Acura TL vs. Toyota Avalon



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    Of course. But then that really has nothing to do with my response to his statement does it. Yes the TL is fun to drive. Except when the frequent torque steer was a problem or over any road other then perfectly smooth.

    I think my TL was a great car too. But it had its drawbacks, is all I'm saying.
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    There is no torque steer with the AT, and I don't think the TL is much of a rough ride, unless you like driving an Avy. Too each his, or her, own. I don't see the turn radius as a big deal, and I have driven some huge cars. You learn do adjust.

    I believe that the pluses far exceed the negatives. ;)
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    Im looking for opinions. Im about ready to purchase a TL and I have 2 options at my local Acura dealer.

    1) New 05 at $500 over invoice or 31,700


    2) Used 04. 34K, currently down to 28,700 but with an extended warranty: 7yr 100K bumper to bumper. Car is a little over 1 yr old and is tight. No sqeaks or rattles that I read about.

    Im in the middle. Can get a better finace rate on USED, due to it being certified (4.5% vs 5.5%). With price and interest rate difference, buying used will save about 10 grand over 5 years. But Im having a hard time shelling out that much for a high milage vehicle.

    What to do?

    Thanks fellas
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    I have not encountered any torque steer in my automatic 2005 TL....and Frisconick (and many others) hasn't either. I am not saying the TL is the greatest as I am hardpressed to find the perfect car. I could point out drawbacks in any car....including the Av...but I am not going to go that space.

    All I can say is that the point regarding the turning radius is way overblown.
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    I'm glad to see you found the best place for help with this - strbz70, "Acura TL: Prices Paid & Buying Experience" #4545, 20 Sep 2005 10:27 pm.

    You might also want to drop the general Acura TL discussion as well. Good luck!
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    I'm glad your car didn't suffer from this. However, my car was an 04 TL AT and had significant tourque steer daily and often. This effect was not minimal. Not something a person couldn't live with but annoying.

    Guys I'm not bad mouthing the TL but I am giving my opinion between the two cars. The TL is a lot of fun to drive. But all my comments above are true for my car. I have a friend who has an 05 TL AT and he hasn't experienced problems with rattles either. So my comment to the poster above regarding 04 vs 05 would be go for the 05. They also fixed the "butt print' in the seat issue for the 05's.

    Clearly I agree with you guys liking the TL or I would never have bought one. I wish driving both made sense.

    It's all about trade offs and what a person likes the most. Purpose of this forum is to help those trying to decide so I hope my experience helps given I have had both.

    Fris you are right the pluses of the TL do exceed the negatives. However, if people want an honest eval of the good and bad we should tell them. :)
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    I'll be the moderate voice here. I do experience some torque steer with my auto TL. A bit. Not enough to alarm me, or to make me shoot off into the weeds, but it's there nonetheless. Rough road surface will bring it out more. If the road is glass-smooth, then it is hardly noticeable.

    And I don't know if it is due to FWD, or just the steering geometry, but I find the TL's steering, overall, to be a bit "loose", or "light" if you will, even when cruising at a steady pace, on all but perfectly smooth surfaces.
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    I agree 100% osteo, but many of the problems associated with the 04 TL were fixed in the 05. But I would never knock anyone from buying the wonderful Avy. It just depends if you want a lux sports sedan, or a lux large sedan. I suggest he test drive the cars many times, examine his needs and preferences. Some love the soft cushy cars, other like the sporty. However, they are not mutually exclusive, I tested both cars many times and felt the TL was a great blend of lux and sporty.
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    I remember a time when bumpers were made to be bumped.

    Today, bumpers scratch at the slightest bump…. it’s great for the auto body interests!
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    You can say that again.
    I remember when I had my 1999 Mazda Millenia (Pearl White), I had to fix the bumper twice because of minor bumps that ruin the paint job.
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    Both the TL and the Avalon are well-put together cars, with somewhat different missions. The Avalon prioritizes a more comfortable ride vs. handling and road feel while the TL is the opposite. Both have great interiors.

    IMHO, the exterior of the Avalon is butt-ugly and I couldn't get past it. I would be ashamed to be seen in such an outdated-upon-inception car. I put it in the same "what were they thinking?" category as the Buick LaCrosse. This of course is a subjective point of view, but had the Avalon been a looker, I probably would have bought it.

    I just bought an 05 TL at a great year-end price ($30.1M including dest. and mudflaps) and so far it's a great car.
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    LOL, looks of a car is very subjective, I think the Avalon is a great looking car, and my wife hated it's looks, insided and out. The only problem I had with the Avalon is it's size, just too big. I was, however, stunned how fast the car is.
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    I agree the Avy is too big. It looks OK from the rear. But from any other angle, the look is way conservative and bland. Interior is not sporty. Should be in a Buick.
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    Yes the rear looks great. The term Avalon and sporty is an oxymoran :P
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    As mentioned previously I had an 04 TL for 18 months and now have had an 06 Avy for 3 weeks or so. Personally I like the way they both look but I still probably prefer the TL in the looks category. However, I have already received more compliments regarding "nice car, etc." from people I don't know in three weeks with the Avy, then I received in 18 months with the TL. Both were white. I'm not commenting on why this may be but I found it somewhat surprising.
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    Have enjoyed reading the heated debates and will cautiously add my 2 bits worth.

    1. Have owned a 2003 Acura TL Type-S Navi (rear ended sold)
    2. Have owned a 2004 Acura TL A spec (sold)
    3. Own a 2005 Toyota Avalon Ltd.

    All were fun cars with different personalities- but all were compromises and none are perfect. Bottom line on the Avalon- quick, comfy, and solid build. Bottom line on the Acura TL (2004)- quick, sporty and solid build. It seems to me that you are deciding between sport and comfort(I am not saying the TL was not comfortable but the scales were more towards sport suspensions vs. luxury suspension). Again, all are compromises and neither are perfect. BTW, the Avalon is my wife's car and the TL used to be my car. I loved 4 door sport sedans and in the end the TL A-Spec was not enough for me. I upped the anti to a 2005 Audi S4- much faster, sportier and etc... (still a compromise when you compare it to other cars in its class). Once again, there is no perfect car just a perfect fit and I wish all weighing these 2 great cars good luck and happy shopping! :shades:
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    I looked at both cars along with the G35, 3 series, Maxima and I went with the Avalon. I commute an hour one way to work, so comfort was the supreme consideration. Also, the service costs on the G35 were rediculous ($300 for 15k, $600 for 30K according to dealer). The 3 series and the G35 just weren't comfy enough and I hit my head on the headliner in the Maxima. So, I got the limited with NAV, laser cruise, and VSC and traction control. Couldn't be happier. 30-31 mpg highway, 26-28 mpg in rush hour traffic commute.
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    I have always liked the Audi S4-but I hear too many complaints about Audi's reliabilty.

    My question to you is- is it MUCH faster than the TL, automatic for automatic, manual for manual?

    I am leaning towards a manual car for my next purchase but my wife is giving me a hard time.
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    My 03TL type S (automatic) was maybe 10% slower than my 04 (manual) A Spec TL.

    If you are asking how much faster my Audi S4 (4.2 V8- manual) is compared to the 04 Acura- TL (a spec) it is not even close. Seriously, go test drive one and all questions will be answered. As for reliability, consumer reports now recommends this Audi and it is rated top in it's class. I now have 9k miles on the car and never had an ounce of trouble.

    Link for research:

    Also, the torque on the S4 is unbelievable. You can be in 6th gear at 40 and step on the gas and the car pulls harder than you could ever imagine- down shift and you had better hold on.

    Again, all cars are compromises and I am sure there are better cars depending on how you measure them. For me, the Audi S4 was perfect for a sports sedan. The Avalon LTD was perfect for my wife (quick and comfy down the Hwy.)

    Hope this was helpful-
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    Thanks for the info.

    I am going to check out the manual S4 to see what it is about, I actually test drove a A4 3.0 couple of years ago-It was okay, nothing to go bragging about.

    I was waching "Fast and Furious" over the weekend and it reinforced my decision to buy a manual transmission on my next purchase.:)
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    The one problem with a manual tranny 4-door is no one wants them on the resale market, unless it's an M5. :cry:
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    By far I believe that the Avalon is the best car for the money. It has all the features of the TL and more. It has cooled seats which neither the RL or TL have. It is roomy, comfortable, and rides smooth and is good on gas. However, I do not like how the dashboard looks. I think the silver buttons look old fashion. I really like the look of the RL and TL's dashboard better. I like the TL the best from the outside. But the TL's ride is to bumpy. I am going to buy the RL because I don't like the dashboard of the Avalon and I don't like the bumpiness of the TL. I wish I could change the Avalon or TL to buy the cheaper cars.

    By the way I currently own a 1998 Avalon and a 2003 MDX. Will be selling the Avalon, once I get the new RL. I know I should keep the Avalon, but my husband and I have new car fever. :)
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    at the risk of getting delmar1's dander up again:
    had the opportunity over the last several weeks to drive both the TL and a 530 for a period of several days each while out of town. I own an Av Touring. The Av is unequivocably a luxury car and should not be confused with the term 'sports sedan'. Although the power is similar for all three, the Av is softer and quieter - much more like a Lexus. The 530 is a wonderfully balanced driver's car - a sports sedan by any definition - BMW did, after all, invent the term. The TL has a problem in that it trys hard to emulate what BMW does so well, similar issues with road noise and harshness (part of the sacrifices made on all 'sports' cars), but still with some nasty torque steer under throttle (delmar - this was an '05) and understeer at cornering limits. The Av, of course, suffers from the same maladies but, at least the TS is masked by a much softer suspension setup. Bottom line is that there is no way any FWD vehicle with 60%+ of its weight up front and a lot of HP will ever be a credible sports sedan. Better to take the Av approach and don't pretend to be what the laws of physics say it cannot be. The Av and TL are really much different cars, in concept - and on the road.
    Did, by the way, find the TL a really fun car to drive and it did impress with with its overall fit/finish - but a G/M35, 530, or E350 it ain't. The whole experience served to reinforce my choice of the Av, given that I'm not willing to trade off too much of that quiet ride and smoothness for something a little more competent when driven hard.
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    Wow....I am getting singled out by name! My past comments in the past were where others have unfairly beat up the TL.

    Let me say that it is unfair to compare the $50k BMW 530 to a $33k TL. Totally different class vehicles. A $50k car that more comparable to a Lexus GS, Jaguar S Type, or Acura RL. If you should go to the Acura site....the TL doesn't even try to compare itself to a BMW 530.

    What really interests me is that you indicate that "The Av, of course, suffers from the same maladies but, at least the TS is masked by a much softer suspension setup." I don't understand how you can beat up the TL for torque steer then immediately say that the Avalon has torque steer also but has a soft suspension. I don't understand how a soft suspension would counteract torque steer.

    I do respect your views and once again I do respect the Avalon. is unfair to compare TL to from different classes. That is like comparing the Avalon to a Jetta.
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    the 530 was used simply because I had the opportunity to drive one a few days and it is what a sports sedan should be - however overpriced . In the $30K category, the G35 is a true sports sedan - but not the Av and the TL. As far as that dreaded torque steer is concerned, all FWD cars (esp. those with some HP) will suffer from it - the TL is certainly set up much tighter than the Av so therefore the TL driver will feel everything (TS incl.) to a greater extent. Of course, the Av has TS, it must (that laws of physics thing again) - what I said was it is ' masked' by the softer suspension - meaning you just don't feel it.
    Detectable by most folks, by the way, accelerating hard out of a corner, the steering will tug (sometimes not so gently) in the same direction of the turn. Maximas and Saabs have had the problems for years, the TL quite a bit better, the Av almost undetectable. But the point, of my post - neither the TL or the Av are really sports sedans and won't ever be until the drive wheels move to the rear and weight distribution improves.
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    Thanks for the clearification....which is fair. I am in agreement with your latest post that all FWD cars have torque steer and not isolated to the TL (which many seem to villify as the only car in the universe when that is not true by law of physics). I have driven both FWD and RWD...and the TL has done a nice job in mitigating the issue. Definitely an improvement over the Maxima and Saabs as you mentioned.

    Hope you don't take this with exception. Where I am at with the 'masked' softer suspension is that it would reduce the ability to control torque steer. If you cannot sense it or compensate with suspension / road handling...then you have another issue on your hands. But that is my two cents and my preferences...which everyone is entitled to with respect.

    And I am ok with your use of the 530 as a pure sports sedan...and over priced $50k+ one.

    My thoughts.... The Avalon is a great near luxury (san sports which it does not attempt to be...except when folks try to use the horsepower argument) vehicle. The TL and G35 are great luxury-sports vehicles. And all very well priced for what you get!
  • captain2captain2 Member Posts: 3,971
    GM made a pretty decent large sedan in the mid 90's, 3.8 205 HP FWD called them things like LeSabres, 88s and 98's, also softly sprung and never heard anybody say anything about TS issues. Now they have the Grand Prix/Impala SS more tightly suspended with a 300 HP V8 again thru the front wheels. From what I've read these cars are a real TS handful - perhaps even to the point of being dangerous.
    Suspension geometries and tunings that are 'soft' enough to hide TS will by definition also hide some road feel. The Av, even in Touring trim, has less road feel and lower handling limits than the TL, but, that is the price you pay for the Av's smoother and quieter ride. Kind of whatever floats your boat - Consumer Reports has them both rated at the same very high number in a 'luxury sedan' category, ahead of several cars at $50k+, considering I guess the repair histories/costs and the real values that the $30k+ Avs and TL's are - over the superior dynamics of the 530's/A6s etc..
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    Captain2....I am absolutely in agreement with you.... Really difficult to beat the what you get for the price of the Avs and TLs (I am personally brand loyal to Acuras...I am on my fifth. Had a '83 Camry...fond memories). We'll be both enjoying our respective cars for years to come.
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    I recently purchased the 2006 Avalon Touring. Overall, a great value and awesome car. I am 6' tall and there is plenty of room up front and even more in the back seat. While I do miss the rear wheel drive performance of my '03 Lincoln LS, there's nothing else missing in the Avalon.

    I was forced into driving my mother-in-law's '04 TL for a few weeks. It's a good looking car, but far from comfortable. Stiff suspension, awkward getting into and out of, really a pain in the a.. in general. The BlueTooth key fob also drove me insane by automatically adjusting the seat. I guess as a "visitor" I shouldn't complain. I was far more impressed by the '03 design - much more room and comfort.
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    Congrats on the Avalon. Best car for you, no doubt. And as far as your opinon on the TL, totally correct for you. However, I think you'd be hard pressed to find owners/reviewers who think that the prior verion of the TL is superior in any way to the '04 redesign! My father had an '03 and broke his lease early to lease an '05 he was so smitten with the new design! I guess that's what happens when you go with your heart instead of your head (or wallet)!

    Enjoy the Avalon!

    '21 Dark Blue/Black Audi A7 PHEV (mine); '22 White/Beige BMW X3 (hers); '20 Estoril Blue/Oyster BMW M240xi 'Vert (Ours, read: hers in 'vert weather; mine during Nor'easters...)

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    There are two things the 2gen has over the 3gen. The major one is trunk space as it can easily hold 2 full size suitcases and 2 carry ons with a little room to spare. Not so with the 3gen. Steering stability is better with the 2gen (less tendancy to pull to left or right based on road surface), probably because it did not use low profile tires.
  • booyahcramerbooyahcramer Member Posts: 172
    Trunk space is a major issue? With a TL or any sport sedan? I think my 06 has more than enough trunk space FWIW.

    And this generation of TL has taken the car way past the previous gen. Two totally different cars.
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    "And this generation of TL has taken the car way past the previous gen. Two totally different cars."

    In what ways? Gizmos I presume, basically its the same engine from the previous genaration Type "S" that they brought over to the current TL with a bit of fine tuning.

    I am not bad mouthing the current TL but the previous generation (which I own) has a more classier look especially the Type S.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Member Posts: 4,349
    I (and my father/brother: All TL owners) have to disagree re: styling. The prior gen TL I found to be a generically handsome car. Nothing wrong with the style, it just blended in with the crowd more so than the current gen. Both interior and exterior style are vast improvements in the current iteration. So much so that my dad broke his '03 lease early and my bro is jealous of our TLs (but fiscally more prudent than dad, no early lease terminations for him!).

    In addition to the gizmos, I believe they also fine tuned the suspension as well as the engine. As one would hope, the TL continues to evolve.

    '21 Dark Blue/Black Audi A7 PHEV (mine); '22 White/Beige BMW X3 (hers); '20 Estoril Blue/Oyster BMW M240xi 'Vert (Ours, read: hers in 'vert weather; mine during Nor'easters...)

  • billyperks1billyperks1 Member Posts: 151
    As we have said here numerous times style is subjetive.

    I have three more payments on my 03 TLS and the current TL is not even on my short list.

    Right now I am looking on the RL, 530XI, A6 3.2 or 4.2 and the GS350 (waiting for the release).

    Honestly, I am in no rush to buy a new car, I might just wait for the next generation TL.

    Good Luck with your TL.
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    "the previous generation (which I own) has a more classier look especially the Type S."

    Other than a label of 'Type-S' I can't tell 03 TL from 03 TL type-S from the outside. Why Type S 'especially' then?

    I have to also say 04+ TL stands out much more than 03- TL. Now it may stand out to one's liking or disliking, but I bet more would turn their heads for those new TL. 03 TL does give you a softer (more comfy) ride, and it's less $$ though. Can't get everything.
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    No argument, BillyP. Beauty is in the eye. Sounds like you're heading uptown with the next car. Be sure to post your impressions as you test drive each.

    If I was in the market, from your list I'd test all but the GS350. The styling just isn't for me (we do have a Lexus in the family). The 530 is no beauty, but it's grown on me. It's still only a 7 to the TL's 9, however!

    Speaking of the RL, it reminds me of your gen TL in that I find the RL to be handsome, but generically so. It just blends in to the crowd a little to much. Cool car, though.

    '21 Dark Blue/Black Audi A7 PHEV (mine); '22 White/Beige BMW X3 (hers); '20 Estoril Blue/Oyster BMW M240xi 'Vert (Ours, read: hers in 'vert weather; mine during Nor'easters...)

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    You are moving up a level based on the list stated. I love the ride provided by the A6. The car in demand for media testing is the M35X and you should add that to your list. There are so many fine choices in this group.
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    'Other than a label of 'Type-S' I can't tell 03 TL from 03 TL type-S from the outside. Why Type S 'especially' then?'

    They are actually several physical features that are different on the S-

    1).Wheels- much better than those star fish wheels on the base model
    2)17" on the S compared to 16" on the base
    3)The seats are different
    4).The type S badge as you mentioned

    Things you cannot see but feel-
    1).The 260 horses compared to the 225 on the base
    2).The sports tuned suspension compared to the soft suspension on the base.

    I love this car but we are going to have to go our seperate ways this coming summer.
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    I chuckled when I saw the thread title. Do people seriously cross shop the two. I drove both before buying the TL but drove the Avalon before I decided on an entry level sport/lux sedan. I thought the Avalon and TL were worlds apart in every department. I saw the avalon as an upscaled camry/maxima and the tl more inline with the Audi's (between an A4 & A6), new Passat, Beamer(between an 3 & 5), infinity and lexus sedans, despite the obvious fwd vs awd and rwd performance differences.

    I would be interested to see what others are thinking..Do most of you see the handling, quality, trim and styling of the TL as closer to the Avalon or as closer to the entry sport/luxury sedans?
  • landlubberlandlubber Member Posts: 12
    People cross shop everything these days, but I totally agree with you. In looking at the two cars, it seems that shoppers looking for a touring car would prefer the Avalon's ride, and those preferring a sportier drive would opt for the TL. The Avalon is a good ride - for my mother-in-law.

    When I crossed shopped, I looked at the entry level sport sedans from Infinity, Lexus, Audi, and VW (Passat). The combination of sporty exterior, ride, handling, interior, and price of the TL won out for me. Some of the others had better handling or power, but for me the TL had the best combination of looks, features and price.
  • catman2050catman2050 Member Posts: 28
    I agree that the TL and Avalon are different cars. However, for some people like me, there is some cross-shopping going on. When I learned that we would be adding a second kid to the family, it was time to look for something bigger than my BMW 330i. I wanted something with power, space, comfort and some sportiness. The TL just didn't have the space of the Avalon, Charger, etc. I think even the Altima SE-R had a little more rear leg room than the TL.

    Anyway, at some point, I had to convince myself that power, space and comfort outweighed sport. I realized that in my normal driving activities, there is little use for sport driving. I could not recall too many times where I wanted to gun it around a tight curve (though those were fun times). However, I did recall how the BMW wasn't all that comfortable on long, weekend drives that involved a lot of straight roads common in Florida. So, I went with the Avalon and chose the Touring trim as it is slightly more sport-tuned than other trims (and it doesn't have that crap fake wood in it)...although its still not a sports sedan.

    In sum, a lot depends on a person's normal driving pattern. and, I think a lot also depends on whether you live in a state with primarily straight roads or a state with lots of curvy roads.
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    The Avalon is the replacement for my 98 5 series Bimmer, I looked at Acura, Lexus, Infinity and ended with the Avalon. The accessaries blew the others away as did the silence and quality of the interior. (JBL synthesis, Voice Nav, [email protected] seats ventilated, Laser adaptive cruise, Bluetooth, Lexus 3.5L engine (GS350, IS350, Avalon), Electrolumiscent dash (IS, ES Lexus), Keyless ignition, Auto mirrors, etc. Plus the size of the vehicle (LS430, Infinity M series, The Avalon is bigger!!!. Also reclining rear seats...The Steering wheel is also same as Lexus models. Saved over 15K. And I got a Loaner with service and Service will be cheaper as well. So far very satisfied
  • glenn386glenn386 Member Posts: 47

    I agree with everything you said about the differences between the avalon and the Tl and I am glad that your car fits what you needed to a "T". I didn't meant to imply that the Avalon isn't anything but a great car. But, I think you actually made my point that the cars are so different that I am surprised that they get cross shopped.

    Your points on the Lexus GS items that are on the Avalon are well taken. You did indeed make a good purchase for your needs.
  • folkherofolkhero Member Posts: 1
    I'm about to decide on what car to purchase and after much research and calculating my personal needs assessment I'm 100% sold on the Avalon. Below lies a glimpse of my thought process (worth exactly what you paid for it = absolutely nothing...just an opinion).

    Much to many people's disbelief, I am only 30 years old and am in love with the Avalon. I'm absolutely in love with the styling of the Avalon. I concluded that the Avalon's styling is more timeless and will age gracefully. The TL, with it's hard edged lower skirt ground effects, style started to not interest as much as it did when I first saw the design. Avalon looks to me to have a more visually appealing design. A cleaner, understated design when compared with the TL's design.

    The cars that I cross shopped were the TL, RL, Avalon, ES330, Ford Five Hundred, and Ford Taurus.

    I have a linebacker like body (6'2"; 270lbs.) and spend many hours in my vehicle showing clients apartment buildings (usually in stop and go, noisy, inner cities) as a real estate broker. So, cabin comfort and spaciousness was a top priority. The Avalon won out in the group hands down. It offered the most space for my knees no longer rested along the side of the center console unit anymore. The wide center armrest was a huge plus. The fact that there is more distance between me and the front passenger is a huge plus because I can get stuck sitting next to a client for long car rides that has stinky breath...I call that my 'workplace hazard'. :-) The TL just seemed too cramped.

    Since I'm on the road and in my car a lot, safety was a primary concern of mine since by virtue of spending more time driving I had an increased chance of getting into an accident. Although the Avalon did not get straight A's according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Loss( ) it was close to matching the best ratings of the group's leaders. I was, although, shocked to hear that the crash test dummies in the Avalon's crash test suffered enough pressure on the right knee area to cause damage (see link above for details on safety)...and the Avalon comes with the front knee airbags! No matter, I've got a bum right knee already that the ortho doctor can't seem to fix no matter how many arthroscopic surgeries he tries. :-)

    The best option that I liked on the Avalon was the ventilated driver's seat. I can't count how many days I would get out of my car in the summer with a dress shirt on with a visually perceivable sweaty back. Problem solved with the Avalon.

    I thought the TL's power and ride responsiveness was very nice (much better than the Avalon's) when I test drove it, but I asked myself how often would I try to test the limits of the car? What's the point? If I wanted to drive a firm riding, sports like ride I would buy and drive a sports car like a Porsche Cayman/Boxster or something.

    One huge disappointment with the Avalon is that it does not offer Bluetooth. Not sure why because the 2007 Camry offers that option and you would imagine that Toyota's flagship car would offer it as well. Maybe the '07 Avalon will offer it.

    What I saw in the Avalon was a poor man's Lexus LS 400. Basically, Lexus quality at Toyota price.
  • billyperks1billyperks1 Member Posts: 151
    The Camry is the Flagship for Toyota.

    Wear a t-shirt under your dress shirt to aviod the sweateness.
  • 4bearhug4bearhug Member Posts: 52
    I can certainly understand your attraction to the Avalon styling. It's definitely striking. Did you, by chance, look at the new Hyundai Azera? I just had a chance to test drive one on vacation last week and I must say that I was very impressed. I've owned Acura, Honda, and Toyota exclusively for the past 15 years and the Azera is right up there with the Japanese car companies. The ride is top notch(Lexus like), roomier than any Acura/Honda car, and priced about $8-10k less than Avalon. It has some features that you can't get on any car in its class. The biggest issue is getting past the name. I really think that Hyundai is going to make a major inroad in the next few years with some of the vehicles that they are bringing out. I'm still unsure if I ready to take the plunge on a Hyundai, but they have definitely impressed me w/ the Azera. Definitely a serious threat to Avalon.
  • captain2captain2 Member Posts: 3,971
    did precisely that - about a year ago - after several years in large SUVs wanted a 4 door something, easier on gas, with some power, fun to drive. The top 2 - G35 and TL.
    And then happened by a Toyota dealer who I had thought had nothing to offer to meet the definition, and there it was - a hot off the presses Avalon Touring. Impressions: the G35 easily the best drivers car, the only true sports sedan of the three, and an absolute hoot to drive - but small and with fit/finish not quite up to the other two. The TL, wonderful engine, suprisingly rough ride with some torque steer (more like a Maxima) and was really turned off by those 'bubble gum gauges' and concerns about transmission problems. The Avalon superior designed larger interior, and, at least, in my opinion the best trade off between ride and handling (Touring trim - the other trims too soft), power to run with either, and better mpg and a couple of thousand cheaper. Would do the same thing again, but the Avalon is certainly a different car than the TL.
  • catman2050catman2050 Member Posts: 28
    having tested all 3 before choosing the Avalon Touring, I concur with captain's assessment.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Hi avalonlimited - your post was moved to the more appropriate Toyota Avalon 2005+ discussion. Just click on that link to get there.
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