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Engine Swaps



  • I am gonna put a 32 Valve Northstar V8 Cadillac motor in my lowered 1988 Chevy S10. My question is, What 5-speed transmission should i look into getting to bolt in behind this 32 Valve motor? Maybe what it is and model number, and possibly years of cars it was in............ Also what would i need to bolt this motor into my 88 S-10? Any help on this matter, would be helpful...........I am doing this all on my own, and i want to get this stuff right............Thankzzzz peeps.......
  • Hey, i need some help with my car. I currently own a 1994 VW golf CL stock. I want to turn this car into a track racing car, but i don't know where to start.i know the first thing is to get a VR6 engine and work on the suspension but i don't know where to get he engine or the parts. I live in toronto, ontario and if someone coud help me, i woud greatly appreciate it. thanx
  • i swaped a 1.3 litre striaght 4 for a 2.0 v6 sierra engine a had to swap the gearbox and the dif 2 tho but now it goes hell for leather.
  • I wanted to do the same. Let me know how it goes. As far as a 5 speed, you will have to have a custom flywheel, as the northstar never had a manual trans. But fiero guys have been doing this for years. I believe the northstar has GM's corporate front wheel drive bellhousing pattern. The 2.8 that was used in the s-10 share this pattern. I think I read something about needing to modify for the nose of the starter in the bell housing. Would have to check. you might try Conversions, V-8s
    or for more info.

    Good Luck!!!!!
  • ur 4.3 has 200hp u can easily make it 300hp with tweaks injectors and other such things u dont need to swap the lt1 only has 60 more hose than the 4.3 plus it weight more because it's at abigger displacement 400 for street use come on my buddy has an impala lt1 and he can roast the tires on that thing with stock power
  • I am looking for a VR6 engine adapter to a Borg Warner or BMW 5 speed transmission (rwd configuration). I have checked with Kennedy, but they don't support that conversion. HELP
  • I drive a '97 Jetta GT and was wondering where i could get ahold of a VR6 engine for it. Does anyone have any ideas of where i could get one? I live in Mansfield OH, and would also like to know a rough estimate of how much i should pay for one. thank you
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,514
    You should google for wrecking yards in your area. Most yards are hooked up with either an older call system or by computer to other yards that might supply the engine. As for prices, once you get a quote from 2 or 3 yards you'll have an idea. What you want is an engine that has been removed, cleaned, tested and bagged up, with a warranty from the wrecker.

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  • I have a 1985 camaro, v6 2.8L, and I am thinking about puting a 350 engine in it. Is there a kit that I can get that has everything that I need in it or am I gonna have to make things myself and buy things seperate?
  • i was recently driving down a backroad where there were no "construction" or "bump" signs and hit a bump in the road really hard and dented my oil pan really bad. wanted to get as far as i could, after a block i heard a repeating thump sound then after another block my oil light came on and began to ding. i immediately shut it off and pulled over. MY QUESTION IS, has this happened to anyone else before, do u know what is broken, and what is the most inexpensive and fastest way i go about fixing it? thank you for your reply's.
  • i got a 2002 mitsubishi lancer es. i was wondering if any one knew what is the engine designation and what other types of engines you can swap out with it..??
  • fiero1fiero1 Posts: 2
    i am doing the v8 conversion to my 88 fiero. does anybody know what flywheel to use and what car to get it out of thnx
  • Im looking at this Eclipse I want and I was wondering if anyone knew of any successful or at least extremely possible engine swaps. It has a 2.0L L4 SFI DOHC 16V engine right now, but I obviously want bigger. Let me know anything. Thanks
  • I just acquired a lowered '96 Golf with cat back exhaust. To my knowledge, these are the only modifications that have been done to the car. Anyhow, I would like to engine swap this vehicle to a VR6 and I had a few questions. I have a willing and able mechanic ready to help me once I acquire all the parts I need.

    1. Which version of the VR6 should I look to get?

    2. What are all the components I need to go along with it?
    (such as motor mounts, transmission, etc)

    3. I am assuming I will have to change out the suspension to accomodate the weight of the new motor, so should I go with the stock springs from a vehicle that had the VR6? or will I have to get new lowering springs designed for a vehicle that had VR6 to maintain the current ride height and look of the vehicle?

    4. Which is better for this motor: Turbo-charging, or super-charging? what are the pros/cons and approx. pricing.

    5. The car currently has drum brakes in the back .. anyone know of a disc-brake conversion??

    6. And lastly, would you recommend doing a clutch and header upgrade to this?

    Any other recommendations or suggestions are appreciated as I will be taking my time to do this right. Thanks!
  • does anyone if can swap 95' eagle talon engine with a 94' supra turbo engine or a 02' skyline gtr engine :shades:
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,681
    I'm certainly no expert in this arena, but I'm pretty darned sure the engine compartment of a Talon is not going to accept either of those engines.

    The Talon starts life as a transverse FWD 4-cyl. Those other 2 are RWD straight-6s. Its just not going to happen without MAJOR reconstruction.

    Why not just track down a TSi engine?

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  • b420b420 Posts: 1
    i need to know if a 2.0 v-tec will fit in a crx with a 1.5 liter engine.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,681
    maybe with more info i could wager a guess ... what year CRX? You want to swap engine and tranny? or are you asking if the 2.0 will bolt up to the 1.5 tranny?

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • An engine doesn't weigh more because of it's displacement. A 350 small block weighs the same as a 400 or a 283.
  • I have a 1959 Fiat 1100 103D.The motor on that only pumps out about 84hp and I dont wont to have it bored out because its a lemon :lemon: It 1089cc 4 cylinder. What can i swap with it?? P.S I am willing to move the mounts as long as the new motor is not to much bigger.
  • Is it posssoble to put a 16 valve honda engine into a 12 valve honda civic DX. if anyone has any info on this engine swap e-mail me. I have lots of pictures but no awnsers.
  • We need a little more info, like what year/style. A D-series 16 valve ususally gets pulled out for a B or K series motor, but if you have an old school Civic, getting someone's pulled D-series motor will be cheap.
    If you are contemplating doing this, you need to get the factory (not Haynes) service manual for both cars (yours and the engine donor). If you are serious, you should do the research on how to do it and not ask a bunch of flakey internet people.
  • is it possible to swap out a 4g94 16 valve sohc with a 6a12 mivec 24 valve dohc..??
  • I recently acquired a 2000 Nissan Frontier, 4 cly. auto. The engine and trans are worn out, and I was thinking about a V-8 swap. I really don't have a preference on make, but would like it to be as straightforward as possible. I know the Ford V-8 is a little bit smaller size-wise, but believe the engine bay of the Nissan will handle most small blocks. I'd like to swap engine and trans. Anyone had experience with this? Any kits already available? Thanks for the input.
  • I was wondering what types of motors I can fit in my 89 civic hatchback dx without changing the motor mounts. I am hoping to get a jdm integra type r or gsr motor into it. I put 94 integra fenders, hood, and front bumper on it so I want to put an integra motor on.
  • vonnervonner Posts: 2
    Hey guys a while back there was some talk about a nissan 240sx small block chevy engine swap kit. Does anyone know the manufacturer of this kit and where i can purchase one?
  • What would be the best JDM engine for a 96' acura integra Gsr.....i was thinking of a K20a but i want to hear your opinion?
  • jaggedjagged Posts: 2
    what would be the best engine to put in a honda accord to make it go fast?????
  • jaggedjagged Posts: 2
    does a b22 sound good??
  • gvlwi15gvlwi15 Posts: 1
    dude that guy does not know what he is selling, your right it doesn't come turbo-charged the 2003 gli's only came with the VR6 engine with i believe 200hp, i have a 2004 gli and that comes with the 1.8t,recaros,gli logo along the door panel, and on the outside it has the gli logo in red both front and back, as well as the sports wheels and the red calipers, basically they only sold the 2004 GLI 1.8t here in the US and the 2005 GLI was still produce in europe and some people had their 05 GLI imported into the US but the 03 GLI was just the VR6 and it comes with nothing really sporty but the engine and leather still a nice car but no turbo 03 only 04-05. i hope i answered ur Q:
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