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Honda Ridgeline Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Anyone care to share recent prices paid for an RTL with sunroof and Navigation? I'm shopping for one of these and just curious what everyone is paying. Thanks!
  • lodolodo Posts: 1
    I'm getting quotes at $28K on an RTL (Houston area) which is invoice minus the $1000 back to dealer, give or take. Seems reasonable to me. I don;t like the way the accessories are handles however - everything is done with retail cost and then labor added as well. They will discount price but you can't track any of these items on Edmonds or other sites.
  • Looking for an RTL w/roof in Phila.Pa. best prics so far was 28,911 any body in the Phila. area getting a better price ?Roscos
  • Looking for an RTL w/sunroof amazon green the best price so far is $28.911 is anyone getting a better price? Thanks
  • I got my RTL with sunroof in amazon green for $1200 under invoice. They had $1100 in accessories on it that I got for $200. This was in Dallas.
  • I was thinking of only RT--what is the going price in DFW?
    but perhaps, I can afford the RTL
  • I've seen that dealers are trying to add in for labor to install accessories on new vehicles.

    This sounds like a new shell game by dealers to con consumers who are armed with the invoice numbers. Some of the recent deals reported seem to indicate that there was a cash back to dealer incentive, so who knows how good of deal it actually was.

    The bottom line is that you e-mail the dealer and tell them exactly what you want with no substitutions and ask them for their best out-the-door price. On Japanese assembled vehicles, the dealer can contact the port of entry and have the port install any accessories that you want without the labor charge. On an U.S. assembled vehicle same thing but the dealer calls the factory. It's just like a special ordered vehicles. Dealers dread special orders because it's more work, there's a higher dropout rate on orders, and it takes longer to see their profit. Consumers: Stand up and don't take this BS.
  • footerfooter Posts: 32
    I'm about to pull the trigger on a black RTL which I've been told by my credit union new car buying service I can get for $1000 under invoice. This is in the Twin Cities, MN. I'm thinking that's a pretty good deal but should I search for an even better deal?

    Thanks. :)
  • xiatxiat Posts: 2
    I just bought a RTL last night for $27682 from Kendell Honda in Eugene Oregon. It includes destination charges and splash guard. It was at least $1100 below MSRP. Thanks to everyone who posted on this board. I have been checking out the info from this board for a long time. I took the truck for a 200 mile trip today. Absolutely loved it. I got 21 MPG/highway. :)
  • thebillthebill Posts: 194
    Excellent buy!

    Enjoy your new RL!

    I love mine!
  • footerfooter Posts: 32
    That is a great buy! Congrats! I'm thinking you meant about $1100 below invoice? I believe invoice is $28882 including destination. In any case, a great deal! I hope I do about the same. Should happen as soon as I get my '00 Odyssey sold! :)
  • jmurman42jmurman42 Posts: 675
    "I've seen that dealers are trying to add in for labor to install accessories on new vehicles"

    Lets see. You want a set of foglights and a Tonneau cover and maybe a day night mirror. So HOW do you suppose those items get on the car? Osmosis?

    I don't know where you get your information, but it is incorrect. Honda's business model is to have the dealers install accessories that the consumer wants. The factory and the port will not do that.
  • stlridgestlridge Posts: 1
    Purchased mid February 2006
    Bought an RT with splashguards, tonneau and trailering package from Dave Mungenast Motorsports (Saint Louis Honda)

    Bottom line price was slightly less than list for an RT without delivery or options, so I basically got the options for "free". If I leave the license frame on I get weekly car washes for as long as I own the car. I'm close enough to the dealership that this is a nice perc I plan to take advantage of.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    since I don't know the cost of the options you purchased, I'm not sure what the breakdown was for your deal is.

    I too am looking for an RT equiped as you have purchased; any pricing detail would be appreciated.

  • jmurman42jmurman42 Posts: 675
    This allocation is the "build out" for the 2006 Ridgeline. Amazon Green and Redrock Pearl will not be available any longer.
  • dbest1adbest1a Posts: 3
    I was quoted 28,878 for a RTL with moonroof from one dealer. I don't have lease payments as of yet, and I don't know what the payments would work out to.
    I have been trying to negotiate a lease monthly payment of approx. 350 not including tax, but it has been pretty dificult to get this price for the truck with 0 down, and only paying the first months payment.

    I got quoted 445 dollars a month tax included by another dealer for a RTL w/moonroof, and only paying the first months payment of 514. Total price was 30,461 including a fog light package.

    I don't think honda is leasing these trucks to really move.
    I see toyota is leasing a base tundra for 299 a month, with a v8 for 1900 down, and 299 a month.. not to bad, but I may look elsewhere for a truck..
  • thebillthebill Posts: 194
    If you cant afford the higher payment, look into the RTL without moonroof or even better, the RTS. The RTS has the stereo, auto climate, power drivers seat. Im sure that you can get a great payment on those.

    But if you are budget minded and still like the leather, step up and pay the extra money or save up a down payment.

    You will not be disappointed in the truck!!!
  • dbest1adbest1a Posts: 3
    The sad thing is that I have my heart set on getting a truck with a moonroof. I went almost 10 years without a moonroof in my current car, and I always loved the sunroof in my jetta.. I don't know, just something about it. I am trying to see what my options would be with the RTL w/ moonroof. If they can get the payments to a decent amount, I am more than willing to sign the papers.
    I will see what my dealer will offer me for the 28,8 .. If the lease payment is decent, then I will jump on board.
  • Just got a quote for $27,152 for an RTL w/o moonroof & nav. Based on Edmunds and Consumer Reports the invoice price is between $28,033 (Consumer Reports minus the dealer holdback) and $28,333 ( This seems like a really good price. Is it or is my information wrong?
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    Is $500 less than invoice a reasonable offer on an RTL with sunroof? RTL wi NAV?

    Better question, what is a fair offer below invoice for a Ridgeline these days?

    Edmunds says there is $1000 per vehicle support. My salesman said $200.
  • footerfooter Posts: 32
    Yup, I'd say that's a REALLY good price. I was quoted $27,943 for the RTL (w/o moonroof & navi). Edmunds and both say $28,883 when including dest. charge. So I'd say, at $27,152, you should GO FOR IT!!!

  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    First time in a long time I've seen a price leader for a Ridgeline.

    Here's the deal in today's San Jose Mercury:

    '06 Ridgeline RT buy for 25,477; lease for $299 mo.+tax& license, 36mo lease; $958 drive off cost, no securtiy deposit; 12k miles per year.

    Anyone care to comment if this is a good or great deal. Are there lease fees that can be added on top of what's in writing?
    I personally prefer the RT for my needs.
  • gugimanngugimann Posts: 11
    i bought the RTL for 28,000 without sunroof or nav, this is in ct by the way, now that it became the truck of the year, ive seen about 20 everytime i drive to nyc, the truck has taken off since it got the award
  • ramzey28ramzey28 Posts: 130
    I got quoted 24600 for an RT in NH area. No extra add on's, straight RT model. I also got a quote for 309 lease with 515 due at signing. Take invoice minus 1k, excellent deal. Take invoice minus 500, good deal (around 24.6 number). The lease was not a bad deal either. I have not pulled the trigger yet...debating on the ridgeline and a double cab Tacoma 4wd sr5 (25k price).
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    That sounds considerabbly better that what I'm looking at but then again I've yet to talk to anyone.

    The residual on the $299 36/mo lease with a $958 drive off was $15,820 or 56%

    what was the residual you were quoted for your lease deal?
  • ramzey28ramzey28 Posts: 130
    Never asked because of the 3 replies I got from the dealers, that was the best. The bottom line for me is the amount due at signing and monthly payment. I always walk away at the end of the lease unless I find I do have equity in the trade that I start looking a couple months before to use it as a trade in towards a new purchase. I have some that have had equity and others that are more upside down (chrysler). I could try to find out for you if it helps. The other ones I got quoted were 320 a month with 320 due at signing and 315 a month (can't remember what the amount due was on this one-I would have to go back and look). Hope that helps.
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    Can anyone point me to a photo online of the interior on a Red (Redrock) Ridgeline RTL? I seem to remember tan middles of the seat and dark brown bolsters and tan carpet.

    A photo would do wonders! Thanks!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,624
    You might have better luck in the general Ridgeline forum here: Honda Ridgeline SUT



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • spuzzzspuzzz Posts: 2
    I just paid 25250 for an '06 Ridgeline -- I am not a fierce negotiator(they possibly could have gone a bit lower) but I found this site very helpful in establishing a starting point. So I'm just sharing my experience with any future buyers. I had no idea they could go under invoice. Also Honda finance has a fantastic lease special going on right now, so make sure they don't steer you towards 3rd part leasing.
  • snake901snake901 Posts: 1
    I paid 30,592.00 with all fees minus taxes for my RTL with moonroof and nav. It also has running boards, wheel locks and mud guards.I bought it on line from Zimbrick Honda in Madison,Wi.I'm from Chicago and there was nobody in a 300 mi radius who could come close to this price. They are also great to work with, none of the usual BS you run into when buying a car.
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