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    I received an email from Hyundai to test drive an Azera for a $50 gift certificate at I guess they are not aware I OWN an Azera.

    Anyway, some of you know the very bad experiences I had at three of four Hyundai dealers near me. I had to walk out in disgust. The fourth one was great.

    Anyway, I went back to one of the "bad" dealers because they are close to have them sign the form and the manager recognized me from our awful meeting back in April. He was still very bitter.

    Me: Hi, I was here back in April and test drove an Azera. I got this email form from Hyundai for test drive gift certificate and need it to be filled out.

    Manager: (snatches the form and looks at it. It was obvious he was unaware of the promotion -- as usual. He takes out his pen and makes a big scribble on the signature line and hands it back to me) Here, you can fill out the rest.

    Me: A . . . I need the "dealer code" for this line (pointing).

    Manager: Well, I don't know it. (Turns around and talks to a sales rep)

    Me: (I walk over to the counter and talk to the secretary) Do you know the dealer code for this dealership?

    Receptionist: Sure, it's UT007

    Me: Thanks. (I turn back to the manager. You know I bought an Azera. It's a very nice car.

    Manager: (angrily) Well, good for you. (Turns around and walks off)

    At that point I felt like flipping him off, but I just left shaking my head.


    And the MAJORITY of the Hyundai Dealerships I visited were this way. I had to drive 60 miles to find one that was EXCELLENT.

    But, sadly, Hyundai is doomed as a carmaker unless they can get their "independently owned" dealerships in line.
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    Here is another kiss of death - the growing consolidation of dealerships by mega-owners. My local dealership, North County Hyundai, is owned by the same people who own North County Pontiac and North County GMC (and God knows what else). The timing of my sale (Memorial Day weekend) was at the same time as the dealerships were combining many operations.

    My saleswoman worked for Hyundai, which was good. But the Sales Manager who had to get involved worked for the Pontiac/GMC side and knew nothing about Hyundai. The same goes for the finance manager (even though I paid cash the finance manager handles all of the paperwork). The two guys on the GMC/Ponitac side tried to sell me some crap extended warranty that involved a deductible. They knew nothing about the Hyundai extended plan.
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    There are six Hyundai dealers within reasonable distance from me. One I have not delt with so I will not say anything about, three I have delt with their sales and have nothing bad to say about them, one I have delt with their sales and will never go back to and one I have only delt with the service department which was a breeze.

    I will say this too, I was impressed a few months ago when I walked into one to look at the new Azera and the salesman recongnized me from my Elantra purchase 5 and a half years earlier.

    2011 Hyundai Sonata, 2014 BMW 428i convertible, 2015 Honda CTX700D

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    I have to agree - the one here in Charleston SC doesn't know (deleted so Pat won't have to do so)... Even when I went in and took my $50 test drive, he was a real Pain-in-the-Rump, and claimed he didn't know the dealer code, again, similar - mine was SC007.

    Anyway, after I opened the trunk without a key (much to his and the salesman's astonishment) he decided I must be a smarty, so he sicked the Finance Manager on me just to be (more of) a pain. I hadn't even discussed buying it with the salesman, yet.

    Fortunately for me, there's a great dealership in Myrtle Beach, which is only 40 miles from my house (northeast, instead of 40 miles southwest). Now, here's the kicker - I never go to MB, so - the wise-guy at the SC007 site is going to get to take care of my car, assuming they find my "Bright Silver w/Black Leather Limited Ultimate" at a price I agree to - right? :confuse:
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    have you received your "STUDIE" emblem ? if so, did you install it yet?

    i received my "IXION" emblem from DreamKa4u today, but am waiting to hear your experience before i attempt to remove the crooked H from the trunk ;)
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    isn't the dealer located in rivers ave?

    used to live in charleston in 90's.
  • wolverinejoe80wolverinejoe80 Member Posts: 337
    agreed. i live in baltimore and almost every dealers are mega owners. len stoller, koontz, and etc.

    and from my experience, hyundais were ok. not the best, but definitely not the worst.(SC, michigan, and maryland)
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    Feel free to post them. ;)

    Here is the section from the Rules of the Road (linked on the left) that should be your guideline on dealer info:

    6. Posts about dealers
    When posting about your experience with a dealership, you may post ONLY the dealership name, city, and state. You may not post a salesperson's name, phone numbers, email addresses, links to dealer web sites, etc.
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    the black box was the chime unit - if it was ringing at 75 mph, he found one way to disable it which totally silenced it - as long as it works for you - enjoy

    the previous post was about cutting a wire to disable the seat door chime - same chime as yours - in that application unplugging the connector under the drivers seat would work

    in your case it was to disable the 75 mph chime
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    Not yet, seems this delivery has been the longest, maybe today it will arrive - stand by for my post

    I did buy small spray cans of powder white pearl and clear - when the emblem arrives I will tape off the chrome outer ring and spray the Studie center pwp and then several coats of clear
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    This goes along with the questionable dealer complaints.

    Three dealers in my area - I called about co$t of synthetic oil changes and co$t of Scheduled Interval Service.

    One dealer was $60 for the oil plus tax and shop cost, the S.I.S. was from $150 to $300.

    Another dealer was like $10 cheaper for the oil change and the S.I.S. was about the same.

    The last dealer, synthetic oil change $39 plus tax and shop cost, S.I.S. was from $50 to $100 and they post coupons with no expiration date and they replace tires for as long as you own vehicle for free - replace with factory required tire - you do have to have service done there - that's the requirement for the tire deal.

    Good day and safe driving
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    Can you place a 'sign out' at the bottom of the last page???

    After reading recent posts or posting one ends up at the bottom of the page where one could sign out or 'return to top' - either option/feature would be nice

    Can you do this???
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    No, I can't, but click on the Help link on the left side of the page and then use the Contact Us tab to make that suggestion. Makes sense to me. :)
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    After I purchased my Azera Limited I went to the parts department and asked about the repair manuals. I was told there are two of them and they cost $65 each. This was a bit of a shock.

    Has anyone purchased these manuals?
  • mechanic80mechanic80 Member Posts: 122
    Only 2 @ $65 each? What a deal... I remember buying all 7 volumes of FORD repair manual for my Thunderbird and that set me back $300 in the '70s when one could acutally do repair work themselves. Seriously, $130 is a bargain for shop manuals, but unless you have a diagnostics shop in your garage and are a currently certified mechanic, what use are they? And judging from JD Power reports and these forums, they might not even be needed! Isn't that what warranties are for, anyway? Go HyunKIA!
  • cxccxc Member Posts: 122
    You do not want to buy any Hyundai "repair manuals" and TSBs because they are available on internet for free. Check the Hyundai website.
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    Not sure if any of you are watching, but there is an Azera commercial at each break. Hyundai is a major sponsor and are really pushing the Azera. Should result in some new interest in the car.
  • jim101jim101 Member Posts: 252

    Seems to me that 'ALL' of this good press about Hyundai and numerous models to include Azera makes us think---

    Maybe, just maybe we 'ALL' who have made the purchase have done the right thing. The Azera is no split window, but the value over time might be very positive, this is good ;) , of course time will tell.

    Went for a little cruise I did evening past.

    Screen up, Infinity 'ON', roads clear...oh yeah, now were talkin

    Sound level, 15, playing 'Who's Next', stopped for a light, the guy next to me thought he had a goer. Well let me say this about that. The light changed, cut an .085 light (yeah sure???) and dusted him real bad. Hot dam, that sure is fun and the Azera has the testosterone to do it.

    Now if K&N developes that cold air intake and Superchips the power curve program---

    OK, truth be told we love our Azera :)
  • chilliwackchilliwack Member Posts: 189
    I hear ya Brotha. The car is fast and the sound system cranks. I was out on a joy ride yesterday. Stopped at a light. I could tell the car next to me was checking my car out. When the light changed, I got on it for about 3 seconds, and the other guy must have also because I could see the front of his car in my peripheral vision. I let off immediately as I am a law abiding citizen ;) and the other car past by. To my surprise, it was a Porsche Cayenne. Ha!
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    "You do not want to buy any Hyundai "repair manuals" and TSBs because they are available on internet for free."

    It's true that the service manuals are, indeed, free for anyone to read. But, unless things have changed over the last couple of weeks, Hyundai's blocked access to most of the diagrams except for dealership service personnel. (Seems that the assigned passwords are the key on who does and who does not get diagram access.) On the whole I have had no reason to regret purchasing the basic shop mManual for my '03 Sonata. (I declined the second one which I believe the parts counter yahoo said was an extensive electrical system diagram and troubleshooting manual.) When I dump the car year after next, I can probably recoup a good portion of the $65.00 purchase price on eBay - there's always some moron out there who'll pay just about anyone's reserve - plus shipping charges! In the meantime, it's a handy reference for doing the occasional tidly things correctly as well as saving me grief for not even attempting the things that are beyond my scope.
  • chilliwackchilliwack Member Posts: 189
    Has anyone considered a way to damp the slow speed bumps? My only complaint is that at slow speed, they are transmitted to the cabin more than I would like. Would shocks do it? This car has a supposedly superior suspension. Any thoughts?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    Best way to damp them is to slow down going over them. ;)
  • bwiabwia Greater BostonMember Posts: 2,912
    Check out this NY Times review by Michelle Krebs.

    "....after my weeklong test drive, I concluded that while the Azera is a credible lower-price alternative to other cars in its class, it is not the slam-dunk performer I had come to expect. The big sedan falls short of the class leaders in several measures, including ride, handling and mileage."

    "On the other hand, those who have bought the car seem thrilled. Owners scored the Azera as the single highest-ranking car — in any class or category — in the annual Vehicle Satisfaction Awards from AutoPacific, an industry consulting firm."

    "...Inside, my Azera Limited test car had faux-wood trim and real leather upholstery. While the quality of the materials was generally good, if not great, the interior looked better than it felt. Plastics were harder than the Avalon's soft-touch finishes. The foam in the seat cushion felt hard."

  • mortgagemeccamortgagemecca Member Posts: 5
    I bought the Azera Ultimate in April. What more can a person want for the money. Gas mileage is great and much better than advertised. Plastics are great and easy to clean. The Auto air quality control is amazing in that it sniffs for bad outside air and cuts it off and recirculates the interior air until it is clean.
    It is not a sports car, but a sport luxury and luxury is prefered by me especially for the long trips. I've been through the mountains of West Virginia and the car handled amazing well and very little downshifting occured at 70 MPH and the Azera also handled itself well while going downhill as it maintained a constant speed regardless of the degree of the grade while going downhill.
    Until your really drive this car and put it through all the different rides, you can only appreciate just a little bit of what this car offers.
    All this talk about the gas mileage not comparing and that it is not a sports car yada ya.. is ridiculous and people should forget about finding the holy grail in any car. If you don't want plastic spend and extra $5,000.oo to get your leather or 20,000. more.
    Enjoy the car the value is amazing and if Hyudai comes out with a great navigation system and bluetooth for 2007, I'm trading this one in.
    The service manager said it was okay to use Mobil 1 Extended synthetic oil and go 12,000 to 15,000 between oil changes. So I put it in!
  • ykangykang Member Posts: 88
    What is your point on this post? I know I know. Avalon is better than Azera. Right? Why don't you go to Avalon board and praise Avalon instead of bashing Azera? Remember, this is and Azera board and we are happy about our Azera. You helpless die-hard Hyundai hater.
  • mbhollambholla Member Posts: 37
    I know a guy bought some aftermarket wheels for his azera, but I could not find the posting...
    If there is anyone out there that knows the bolt pattern/offset could you please let me know ;)
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    I agree that comfortably negotiating speed bumps and freeway tar strips are not a [i]forte[/i] of Hyundai's traditional impact suppression thinking. From my reads here and other forums, the new generation Sonata and Azera are lightyears more comfortable than the previous generation Sonata over speed bumps and freeway imperfections. backy's right - slow down over the speed bumps. As to different shocks and struts, yeah - just try to find 'em, though. My '03 Sonata is sufficiently punishing to my backside that I've tried to access replacement shocks for the rear and strut inserts for the front from Monroe. No luck. Unless I'm missing something obvious, it seems the aftermarket suspension piece industry is steering clear of Hyundai products.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    Tire Rack has a lot of current wheel specification information.
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Member Posts: 792
    I finally drove an Azera limited with the Ultimate package today. It is amazing how much nicer the interior looks in reality than in photographs. Anyone who has any interest in cars and large sedans and who has not actually gone to see and drive one is really missing something.

    The Azera is far nicer than in competing cars ranging from the ancient GM W-body models (Impala, Grand Prix, and Century), the Ford Five HUndred / Montgeo, and the Buick Lucerne.

    The smoothness, quietness, and power of the drivetrain are exceptional and quite a surprise for a car at the price shown on the window sticker. At least on this first drive, I was unable to provoke any torque steer or other bad charateristics of front wheel drive.

    The car does lack a few things:

    1) The leather on the seats in not perforated, so will be too hot most of the time in southern California. Besides perforations, cooled seats would be a feature fully in line with the character and equipment levels of this car.

    2) A navigation system and Bluetooth are also quite glaring omissions, although it seems reasonable to expect that they will be offered on the 2007 model. Does anyone here know when the 2007 model will be out?

    3) The lumbar support in the seat is too low for me (6' 1"), and only adjusts in and out, not up and down as does the system in the fancy version of the Buick Lucerne and Cadillac DTS. My wife also had the same complaint about the passenger seat (she is 5' 10").

    The latest JD Power ratings for this car are also very, very impressive.

    Unfortunately, the dealer I visited in Irvine, CA had a very pushy salesman who kept pushing a lease, even after being told that I pay cash for cars and drive 35,000 to 40,000 miles per year. He also did not know the options and equipment on the cars. Hyundai needs to get rid of such salespeople if they expect to suceed.
  • sundevilssundevils Member Posts: 100
    Where are these free manuals and TSBs? I registered at on My Hyundai and have looked through every menu item. I don't see the repair manuals or TSBs. Please advise!
  • sundevilssundevils Member Posts: 100
    I'm still confused about the oil change interval. The owner's manual and the website say every 7,500 miles, which is what I have always done with every car I have ever owned. But then I think the owner's manual also mentions a 5,000 mile interval and a 3,000 mile interval.

    What is the minimum that I need to do to keep up the warranty?
  • m1miatam1miata Member Posts: 4,551
    I guess if it doesn't have Bluetooth it is OK by me. I went to How Things Work to see what the heck a Bluetooth was and I can safely say, I still don't know what it is or why I would need it. Some sort of wireless interlink. Why I need it in a car, or at home, I haven't a clue. Will get some rest, awaken in the morning, hopefully a little brighter, then try to figure out what all the hype is about. Personally, a radio is more than enough distraction in a car. And for navigation, I have AAA maps. Not like I have ever been lost or anything. ;)
  • carfanatic007carfanatic007 Member Posts: 267
    Thanks that had exactly what I was looking for! :shades: :shades:
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    That dealer went "buns up" about two years ago, new dealer is "Victory Hyundai" over on Savannah Hiway south of Citadel Mall...
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    I agree - heck, I've got my bluetooth headset for my cell phone already, so it would be useless for me, but I sure would like to see them put HID (High Intensity Discharge) low beams up front like they have on all the Euro models! I'm so used to the better visability in my car that when I drive the old Blazer, I think it has a headlight out or something!
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    Good grief, Charlie Brown! Finally, a dealer (the one I was talking about in Myrtle Beach) found the ONLY silver with black leather Limited/Ultimate available - at the port for the SouthEastern US. I expect to have the details some time today or tomorrow... :shades:
  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Member Posts: 18,838
    I agree, a lot of things in cars these days to me are just additional fluff. I don't need Bluetooth, I rarely use my phone in my car (and then only when absolutely necessary like in emergencies) and when I do it already has hands free on it. The two or three times I really needed a navigation system in my entire life doesn't justify the thousands of dollars that one costs, my hand help GPS works great for a tenth the price.

    2011 Hyundai Sonata, 2014 BMW 428i convertible, 2015 Honda CTX700D

  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Member Posts: 792
    Some of you are forgetting that the car needs a navigation system, Bluetooth, and other things which are increasingly common as options, not standard. If you personally don't need them, fine, but what about others? I own an environemntal consulting company and drive 35,000 to 40,000 miles per year all over southern CA to visit and inspect properties. Bluetooth allows a cell phone to link with the car so that you can just push a button (generally on the steering wheel or mirror) to receive or make calls. Cell phones are a nuisance, but much less of a nuisance than phone tag, so busy business people do need them. A built-in system offers the added advantage of allowing everyone in the vehicle to hear and speak. A Bluetooth headset would be a nuisance, and would not look professional for many of us who are consultants, real estate agents, and so forth. While we have a laptop with navigation software loaded on it, I have come to realize that a built-in navigation system, especially one with the traffic data overlay, would be superior. Yes, we have a stack of five or six Thomas Brothers map books to cover the area, and are well aware of the limitations of using them. Someone who drives less or stays in one little area would surely be wasting their money on a navigation system.
  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Member Posts: 18,838
    Cell phones have progressed to the point that having bluetooth in a car is really unnecessary. My cell phone has hands free system built in, one touch of a button is all I need. I can use voice command to place calls and use the speaker phone if everyone else in the car needs to be in on the conversation.

    As for navigation systems I have the feeling their todays pet rocks. How many people will get one in their next car after they never used it in their last one after the novelty wore off?

    Remember just because manufacturers are offering them doesn't mean that people actually want them. Lets see what is being offered 5 years down the line.

    2011 Hyundai Sonata, 2014 BMW 428i convertible, 2015 Honda CTX700D

  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    I think both of you have valid points - but the market is extremely limited for both. I have a handfree BlueTooth cell-phone with speakerphone and universal voice recognition. If I don't know where I'm going, I ask questions (I know, yes - I swear - I am male); if I need to make a call I touch behind my ear and speak the name, if there are people in the car that need to participate I touch the button on the side of the phone.

    IF you are a real-estate agent, or commercial driver or environmental consultant - you might need a navigation system. Even then, you can get away with a $50 program on your laptop connected to your GPS. (Street Atlas USA comes to mind - DeLorme - great program, and it talks just like an $1800/$2500 model...) ;)
  • rj123456rj123456 Member Posts: 140
    Check out the Lincoln Zephyr (soon to be MKZ) - there are some pretty good deals on the 2006 out there. It meets your requirements for cooled seats and better lumbar support.
  • sundevilssundevils Member Posts: 100
    Before I bought my Azera I was looking at the Civic and the Camry. Less than 3% of the Civics and 5% of the Camrys have navigation. My local dealer did a search for a Camry XLE V6 with navigation and there were three of them west of the Mississippi River! The demand isn't there because very few people really need one. Further, they are way overpriced. The Honda Ridgeline, for example, charges $2K for its navigation system.
  • m1miatam1miata Member Posts: 4,551
    Join AAA and the maps are free! :D
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Member Posts: 792
    snakeweasel - Thanks for the advice on the phone. I did not know such phones existed. What kind of phone do you use?

    AAA maps are nice, and I am a member, but if you do not live in southern CA, you can not imagine the number of maps needed and the size of the things. It is bad enough when something falls on a page boundary in the book maps, but with the folding maps, it would not be unusual for me to need two or three different maps for one trip.

    Those who observed that navigation systems are just expensive toys to some people are surely correct, but I have met people who based their choice of vehicle as much on the quality of the navigation system as anything else.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    Forget the AAA maps, what you need for urban use is one of the map "atlases" that are in a convenient spiral-bound book, fully indexed. I have used them for years. Just need to buy a new one every couple years or so. Bookstores and other places have them.
  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Member Posts: 18,838
    snakeweasel - Thanks for the advice on the phone. I did not know such phones existed. What kind of phone do you use?

    I have an LG something or another, not to sure what the model number is but its a few years old so I am not sure if you can even get it anymore.

    Those who observed that navigation systems are just expensive toys to some people are surely correct

    Well I think you can get portable ones for maybe 4-5 hundred bucks. I have a hand held one that I use for hiking and fishing that only cost me about 200 and has maps so it could be used in the car.

    2011 Hyundai Sonata, 2014 BMW 428i convertible, 2015 Honda CTX700D

  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Member Posts: 792
    backy - Anyone who drives throughout areas such as southern CA needs five or six such books to cover the area. I have such a stack in my car now.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    Feed in the model and year you wish to access, and then click on: "Shop".
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    Not germain to your particular circumstance, but the owner's manual for my '03 Sonata 2.7L V6 lists 7,500 miles for "normal service" and 3,000 miles for "severe service" in the two charts of the "Vehicle Maintenance Requirements" section. I'm wondering if Hyundai has had second thoughts about the "normal service" interval, but the old figure somehow made it into at least one section the Azera owners' manuals. (??? - check to be sure and mark the contradictory recommendations at their respective page locations with paperclips so you can ask the service manager the next time you visit your dealership) 7,500 miles might be OK for full synthetic motor oils, but 5,000 miles is about all I would be willing to push conventional motor oil in my wildest imaginings. That said, I'm still a confirmed 3,000 miler, myself - and I run a very robust 10W-30 Phillips 66 synthetic blend. The way I figure it, there's NO way warranty service for an oil related failure could be questioned, let alone, denied, if I show receipts for "severe service" oil and filter change intervals. (My car just got its 7th oil and filter change today, in fact! ;))
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    Just another advantage of living in the Midwest. :)
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