Please check if all seats fold completely flat, including front passenger seat. I am still not giving up the hope of being able to sleep inside FJ. One of the pre-production pictures, however, shows that with the rear seat folded, its cushion flips up and is not flat at all.

    Thank you!
  • jrzzjrzz Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the photos. I agree, love the green. I also like the A/M parts especially the ARB front bumper. It looks more like the concept of 2003. Still wishing for the tan.
  • lou62lou62 Member Posts: 9
    great pics! Many thanks. My instincts were right about an ARB bumper on the fJ. Really kicks
    up looks of that stock(lame)bumper. that will be the first thing I put on my FJ. Now if I can
    get one in tan.....
  • mrsabermrsaber Member Posts: 6
    The more I look around the web I bet that green is an after market pain job. Also still no pictures with the back seat windows open. Kids will hate that ugly blue and not being able to open the windows!
  • fj07fj07 Member Posts: 89
    I am all over that green! I didn't think I would like it with a white top but it works for me......
  • hawmanhawman Member Posts: 19
    locking center with locking rear optional...that is really weird!
  • dbt44dbt44 Member Posts: 10
    Dont they have it come out with a desiel ?
    Even Chrysler is beating them to the punch
  • bcmalibu99lsbcmalibu99ls Member Posts: 625
    A center AND a rear lock? FJ would give Rubicon a run for its money, it seems.\

    Does anyone know if a winch would be available at a dealer's? I am not too sure what they mean by "SEMA Member products." on the sticker.

    Also, no mention of an automatic transmission!

  • bcmalibu99lsbcmalibu99ls Member Posts: 625
    Edmunds' video promo is blocking a part of the messages on the right side. Please correct. Thank you!
  • fj07fj07 Member Posts: 89
    Link has been updated with (Go to FJ Cruiser detail page)
    AHHH MAN you can get into the FJ at SEMA as I expected!!!!
    Check out the light colors on the climent control, ARB compressor, & Locker buttons.
    Now for a spare winch and compressor
    And last what a great idea to create storage on the rear hatch door!!! :shades:
    THanks Scott whoever you are for posting these!!!!!
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  • nedzelnedzel Member Posts: 787
    "Did know that GM is predicting 20 mpg (city) for these models?"

    That's not correct. GM is predicting 20 mpg combined, unadjusted. The adjusted mpg will be 15% less than that. And the city mpg will be well below the combined value.
  • dbt44dbt44 Member Posts: 10
    UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :cry:
  • fatboyslimfatboyslim Member Posts: 5
    I have my refundable deposit down - first on the list at my Toyota dealer. Altho I remain on the fence until I see it, smell it, drive it in person. Great photos from SEMA. Thanks! Full-time 4WD is news to me. I like that, altho it will pull down gas mileage. Is that standard, or an option? The 4runner does not have full-time 4WD, right? And I agree - green is good, more conservative - lessens the "look at me" factor. I hope that color is available at the dealer. Other than photos, did we gain any other info or answers to questions at SEMA?
  • fatboyslimfatboyslim Member Posts: 5
    Just answered one of my own questions - full-time 4WD is available on the 8 cylinder 4runner.
  • shaggyfreshshaggyfresh Member Posts: 6 updated the FJ section.

    Thanks for the pics and info. I still hate that stick shift design... looks more like a sex toy. Also, with so many manufacturers equiping their cars for iPODS these days I can't believe there is no input. Finally, if this is coming out in early 2006, why would they label this vehicle a 2007?
  • dbt44dbt44 Member Posts: 10
  • hawmanhawman Member Posts: 19
    just thought I would help clarify...the full time 4wd on the v8 runner is standard in the 4X4 version. It doesn't have a 2wd mode. The system on the V6 4x4 CAN work the same way. It has the ability to go 2wd but you could put it in full time 4wd and leave it there for the life of the vehicle and you wouldn't hurt a thing. The differential on the 4runner is a locking center which makes the FJ very unique in toyota's line up.

    I am wondering, if you get the locking rear option does that eliminate the locking center?
  • scootertrashscootertrash Member Posts: 698
    I spoke to one of the product managers at SEMA-

    Production starts first week of January
    First US sales in early-Feb
    Price: "Lower-mid 20's"
    Mileage "Not EPA tested yet between 4x4 truck and 6 cyl Forerunner
    White roof will be standard on all FJ's
    First year colors: Blue, Yellow, Silver and Black. Tan will come later
    The drivers seat does have a height adjuster
    The floor does not fold flat, each section is on a different level.
    There is acceptable real leg room, but is claustrophobic back there. The rear door window is even smaller inside than it looks from the outside. It is glued in place.
    The side view is similar to an airplane seat when the post is next to you. You have to lean about a foot forward to be able to see out. and it's about as small as a airplane window too.
  • fatboyslimfatboyslim Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info, Scootertrash. No fold flat floor, and claustrophobic backseat? I was afraid of that. I may have to pass on the FJ and go with the Xterra :( .
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