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    Consumer Reports on-line :

    has a report on the Azera. Although not the complete report it has more detail than appeared in "2006 Cars" in the April magazine. This review is quite favorable. The full road test together with a comparison of competing autos is promised to on-line to subscribers in July and in the August issue of the magazine.
    Should the good tone of the shorter review be carried through to the full report we may see a pick-up in Azera sales.
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    Because I'll be mainly using my Azera on the Interstate I was interested to get an estimate of the gas mileage under Interstate conditions. The car had 150 miles on the odometer, so to break it in I kept it between 55-60 mph. On an outward bound 30 mile stretch I got 32.5 mpg. I took it off the Interstate and for a short trip on local roads then straight back onto the Interstate. After re-initializing the mpg meter I found I could do no better than 29.5 mpg for the first 15 miles of the return journey. After stopping for dinner for a half hour or so I got 31.5 mpg for the rest of the trip.
    The road is flat and there was little or no head winds. I suspect that the variability is due to tire or fuel temperature or both. As the tires get warmer they expand and if the odometer depends on the number of wheel revolutions the mpg meter will use a distance less than that really travelled. Similarly as the fuel gets warmer and less dense more gallons would be needed to travel the same distance.
    Has anybody checked the accuracy of the mpg meter?
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    Read the survey results again. It does not show Azera owners are happier than Lexus LS430 owners. Those cars are in different categories. Each won in its class.
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    All trip computers are "estimates" - some are very accurate but most are off by 5% up to 10% or even more. It is always best to calculate it by topping off the tank, making an Interstate run and then topping off the tank again so you know exactly how much fuel you used and do the math. In almost all cases, the mileage is pretty accurate, but it can be affected by swapping tires and/or rims as well. Even the speedometer can be off in that case... ;)
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    "according to the most quarterly reporting statistics:automotive magazine to date Azera has sold less than 4000 units;which puts on target to sell less than 25000 units through this model year."

    Jeez! That just CAN'T be correct... :surprise: Can you give us a URL to reference that? That is only about 15 units a week. ?? :confuse:
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    You may have dropped a zero there.

  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    Right - should be 150 units per week if course. Still - hard to belive! Then again, I certainly don't see very many on the road, and I'm a 2000 mile/month driver...
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    Well, its time to report on my new Azera (Limited) with everything they have about 3,600 miles - changed oil at 3,035 - love the car so far.... milage is a little disappointing 19+ in town, 26+ on trips, vs 19 and 28 EPA - about 1,000 miles on interstate so far, hope it will "loosen up a bit" as time goes on - watch it for oil changes....the filter is the cartridge type and my shop charged me an additional $19.95 for the filter alone - dealer has a special coupon deal for the whole thing for $19.95, so next time I'll go there - 6 disc changer has "random" play, HOWEVER, it is randoom only WITHIN a disc, not BETWEEN discs, why even have a changer if that is the case, went and had a JVC 12 disc changer installed and it works just fine - salesman told me that the outside rearview mirrors tilted down automatically when the car is put into reverse, but they don't - he is no longer there...had to have dealer adjust the door locks so that they automatically lock at 10 mph, and they now unlock when the car is put into park - the salesman also said the car had automatic daytime running lights - it does not - if you set the head lights on automatic, there are NO lights during the day, if you turn on the parking lights during the day, the full headlights do not come on at dusk, old age memory can be a problem here - as a minimum, the parking lights should be on whenever the headlight control is set on "automatic" and then the main headlights come on at dusk - love the automatic rain sensing windshield wipers ... never knew they automatically adjusted speed to the intensity of the rain, really cool.....folding rear view mirrors are great, especially in my small garage or tight parking places - car is very smooth, FAST and very quiet on the road - Overall, very pleased and think it is a best value, and I researched them all
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    My Azera has been great thus far. I have had a lot of positive comments. My son's friends call it the "James Bond" car because of it's tinted windows on black and it's many gadgets. Everyone who rides in it is very impressed.

    Yet, with my 2100 miles of travel on the roads, I have yet to see another Azera. Yes, it's true . . . I haven't seen any at all. I drive in the metro Salt Lake City area. I KNOW there must be some out there, but I find it odd that I haven't come across another Azera yet.

    With all the trouble Hyundai is having lately, I hope poor sales of one of their best cars doesn't cause panic.

    Do any of you know why sales of Hyundai products including the Azera are so sluggish?
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    Bond... James Bond, SMOOTH...
    Ever heard 'Vehicle'??? A tune from the early 70's, it plays well for a 'friendly stranger in a black sedan won't you jump inside my car, I'll take you anywhere you want to go'

    Could it be the price of petrol and the impact it has on 'everything' we consume??? :sick: :confuse:

    Possibly, global economy/spending is slow and there could be a bajillion reasons??? :confuse:

    We've seen three on the road and one car transporter but the coolest thing :shades: is the Beemers, Mercedes, Acuras to name a few that cruise along side and stare.
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    Hey ricwhite

    I still have not seen another Azera on the road in the Maryland area. My wife saw one, but not me. I have had mine for 10 weeks, approaching 2K miles...I love it! I am upset though about the outside mirrors "not tilting" in reverse, as promised by the manual! My MPG's are still about 5 below the estimate. Maybe in time, this will increase.
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    Your MPG will increase as the novelty of being to outrun everybody "off the line" decreases, and when everybody starts being a little more sedate in their habits. ;)

    When I did my test drive, I purposely took it straight out on the Interstate, reset the computer and locked cruise control at 60MPH and found I was getting 30.5MPG over flat terrain (which is pretty much all there is in lower-state South Carolina) in no wind. I think the extra mileage is there - just need to do a few things like put in a less restrictive air filter (PureOne is my favorite - everybody can argue that 'til the cows come home) and watch the revs to keep them as low as possible and get the shift pattern down to where it cleanly shifts up at a lower rev... Of course, for the first few years everybody likely wants to stick with the dealer oil changes, but - I'd be tempted to swap out to Pennzoil Platinum 5W20 if I were ya'll! It's a very advanced true synthetic - should be better for everyone including the environment in the long run, and keep your engine nice and clean and relatively cool.


    I know driving my wife's Infiniti '02 I-35 to work and back with that oil it keeps the engine temp about 15-20* below where it always was (i.e. sticking well below due east which is 'normal' for that vehicle). That car is rated 22 city and 26 overall, but I get 28-29 if I drive normally and up to 31 if I really baby it... Of course, I'm 52 years old and don't allow myself to be tempted to sport around too much, although the horses are 260 and torque 255. Setting it on 70MPH on the open freeway between Columbia and Charleston I can hold it on a solid 31MPG all the way home! It will get 35MPG at cruise-controlled 55...
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    I just purchased a white/beige Limited Ultimate for She Who Must Be Obeyed (SWMBO). I've driven a few nice sized sedans over the years and we shopped the Azera against the Avalon, Lucerne and Five Hundred. I prefer the driving dynamics - steering/handling - of the Five Hundred to the rest of the pack (including the Azera) but it ain't my car. ; -)

    Major likes on the Azera:
    - Brakes - capable with great pedal feel - limo stops are real easy
    - Active safety (ESC, TCS - extra cost options on others or not avaialble)
    - Power (great gobs of torque!!)
    - Fit and finish (as good as the Toyota and an order of magnitude better than the Ford)

    - Steering feel
    - Floaty ride (which my wife lieks - oh well)
    - $11 oil filter cartridges

    I get Automotive News and a quick check of sales figures for the Azera doesn't help much because AN is lumping Azera and XG350 together.

    SWMBO was miffed after purchasing hers. For weeks we had not seen another one on the road (and that included several long trips) and then, the day after she takes receipt of hers, she sees one at the local post office.

    One question - what did the dealer have to do to activate the auto-locking mechanism for the doors?
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    Both auto-lock and auto-unlock have to be programmed at the dealer, and each has two options: lock can be when shifted in gear, or when speed reaches 10kph (6mph?) I think is the correct speed; unlock can be when shifted into PARK or when key is removed from ignition. I think most people would prefer the second option for unlock and probably first option for lock, though as always "your mileage may vary"...

    You might as well have them program your favorite four-digit code for the "limp home" mode which is used to get your car to a dealer if somebody has activated the engine shut-down mode by trying to steal your vehicle.
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    In the glovebox, a quick tips booklet or called something like that.
    Talks about programing door locks, easy out and limp home mode.

    We have same vehicle, see you have good taste.

    Ours are programed to lock when taken out of park and not to unlock because the driver and passenger can just pull handle to open, those in the back seat have to wait for the driver to unlock or unlock manually themselves.
    Ez-out is fun for some, your choice.
    Limp home is your choice of four numbers, details in that fold out booklet.

    When the vehicle is unlocked you can open the trunk like opening the back door of an SUV. now be :shades:
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    Yep - I had to show that feature (opening the trunk with no keys or remote) to my dealer... :shades:

    Oh, well - they all ain't that bright! ;)
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    Ah man - I gotta read something/! No way - the Brotherhood of the Totally Clueless will revoke my membership if I actually read a set of instructions!!
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    Can you give me some info about the power mirrors .. also have small garage. Can you fold them in before entering and exiting the garage? or do they fold when the car is turned on or off?
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    OK - I broke down and read the Quick Reference. ; -) However, it said "see the dealer" to program the auto-lock feature. The date of the guide is 01/06. Jim does your guide have the instructions for programming the auto-lock feature? And if so woudl you be willign to share them?

    BTW, Salfano, the power mirrors are part fo the Ultimate package and there is a button to fold the mirrors near the mirror adjust switches. There is nothing automagic about folding the mirrors - has to be done via the switch.
  • carrelman2carrelman2 Member Posts: 80
    Make sure the mirror switch is neither to the left or right. It must be in the center position for the fold down to work.
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    :shades: As cool as we are, we still need the dealer to program. The tech plugs in his hand held, reads the menu, pushes a few buttons and wa-la, it's FM.
    Now do realize that if one speaks creatively to the service person and/or salesperson this is usually a freebe.

    Da mirrors can be folded at any time, sounds like airline flaps being adjusted, providing of course the little adjustment lever is in the middle, switch is in front of this lever.
    We fold ours in the garage, when we park, on the interstate or rural roads when traffic is very light and when the car behind has poorly aligned headlamps or doesn't know their brights are on, or drive with the fog lights or similar on, may even go as far as raising the screen.
    Can't figure out why, but some drive with fog or similar lights on in the city or rural, they do not improve visibility and actually may blind other drivers because they usually are out of alignment.
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    I just leave the headlight switch in the on position all the time, so I have day-time running lights. It may burn out the bulbs a little faster, but when I park, the headlights turn off automatically. If I take out the ignition key (no need to lock the car), the headlights turn off by themselves and turn back on when I get in and start the car.
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    Can the automatic lock feature be turned off? It is safer to drive with the door unlocked, if you should happen to be in a wreck. Unless you are in a bad area of a city, locking a door is not the best thing to do.

    Did you test drive the Sonata before buying the Azera, and if so how did it compare?

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    I know Business Week had mentioned it last year but I just read it again in Wikipedia. “The flagship Azera is the most luxurious sedan Hyundai is selling outside of Korea, until 2007, when an all-new rear wheel drive luxury sedan is released under the Hyundai name to test the waters for a future luxury brand.”

    With some posters mentioning slow Azera sales I wonder if Hyundai will stay on this course or delay the introduction of a high-end luxury model or brand.
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    I hope I don't get criticized for being off topic. But since Kia and Hyundia are owned by the same, I think I may be ok. I have a 2004 Rio Cinco, which has the same feature. I really like it. Except for one thing. When you open the door the headlights on "ding ding ding" sounds. Is this true for the Hyundia also? Does anyone know if there is a remedy?
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    ... - $11 oil filter cartridges"

    Purolator has one on the way. They should be in stores early next month.
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    Over the weekend I replaced the factory speakers on my Azera with some Infinity Kappa 62.7i (as recommended by Infinity). When I took the door panels off, I was rather surprised to see that instead of the typical plastic barrier you find under most door panels, I was greeted with a solid sheet metal insert to which all the door components were fastened. Definitely explains the solid sound you get when closing the door. :shades:

    If anyone else is interested in swapping out their speakers...a couple things to note. The factory speakers are held in with rivets, so you'll have to drill them out to remove the speakers. Also, unless you have a continuity tester, leave all 4 panels off before re-installing so you can make sure you have the speakers in phase (you'll know if they are not by the lack of bass response). To simplify installation, you may want to contact Crutchfield and get speaker harness adapters that let you simply plug into the factory speaker harness and no worries. Whatever speaker you choose, make sure it's a shallow mount speaker as the factory speaker is built into a housing that keeps the magnet out of the door cavity completely...the aftermarket speaker will mount in the door unless you create a mounting ring for the speaker to bring it out some (maybe 1" - 1 1/2"). :)

    Anyway, after installation...the sound is even more crisp, sharper and carries much more clarity. Can't wait to add my sub in the trunk to handle the lower frequencies. :blush:
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    Certainly, it's your decision to decide if you want automatic door lock options or not.

    Locked or unlocked doors while driving is one really good question??? :confuse:

    Today :sick: sadly, car jacking is becoming more common and it can happen almost anywhere at any time.

    Our thoughts, may be taken as you wish, on the subject of locking doors;
    1. We keep the doors locked as much is reasonably possible when we are in the vehicle
    2. Approaching the parked vehicle, I auto unlock when within steps and put the keys in my pocket, not held in my hand, and as soon as we get in and close the doors I manually lock the doors before I put the key in the ignition
    3. When we stop/park, the doors stay locked even when put in park and the ignition is turned off
    4. When stopping for fuel, quick convienience stops, dry cleaners etc, we remove the key from the ignition, lock the doors and secure the key
    5. We lock the vehicle if it sits in the driveway

    Guess you could say this is paranoid or just acceptance of living in todays society, your choice.

    We have even trained our children to do the same. The daughter did it begrudgingly, laughed at me, but when one person tried to get in while she was stopped for a red light, she immediately understood why papa was so redundant.

    And to answer the question about the doors being locked in a crash, safe or not safe??? :confuse:
    Today the Azera and some other vehicles have doors that electronically unlock in an accident. Not to many years ago that was not so and the decision to lock or not while driving becomes subjective and the sole decision of the driver.

    Again, so that we all don't go off and write fifty replies/opinions to this please consider that these are our views and everybody is entitled to their own views.

    Thank you and good day
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    Regarding the annoying "ding-donger",just take it to your Hyundai dealer, talk to the auto electrician and for a few $'s he will remove the dingerwith no adverse affect on the car computers.
    I had a Terracan and decided to unplug the connector to the dinger unit....great no dinger...but when I turned the ignition On, all four windows went down and stayed down....a deterrent to owners unpluging things...put the plug back on...the dinger dinged and windows went back up. Moral of the story....don't fiddle. Nigel
  • shawalshawal Member Posts: 38
    I put Pirelli P6000 tires on my Azera and the ride improved and handling improved dramatically...well worth the money, for me. Nigel
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    So the car has auto unlock after a crash -- that's good.

    Hope your family can move to a safer place to live some day. Sounds like a high crime area.

    Don't you roll down the windows while in town?

    Did you test drive any Japan or US makes, like say a Buick, before buying the Azure? I sure like the content to price ratio for all the Hyundai line. Test drove a Tiburon one fine day, then recently did a little run in a Mustang V6. I think the Tib feel better. And the car looks richer too. Every detail from using the old prop for the hood, to the plastic used on the dash, makes a Mustang still look cheaper. If someone had said that a Hyundai would look, feel and have more solid content than a US car after seeing the first Hyundai cars, I would have thought them to be crazy. Now Hyundai did their homework, and seems to be giving lessons to American car companies on how to succeed. While I thought it to be too soon for the Azera luxury car to be introduced, I certainly may be proven wrong. Perhaps the American buyer is ready higher priced Korean models -- maybe?
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    Hope your family can move to a safer place to live some day. Sounds like a high crime area.

    OK, if you know a 'safe' place to live share it with us and we will google the town and verify the lack of crime.

    Welcome to the USA, lets face it the days of leaving the front door unlocked and the keys in the ignition are long gone.

    Yes, drove, tested, read, cocomparedany. Enjoyably the big three are losing market share while Japan and Korea keep increasing market share.
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    San Luis Obispo county is pretty safe, here in California. And you can find thousands of safe cities and towns across the USA. If you walk around your neighborhood, what's the difference when driving around in your car? Car is insured. Link to find safe towns.

    I take it you do not like American car manufactures, GM and Ford.

    Over the years, I have had the best luck with the Japan makes of cars. That said, there is data which now shows GM models right there near the top for reliability. How this plays out of five to ten years could be a different story. Have talked to some people that have indeed had good long term cars which were domestics. So far, my 70's and 80's experience was not so good. This leads to the big question for Hyundai. Is the good news to last three years, five years, or ten years for Hyundai cars bought today. If the current reliability numbers continue on with time, then the Azure and Sonata look pretty promising.
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    Enjoyably the big three are losing market share while Japan and Korea keep increasing market share.

    That is not a good thing for America, no matter how you slice it.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Folks, our subject is the Azera ...
  • samiam_68samiam_68 Member Posts: 775
    That is not a good thing for America, no matter how you slice it.

    If you consider the fact that the Japanese and Korean auto makers are building plants here in the U.S. while, at the same time, American auto companies are outsourcing almost everything outside of U.S., I would have to say this is probably good for America for two reasons:

    1. Creates jobs here in the states.
    2. Gives the U.S. consumer better products.

    My $.02
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    The News & Views board is the place for that kind of commentary. We are talking about the sedan Azera in this discussion. Thanks.
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    OK - I'm scouring the web to find technology tidbits on the Lambda engine in the Azera/Sonata. Has anybody run across a white paper or something similar describing the engine?
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    "...Welcome to the USA, lets face it the days of leaving the front door unlocked and the keys in the ignition are long gone..."

    Not true! Insurance claims reports prove there is no shortage of Americans who blindly practice that degree of trust in their fellow man every year. There's even a special title for them: "victims of opportunistic random crime". (The initiation procedure for VoORC status is so simple even idiots often find to their amazement that they've successfully completed it on their very first attempt! Though the cost of initiation can be exhorbitant, fortunately for VoORCs, the rest of us willingly help defray that cost. Is this a great country or what?... :D)
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    Approaching the parked vehicle, I auto unlock when within steps and put the keys in my pocket,

    Keys are a wonderful weapon and should be kept out and in a position to be used if need be.

    Guess you could say this is paranoid or just acceptance of living in todays society, your choice.

    Paranoid is my pick. I personally keep my car doors unlocked. I rather have them open the door and find nothing then break a window and find nothing.

    The daughter did it begrudgingly, laughed at me, but when one person tried to get in while she was stopped for a red light, she immediately understood why papa was so redundant.

    Had that happen to me once while I was in High School, it was not that guys lucky day. :blush:

    2011 Hyundai Sonata, 2014 BMW 428i convertible, 2015 Honda CTX700D

  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    "OK - I'm scouring the web to find technology tidbits on the Lambda engine in the Azera/Sonata. Has anybody run across a white paper or something similar describing the engine?"

    While not precisely what you're after, Hyundai WebTech allows viewing and reading much of the shop manuals for the Azera and Sonata - including the Lambda V6 engine series. For some inexplicable reason, though, the graphics no longer come up - leastways as of last week, the last time I logged on - though text is still available. I have no idea whether this is the result of a "broken" site or whether Hyundai is simply discouraging viewing by non-techs and/or competitiors. Registration is free to anyone.
  • hugobeckerhugobecker Member Posts: 45
  • oldblokeoldbloke Member Posts: 22
    I had looked at this URL a few weeks back and stored a number of the shop topics with diagrams. Like ray h1 I couldn't see any diagrams of late.
    My local dealer has no shop manuals and tells me when available there will be two and each will cost about $100.
    If you go to Froogle:

    link title

    and search for:
    Azera; Hyundai; 2006 Shop Manual Volume 1 of 2

    You'll find it for sale for $123.15. Unfortunately I don't know if what is for sale covers the Lambda engine.
  • hugobeckerhugobecker Member Posts: 45
    Well - here's one item I'd like to determine: Does this engine use cylinder liners? (I believe it deos - just not sure) - What I have been finding out about it is pretty good. The engine appears to be state-of-the-art, not the gen or two behind like they used to be.
  • plwilliamsplwilliams Member Posts: 96
    If you take a look at 'My Car Space', you'll see the photos I took today after the chrome wheel and window tint installation. I'm happy with both as regards the appearance. Time will tell how much the high end metallic tint will help in our heat and sun, verses the less expensive dye tint.
  • carbratcarbrat Member Posts: 11
    You can move them in/out anytime just by pushing the button
  • carbratcarbrat Member Posts: 11
    the doors on the Azera will always open from the inside (unless the child lock for rear doors is set)- I do prefer to have them lock automatically when I reach about 10 mph - yes drove the Sonata in August and was really impressed, but wanted to wait and see what additional the Azera had to offer - yes it is higher priced, but the new features made it well worth the wait and extra cost - like for one example, dual temp controls and the folding mirrors, etc., store neighbor bought the Sonata in August and he loves it
  • m1miatam1miata Member Posts: 4,551
    The reason to leave doors unlocked while on highways, is to allow assistance from outside if you are unable to move to release the doors yourself.

    I assume people cross shopped Toyota Camry/Avalon, Honda V6, and perhaps even good ol' Buick Lucerne, before deciding on the Azera. What was the one thing which won you over to Hyundai? Or was it a combination of things?

    If I may ask, did they come off sticker on the price? I see that the Sonata has the $2K off, and some say they can come down from that price as well. Heck, I like Honda's reputation for reliability, but I see prices hiked on side stickers, so I am thinking they are greedy -- but that may be a local dealer thing. The Hyundai company may be more hungry to get market share and thus deal more. May look at the year end Azera close-out pricing.

    I am impressed with the two new V6 engines, as well as, the overall content on Hyundai autos. Never owned one, so I can not attest the cars quality as an owners experience. On the surface it looks like more car, a newer car, as in modern engines and such, when compared to say the GM, or even the latest Ford. GM is going to schemes, like $1.99 per gallon of gas for a years for Californians buying certain cars with OnStar.... and blah, blah, blah. This is so sad - what happened to the cars content. I am over 50 yrs. old, and it all seems like some odd dream, when a smaller Korean car makers appears to be kicking the Generals butt. In 1990, I am sure no one would believe what has occurred before my eyes. I am seeing a 265HP Hyundai luxury car and a 197HP OHV Lucerne being sold on a lot a couple hundred feet away.
    Sure they have a V8 at 275HP, but really now???

    Good question: If you could buy the Lucerne with the V8 straight across price wise to the Azera, which would you prefer?
  • carbratcarbrat Member Posts: 11
    Looked at everything - Buick V-8, while advertised heavily on TV around the 1st of the year and through Super Bowl (can't imagine how much GM spent on those ads !)- but when you went to dealers, they offered you a test drive in the V-6 because GM had a "hold" on the V-8 until at least mid March (said something about "leather shortage" - yeah, right, it's made in the same plant as the Cadillac and I bet that all the leather was going to the Caddys - higher margin, you know)- anyway, the Buick did not have nearly all the "goodies" of the Azera, couldn't even drive the V-8 and the price of a loaded V-8 would have been 4-6,000 more...liked the Avalon Limited, but again, not as many features, 4-5,000 more and, quite frankly, the new rear end looks ugly to me...the Honda EX was a very impressive car and almost the same price as the Azera, but the room in the back seat doomed it to failure by comparison - drivers compartment was fine, but even a short legged person like me would have real comfort problems in the rear seat - drove the new Impala SS V-8 (was trading a 2001 Impala 3800 V-6)and I have to say it was the fastest car I have driven since I souped up really old Fords - problems were again not enough new features and, after spending about $30,000 I would climb into it every day thinking I was still in my 2001 - why spend the money to drive essentially the same car? - don't particularly like the multiple color schemes on Azera dash lights - main dash is great, but the off grey color of the A/C and sound system controls clashes with the other lighted dash features (Message Center) and, because of the angle of their position, makes seeing them extremely difficult, especially if wearing polarized sun glasses...the recessed feature of the clock makes it almost impossible to read if there is the least little bit of glare - so it was a combination of things that led me to the Azera - they came off sticker a little, but not much - had an $80 wind deflector on the package, don't need it, it looks like junk so I had it taken off, boy does that improve the lines - If I'd known it came off so easily, I would have had it taken off when I bought the car...did negotiate pin striping and a very nice gold leafing for the grill and front and rear letters, symbols, etc - don't know what that is costing them, but it really classes up the appearance of the car.....
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    When I asked for details about the 2007 Azera my local dealer said, "The 2007 Azera will be out in the last quarter of the year. To the best of my knowledge and from what I have been told, they are not changing anything about the enigne, bodystyle, colors or interior features."

    Has anyone heard anything different?
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