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Lexus RX 450h Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • erc66erc66 Posts: 13
    Does anyone have an answer yet if the 2007 RX400h Model can quality for the Clean Fuel License plate in VA, since it's not on the DMV list (althought the 2006 model is)? In addition, does anyone know if the June 30, 2008 deadline for HOV lanes is when you can no longer drive in them if you have the Clean Fuel plate, or is it the deadline for when you can buy a Hybrid car to use in the HOV lanes. I'm trying to finalize my decision on whether to get the Hybrid or the 350 model. Thanks!
  • wcook55wcook55 Posts: 5
    Still haven't gotten the plates for the 07 400h. And the DMV office that issues them is apperently in lower Ebonia. I have visited and called many of the other DMV offices. They all tell me that only the one office, reachable by fax machine only, can answer questions. :mad: One clerk did try to access our records to see if the Ebonian office had taken any action. She stated that the car wasn't even registered in Virginia yet. :confuse: 5 weeks after we bought it, and 2 weeks after a very official looking state envelope arrived with what we thought was our state registration. Long storu short.....still have no idea.
    To answer your second question, the june 08 date, if not extended, would be the date hybrids are no longer allowed in the HOV lanes. At all. Plates or no plates. But, as dire as that sounds, the deadlinehas been extended year by year, each of the last three years.
    Goo luck to all of us !!!
  • psordudepsordude Posts: 2
    Please Help!!!

    I have a quote for a 2007 FWD RX400h
    NAV, Pre Plus Pack, 18" Alloy Wheels, Wood trim, Heated seats, and Tow. The normal stuff here in Los Angeles

    $44.400 plus T&L

    Anyone getting better this time of year?

  • erc66erc66 Posts: 13
    I did talk to someone yesterday at DMV who validated and that confirmed the 2007 RX400h qualifies for the Clean Fuel tags and she will be updating the website to include it. However, she didn't know about the 2008 model yet. But, great news on the 2007. How long have you been waiting for your plates?
  • usdanchanusdanchan Posts: 7
    Thank you for the update. I bought a 400H two week ago. I will try to get the clean fuel license. I hope I will have better luck than wcook55.
  • usdanchanusdanchan Posts: 7
    I bought my 400H two week ago at Baltimore dealer (Len Stolen Lexus; Joe was my sale person) for 44800 plus tax.

    My 400h included
    AWD, 18" alloy wheel, Heated Seats, NAV, Premium plus package, Tow prep.
  • wcook55wcook55 Posts: 5
    Virginia DMV called and left a message today. Stated that they had processed our request for clean fuel tags and they would be mailed soon. This is for our 07 RX400h. Don'y have them in hand yet, but sounds promising! :) :shades:
  • erc66erc66 Posts: 13
    How long have you been waiting?
  • susanb3susanb3 Posts: 1
    Did you negotiate with Len Stoler Lexus in person or on the phone? What was the MSRP on the 400H that you paid $44,800 on? Was your experience with the dealership positive? thank you.
  • psordudepsordude Posts: 2
    Hey Guys

    Giving everyone an update on my purchase

    07 RX400h Fwd
    Tustin Lexus
    Happy and loving every mile!!!

    Thanks for all the info on this forum. :)
  • usdanchanusdanchan Posts: 7
    I negotiate thru email and phone. The salesperson fax me the sticker. The dealership is really professional. I have a good experience with them. I went to the dealer once to pickup my wife car. The only complain is kind of far. It took me about an hour to drive there. I guess when you want a good deal, you have to go anywhere. My MSRP is just couple bucks under $50K. I consider it is a good deal since Pohanka told me to get on their waiting list and pay full price.
  • erc66erc66 Posts: 13
    Did the price for your car include leather seats? And, what about the headlights? Did you get the adaptive front lighting system? And, are the 18" wheels with 5 or 7 spokes?
  • usdanchanusdanchan Posts: 7
    My wife 400H have everything on it except a LCD/DVD player.

    It included

    -Premium Pus Package (include leather seat and adaptive headlight, etc)
    -Heated Seats
    -18" Alloy Wheel (400H does not have 7 spokes option)
    -cargo net
    -towing prep
  • wcook55wcook55 Posts: 5
    We still haven't gotten the plates yet, but did receive the new registration card stating that they had been issued. Our credit card was also charged for the difference. So, it looks like even though the 07 400h isn't on the DMV's website, we get our HOV lane access! Yay! :blush:
  • jojo16jojo16 Posts: 6
    I am planning to buy RX400h in a month.
    Please share your experience how much you paid for 400h recently.
  • briegelbriegel Posts: 139
    I am also interested in Seattle area experiences...RX 350 and Toyota Highlander/Highlander Hybrid also if anyone did any comparison shopping.
  • I've been talking with several Orange County dealerships and the best lease offer I've gotten on a fully loaded FWD 400h with Nav/Levinson and Premium Plus Pkg is $625/mo with $6k in driveoffs. Still seems a little steep to me.
  • tapchimtapchim Posts: 2
    I received the following numbers this week in New York City area for 400h loaded (no dvd). Are these the numbers that others are seeing?

    Cap Cost: 46,000
    36 Months / 12k
    Residual: 26,458 - 53%
    Money Rate: .00225
    No Money Down
    It comes to $706 - using the lease calculator
    I will be paying $850 or so with all new york taxes and misc (DMV).

    18" Alloy Wheels
    Two-Level Heated front seats
    Premium Plus
    Towing Prep
    Wood Steering Wheel
    Wheel Locks
    Cargo Mat
    Destination: 765
  • tapchimtapchim Posts: 2

    another dealer in New York City area giving CAP Cost of 45,000 with everything else the same. Didn't mention before this is AWD. For qualified buyers you get Tier 1+ money rate of .00215
  • jehanjjehanj Posts: 11
    What was the negotiated price? Thanks
  • jehanjjehanj Posts: 11
    I'm shopping around for an AWD and am being told that they it is very rare to find a car without the premium package. Any truth to this? Thanks.
  • apboapbo Posts: 1
    i'm about to purchase a new rx 400h. any tips or insights into best price. any location in tri state area ok. thanks everyone.
  • texamau1texamau1 Posts: 42
    try Lexus of Bridgewater, NJ - got mine a few months ago for 45k before TTL, RX400h all option except rear entertainment & dynamic laser cruise.
  • Wow great price! I'd like the same car at the same price.I live in the Bay Area as well.Did you ask that price over the net right away? Did it include Tax and Title?
    Thanx for help.
  • sloopgsloopg Posts: 4
    Doing my homework before making a purchase decision for a 07 RX400h, AWD, all options except Levinson Sound and laser cruise control. I currently line in Northern California. The Northern california dealers that I have talked to are unwilling to discount the RX below 1K under MSRP. Based on reading this board and some on-line homework, it seems like the best deals are in Southern California. I don't have any issue doing a weekend trip to LA to save some serious money. Questions is how much can I really save and are there any cards available.

    Here are my questions...

    1) Does CarsDirect really work... they are showing a $3k difference between northern and southern Ca. Are there really RXs available through them and are there any hidden fees or will I find dealers unwilling to honor their quote?

    2) Is the CarsDirect $3K discount the best deal or are there dealerships where I can negotiate a better deal?

    3) Do you recommend any specific dealerships in the LA area that you recommend? Is the best way to contact them through the internet?

    4) Is it worth waiting until Dec and getting an '08. Obviously they will not be discounted as heavily as the 07s.

    I have also come to the conclusion after talking to some local dealerships that I will not get even close to KBB trade-in value on a trade so I will have to sell it privately before proceeding.

  • Where in Northern Cali? Im in the Bay Area and asking 46,600 with everything but the laser cruise control.After haggling for 3 days he is sticking to 48K for a 51K MSRP.He told me himself that SOCAL has better deals though.
  • sloopgsloopg Posts: 4
    If you can get a $3k off MSRP discount in the bay area, go for it. Otherwise, you will have to shop down in LA. Who was the dealer who offered $3k off MSRP? Most of the dealers I have spoken to have been unwilling to deal.
  • wareverwarever Posts: 28
    I leased a 400h in March. I had leased several RX's (and my fiancee bought an IS) from Jim Falk Lexus in BH in the past. Their prices were on a par with everyone else on the 350 but they were $100 higher a month on the 400h. So I went with Longo Lexus (here in So Cal). David Truong.

    I was sick with the flu, my RX300 lease was up and the bank wouldn't extend it even 1 day (US Bank - never use them), so David drove the car over here personall (which is about 30 miles) and dropped it off for me, then took back my RX300.

    The vehicle is an AWD, Flint Mica with Gray interior, Mark Levinson with NAV, Premium Plus, heated seats, pretty much everything but the laser cruise control, DVD rear entertainment system, and for some reason no cargo net. MSRP was $51,346. I don't have the cap cost handy but I think it was about $3K off MSRP.

    Lease was 48 months, 12K miles, $598+tax = $648 per month with $2,500 total drive-off (first, license, and cap reduction).

    They're huge, which somewhat makes you feel like you're walking into a Wall-Mart or something, but that also means they get and can give great deals. I'd definitely recommend Longo - and call David in their Internet department.
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  • where are you coming up with this? I have tried and tried. I have gone down the dealership and cannot get them to do any better than 48388. Any ideas?

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