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Acura TL vs. Toyota Avalon



  • tedescm1tedescm1 Member Posts: 309
    Stay away from the new tl. It's a rattle trap and has many vibrations :lemon:
  • terrylterryl Member Posts: 34
    Unfortunately, the selection for DVD-audio disks is so limited, it is hard to benefit from this great technology.

  • williamhillwilliamhill Member Posts: 7
    My advice to you is Dont buy the TL
    I bet with 280hp vs 270 hp, an Avalon can outrun a TL in 0-60 maybe less than 5.7 secs (TL's best time)
    I'm also sure that Avalon's handling is also better and looks sportier.

    TL has been named again as the consumer most wanted car $25-35k(Edmunds version) for the second time, can you really believe that? with all those genuine complaints? I think it should be named consumer most hated car. :mad:
  • donb1donb1 Member Posts: 49
    I have been considering both cars for several months. I currently have a 2001 TL which has been great. Prior to the TL I had 2 Avalons. So I have had some experience with both cars. I have driven both (XLS and TL w/o NAV AUTO)and they are totally different cars. They are both wonderful machines. The Avalon is a much smoother ride. The acceleration in both cars is great and will get you out of trouble on onto the freeway with no problems. The interiors are dramatically different. The Avalon going for the older crowd (of which I am one), while the TL goes for the FUN drivers (of which I am also). I have read all the complaints on ACURAZINE. Something to remember is that the complaints are from a minute number of owners. I am not saying that the problems don't exist but everything has to be kept in perspective.

    To my other observations. Things I liked in the Avalon:
    Interior Finish was great.
    Ride was smooth and very quiet.
    Liked the Temp Controls on the steering wheel.
    Good ergonomics
    Quality feel of the controls
    Back seat room
    Good Dealership
    Toyota Reputation
    Big Center armrest and console

    Things I liked about the TL
    Exterior design The looks are great
    Interior Design, the cockpit feel
    The blue dash lights
    FUN To drive
    XM radio standard
    Preset/memory for seats and mirrors
    Good Dealership
    4 year warranty
    Mirrors that move down when backing up
    Free loaners for normal maintenance

    I have not figured out which I will go with yet, but I need to get off the dime by the end of the month.
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    Thanks for the feedback! I understand that the problems with the TL is with the 2004, and the 2005 is free of these problems. Also, I trust Consumer Reports. My wife is leaning to the TL, I am leaning to the Avalon, but I believe either car is great. My wife does most of the driving so she might make the final say. However, she has not seen the new Avalon and how great it looks. :shades:
  • donb1donb1 Member Posts: 49
    I suggest before you make a decision you tell each of the dealers you want to keep the car over a weekend to test drive it. I have a TL with Nav in the driveway now. I am keeping it till Monday night so I can give a good test. I did the same for the Avalon XLS. You can get a good feel for the space, comfort, gadetry and lighting for each of the cars. I am anxious to take out the TL tonight to see if I really like the blue lighting. I have not tested the Avalon with Nav or XM display but I gotta say WOW to the TL gadgets so far.
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    We went to the Toyota dealer and my wife hated the look of the Avalon, both exterior and interior. I was shocked, I thought it was great. She disliked it so much she didn't even want to test drive it. So it's back to the Acura dealer for a test drive. :surprise:
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    Your wife is right. Hate might be too strong a word, but I just don't care for the looks of the Avalon, past and present. The best I could say for it is that it is inoffensive, but oh so bland and forgettable --- along the same vein as the Infinite Q45. And of course, if you compare it side by side, or one after the other, with the TL, then it's simple no contest!
  • ed31cincyed31cincy Member Posts: 56
    The only valid comparison to the Toyota Avalon would be with the Buick LaSabre, Park Avenue or Lacrosse! Luxury and bland.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    Maybe there should be a new thread comparing the most boring-looking and blandest sedans :P
  • alphawolfalphawolf Member Posts: 100
    "The only valid comparison to the Toyota Avalon would be with the Buick LaSabre, Park Avenue or Lacrosse! Luxury and bland."

    Actually, I think the 300c is the only legit comparison as it has the same amount of rear seat room and for sure has the horsepower.

    Like you stated- those other cars are just too boring and would not bring in the under 35 yr old people.

    Buick would need to come out with something like the Grand National but with more luxury to get younger buyers.

    I think of my Grandfather when I think of Buick.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    The Avalon is probably a better car than any Buick, but unfortunately, I also think of my grandparents when I think of the Avalon. I don't what it is, but Toyota just couldn't come up with any decent styling for its sedans even if its life depended on it. :confuse:
  • lakedoglakedog Member Posts: 15
    All of you, STOP ALREADY with the Avalon/TL comparison!!! The ONLY similarity between the two is the price! Why not compare it to the RL, or better yet the Infinity M35. The M35 is a gorgeous, elegant car, but still falls short of the Avalon's quiet and smooth ride. There are a few more bells and whistles on the RL and the M35, but for my needs, the price difference is just not necessary. My new limited is a joy to get into each morning, and I even got all the floor and trunk mats, and the infamous little black case for the owner's manual WITHOUT asking for them. :)
  • lakedoglakedog Member Posts: 15
    Yes, I agree with many of you who have said that the styling is a bit dowdy. But, give it a few weeks or months, I am liking the style more and more each day, you may too. :D
  • igibanigiban Member Posts: 530
    Toyota is doing very well despite of it though. One day if they wake up and start making cool looking sedans then watch out........ Then again, maybe there're people who simply prefer plain looking cars, or let's say, they may look upon more to 'inner beauty' and a peace of mind/ride.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    You're right, but I won't hold my breath waiting for Toyota to come out of their styling coma. When was the last time Toyota actually produced a good-looking sedan? Mid-80's Cressida, maybe? The new GS is probably the best of their current lot. The IS has potential if only they ditched the boy-racer styling.
  • donb1donb1 Member Posts: 49
    After a long decision process and test drives of both the TL and the Avalon I finally came down on the side of the Avalon. It was a very difficult choice. I loved the TL and just about everything on/in it. I did have some concerns on the vibrations and rattles in the TL but those alone would not have been the determining factors. After reading the comments on this, and other forums I felt that the car best fitted to my needs was the Avalon. We will be making a good number of trips of trips over 500 miles this year to visit the grandchildren. The Avalon is a smoother and quieter car than the TL, more suited for those long trips. The Avalon also has a much bigger back seat, better for those child seats and all the toys we will be bringing them. I got a great deal on the XLS model, it seems that getting a Limited in Ohio is like hitting the lotto. I do like many of the features of the Avalon and I will be quite satisfied in a mature way Oh God I think I am offically a geezer now! :D
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    Given your criteria, I think you made a very astute choice. And let's face it, the TL is not the perfect car. On a bad day, when the car buzzes and rattles, it bugs the crap out of me. :cry: :mad: Happy motoring!
  • dclkdclk Member Posts: 8
    Ladies and Gentlemen, like many of you I am torn between the Avalon Limited and the TL. I currently own two Toyotas ('97 Camry LE, '03 Sequoia LTD) and have been the driver of two passed down Toyotas ('81& '87 Cressidas) as well; so I'm partial to Toyotas because I feel I really know them.

    But in terms of a fair comparison, I think it's better to compare similar jewels; in this case flagship to flagship. When comparing the Avalon and the TL, I expect that the Avalon should come up short since it's not in the same luxury class of the TL. The fairest comparison for the Avalon is against the Maxima, just like the Maxima historically competed with the Cressida (notice how much the Maxima and Avalon look alike?) And when you do compare flagship to flagship, the Avalon wins in nearly every catagory (exterior styling still aimed at the older age segment perhaps).

    I know that several Avalon vs "fill in the blank" threads exist, but I think you have to compare diamonds to diamonds and not cubics.

    Having said all that, in the end it's really a Toyota product vs Honda product with all the fancy marketing ploys to get us to spend more money for a Honda or Toyota. It's still a hard choice though.

  • 54gradsteds54gradsteds Member Posts: 102
    Why, oh why did Chrysler have to merge (read: be gobbled-up) by Mercedes??? The PERFECT marriage would have been with Toyota! Then, we'd have the best of BOTH worlds: Toyota's near bullet-proof reliability and some DECENT, IMAGINATIVE STYLING! With the new Avalon, we have to settle for reliability only....
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    Are you saying a Chrysler/Toyota, or a Mercedes/Toyota union? I assume the latter, since IMO, Mercedes are producing some of the best-looking cars in the world today, bar none.

    Chysler styling is also innovative, but I think they have peaked. Now their new stuff (ie. Magnum wagon, 300C, Vipers, etc) border on being self-caricatures.
  • 54gradsteds54gradsteds Member Posts: 102
    I think either would have been good, style-wise. I've owned an '85 Cressida for ten years, which I actually thought was quite good-looking, then a timidly-styled '95 Avalon for another ten, and, after having had a look at the new one, the cheap, Mickey-Mouse leather alone has turned me off! Ditto for the cheap-looking doors covering nav and audio systems. They should have given them a neutral covering instead of a cheap, retro-like 1960's Christmas tree effect with too much tinsel ! That's going to get very old-looking awfully fast, in my opinion.. I looked into a new Mercedes 320 yesterday, and, while it also has perforated leather, there are no crappy-looking pleats or wrinkles in it! Toyota should be ashamed to foist such poorly designed and perhaps poorly executed workmanship on us, especially at THAT price ! Incidentally, I think the leather in my '95 Avalon is beautiful...Also, I agree with you about the new Magnum. It could double as a hearse, it's so ugly, and, while I was initially quite taken with the 300, the windows are downright stupid looking! I was referring more to the innovative styling which Chrysler put into the Intrepid, Concorde, etc...of about ten years ago...Even the '57 Plymouth was a smash! Giving away my age, I guess.....
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    Acura hit a home run in 2004 with the TL new looks, however they really dropped the ball with the RL, it looks exactly like an Accord.

    Regarding a TL vs Avalon comparison is strange IMO. But I was considering an Avalon because it's a lot car for the money and my past experience with Toyota was so positive - ultimate reliability.

    Bottom line is that a new silver TL is in the garage :shades:
  • wwang025wwang025 Member Posts: 3
    Has anyone thought of comparing the Toyota Avalon Limited to the LEXUS GS300 ? Check this out:
    Avalon GS300
    Engine 3.5L V6 3.0 I6
    Power 280hp @ 6200rpm 220hp @ 5800rpm
    260lb-ft @ 4700rpm 220lb-ft @ 3800rpm
    Std Tranny 5-speed Auto 5-speed Auto
    Fuel Economy 22/31 18/25
    Curb weight 3600 lb 3649 lb

    Price $33,540.00 $38,875.00 t100583&v=t100187
  • billyperksbillyperks Member Posts: 449
    You are quoting the older model GS300.
    The new GS packs around 240 horses.
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    I think the Avalon stacks up very well against the Lexus E330. I actually like the exterior of the Avalon than the Lexus, great new look. You pay for that Lexus label.
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    However, my wife hated the Avalon, so I bought her a TL and I love the car. She wanted a more sporty car for her lead foot. :P
  • gbjerkegbjerke Member Posts: 158
    Count your blessings man!
    I've posted a long time ago on this issue. Sold wifeys Avalon with intent on getting a TL. She drove the TL and the Lexus ES....she is now driving the ES. Although she is younger than me by a couple of years she did get old on me. My driver is a Corvette Z06!!
    The TL is drop dead georgeous; great performer/great handling and all the toys one would want....EXCEPT, per wifey, "The Lexus rides nicer and is so much quieter".
    I really didn't lose the battle as I am very impressed with the Lexus "for cruising the interstates", which is generally when I drive the car.
    That being said, they are really two different cars, the TL for performance/handling and the ES for quiet cruising.
    One has to pick his poison!
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    "One has to pick his poison!"

    You mean cars, or wives? :P :shades:
  • gbjerkegbjerke Member Posts: 158
    LOL---how about I say BOTH!
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    LOL, I was so pleased that my wife chose the TL over an Avalon, and we did test drive the Lexus, and it felt just like our old Camry - didn't want to pay for an expensive Camry-like Lexus. My wife so disliked the Avalon she didn't even want to test drive it.
  • deaniedeanie Member Posts: 172
    Hi Will:
    I am a proud owner of an 05 Avalon XLS, but when I read your post, I thought, "Is this guy serious?" The Avalon has not broken the 6.00 seconds to 60mph in any published article, and the TL outhandles (slightly) all Avalon models, including the Touring, and I know this from driving them back to back from one dealership to the other on two separate occasions. If you don't trust my judgement, read the auto mag articles published on the TL over the last two years, and compare their comments and numerical data findings to the articles penned on the Avalon at this time (relatively few so far).

    You'll find no head-to-head comparison - yet - but the TL consistently posts slightly higher slalom speeds and produces slightly higher G's than the Avalon, but the Avalon easily outbrakes the TL (honda underspecs their brakes and tires - why? I do not know any other reason than to save $ while capitalizing on quality/reliability reputation). Where did your info come from? If from an article, let me know which because I haven't read it yet.

    Styling is normally considered subjective, but I've not read one article praising the Avalon's looks (most say "nice" or improved, somewhat sporty), but every article I've read remarks on the TL's good looks, calling it handsome, Alfa-Romeo-like, a fine Italian suit - never a lukewarm or derogatory comment. Personally, I like the Avalon's looks, but feel the TL's are better.

    P.S. that 5.7 second run to 60 by a TL was probably done by one with a manual tranny, and because Avalons don't come so equipped, you should use numbers produced only by automatic-equipped TL's (which can only benefit the Avalon).
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    I like the new Avalon look, however, the TL and Avalon are very differrent cars. The Avalon is like a big luxurey sedan, the TL is a sporty sedan, and handles much more nimble than an Avalon.
  • avalonkittenavalonkitten Member Posts: 20
    Hello Toyota and Acura experts,

    Can you speak to the way a TL drives vs an Avalon when it comes the the ever popular fly by wire gas pedal and transmission system? Does the TL have a fly by wire system? Have they perfected it enough that it does not drag/hesitate in the lower gears when starting from a stop or going from expressway to intracity driving? Does it upshift after raving a great deal on inclines? What big differences should I be looking for if I were to take th TL out for a drive?

    Thank you,
    avalon kitten
  • ed31cincyed31cincy Member Posts: 56
    I own an'04 TL, and I would never have known it was a '"fly by wire" throttle if I had not read about it. It is pretty sensitive at throttle tip-in, in other words there is just a hint of lurch as you press on the accelerator pedal. The transmission is awesome. It is so good that I seldom use the manual shift. It downshifts somewhat aggressively, say you are going downhill and then hit the brakes moderately, it goes to the next lower gear almost without any hesitation. I love that.

    You will find that the TL ride is much firmer and sportier than the Avalon. The Avalon is much more cushy and tends to float more over bumps. Steering on the TL is much more sensitive. The TL seats are firm and very supportive, which I like. I think there are a number of people who have posted here and said they would prefer the seats from the Avalon on long trips. Not me!
    Hope this is helpful.
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    I agree 100%. Also, I have driven the TL on long trips, and it's great, and I am a past Camry owner and have test driven the extremely nice Avalon. I was stunned how roomy and nice the interior of the TL is. The TL is smoother and quieter than you might expect, not as quiete as the ultra quite Toyotas but pretty good.
  • sdajsdaj Member Posts: 6
    I have test driven both vehicles and agree the Avalon is a smoother ride than the TL. I like the Avalon Limited the best but have one concern. The salesman said the new Smart Key FOB transmits a continuous frequency 24 hrs a day. I have some concern putting that in my pocket next to my body all day long, 365 days a year. Does anyone else know about this and have any concern about it?">
  • brown3brown3 Member Posts: 26
    We're shopping for a new car, and the TL, Avalon, and ES330 all made our "short list." It's hard to eliminate "dogs" when they're all great cars, but I found in a TL/ES test drive comparison, I preferred the TL by about a 60/40 ratio. Goodby ES330. OK, now it's down to the TL and Avalon . . . but there seems to be less difference for the money between a TL and an Accord EX V-6 than there is - again, for the money - between an Avalon and a Camry XLE V-6. (OK, Ok, different wheelbases and such, I know, I know.) I'm sort of leaning towards the Avalon . . .
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Hi - a better place for that question is in our regular Avalon discussion instead of here in this comparo. You can do a search for fob and see others' posts and you can ask any questions you might still have about it there. Good luck!
  • lf05tllf05tl Member Posts: 16
    I have a TL and a toyota product. Both have excellent vehicles. As far as your choice goes, If you want a fun sporty car, get TL. The ride is good but sporty( firmer). If you want a floaty, cushey ride get the avalon.
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    I think Toyota made a mistake. I think it will hurt ES sales, neverthess, My wife chose a TL, and she can't me out of the drivers seat. :shades:
  • brown3brown3 Member Posts: 26
    Funny thing is, I'm really buying this car for my mother rather than for myself to replace her old Crown Vic. I figure I'll basically "pre-select" a couple of good cars (reliability and safety very important) and then take her out for a test drive to see which one of them she prefers. When I mentioned to a colleague with an Acura CL that I was considering the TL for my mother his reaction was "Wow, that really puts my ego under fire, telling me I drive a little old lady's car!" ;)
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    LOL, my wfie chose the TL over the Avalon because she said "I am not a little old lady already!!!" :P
  • quest3quest3 Member Posts: 33
    That is the bottom line. Avalon is made for the "older" person different demographics than the TL. You can prove this by going to and looking at how many people have pics of their 05 TL compared to how many have their 05 Avalon pics up. In my opinion no one under 35 would buy the Avalon over the TL unless maybe you have a family which I do and the only vehicles I'm deciding over are the TL and the new Lexus IS350. Avalon and TL should not even be compared to each other each is geared to a different group. I'm not downing the Toyota both are great cars but maybe I'd want the Avalon in about 10 yrs. And I'm sorry but in my opinion there is no way the exterior/interior styling of the Toyota is nicer than the TL, but see its geared for an older age bracket. I'm not trying to drive the in laws around and impress them with a cloud like cushy ride, I'm trying to roll out before they come over...
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    I would really like to see actual demographic data on TL and Avalon buyers. Many young people can't afford either cars. I am 43 (not a geezer yet ;) ) and I saw that the Avalon had a hefty 280 horses and thought it deserved a look, but not really a serious look, and my wife's reaction was "I am not an old lady yet!" Oh yes, she is much younger than me.
  • donb1donb1 Member Posts: 49
    I evaluated the both the TL and the Avalon extensively. I test drove both for several days. I loved the sports feel of the TL and the interior was attractive. I loved the styling of the car and the standard equipment.

    I found the ride to be too hard tor these old bones ( I am 57 and yes I know I am dead in the middle of the Avalon demographics). The backseat room left a good deal to be desired if you are trying to put in the grandkids car seats.

    I test drove the Avalon and agree with the comments that the drive is completely different. I was not sure I like the interior but the more I drove and rode in it the more I liked it. The interior space , esp the back seat is HUGE.

    I eventually landed on the Avalon and I picked it up last Friday. I have to admit I really like the car now.

    I have 400 miles on it in a week and did my first fill up today and got 25MPG in mixed driving. I am very happy with that for the first tank of gas.

    There are a few annoyances but those are my personal peculiarties.

    Both cars are wonderful vehicles and you just have to figure out which is best for you ( or your mom)
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    Oustanding post! That is fantastic milealge for a 280 hp car. If you got grand kids, or just kids, the Avalon is a great choice.

    I didn't find the TL ride that rough at all, in fact I thought it was very smoothe, not as soft as the Avalon however.

    Enjoy your new Avalon, it's a great star with great new styling. :)
  • mojojojo24mojojojo24 Member Posts: 24
    Having looked at both (and went with a Mustang GT... don't ask), I think they really appeal to two different sensabilities.

    The TL has more of a sport sedan feel. I honestly think it belongs more with the G35s, 330s, or A4s in comparison shopping, rather than with the Avalon. It's got a firm suspension, good handling. There are places where the others can beat it in the sport sedan area, but like with all Honda/Acura products, it's very good at the "jack of all trades" role.

    The Avalon's a cruiser. It's a nice cruiser, but it's a cruiser. It's more on the level of a 300, M35/45, or a modern Buick (not a 70s Buick). The closest thing I'd experienced to that car before was, honestly, one of the mid-80s Impalas, with the huge interior and the floaty suspension. Granted, it's much better quality and has a nicer interior than any Impala ever thought about being. It's also a little Jekyll and Hyde in that when you approach it from the outside it's very staid and bland, but once you get inside the thing, it's a whole different experience. It's very "Lexus-ized" to coin the dealer's phrase.

    The only thing I see comparable between them is the price point. I'd personally go with the TL if I had to pick between the two, but that's a personal preference. I'm not sure, all things considered, which is really the better car. They're both fast... but the TL feels fast. Fast for the Avalon is almost an experience in general relativity... the world looks like it's going by quickly, but everything inside is calm and undisturbed. Which flavor do you really want for your coddling?
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    To me, the styling of the Avalon still says "This is your father's Toyota"! :cry:
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275

    But it's a great car and I believe will hurt Lexus ES sales.
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