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    Not sure about 2008, but I can tell you there is absolutely no shortages any longer. My small local dealer in Merritt Island, FL has 10-12 of them lined up on the front row of the main highway in every color. Take your pick. Should be a good time to get a deal.
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    Very tempting! I live in Tampa... a short drive down there. I'm really waiting to see if they offer options to open up the roof (sunroof, removeable top), and rear window. I've got a Jeep, and very seldom take it off the road, but I really like being able to take to top off when the weathers nice. I'm not sure I'm ready to get in a vehicle that's as "cave like" as the currnet model... but I like pretty much everything else about the FJ.

    Thanks for the info!
    Scott Y
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    Hi everyone! Is anybody knows about Toyota plans to stop a production of FJ Cruiser? :cry: I heared it because sell is not good like was expected!
    Any comments will appreciate! :)
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    I was told at my Toyota dealer that they are going to put a diesel in the 08 Four Runners and that FJ's will not be far behind.

    I already love my FJ but if it had a 4 cylinder diesel, I would be CRAZY about it!!! :shades:
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    Has anyone found a brake controller harness under the FJ dash. I installed the FJ four wire trailer plug using the factory device but now I want a brake controller but cannot find any existing brake connector like the Tundra and Four Runner have...what did I miss?
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    I would sign up for a diesel if it came with a manual sis speed. The jeep Liberty CRD was not available with standard trans....turned me off.
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    I have been fighting with Toyota for 2 weeks now. They claim the FJ is rated for 5000 lbs tow capacity, but they have not provided a conversion to the 7 point system for the trailer brakes. They also refuse to allow a conversion to fit an electronic controller to be made to the harness. Doesn't really sound like a "5000 lb tow rating" does it?

    I'm not too keen on hauling a large travel trailer without electric brakes (not to mention it is illegal).
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    I finally found a pair of running boards after extensive search on Google. Yeah!! These boards seem as real as OEM boards. Anyway, I had ordered one and it's on the way. Can't wait to have my boyfriend install them for me. LOL
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    The reason I bought my FJ was the 5000 pound towing ability, and I certainly thought I could get electric brakes.. What now?
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    I found a controller online and installed it myself. I think many RV sales places and even UHaul can do this, should cost around $200.
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    I'm in the market for a new FJ cruiser and have now seen a few in Minneapolis w/ a black top instead of the white top. Dealers or website have no clue? Anyone know if this is aftermarket or special edition?
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    The all black FJ is the TRD Special edition.
    Has Trd shocks,wheels and exhaust.
    no subwoofer avalible for this edition?
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    I am not making this up.

    Yesterday I saw a new FJ Cruiser on the freeway here in No. Cal. It passed me on the left and right there on the tailgate on the passenger side under the keyhole was a standard-looking chrome badge that said "Hybrid".

    So, does the owner of this vehicle have a whacked sense of humor? Or ...
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    ....I feel it too. It's a slight vibration. Feels as if the a/c is turning on but it's not....but is it a problem or is it normal? Thanks

    oh and another thing; did anyone mention anything about being able to fix the steer wheeling vibration at high speeds?
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    The FJ with the black top is a special edition. Only a few were made, and they are almost impossible to find. Toyota has also made a special edition white on white version, too.
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    I hate salesman. I usually don't take everything they say seriously. But since he mentioned I have to ask around to verify this.

    He told me have stop production on FJ Cruiser and it will not produce again until next April 09. Of course he's trying to entice me to buy the FJ now.

    Anyone got a comment on this or should I just count this as another cow patty?
    I recently purchased a '07 FJ. I got a screaming deal since I purchased it during the outragous gas prices. I wish it "walked with a lighter (greener) footprint," but there isn't another vehicle produced that meets my needs like the FJ does.

    As for the appearance, I fell in love with it the moment I saw them. I used to have a '74 land cruiser (FJ-40) and loved it! It had HUGE tires and would go any and everywhere!

    I am an addicted SCUBA diver, averaging at least 1-2 dives per week, so not having any carpet is a huge plus to me! (salt water stinks!) I also like to snow ski and it loves the snow! I can't tell you how many Chevy Suburbans and Yokons I've passed! It seems it's unstoppable! (knock on wood!) Where jeeps of all types have troubles, my FJ is sure footed! Heck, even on the ice, (with reasonable driving practices).

    *No sunroof option, other than aftermarket, which I'm considering.
    *No heated seat option. I guess that would make it hard to hose out! :)
    *Back up view is horrible! I will fix this by adding a back up camera!
    *Reverse lights are incredibly dim! After market (140 watt off road will fix that!)
    *Side mirrors aren't great. I've added a small round mirror to fix.
    *Side mirrors aren't heated, and during our snow storms they fogged up! Considering this rig is built for many conditions, snow being one of them, this was/is a disapointment. (maybe find an aftermarket heated mirrors)
    *The horn is a bit meek. This is true of most cars with the exception of the Ferrari's multi air-horn system! I've followed suite and added two LARGE air horns which makes a HUGE difference! When people do stupid stuff around me, I let them know! (toilet paper not included!)

    That's about it. All in all, I am very glad I purchased it. It's a great vehicle bringing heritage and experience from a true off road rig to the present technology.
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    Nobody gets this vehicle for fuel efficiency, but what you will have to do some serious research to find out is that this SUV requires premium gas. I would have never bought this vehicle had I known that on top of the crappy gas mileage that I also had to pay extra just to fill it up. This isn't like I bought a BMW or a sports car where I would have expected that it may need premium fuel. This is like buying an explorer or a Blazer where the thought of using premium gas wouldn't have even occurred to me. I had the car for over a month when I noticed this buried deep in the owners manual. Also, Toyota's financing practices ended up costing me more than I had initially hoped for. They wanted me to finance at a rate of 9% or pay more and finance at 1.9%. I told them I would finance through someone else. I had BMW North America ready to finance me for 4.8%, but Toyota refused to let me use them. Was BMW was not reputable enough for them? I honestly feel ripped off.
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    i have had my '07 fj cruiser since june of '06. i was the first in my area to have one. i have always used regular gas and have never had a problem. i did not know they recommended premium until much later. just never noticed the sticker on the gas cover. i have never had any issues using regular gas,
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    You may not have issues now, but Toyota can and will void your warantee if you run into engine problems.
  • sahmsahm Member Posts: 7
    my warranty has looong been over with toyota. i did not buy an extended warranty because i dont believe in them. through all the oil changes and maintainance that i have had done at TOYOTA over the last three years that i have owned it, i have never had anyone tell me that my car is in anything else but still perfect condition. sooo. if you feel better by buying the premium gas and can afford it, by all means do what you need to do to make yourself feel more comfortable.
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    Since the Prado is the platform the FJ was built off of - if they add this engine it would be AWESOME for off roading and for highway driving!!! Please Toyota wake up - once we leave Iraq and civil war breaks out we will see $5 one will buy this "Cash for Clunker" vehicle. Add a diesel and see your market share increase.

    First appearing in 2000, the 1KD-FTV is one of the newest engines built by Toyota.

    Hilux with D4D Engine:

    The 1KD-FTV is a 3.0L (2982cc) straight-4 common rail diesel engine with a variable geometry turbocharger and Intercooler. It has 16 valves and a DOHC (double overhead camshaft) design. Bore is 96 mm and stroke is 103 mm. It generates 170 hp (125 kW) at 3400 rpm, and 260 lbf·ft (352 N·m) of torque at 1800-3400 rpm. Redline of this engine is at 4200 RPM. Compression ratio is 17.9:1.

    This engine uses Toyota's D-4D Common Rail fuel injection technology operating at ultra high pressures of up to 135 mpa (1350 bar or about 19,580psig) which is about 8 times more than the pressure of conventional fuel injection systems within a "common rail" that feeds the injectors on all four cylinders (older diesel engines have a separate line leading from the injection pump to each injector). This is combined with a 32-bit ECU which controls fuel quantity, valve-timing, and boost pressure at different engine parameters resulting in best fuel economy and also full utilization of power during acceleration. Pilot injection is also utilized by the common rail fuel system to smooth engine operation. Small amounts of fuel are introduced into the combustion chamber prior to the main injection event, reducing lag time and promoting more continuous and complete combustion. Exterior and interior engine noise is also reduced.

    The 1KD engine produces 17% more horsepower with 11% less fuel consumption than its predecessor, the 1KZ engine. Fuel consumption is also 12% more efficient than Toyota's Hybrid synergy drive.

    This engine was first used in Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and now used in the Toyota Fortuner, Hiace and Toyota Hilux.
  • gregcarpergregcarper Member Posts: 8
    Just did the Imperial MPG conversions for the US MPG's using the following data on the D4D installed in UK Toyota Landcruiser weighing 4806 pounds.

    Urban (City) 24.6 Imperial MPG or 20.5 US MPG
    Extra Urban (Highway) 37.7 Imperial MPG or 31.4 US MPG
    Combined (Combined) 41.4 Imperial MPG or 26.1 US MPG ( or 9 MPG better than the US FJ using Super Unleaded Gas)

    0-62 MPH was 11.2 Sec
    Top Speed was 109 MPH

    Why don't we have these in the USA? 597 Miles per 19 gallon tank of diesel verses 291 with Super Unleaded (hwy)... WTH Toyota???
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    54000+ miles and it does very well. Continues with funky gas fill which local dealers in Bend/Eugene/Salem Oregon areas don't know anything??? Radio went through a phase with a very interesting light pattern on the screen or volume which didn't work which cleared either by turning the radio off and then on or a complete reset when turning the ignition off and on again-see the Toyota response above for this. Lasted awhile then resolved. Good service with the exception the dealership in Bend OR where they cross threaded the mount for the screw on oil filter. I had a maintenance contract so this could be tracked and the last place was Bend where I bought this. Dealership (Lithia) in Springfield OR tried to contact them but NO response so they picked up the tab and did it after the OD turned over 50,000. Kudos to the service department. Great vehicle in snow or the opposite but the local dealers will either cripple or make this company thrive. Good thing the cars are so reliable vs. the competitors such as Nissan/Datsun.
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    I finally purchased my 2010 ARMY GREEN FJ about 4 months ago and really wished I had bought this vehicle sooner! I was talked out of it by my girlfriend a year ago(never again). This is the best vehicle that I have had in a long time. Mileage is averaging about 18-19 with mainly suburban driving. I'll finally be taking it to the rock quarry for Geological studies this week and just can't wait. Toyota got this one right. I just hope that they will still be made for a few more years! Happy FJ'ing...
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    Octane make a difference when you need performance such as off-roading.

    Does any one know where I can get that optional Toyota pop up navigation system? The dealers are still asking $900.
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    What is the fair price for FJ 2013 especially 2014 is coming up in few days. Thank you
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    We have an FJ Cruiser Prices Paid Forum, right over here:


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    That'll make your day. Life's a beach....

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    What was he thinking? People are crazy.

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