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Toyota FJ Cruiser



  • Has anyone else received an email from Toyota about a chance to win trip for 2 to Vegas this Nov. for the SEMA show?
    We know you're waiting for the all-new FJ Cruiser -- a true off-roading vehicle with the strong heritage of the FJ40. In the meantime, we want to know a little more about the kind of people who are interested in the FJ Cruiser -- that's you!

    Answer a few brief questions about yourself and you'll be entered for a chance to go to Las Vegas, November 1-6, and attend SEMA.

    6-day trip for two to Vegas including:
    Round-trip airfare
    Five nights' hotel accommodations
    Ground transportation to/from airport
    Exclusive access to SEMA
    See FJ Cruiser in person
    VIP access to a party hosted by Toyota
    $1000 Spending money
    Just answer a few questions and you could be on your way to Las Vegas to attend SEMA 2005.
  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    Yeah, I just got it but when I click to enter in the sweepstakes it says that the case studdy is closed. Hopefully the link will be re-linked and we will be able to enter.
  • arcpassarcpass Posts: 53
    Yea, I got it earlier today & completed the survey. I'll let you know when I win! :)
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    did the survey this morning! :-)

    I wanna go, sounds like fun.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • goltgogoltgo Posts: 54
    Got it too, filled it out. Survey seemed to ask mostly lifestyle questions (are you responsible? spontaneous?). I was hoping for more questions about the FJ (Which looks better - outside door handles horizontal or vertical? Want a winch in front, in back, both?), but I suppose it may be too late for design changes at this point. At one point, the survey asks what ONE question you'd ask Toyota about the FJ. I basically wrote "How much?" Anyone else care to share what they put down?
  • I asked WHEN can I walk into a Toyota dealership and purchase one.
    How much is a good question too.
  • arcpassarcpass Posts: 53
    I asked if a premium sound system will be available.
  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    That is crap, what was the studdy open for only a few hours??? What kind of study is that??? I will probably be at SEMA anyway doing photos but I would have liked to share my two cents. OK OK, 5 nights in vegas and $1,000 would be nice too.
  • Hi guys....I've been interested in the new FJ for several years...I even have a desposit on one at my local problem is...I cant seem to find out which colors it is coming in other than Ugly Blue. Any info as to the colors that will be avail? Thanks
  • sik99sik99 Posts: 23
    well if i had to guess i'd imagine that the FJ would come in lighter, more "earthy" tones like every other vehicle in their lineup, even similar to the old FJ colors. I found the quote in the web-link below and it supports this. Hope this helps you out some.

    "The modern FJ Cruiser retains design and styling cues from the original FJ40, such as the round front headlights, exterior rear tire carrier, upright windshield and white roof cap. The original "Toyota" badging on the front grille appears as it did when Toyota first entered the North American market, and the first colors are expected to include yellow, tan and light blue, as they did in the original."
  • cookiocookio Posts: 1
    I filled out the survey as well - there seemed to be a fair number of "pricing" questions. Toyota may still not know exactly how they will price the loaded FJ models.

    I spoke with a member of Toyota's FJ testing team "off the record" a few weeks ago. He is a 4X4 enthusiast and is extremely enthusiastic about the FJ. He says the 4 liter 6 rides like a dream offroad and the suspension has been beefed up from the original test vehicles to make it a serious off-road contender. The design engineers from various groups feel very good about the quality of the initial production vehicles, since most of the critical components have been borrowed from the 4Runner and Tacoma. Good to hear it from the source!
  • mcb74mcb74 Posts: 13
    Any idea whether leather interior will be offered with the FJ?
  • I asked how a rear seat passenger is supposed to see out of the rear or how a driver is supposed to see over his shoulder for lane changes with a 2 foot wide blind spot
  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    With mirrors... In all honesty, I don't think that it will be that big of a deal. You have a large back window and large side window before that gap. You will be able to see a whole lot better out of this compared to a crossfire or an S2000 with the top up. If people can drive those people can drive this. Just back into parking spots to make your life easier.
  • verbotenverboten Posts: 18
    I really wish they kept the power rear window. My dog has to look out and it is way cool to drive around with the window down (no glare and people can see in just like a convertible.

    Also, there is no way the window can hinge out with the rear wheel mounted. If it folds up into the ceiling, that's awesome!
  • Do you think the 2007 Toyota FJ-Cruiser will beat any of the hummers off-road?
  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    H1 - NO
    H2 - YES
    H3 - Don't know but I saw one a couple weeks ago and I hated the fenders! Similar to the front fenders on a NEW Durango.
  • verbotenverboten Posts: 18
    Any new web sites in the FJ?
  • I have been reading all the reviews for the new FJ Cruiser (needs a new name!) and they automatically assume young men will be the major buyers of this vehicle. I feel a little insulted because I love the security of knowing I can get out of anything I get myself into with my 4Runner. The people that write the reviews are the same people that think womens bathrooms have to be pink and filled with foo-foo pictures of bears in lacy hats...holding hands! Yuck! The majority of women I know have an SUV and and feel safe driving around Colorado in them.

    It has been found that the majority of people that purchased the new H3 Hummer have been women. They need to rethink the FJ Cruiser's marketing plan if they don't want to offend anyone. I am sure there will be a lot of older men that will enjoy the new car as well.
  • patrix7patrix7 Posts: 7
    I was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with a six speed Tacoma. Since this is the tranny that is going in the FJ, was just wondering how it it smooth, short throw, light clutch etc?
  • patrix7patrix7 Posts: 7
    At first I read that the FJ would be coming out in Tan, Yellow or Blue as was the original FJ 40. Then I read somewhere that it would also be coming out in a red and a silver/titanium. Anyone know for sure?
  • 00120012 Posts: 8
    In response to the final thought in #476, I am 67 years old, and I have placed my deposit on an FJ Cruiser at a local Colorado dealership. The Cruiser appeals to me because I think it will be good in snow, and it is a Toyota. I have always liked the Jeep Wrangler, but I've never bought one because I have felt they are not as safe or reliable as I wanted.
    I wish Toyota would periodically put out further information. As far as I can tell, there has been nothing since its Feb 9 introduction.
    Even though everything I have read in this forum is mostly speculation, it's still interesting. Thanks!
  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    Yeah, I hope they don't wait till' SEMA to release any info. Because by SEMA they should be releasing it all. A few things here and there over the next two months would be nice!
    By the way I am the market they are targeting (26, Male, Southern Cali) and I am just praying that I will atleast be able to afford to LEASE a TRD 4x4. I will be offorading this & taking snowboard trips with it.
  • sik99sik99 Posts: 23
    Wouldn't going off road with a lease vehicle be a bad idea???? I thought they penalize you(charge you extra at the end of your lease) for any dings, scratches, doo-hickies, and other things that can happen to a car. I would think going off road would be just asking for trouble.....

  • I would not expect too much info from Toyota on many of particulars. They were so tight lipped with the '03 4Runner release, it was ridiculous. :mad: Any release of information could cannibalize current sales of its other offerings!

    Frankly, I am not certain why :confuse: somebody would put a deposit on a car without even seeing the interior. We only know what the concept interior was and that was clearly way "out there" and the final version will certainly look more like that of a Taco than the '03 FJ concept.

    With gas currently hovering close to $3/gal in some parts of country, I wonder how much demand there will be for an offroader like the FJ. Given that this vehicle is likely to have an EPA city of about 18 MPG (6 cyl 4Runners get 17), it will not be that attractive to many buyers... Given current market conditions, it is highly likely that FJ will struggle in the marketplace like many other heftier SUVs for other manufacturers. I am not saying that it going to be a bad vehicle, I just think that the FJ demand is not going to be "all that" Toyota is hoping to get. I think it will likely be the same kind of semi-disappointment as what we saw with the '03 4Runner.
  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    I could hit a tire tread on the freeway, that is what insurance is for. Just as if I were buying the vehicle I am gong to want to fix any damge I do to it. So weather I am buying it or leasing it I am going to use it! And if they lease me a TRD 4x4 what do you want me to do with it? Date a socer mom!
  • Wow, you're a brave man! Can you really put a deposit on a car that you've never seen? I can't even seem to be able to find colors other than blue or see the interior. I think I would rather drive it first because the blind spot might be too big in the back, or the price might be too high. I had an Amigo briefly and I didn't like the fact that I couldn't see very well out the back.

    I heard from a dealer that it will be priced in the high 20's to low 30's ( between the Highlander and 4Runner). I might be tempted to buy my third 4Runner instead of the FJ Cruiser.
  • Ditto! With current pricing on the 4Runner running anywhere from $1k-3k off invoice (the bigger discounts are reserved for the V8s), it is going to be tough to pay more for the FJ than a 4Runner which can be currently had for under $28k.

    BUT, there is not really much room between Highlander and 4Runner because 4WD V6 Highlanders start at about $26k. I would expect the FJ prices to quickly stabilize between Rav4 and 4Runner/Highlander prices.... IMHO. If they do not, many more of us will be back to driving 4Runners. Then the only reason to buy an FJ will be the manual tranny...
  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    I got in on the survey this time.
    The questions seemed to be different this time. They asked how interested you would be in more info on the FJ. I of course said VERY!!! Then they asked what would be a good name for the sound system. Those were the two major questions besides what TV channels you watch and mags you read. Obviously for advertising purposes. So make sure you check you e-mail for that chance to win a trip to SEMA to see the FJ. :shades:
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