Hyundai Azera 2006



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    Much will be carried over - possibly some minior changes but nothing substantial. About 95% of more, of all second model year vehicles remain mostly unchanged...
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    Bought my Azera last tuesday (got it Sat) and I asked the dealer about the 2007. I was told the only changes would be maybe satellite radio and maybe navigation and possibly cleaning up a few things (lighting the homelink, gas and trunk release). But, they are car dealers after all. Reason should dictate that given the cost of launching a new car here that there will not be any significant changes. By the way I like the interior color and lay out but that is personal preference. There are obviously things I would change, but life is about compromise. There are things I do not like about my father-in-laws 700 series BMW...and it cost more than twice as much (plus he has had serious repair issues)
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    Guys and gals: I've narrowed things down to a very few choices (one of them being exactly when I'm going to punt and bring one home) and pretty much decided I want a Limited with the Ultimate package, "Bright Silver" exterior and the Black interior. Of course, living here in coastal South Carolina, I will _have_ to get the windows tinted if I expect to live through the summer, as well as the leather to live more than a couple of summers... ;)

    Does anyone have this particular combination out there? The reason I ask is that I've tried to find one, and been told that they can't get it that way. Sounds like BS to me, but I have to assume they have quit putting together the 2006 models to get a head-start on the 2007 edition, so - it's likely that there just isn't one left unsold anywhere. :surprise:

    I don't mind waiting another couple of months because I figure since the '07 will likely be exactly like the '06 with maybe addition of available navigation and possibly bluetooth and I'm really hoping for HID low-beams - I figure the price isn't going to change much, and other than the HID lamps, I'm not really interested in navi and don't need the handsfree phone since I already have a BT headset and phone, can't really see the need for sat radio, either. You would think since all the euro-delivered models already have HID standard it wouldn't be much of a trick to make that available here in the states, eh? Obviously, there has to be room for the ballast and the wiring is already in place (look at your fuse box and you will find a 'missing' HID fuse...). :shades:

    I also got a $50 test-drive certificate by e-mail yesterday, so - anybody out there that hasn't checked their e-mail might want to look. (of course, I guess if you've already made your purchase, you're not going to get one of those) It is good for a $50 "cash card" usable at, Best Buy or Home Depot. It's also aimed at both potential Azera and Sonata buyers, so test-driving either (or the '07 Entourage) is good to get it validated. I think I'll have to drive another! :P

    Unfortunately they are custom made with your name, address and e-mail address imbedded in them, so there is no way to share the wealth... :cry:
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    Try Car City Hyundai in St. Joseph, MO - they have one, silver/black ultimate - it had light hail damage (that's been repaired) and they offered it to me (but my wife didn't want a blck interior). The price was very good.
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    I shopped almost every dealer around Chicago and I did not see a single black interior. The most prevalent interior was the light grey by far. I wanted and got the black with beige interior, but even that combination was hard to find. There just does not seem to be alot of inventory on the Azera. Some one else said there are way more Sonatas available than Azeras and from my experience that is absolutely true. But my dealer found what I wanted and I assume yours can too.
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    Yes - I thought it would work that way, too - but he's certain he can't get me one. Maybe he's certain I'll buy an '07 if he cant', eh? ;)
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    Only other option is for you to check on-line inventory at other area dealers to see if there are any to be had in the silver/black combination. That's what I did and the dealer got it from about 35 miles away. But, one dealers website said they had the combination I wanted, but when I sent an E-mail, I was told they did not have it "yet"...Never did figure that out.
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    Is there a link??? Went there without luck. would like to see the pictures.

    Thank you
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    BS with BL is available, don't let the dealer convince you it isn't, they be trying to get you to settle on inventory.
    Go to HUSA and build one with BS and BL, it's there.

    Get on the web, locate dealers in your area up to 100 miles away. Send e-mail describing what 'YOU WANT' and ask for OTD pricing. It will be worth the wait.

    I've been to numerous Hyundai forums, see some familar names at all forums and have yet to find anyone with a complain of any kind that would be a concern. This just confirms that Hyundai been building some reliable transportation and that is alright with me. Also, haven't been able to find an unhappy owner, what does this mean???
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    Jim - if you click on my name, you should get into my profile and then just click on "Visit me" next to the Car Space logo. That should bring up my profile and the album that has the photos. That is unless there's something I don't get. :confuse:
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    Nice pics. Do you have any interior shots? I wish there was a closer Hyundai dealer to my house (over 40 miles away). I just bought an 07 Camry, but I would have liked to have seen the Azera. Oh well, maybe next time.
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    Yes, I agree. They probably want to try to force me to buy out of stock. Oh, well - I'll go to the dealer in Columbia (I live in Charleston, South Carolina) and see if I get the same run-around or if they can locate one for me. I come to Columbia for work 6 times a month, anyway - no big deal if I were to buy it here and have the original dealer do the service... ;)

    I think the reason you can't find an 'unhappy owner' is that there aren't any. Fabulous car and features for the money - no one else even comes close to the equipment in a Limited / Ultimate for under $30,000! :shades:
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    For the second time in a month, the check engine light came on (sigh)...if I didn't work only a block away this would be more than troublesome. I hope they actually find a cause this time. Nothing definitive found last time. I love the Azera, but this type of inconvenience is what drives down customer satisfaction ratings. That of course applies ot ALL makes and models...are you listening out there, dealers?
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    "...Does this engine use cylinder liners? (I believe it deos - just not sure)...

    Bingo! You just asked the $64 question. I ordered up an Azera sales brochure online and the third page has a photograph of the bare cylinder block. The three cylinders in each bank are "siamesed" and the block is an "open" design - the full coolant jacket is open to the mounted cylinder head. But, it's not entirely clear in the strong shadow photograph whether there's a cast-in or pressed-in seperate iron cylinder liner. If not, that's not necessarily a deal buster in my opinion. High silica content aluminum that's been acid etched after machining to expose the hard silica crystals is a common and reliable practice now (earlier disastrous results with the Chevy Nova's sleeveless aluminum engine in 1971 notwithstandng).
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    Topping off the tank after the first shut off can trigger the 'check engine light'

    If you only drive one block to work and back would make me wonder if that is part of the problem :confuse:
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    Thanks, jim101. I'm aware of how a driver can cause a "check engine" condition. Honest, I really AM a mechanic. The one block distance is from the Hyundai Dealer to the KIA dealer (where I work). My commute is 9.6 miles.
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    Nice pics, with temp tags and stock wheels and more with the real tags and new wheels which look really nice :shades: . It appears that the car didn't move.
    Nice background, desert southwest I presume???
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    To the guy who thinks his Azera looks better w/o the deflector; Before you remove drive at highway speeds to see how the deflector adds to hi-speed driving enjoyment.....
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    You got it right. The southwest corner of Utah, about 120 miles from, and 5 degrees cooler than, Las Vegas.
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    If you read back in this forum, it's a generally accepted fact that the stock wind deflector adds to wind noise rather than reduces it. Actually, as I recall everyone has either opted out of it to start with, had it removed on delivery or removed it themselves. :shades:
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    I, like so many others, have removed my wind deflector. I believe the extra noise is because of the basic design of the piece. The downward sloping rear lip, I believe, creates an even greater vacuum at speed than does a straight edge. I'm basing this on an experiment where I installed a deflector from a Mazda 929 that I had lying around. No where near the "roar." I still took it off, though. I rarely open the sunroof, and I think it looks cleaner without it.
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    Any time you change any thing on the roof of an auto you might get some results that you don't want. Case in point. About a year ago the leading cross bar on the roof rack of my LX 470 was replaced. The bar is a little more rounded on the leading edge than on the trailing edge. When the tech put in the new cross bar he reversed it so that the leading edge was now the sharper or thinner edge. There had been 0 wind noise before, but afterward it just made a horrible roar, even at very low speeds. I had them reverse the bar and the problem was solved. I was extremely surprised that something seemingly this trivial could make such a difference.

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    Yup - I remember the Nikasil treatment and about the only mfg that had luck with it, IIRC, was Porsche. BTW, I believe the valvetrain uses mechanical lash adjustment (think that's what MLA means in the service manual - since I can't seem to be able to view the illustrations).
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    I love my black limited Azera but I just realized that this black color is very hard to maintain good looking. I will have to spend a lot of time to take care of my baby. I was driving to work this morning and heard faint squeaking noise from center console box. Has anyone noticed this or just mine? I will probably check with dealer this weekend.
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    That's funny. I too have a black car. I wanted black because we have always had white cars. There was a good reason for that. White is very easy to maintain. That being said, the Azera looks fabulous in black. I don't mind the extra work.

    A note on mileage. I filled up, reset the computer and for the first 1/4 tank, averaging 17mph, was getting 13-14 mpg. I was leadfooting off the line also. Mixed city/hwy averaging 35 mph I get 17-18 mpg. Freeway is around 27-28 mpg. Just my experience.

    This car is fun to drive and fast. I haven't had any issues and am beyond 2200 miles. The ride does feel a bit hard and by that I mean when I roll over lumps and bumps, you can hear them. Overall, very satisfied with purchase and would be hard pressed to find anything with so much for the price. Hyundai needs to add the fold down reverse mirrors though and add more stereo controls to the steering wheel.
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    "add more stereo controls to the steering wheel."

    You would think they would fix that one thing, especially if you look at the layout of the '07 Santa Fe steering wheel: absolutely perfect. On/off/mute volume up/down and search/seek up/down (or forward/reverse). :shades:
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    I have the black/beige interior limited. More stereo controls on the steering wheel and lighted homelink, gas and trunk release buttons would be nice. But compared to the savings over the Avalon, TL and other cars I shopped I am embarrassed to complain. I love the styling and its fun to drive and runs on "regular" gas. No buyers remorse here, I would buy it again.
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    I have a Black Limited with Beige Interior on order and it has been going on 12 weeks now. I am told that it should be in this week. As to the Black Finish. Do you notice much Orange Peel in the paint? I know that the Sonata has very noticeable Orange Peel especially in back by the license plate bracket and in the sun the black has a brown cast to it. I am hoping that the Black on the Azera is deeper and with less Orange Peel being Hyundais Luxury Model. JeoD
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    I guess it depends on where you live. I own a 2003 Pearl White Sonata LX and it is a constant battle in the winter with the grime from the roads and in the summer the tar and bugs are terrible. I like the color, but I will have to think long and hard about ever buying a white car again. Never owned a black vehicle, but the Azera is drop dead gorgeous in Black w/ Black interior.
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    Thought I'd copy and paste this paragraph, enjoy...

    Hyundai Azera Wins AutoPacific 2006 Vehicle Satisfaction Award for Large Cars – Also Top-Ranked Car: "The satisfaction results for the all-new Hyundai Azera prove that Hyundai is serious about selling top class products. In its first year on the market, Azera achieves not only a class win, but is the highest scoring passenger car ahead of vaunted Premium Luxury Cars like the Lexus LS, Jaguar XJ and Mercedes S-Class. The fact that these cars are twice the price of an Azera is just icing on the cake."
  • jim101jim101 Member Posts: 252
    Sorry :blush: , didn't mean for it to be taken that way
  • chilliwackchilliwack Member Posts: 189
    I am in San Jose, Ca. It would be 6 months before I would notice that the car needed a washin'. Slight exagerration there. Never saw any micro scratches in the clear coat on my white cars either. My Azera is black with the grey interior. Did remove the "hyundai" and the "limited" letters on back, leaving the H and "Azera". Less cluttered imo. Added mud guards and wheel locks. I have not seen another one on the road so far. I do notice people looking at it. I see many more Sonatas and Santa Fe's around here. I decided against window tinting because when I cleaned the inside of the back window, I could feel the elements and didn't want to risk any interference/damage.
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    just because you can feel the elements on the back window. They are ON the glass, not IN the glass. It has been this way for almost all cars since I can remember. Even metalized film is safe for many rear windows with defroster. The manufacturers have seen to this. The posibility of damage is if the film is removed by someone who doesn't know what they're doing.
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    Lexus LS, base price, $57,220

    Jaguar XJ, base price, $62,495

    Mercedes S class, base price, $86,175

    Azera, base price, $27,495 :shades:

    Tell me, who do ya love???
  • joe97joe97 Member Posts: 2,248
    $24,335 SE trim base
    $26,835 Limited trim base

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    Lets be honest here, how nice the Azera is its not in the same league as those others. Not in perception and not in reality.

    Not saying the others are not over priced as I think they are, but not in the same league.

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    where can i purchase the Studie Spoiler lip and mirrors with the side markers for the 2006 Hyundai Azera

  • vjk6666vjk6666 Member Posts: 29
    What is your experience with finding filters for the Azera..?
  • mechanic80mechanic80 Member Posts: 122
    And since I seem to be one of the very few with a problem (as relatively insignificant as it may be)the reason my check engine light has come on twice in the last 250 miles is a defective purge valve. On order, it should be in early next week and I hope that's the last I see of my dealer untill I want to.
  • hugobeckerhugobecker Member Posts: 45
    "a defective purge valve" - think I had that too, once - antibiotics cleared it right up ; -)
  • mechanic80mechanic80 Member Posts: 122
    Im thinkin it was probably antacids or maybe a laxative.
  • jim101jim101 Member Posts: 252

    This should get you started ;)
  • jim101jim101 Member Posts: 252
    AZERA ACHIEVES not only a CLASS WIN :shades:
    but is the HIGHEST SCORING PASSENGER CAR :shades: ahead of vaunted Premium Luxury Cars LIKE the
    Lexus LS, $57.2K
    Jaguar XJ, $62.5K
    Mercedes S-Class, $86.2K
    The fact that these cars are twice the price of an Azera is just icing on the cake

    Snake, gotta admit, I kinda sorta agree with you, but the article says things like;

    ahead of vaunted Premium Luxury Cars

    Less my lobotomy fails me, I'm thinking the Azera was measured against these cars and kicked some serious tukus.

    I obviously could be wrong :confuse:
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    The Azera and Camry will both be reviewed in the August issue. Subscribers should receive it in early July.
  • ykangykang Member Posts: 88
    How about this car? This car is called Equus in Korea. 4.6L Tau engine with RWD. Would this compete with Lexus LS or M45? What you guys think? &select=&content=&r_no=192&search_gubun=&s_pagescale=&search_day=
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    Please use the "URL" button below the post box when you want to post a URL. First you click the button, then you paste in the URL, and then you click the button again. Then all you need to do is type the name of what you are linking over the text that says "link title".

    This will keep very long URLs from skewing the page to the right, making the page difficult to read for all.

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    If anyone has installed a dark wood dash trim kit on an Axera Limited with Beige leather, I would appreciate your posting pictures, if you have the availability.
    I still have not been able to find a kit with a color that matches the oem trim.
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    "...Does this engine use cylinder liners? (I believe it deos - just not sure)...

    Bingo! You just asked the $64 question. I ordered up an Azera sales brochure online and the third page has a photograph of the bare cylinder block. The three cylinders in each bank are "siamesed" and the block is an "open" design - the full coolant jacket is open to the mounted cylinder head. But, it's not entirely clear in the strong shadow photograph whether there's a cast-in or pressed-in seperate iron cylinder liner. If not, that's not necessarily a deal buster in my opinion. High silica content aluminum that's been acid etched after machining to expose the hard silica crystals is a common and reliable practice now (earlier disastrous

    The URL

    lists the block, head, and cylinder liners for many engines. The 3.8 L Lambda has no cylinder liner, but it's in good company including aluminum block, liner-less engines from, GM, Volvo, Ford, Isuzu, Nissan, Porsche, Suzuki, and Toyota.
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