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    Maybe you could just give us the link to the website where you found it?

    (I don't believe you can copy and paste Adobe documents, jim.)
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    I just sold my 2005 Accord EX-V6 today and leased a Black limited Azera. I paid $1999 cash down and $299+tax/Mo for 27 month. I think I got a pretty good deal and so happy with my Azera.

    That has to be the dumbest idea I have read on this board. I have heard of irrational exuberance but this one takes the cake. To move from a 2005 EX-V6 to an Azera (without the ultimate package to boot?) The depreciation hit on the Accord plus a $2,000 out-of-pocket up front does not make any economic sense unless you work for Hyundai then that is a different story.

    There is no (zero) advantage to moving to an Azera from an EX-V6. None! The EX has a better engine, superior handling, it rides better, gets better gas mileage, better styling and most certainly better resale value.

    Worst yet to move from a purchase to a lease just does not make sense. As we say in the finance world, leasing is for suckers, and so my my friend you have been had. I must congratulate your salesman as he or she did a great job.

    Enjoy your ride--because it's your money. :confuse:
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    Another Azera bashing post by bwia. He has not had a positive comment about the Azera in any of his posts. I will certainly take any bwia Azera comments with a big grain of salt.

    Question. Bwia, since you have made it quite clear that you don't own an Azera and would never buy one, why do you hang out and post in the Azera forum?
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    ...because it's your money.

    You are exactly right--it's his money.
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    There is no (zero) advantage to moving to an Azera from an EX-V6.

    Oh I don't know given the choice between the two I would seriously consider the Azera over the Accord.

    The EX has a better engine,

    Not sure if its better but it is smaller and less powerful.

    superior handling, it rides better,

    Not sure, I have ridden in both and I wouldn't say either is really better.

    gets better gas mileage,

    The EPA rating gives the Accord 1 MPG better gas mileage, big deal seeing your getting a more powerful engine for the 1MPG trade off.

    better styling and most certainly better resale value.

    Styling is awfully subjective and resale value remains to be seen.

    As we say in the finance world, leasing is for suckers,

    If you truly worked in the financial world you wouldn't say that, it all depends on the individual, what they need and desire.

    and so my my friend you have been had

    Since we do not have all the circumstances are we cannot say that in all honesty

    2011 Hyundai Sonata, 2014 BMW 428i convertible, 2015 Honda CTX700D

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    It's not a dumb move, not by any stretch. Actually, it's a great purchase, and based on what I've read from reviews and talking with current Azera owners, it's actually a great decision. At the same time while the Accord is a great car, the Azera is too; and it possess add-on features seen in the premium segment. Most of all though, this is a decision made by the poster; it is not your call. Respect or restraint from posting.

    As far as your leasing ignorance, you can try and deceive others about leasing but nonetheless very much an incorrect conclusion. As a veteran in the finance world (10+ years of experience), your claim, "leasing is for suckers" make me laugh so hard because you probably dismiss all of the advantages in a lease. For some people, lease works better than finance; and vice versa, for some, finance works better than lease.
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    I don't understand people like you. What makes you think you can say "dumbest idea" to other person's decision? I don't deny that I lost money by selling Accord but I had to. I agree with you that Accord has a good engine and fine acceleration. But there are so many other factors to be a good car. Do you know why I decide to sell my Accord?
    Because the built quality was so poor. It rattles everywhere. I couldn't take any more. Please DO NOT INSULT other members on this board.
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    Thank you for your information. What I'm thinking right now is window tinting and replacing headlight bulb with PIAA extreme white bulb. I'm so excited.
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    Thanks for the lead to :)
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    bwia; unfortunately you come across as a very rigid, inflexible, highly-opinionated person and UNfortunately your information is also wrong.

    Leasing is not for suckers. In many cases, as with the $299/month, $1999 down Hyundai lease, it is a great deal because the factory has SUBSIDIZED (you know, welfare??) the lease with a below-market interest rate, at an acquistion cost which offsets depreciation hit and also the factory now bears the depreciation "risk"....but I am sure that is all outside your "box" which is very square!!

    I realize you get a joy out of getting rises from people....but your bashing is very UNamerican, so you should remove your flag from your ID and go back to Russia.
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    Frazee, et the contrary I am not rigid in my thinking. I was the first to sing the praises of the Azera and wrote a very positive review when I first saw the car at the Boston International Auto Show last November.

    At first I too was caught up in the hysteria, but on close observation I realize the Azera is a major step above the XG-350 but is unremarkable compared to other entry-level luxury sedans. Take for example, the console’s styling. There is nothing wrong with it except that is looks and feels more like a 1990s rather than a new millennium design. It's the kind of design Detroit automakers have been chided for years.

    Meanwhile, back to the leasing question. Even ykang admitted that he took a financial hit when he traded in his EX-V6. At $299 plus $74 (i.e. $1,999 ÷ 27), that is equivalent to $373 per month. Is that really a good deal? I think not. So in two years he will be in the market looking for a new car, perhaps.

    So friends don’t be hating I am just bringing in a little dose of reality to what appears to be irrational exuberance on the part of some of the Azera acolytes.
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    You are as entitled to your opinions as everyone here is, but you are stating many opinions as factual conclusions then declaring everyone who doesn't share your beliefs is wrong.

    You cannot reasonably do that. People have different needs, wants and priorities and they are entitled to choose the vehicle they want for the reasons they want without being ridiculed on any level.

    In other words, thank you all the same, but we do not need a "little dose of reality" to any exuberance you believe is "irrational".
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    Like Pat and others posted, buyers have different perferences and needs. Maybe ykang wanted a bigger car, maybe ykang wanted more features, etc; Regardless, I just don't think it is your place to criticize.

    As for leasing, it works. Take my own experience, I've leased for the longest time - why? Among other reasons, monthly payments are lower than financing and I get a new car every two or three years. Why not!! Like everyone mentioned previously, leasing works for some; financing works for some...
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    Open the link below. I've tinted my windows (~$125) added mud guards and held off on changing headlight bulbs due to postings by others that the bulbs have short life expectancy and are quite pricey.

    Be excited, we all are.

    My last car from one of the big three had a punch list that never ended, spent more time in shop then on road and required two new motors within 25k miles.
    Our 'A' is 'SMOOTH', not one item on the punch list and not so much as a rattle, wait there was one, a bottle cap in the cup holder. Sorry, guess that doesn't count.
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    grills without the 'H'


    Hyundai owners not wanting their car to be seen as a Hyundai. I guess I understand.......
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    Mac won't open the Hyundai TSB's. Contacted the web master and they couldn't figure it out.

    Tell, you what, lets just forget about it, not that important anyway.
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    PIAA bulbs are very pricey and also last only around 1 year - if you are lucky! Try these - they are 7000K color temperature and only run about $15/pair: Click Here. Click on the "Shop by bulb number" (or whatever - similar) link - the "Azera" is not listed as a choice under Hyundai yet.

    Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm 99% sure they are H7's... I bought H3 fog lamps to match my wife's HID headlights. ;)
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    And, the Azera is considerably larger inside than Accord! Some people enjoy and/or need the extra room.
    Bwia, hahahahahahaha.
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    I think the point has been made pretty clear in the previous posts on that subject. Reading all of the discussions that I do, I see a number of people across the spectrum of vehicles debadging in some way or another. There is no reason to make the assumption you are making.
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    Dear Friends

    My car already has 1,745 miles and the most that I have been able to get is a 14.2 miles per gallon average. :cry: I had use my car for short drives in the city under light traffic :confuse: .

    I know that many of you are getting much better performance and because of this I am taking it to the dealer this Wednesday. Any suggestion on what should I ask the dealer tech to look for? Had anyone had this experience?

    Since this will be my first visit for service I would like to get feedback on changing the oil and other services that I could request at this early stage.

    Your kind and sincere input will be appreciated.

    Best Regards
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    Short drives/city : that'll do it. You're probably right in the ballpark, MPG-wise.
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    I've owned three Toyotas..An '85 Cressida for ten years, a '95 Avalon for eleven..still have it with 171,l00 miles on the clock, and a '96 Camry wagon with 80,000 on its clock. After diligently following posts for the past YEAR on the Avalon site and seeing the constant flow of complaints about rattles, transmission hesitation, lousy navigation system,etc. ad nauseam, I'll be damned if I'll spend my money on that model until Toyota fixes the problems! For the Toyota cheerleading nay-sayers, may I remind you good folks that these problems occurred with the 2005 model and we're still reading about the same damned things in the 2007 model! If Toyota doesn't have SOMEBODY IN CHARGE who can walk into a plant, call the appropriate people in on the carpet and give them the simple ultimatum "These problems stop TODAY or you guys are history!", then perhaps Toyota doesn't really deserve my business or loyalty anymore. The ONLY thing that prevents me from buying an Azera today is the "soft" suspension and a lack of a good navigation system. As soon as both of those shortcomings are addressed, I'll be hot-footing it into a Hyundai dealership with checkbook in hand..
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    My car already has 1,745 miles and the most that I have been able to get is a 14.2 miles per gallon average.

    Last tank: 277 miles / 14.2 gallons = 19.5 mpg. (The mpg display predicted 19.7 -- which was very close this time)

    I drive 70% city and 30% highway. I guess if driving ALL city, it would drop probably 2-3 mpg, but your average of 14.2 seems low to me. One of the things I would certainly test, if I were you, is a long highway trip. It you get below 27 on that, then there obviously is a problem.

    My experience is 17 city and 28 highway with my average being about 18-20 since I drive mostly city.

    Also consider if you sit in traffic at all. My city driving has a lot of stop-and-go but the lag times are fairly short. If you are mostly in rush hour traffic limping along 15 mph here and there with long stops inbetween, I could very well see a 14 or below mpg rate. Otherwise, no.
  • jim101jim101 Member Posts: 252

    If you can, take a cruise on a highway where you can set the cruise on 63 to 64 mph and not get caught by many traffic lights. Once you get on the road, cruise on, reset the mpg ave to zero. You may have to cruise for 30 miles in one direction to get a decent number so try to select a road that you can do this on. Try to keep the cruise on and the foot off the accelerator. You should see the ave mpg getting better and better. I actually saw 30.5 ave mpg, I hope you can get up to 27, 28 or higher. :)

    Your ave mpg may be due to the extreme heat, startup idling to cool vehicle, running the air conditioning 'hard' to keep the vehicle cool and long red lights.
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    Hi all, I received a phone call from my salesman today in regards to my ordered Black Azera Limited with Beige Interior. It has been 10 weeks since the order. I was told that the dealership finally received the Vin Number and the car should arrive within the next two weeks. :) I sure hope so. I am getting a little impatient at this point. JoeD
  • jim101jim101 Member Posts: 252
    :) Congratulations :)

    The wait is worth the end result. My dealer told me two weeks and it was less than seven days. You'll be cruising :shades: in no time.
    With the VIN at the dealer it mandates that vehicle to you.

    Look at the MSRP sticker, me thinks it will have your name on it right from the factory in Korea and the build date in the door will be recent. It may even arrive with round red 'HOT' stickers on the driver seat back.

    Use this time to make a list of the things you need to take with you. Questions you need to ask and things you want done. Example: Program ez-out, set limp home mode code, your choice of four numbers, etc.
    Call ahead and tell them to leave off the wind deflector if you so chose and ask if they will put those mud guards on for free, betcha they do.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy
  • ykangykang Member Posts: 88
    I got the same car you ordered last saturday. Black exterior with beige interior. The sad news is I found a scratch today while I was washing my car. I will stot by dealer tomorrow and sort this out. You need to inspect your car thoroughly when you pick up your car. I used to drive 97 Lexus ES300 and this baby is a lot better than ES especially acceleration. I don't have to worry about merging into freeway. Enjoy your black beauty.
  • jnd17jnd17 Member Posts: 62
    Thanks for the tips guys. I do plan on taking a list of questions with me and will call the dealership and ask them to program the limp home. Funny, when the salesman called me a told me that he had the Vin Number, he wanted to know if I would like to come in and pay for the vehicle that day and eliminate the paper work later. I told him "I Don't Think So". I would like to inspect the vehicle first. I have all my polishes and waxes ready. I am a detail nut and enjoy that as much as driving. My neighbors get a big charge out of me in the drive way cleaning my cars. I always here the remarks will you do mine next and I say sure but I am not cheap. I ordered the Plan Grill, will tint the windows, add mud guard and remove the tags. Then I will be ready to go. Thanks again for the comments. JoeD
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    My ego's not on the line here -- I've test driven both cars extensively, but don't own either one.

    And you're wrong.

    I'm 6'2", 240 and long-waisted. In the Accord with sunroof, my head was nailed to the edge of the ceiling. This could be called a compromise to one's comfort. My backside (40" pants) was riding on the two side bolsters of the bottom cushion. More compromise. Azera Ultimate, no problems. None.

    As for the ride, I test drove both cars on the same cratered, pitted back streets. The Accord V6, with its snazzy 17-inch wheels and low-section tires (which the car wasn't designed for in 2003), practically rattled my fillings loose. Stepping out of a Maxima SE, I was shocked at how stiff it was. The Azera... no problem.

    I'm a great admirer of the Accord. I was even a member of an Accord posting board until I test drove the Azera (twice!). Now, price is no factor. I'd gladly buy an Azera, and I personally no longer want an Accord. Speak for yourself -- and thank god you don't get to spend MY money. :P
  • tonycdtonycd Member Posts: 223
    As I've noted in an earlier post, I don't own an Azera. I merely covet one. But I do like it enough that I'm already fantasizing about how I'd tinker with it:

    1) This car is so genuinely luxurious that the cheesy fake wood is beneath it. I'd pay $1,000 more to replace all of it with real timber.

    2) Just a LITTLE stiffer suspension option. Not much -- I like the ride too much to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Just, say, a 20-inch rear swaybar in place of the factory 17-incher for a little more roll stiffness and quicker steering response.

    3) I love having a trip computer, but the orange color of the Azera's is one of the car's few aesthetic mistakes. It mismatches the attractive gauges. Making the computer blue on black, or red on black, would fix that.

    4) The center armrest looks luxurious, but its padding should be thicker. My elbow bottoms out too easily, which discourages me from using it. (I told you these were minor quibbles.)

    5) Bring on the XM/Sirius and the navi!

    Great work, Hyundai.

    PS: Overhaul the dash and gauges, and I'd be interested in the Sonata too.
  • bozemanbozeman Member Posts: 20
    I don't remember when this happened, but the drivers headrest has moved forward. I think the owners manual says somethings can set it off without being in a crash. I think it may have activated when backing down a steep driveway and it bottomed out underneath a little bit. Anybody know how to set it back in place?
  • plwilliamsplwilliams Member Posts: 96
    One of the small things that I'd like to change is the audible alert when I lock the car with the remote. It's such a soft 'peep' that I can hardly hear it. Does anyone know if it's possible to increase it's volume just a bit?
  • cxccxc Member Posts: 122
    Hyundai Azera Wins AutoPacific 2006 Vehicle Satisfaction Award for Large Cars -- Also Top-Ranked Car: "The satisfaction results for the all-new Hyundai Azera prove that Hyundai is serious about selling top class products. In its first year on the market, Azera achieves not only a class win, but is the highest scoring passenger car ahead of vaunted Premium Luxury Cars like the Lexus LS, Jaguar XJ and Mercedes S-Class. The fact that these cars are twice the price of an Azera is just icing on the cake."
  • acronisacronis Member Posts: 29
    cxc this is indeed impressive. It says a lot about how far Hyundai has come since the 'bad' days. Now it is only a matter of time. Proven durability is next important milestone.

    By the way if anyone is interested in reading the report About Azera's top ranking here is the link:
    Azera Tops In Owner Satisfaction
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,947
    And keep in mind this is not the first time a Hyundai has won this award. The Santa Fe has won it multiple times (in the mid-sized SUV class), and the Tucson and Elantra have won it in their classes also.
  • samiam_68samiam_68 Member Posts: 775
    I would take that survey with a grain of salt. MB / Lexus buyers have much higher expectations of a vehicle and service than Hyundai buyers.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    One reason is that Hyundai is actually surprising many folks that have lower expectations of the brand to begin with. I was the same way when I purchased my '02 Sonata, but after having it for 4 years, I was hardly surprised at the quality product the Azera has turned ot to be.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    I'm not sure what is meant by a "soft" suspension, but I can assure you the Azera doesn't have that. It may not have the handling characteristics of say a Nissan Maxima, but then again...the Azera is not touted as a sport sedan. It's an entry level near luxury vehicle. In all honesty...the suspension is a little on the aggressive side for a luxury car.

    As far as the navi system, you may as well get your feet ready because the '07 Azeras are supposed to have navi systems available. ;)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,947
    Based on what I have read in this discussion, I'd say that Azera owners are a pretty picky bunch, with high expectations. We aren't talking about $10k Accents here, but a car that many folks have paid about $30k for.
  • adityagadityag Member Posts: 19
    The headrests can be adjusted up and down and forward and backward too. With a gentle push forward, U can move the headrest 3 clicks, and then on the 4th click it moves all the way back again. Each of the 3 click is a position for the headrest.

    Hope this helps
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    If enough Azera owners advise their dealers about some of the shortcomings on the current model.changes may happen.
    1. Need for ignition key to be inserted for memory seats to operate.
    2. Not including pedal adjustment in memory settings.
    3. Lack of advertized tilt in reverse feature of sideview mirrors.
    4 No nav option.
    5 Can't change radio station from steering wheel control.
    I was advised by Customer Service that engineering gets feedback about owner concerns.
  • bozemanbozeman Member Posts: 20
    Thanks for the headrest tip adityag. While I was driving home from the dealer, after he couldn't figure it out and had to call Hyundai the next day, I lifted the headrest and it snapped back into the original position. I must have moved it into position 4 while I was moving it up too.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    "...Just a LITTLE stiffer suspension option. Not much -- I like the ride too much to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Just, say, a 20-inch rear swaybar in place of the factory 17-incher for a little more roll stiffness and quicker steering response..."

    Oh, you'd get a LITTLE more stiffness alright... I think those sway bar dimensions are in millimeters, not inches. (Where would put even a 17" diameter bar under a car with only 5.5" of ground clearance?! ;)) I agree, though, Hyundai has been stingy on rear sway bar specs for years on their other lines, too. (The rear sway bar diameter on my '03 Sonata is a butt-caressing 11.5mm...)
  • jim101jim101 Member Posts: 252
    Howdy do,

    Well I'll be, found out something today while talking with a service rep at HMC in CA.

    Seems he heard that one could open the trunk of an Azera without keys, without opening drivers door and pushing the trunk lid switch and without using the hand held unit.

    I wasn't quite sure this was true so I went to the garage to find out.

    Yep, just walk up, run fingers under edge of trunk, in the center, above the license plate, where you find a spot to compress and wa-la the trunk opens.

    Now, before ya-all panic, it only works when the car is unlocked, which makes sense. If the car is locked you cannot open the trunk this way. Realize that if the doors are unlocked all you have to do is open the door press the trunk switch and the trunk opens or if the seats are not locked one can get into the trunk that way.

    I have to try locking the switch behind the rear seats and see if that prevents entry when turned on. Then try it without the glove box switch being turned 'on' and with the glove box switch turned 'off'.

    I'm confident that all will work well and provide a secure trunk when it needs to be.

    Anywho, thought I'd pass it along.

    Good day
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    It was pretty funny when I opened the trunk of one on display at a dealership and they all wanted to know how I did it. It's not mentioned anywhere in the marketing literature that I can find, but I rememebered someone mentioning it a couple of months ago. It's very easy, not obvious and works as designed like you noted: it the car is locked - it does not work. :shades:

    Imagine what the new car manager thought when the salesman showed him "my find"... (I guess they don't get training on each individual model, eh?) ;)
  • ranger2001xltranger2001xlt Member Posts: 85
    Do they make a stiffer sway bar for this car? (19 - 20mmm)

    I admit, I don't own one yet. When I took my test ride, I thought the rear end was kinda loose at speed over an unlevel road. It seemed like it floated too much for my taste. A sway bar modification may be just the ticket to correct that. Should be easy to install yurself.

    I am going to retest drive one and ask the service department about it.
  • mechanic80mechanic80 Member Posts: 122
    I had an '05 KIA AMANTI with the same solenoid release for the boot. The problem was, it didn't have automatic door locks, so unless you made a habit of locking the doors at drive-off anyone could open the trunk at, say, a stoplight, slip in the trunk and stow away till you got home in your nice safe garage where they'd burst forth weilding a chainsaw and you'd be tomorrow's news story about a horrific murder!

    O.K., SO IM PARANOID! (but that doesn't mean everyone's
    NOT out to get me!)

    P.S. Still loving my Azera!
  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Member Posts: 18,988
    Yeah I think you are being a bit paranoid. That reminds me of when I was in High School we were very close to the airport. Well a lot of livery drivers would just keep a key in their trunk lock (this was before remote latches were widely available) so they could open the truck without taking the keys out of the ignition.

    BTW my Elantra wagon is like that, if the door locks are unlocked the back is unlocked too.

    2011 Hyundai Sonata, 2014 BMW 428i convertible, 2015 Honda CTX700D

  • tonycdtonycd Member Posts: 223
    You're right. That's funny. What was I smoking?

    With a 20-inch swaybar DIAMETER, I'd need to jack up the car like a 4x4 Super Duty just to fit that sewer pipe under the car.

    Glad you agree on the underlying point, though. Honestly, I'd be happy if an Addco, a Comptech or Suspension Techniques stepped up with this item. I don't want stiffer spring rates, just a little flatter cornering and quicker steering. Hope they're reading this.
  • johnbaxter1johnbaxter1 Member Posts: 12
    according to the most quarterly reporting statistics:automotive magazine to date Azera has sold
    less than 4000 units;which puts on target to sell less
    than 25000 units through this model year.
    This certainly cant be encouraging news for Hyundai
    nor for prospective buyers!Go to for John
    McElory's take on the Azera
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